We bought 500,000lbs of What?!|Gearing up for Spring Planting 2020!

Welker Farms

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    Each year we use hundreds of tons of fertilizer to grow our crop. It is amazing the difference it makes in quality and quantity of production. So Dad is hard at working hauling it in from our supplier while Leg Arms wraps up the center pin on the BIG BUD 600/50.

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    1. Mitchell Noll

      Glad to see you using fall protection Nick stay safe and God bless you and all your family

    2. Tony Ackerman

      "Get a new tractor". And then your bank book says "hold on there a minute Hoss...."

    3. Évo Lution

      i Nike Welker can i found the CASE IH polar on welkerfarm website ? i would have it one is soo nice !!

    4. Brian Miss

      question. is that a electrical tape bandaid, if so good on u, lol

    5. James Martinez

      I love watching cold starts!

    6. Kenny Stokes

      Hey guys give me a job and I'll keep your shop and equipment clean!

    7. Aydenplayz

      You hate cold starting well I like it

    8. PS4 Gaming

      Welcome to welker farms, where today we’re making enough toilet paper to get ourselves, and everyone over this hard time. 😆

    9. Christopher Milly boi

      White gold so cocain

    10. Cody Heeren

      Man if I was on that farm anytime something needed hauling in a grain trailer I would use nothing bu the international 9370. Beautiful truck and awesome restoration

    11. Snipe Gaming

      i just read the thumbnail and thought u were investing in cocain

    12. Simplex_TGV

      you really see the ineraction between brothers is just great XD

    13. Henri Pretorius

      Hey Henri from HTP Boer Goat Farming in South Africa, that looks very cold.

    14. Lynette Freeman

      You should’ve just jumped across to the other been

    15. Lynette Freeman

      Can I buy it bring it to Kansas

    16. Mahlon Lambright

      What Diesel engine is on the Big Bud?

    17. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    18. Jerry DeWitt

      Ya know that oil is like molasses

    19. Jeannine Haid

      Legarms took that darn welder to make you mad and also kick him out beastbine next harvest

    20. Seamus McGrath

      Sorry my friend , at 18:20 that wood block under that jack! you got to get rid of it and change them all out every few years, I had a close one one time! just looking out for you :) love your videos.

    21. thr8061

      "The Black Hurricane" was a great PBS documentary.

    22. Massimo Pecile

      I dont undestand very well, what tipe of nitrogen put in the ground?

    23. friesm2000

      why even bother with a safety harness? not like he was even hooking it on, on the way up, just held it in his hand which probably made it more unsafe..... then even though that's probably how the safety harness manufacture recommends to do that chest buckle with their little blue strap, double backing that buckle would probably be a better idea, and be no more effort then using the blue strap. some sort of respirator at the top wouldn't be a bad idea

    24. Micheal Ralls

      Yes there is my dad is a trucker so I have seen one

    25. GANNA Edits

      yes there is we have one for the busses

    26. Lawson Exteriors Ltd

      Nick? Did you smash another digit?

    27. South Sask Farmer

      Money money money lol

    28. Justin Jones

      No RR'S that's awesome. Love your videos. Much love from Oregon.

    29. Nathan Brown

      I would definitely keep the old Case going...but I would suggest not "restoring" it with hundreds of man hours. Rather, just "refurbish" it with farmer ingenuity.

    30. JM OutdoorLife

      What bred of dog is that?

    31. shieldzee1

      Red goes faster then green LOL

    32. Boris Fett

      I miss the lake house videos but I understand why you dont make them. I look forward to the reveal video.

    33. Nick Bayer

      Kinda random, but would there be any value in constructing barriers at the edge of fields that would cause snow drifts to build up so that as they melt they run across the adjacent field (I imagine the field would have to have a slight slope), think of it as a vertical reservoir

    34. Ash Walton

      As a farmer in Australia we have been advised no one is going to buy the beans and wheat planted, so what are you guys going to do in 6 months time when the Virus is still around given the rest of the worlds analyses. Not the unsupported dream by Trump. 🚜 Farmers Before Profit 🚜

    35. Daniel Simonson


    36. Justin Mills

      That sounds like a great book.

    37. Jake Sanders

      Hey Nick, they make a portable battery jumper that's just little bit bigger then your phone will jump all way up to 24volt. They also come with bunch other connectors to charge your phone and what ever else you can think of. I use it at work all time to jump semis.

    38. Ron Anderson

      Thank you for sharing!

    39. PAHerefords

      Honestly I'd keep the Case... no computers or emissions, and you cant work on it your self.

    40. Sean O'Reilly

      A battery tender might save you money on new batteries. Especially on newer computirized machines.

    41. Chris Darting

      But its technically spring!!!

    42. SJS

      5:26 & 5:42 I spy a 67-72 Chevy pickup

    43. Yogi69

      Thanks for changing the title. I was getting OKC flashbacks.

    44. Andrew81au1

      A lot of farms the front end loader tractor is the one that gets the least amount of maintenance but does the most amount of work.

    45. Wannaberanger

      5:34 what’s that in the background ?

    46. William Curl

      Can you buy the jackets

    47. morphman21

      Is Coby dad's dog? And what breed and age is he?

    48. M VR

      Do you guys put any floor dry in the bottom of those fert bins to keep moisture from clumping up the fertilizer or isn't that ever a problem. I ask because we are going to be filling ours for the first time soon.

