Turbo GONE!? & Stubborn Starting Skid Steer!

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    A few weeks back I noticed an oily substance oozing out of the turbo down pipe which led me to believe the turbo seal was leaking. So lets run it again and see if it is truly a bad seal or just an old slobbery engine. On another note our 270 Skid Steer is a brute to start in the cold, cranks slow no matter how new of starter and how many jumper cables you use on the battery. The thing is even in warm weather it has a hard time starting. This brings us to 3 conclusions, it is a hard starting John Deere model, it has weak piston rings or scored cylinder walls, or it needs its valve clearances set. Technically it could be all 3 but the easiest solution is to tackle the valves and see if that makes a difference. So lets get to it!
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    1. Daniel Johnston

      Comment for comments sake...❤️❤️

    2. Chris W.

      I work 28 days on a boat and have 14 off after my hitch. Can I come out there and learn this kind of stuff from you guys in exchange for my labor?

    3. Dean Armour

      Ain't it about time for a brand spanking new tractor?

    4. Chaz McClendon

      Since you like case you guys should get a case skid loader

    5. Ted EnderPalmer

      Safety first, I like it, some channels promote safety third.

    6. Glenn Gaul

      The 61 dislikes are from little Mikey Bloomsburg Nerves Nancy, Lieawatha and Pastor Pete along with many others

    7. Robert Milla

      You guys ever try engine restore in oil ? Project farm ran it in his tractor and make a big difference.

    8. M18 Hellcat

      I set valves a little different than putting the piston on TDC. When I set the intake I rotate the engine until the exhaust valve is open the set the lash on the intake. Then I rotate the engine until the intake is open then set the lash on the exhaust. Then I put it on TDC and recheck both and can't say I have ever had to readjust that comes to mind. Been doing it this way for many years with no issues, just though I would through that out there.

    9. Jesse O'Connor

      Why don’t ya change the fuel filter, check fuel pressure, and check your injectors.

    10. Austin Hartman

      Who loves seeing those old diesel tractors starting up in winter

    11. Farming for Fun & Profit

      Always check the crankcase vent tube...... a clogged tube will cause the turbo to push oil out the exhaust side Once Had a M11 Cummins ( new) that had a kinked down draft tube..... pushing oil out the exhaust......

    12. GeekTheGamer

      did mine on my 91 5.9 cummins with 330000 miles recently

    13. iBelieve


    14. iBelieve


    15. iBelieve


    16. iBelieve


    17. iBelieve


    18. Caden Randa

      looks like it time for some new case ih with all them john deere's breaking

    19. Nathan Scheele

      What kind of ratchet were you using to take the valve cover off?

    20. joshua goss

      Voltage drop test first at battery then at starter motor whilst cranking anything over half a volt no good

    21. Mike Buck

      I was just wondering if you figured out was was wrong with uni loader .. I have had many Deere uni loader and after a while they become hard to start had to crank and crank and my finds was fuel lines and clamps even replaced the filter housing and primer pump .. about every winter i would have to go through and tighten up clamps because thru the summer or running and vibration and then getting cold they would be lose and let the fuel bleed off causing it hard to start

    22. Bernie Schoep

      repower with cummins 145 motor

    23. Bernie Schoep

      that is nicks problem lol.

    24. Bernie Schoep

      need to take it to bone yard use it for target practice lol. get a new jcb

    25. Joshua Henrichs

      I got a newer cat skid that thing is super easy to get the cab up and kinda a pain to work on but it could be worse

    26. Liam Ryan

      Ye must be Rich look at yer equipment

    27. EricB42044

      I love the Leg Arms wrenching videos! Lots of good info being shared on general maintenance.

    28. Jeff

      God Bless

    29. Steve Culbertson

      What you call the lift arms on this JD varies according to manufacturer. Japanese call them tagaskilo. OK, I made that up. :)

    30. Mod Squad

      What size of green deere is that?

    31. offroaderdays

      Will you all be at the National Farm Machinery show in Louisville, Ky. in a couple weeks? If so what days?

    32. B Cooper

      I would pull the injectors and get them checked. Makes a big difference.

    33. kenworth boy12

      restore the johndeere

    34. OETIOHeavyLifter

      doesnt help that you guys have everything addicted to crack in a can haha once any machine gets hooked on that stuff it won't start without it lol

    35. Rider

      I subbed to your channel for about 2 or 3 minutes...right up to the point where you tried to be funny.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks for trying,Blessings

    36. Mark

      just got y first gopro the other day. What are you using for the magnetic mount?

    37. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      On your skid steer; I would bet (if I was a betting man) my paycheck on the rings, valves & sleeves are beyond saving. Talk to the "green tractor people" that use a running white tail deer as their logo for parts prices; OR, a better bet would be to search out for a replacement diesel for the tractor & save the worn motor for a rebuild at a later date.

      1. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        kgup.info/get/i359pHrPjJF_g5k/video He brings another engine into his garage with the Big Bob.

      2. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        Eric also has a trick for packing bearings when he works on the axles on his Bobcat; Leg Arms can take notes. :) Same video above.

      3. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.


      4. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        A guy who runs an off road wrecker who is a GM mechanic by day owns a bobcat & he found another motor for his skid steer for a decent price and he swapped the whole unit out himself in his garage at his house; he lives in a rural area in Wisconsin & has about 50 acres.

    38. Buck Russell

      Fix the deer's day lol

    39. Nick Newell

      Did you see the big buds going to auction at wms ohio ? Farmhand mike did a walk around of the 525/50 sats they have another one for sale as well.

    40. Keith Bell

      Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow is exactly how we summerized how a gas turbine works for our students :)

    41. iamrichrocker

      so the wheel chair overhaul is next?

    42. Claetus Woodroofe

      What’s the history of that John Deere on the farm was it ever a front line big tractor or was it always taking it easy

      1. Claetus Woodroofe

        Robert Welker thank you for your reply

      2. Robert Welker

        Back in the 70s it was used for a loader tractor and pull a swathe

    43. Mike Pagel

      I'll take some hats off your hands.

    44. Joey Kimmet

      I think you need a borescope sponsor;)

    45. mikeabresch94

      Great stream Mike from DWARF WORKS

    46. Álvaro George Nobre George

      Put some ATF on the fuel tangue the sot go away

    47. swampratt36

      In Virginia , setting valve lash will make you a felon with all that suck bang blow stuff , where bachelors cannot legally own sheep 😳🤣

    48. K D

      Lifting arms will do the trick 🇦🇺 👍

    49. Matthew Brown

      The term in diesel tech world for slobbering is wet stacking. Great videos keep them coming, KGup is full of idiots and you guys are a breath of fresh air!

    50. Larry325

      ya they will take the camera and glue it back together! No really I have a friend that destroyed one and they replaced it. Good customer service!!

    51. Coffee

      "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow" I don't know, sounds like a Legarms T-shirt if I ever heard one. hahaha. great show fellas.

    52. Redeemed Farmer

      A must see for "Leg Arms" kgup.info/get/YWt5gqnDjKmBjpk/video

    53. I am Batman

      Why is there wheel chair in shop last few videos

      1. I am Batman

        Ow I see 🤣🤣 clever idea

      2. Robert Welker

        It randomly shows up during the day in the shop. Easy to move it around for a chair

    54. Jerry Santos

      I love all your videos but you two together are the Bomb!

    55. Bruce Rogers

      Intake,compression, power,exhaust

    56. TBone MC

      I'm no mechanic especially anything modern or diesel. For problem engines I always did a compression check first. If a pot is down on pressure add a bit of oil and test it again. If the compression improved it was a reasonable sign the problem was rings and if not it was valves. If there were no compression problems check the valves and then go looking at fuel, turbos timing etc.

    57. John Gorman

      Its probably nice having the shop open without that Bud sitting in there

      1. Robert Welker

        The 600 Bud was in there for 6 months. Agree,That was a long time.

    58. Posslea Holsteins Poss bro farms

      New injectors might help

    59. Straight Pipe Acres

      Good to hear the old deere is alright. I figured that's all she was. Just idled too long. I slobber when I idle too long too lmao

    60. Mark Sleeper

      great vid

    61. S. Pursell

      "I have a tool here". That's a feeler gauge. I had to think about that a minute too.

    62. S. Pursell

      SSBB. Suck, Squeeze, Bang and Blow. If you can remember that you'll go far in life. Lol.

    63. Caleb Nord

      Nick are u drinking coffee again?

      1. Caleb Nord

        Robert Welker haha okay!

      2. Robert Welker

        He's drinking a non coffee coffee.

    64. AA Just my life Louis Young

      Nice job 👍

    65. jengel451

      Stagger those splices. Makes it not so "substantial" in that area. Was that PC enough?

    66. Ben Chapman

      Funny enough Leg arms, that's also how a JET engine works....

    67. Brady Jungwirth

      i at school

    68. Andy Fromm

      14:00 when i got my farmall 806(non turbo), it was slobbering all over the exhaust.

    69. Andy Fromm

      10:50 my 4cyl new Holland pump timing was way off, its less smokey now.

    70. Backer Farms

      Our JD 250 skidder was hard starting too. Replaced the electric fuel pump.

    71. Jack Amelung

      Stay clear of the vaccination for the corona virus, kgup.info/get/pombd3bNoYaaop0/video just take a moment

    72. Jan Vandenberghe

      I like not only the video's, but also your comments. the tractors and technology that you have are amazing. We had to stop farming due to exprpriatation 40 yeas ago by the French Gouvernement 'Disney Land Paris France. So we retrned to Belgium and went go working in compagnys. any way thx for the continiun video's. sorry for my bad English. Grts, Jan from Belgium

    73. 96lapiscoupe1

      JD is probably out of oil. lol

    74. Blaine Franklin

      You guys are a hoot, I enjoy your videos, even for an old farmer I learn things. God Bless

    75. alvaroasi

      Uffff... Leg-Arms working with two "green things" ... He's thinking on this CASE...

    76. Dewayne Smith

      Scott would be the overall #1 draft pick for shop-work and general mechanical knowledge on AG KGup .....top notch!💪

    77. Richard Hance

      Better known as Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust! (The 4 strokes)

    78. Phil Hosier

      As a vet w/ a disability, I teach Creative Writing at Prescott,AZ. VA facility, I must praise Leg Arms for his teaching ability. Straight to the point and he uses simplicity in techniques in his instructions

    79. pskton

      I normally like your vids but this one was way too boring, sorry.

    80. Aaron Cervenka

      At TDC you there is two possibilities: both valves will be closed(rockers will be loose and movable) or the exhaust valve will be open(rocker will be tight)

    81. tigerheart6

      Zet je een diesel aan🤣🤣

    82. Chris Whitmer

      Cold start JDs are the best

    83. Kevin Klingner

      The bad thing for any motor if to be used on only light work and auger work is relatively light work for a tractor like that. While nothing can be done about that now regular doses of heavy work is the best cure all. We had an 8450jd from knew and when l sold it, there was 15000 genuine hrs in most heavy ploughing and cultivating and sowing work.and it never missed a beat.now im. Told it has to around another 10,000 hrs on that with no issues still doing similar work.

    84. Taylor _vapez

      lol suck sqeeze bang blow lmao intake stroke, compression stroke, POWERSTROKE, exhaust stroke! lol shout out to ford! lol cheers from ontario guys lol

    85. Kyle Shores

      listen to Leg Arms describing the perfect date night......

    86. Isaac Curtis

      It's called a lift arm

    87. Kevin Greiber

      Guys - unless you have really bad blow-by, before you go to overhaul pull and check/replace the injectors. Both of those engines have the older poppet style injectors which springs etc get worn over time leading to the injector not atomizing the fuel correctly. Leads to hard start, smoke, slobber, etc. If bad enough the fuel can start to wash the cylinder liners of oil and lead to premature wear. They are parts you’d want to replace at overhaul anyway so money not wasted.

    88. Henry Huhnerkoch

      What year is the 4520

    89. Tara Misteria

      um.. suck, squeeze, bang.... blow. yeah.. can go pretty far in life if you remember those 4 things... just saying.. sorry it may come in bad taste...

    90. Dave Von Muenster

      Thanks, you made me smarter today.

    91. PoochooTrain

      The last 2 videos felt like automotive tutorials for 1st year high school kids

      1. PoochooTrain

        Just my stupid observation, I still like watching them anyway, just like any video you guys make, I know I'm going to watch it no matter what.

      2. Robert Welker

        Agree, but then there are many comments which love the explanations.

    92. Vishal Chauhan


    93. KeenCrafting

      Aren't those skidsteers soo much fun? I would probably drive one of those for room and board!

    94. hayseed6850

      Were u talking About the valves or the injectors cause reseting the injectors would get rid of the smoke on the johndeere tractor

    95. suravian666

      It's a Thing-a-ma-Jig Dangit

    96. MetallicaFadeToBlack

      Long time time fan, 10 year bobcat mechanic, would love to see you guys in a "good" skid

    97. adrian nicholson

      how cear's it's not red

    98. Farmer Austin

      Rebuild the engine in the John Deere skid steer

    99. Wyatt Vos

      That John Deere 4520 probably doesn’t run right because it doesn’t have a straight pipe. That would definantly help!

    100. Peter Cookie

      Good thing case ih throws money at them, not a case in sight