    49. Scott Vaudrin

      Nick I love you guys to death but you sure like to use I and not us. I is not in team.

    50. Rob Hyde

      Neat!! Lol Wonder does Coronavirus impact your farming work?

    51. Peter Peturis

      Hello mr welker I am 17 and me and my dad are vegetable farmers you are a cool and funny person to watch in KGup

    52. TJM Simulation

      4:05 Okay i see the problem here You guys need to put that magnum into one of your buildings when you've finished using it. My dad has a Massey 2675 and the exact same thing happened it got too cold and the door got stuck then it rusted in the end we had to rip the door of the thing because it wouldn't open. my advice to you guys so you don't have the same issue as that magnum put it under cover away from the wheather it will last a whole lot longer before you end up getting round to restoring that thing!

    53. Paul Bass

      The farm Terry had was down in that main area of the dust storms ! When you read/hear Walsh thats it !

    54. Alan Stant

      Takes alot of getting things ready and fixed so you have everything to use for farming when spring comes.

    55. Kim Rosenburg

      Joan deer is better than case

    56. JOSHUAK71

      First of all thanks for your time and videos. God Bless. I really want a Case IH hoodie like yours. Where can I get it?

    57. Owen koskovich

      like your dog

    58. mike Whitehead

      Nick needs some Tea

    59. Adriaan Verburg

      What make and model engine is in the 500 bud and when was it produced?

    60. γκουρουμπιότης σερρεος

      Αντε γαμησου

    61. Rapturedreamvision

      Getting caught in the gears of a combine, that's a manly way to die. ---- Frank Drebin, Police Squad

    62. Barb Moore_

      White gold I did not see any cocaine

    63. james anderson

      man hours still cheaper then new tractor

    64. Jim Maxson

      I don't know how bad fertilizer dust is on your lungs, but you should be wearing a mask. Just saying. Keep up the good work. You all never stop working full tilt.

    65. iBelieve


    66. iBelieve


    67. iBelieve


    68. iBelieve


    69. iBelieve


    70. Sand Farms

      can you make your videos a little shorter please

    71. Johnson Shop Worx

      If it makes you feel any better, it was 86 here in Kentucky and I got sunburnt yesterday. Probably doesn’t make you feel better... makes me feel a lot better 😂

    72. richardj ellis

      Great engineers. Both you guys. Bet that saves you a fortune.

    73. CWS831

      Just a quick comment to say hello. So HELLO!!! 😃👍

    74. richardj ellis

      RABBITS... I'd love a dog like Coby. I've lost 3 trucks and a hot air balloon to rabbits. Bastard animals 🐰🐰🤬🤬🤬 The worst thing about it is, they don't even need or use the vehicles they take, they just love pissing us off.! Something to do with using them in the past for making coats or something.🙄🙄🙄.

      1. Robert Welker


    75. richardj ellis

      What's the white thing on your garage roof, just above the door.?

      1. Robert Welker

        It's wireless ethernet transmit/receiver for the farm

    76. Honeybadger Arse

      Hey nick some really good books on audible are SAS Ghost Patrol, Hunting Hitlers Nukes, SAS Shadow Raiders, Churchills Secret worriors and many more, really good for the long hours in a tractor cab🍻

    77. eric witzki

      Hey Hollywood should do a video on cold starts on all the diesels on the farm

    78. 7485D

      How many pounds / acre / kg / hect of fert do you put on with the wheat ?

      1. Robert Welker

        Depends on expected yield which depends on moisture. 50 units average

    79. POPO

      Do you guys use Steel-It when you paint stuff over such as parts of machinery or miscellaneous metal projects? If not I highly recommend you guys give it a try, it’s revolutionary if you ask me!

      1. Robert Welker


    80. Trucker Dan

      You put on your fall protection to go up top but no dust mask so you don't breathe the fertiliser dust it can't be good for you if I ever get around Shelby MT. And you need a driver I'd work for free just fed me driving truck for 44 years

    81. Sand Farms

      white gold are you talking about toilet paper? lol

    82. Mayan Dallas

      Love your vids

    83. David McDonald

      What kind of lathe do you have and what do you like or dislike about the set up? Looking into something similar for the farm/feedlot. Thanks!

      1. Robert Welker

        It's a Korea made 14x60 2" stock

    84. Jeff S

      Leg Arms what the hell? This is America don't use millimeters on the caliper again. NO to the metric system.

    85. Rick R

      Nice video!

    86. Greg

      I hauled a lot of grain to and from Shelby, the elevator going east out of town on the north side of highway 2 loaded grain out of that one. Hauled a lot to the Hutterite colonies back in the 90’s. Spent quite a few layovers in town as well.

      1. Robert Welker

        That's cool. It was Peavy then unti 2002. Those two 500k bushel tanks are gone now.

    87. Making it Happen

      The lubrication points, will increase the life of the center pin.

    88. The Yard Dogs

      Awesome video gentlemen. God Bless you and your family's. Carl

    89. Making it Happen

      Most farmers have ants in their pants to get out into the fields. We still have about 2 Feet of snow left.

    90. runangolee

      No gloves just wipe things down first, thats how we machinists operate

    91. Kevin Christiansen

      Nice to have fertilizer plant so close

    92. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    93. Kevin Christiansen

      Awesome copilot Bob

      1. Robert Welker

        Me or Coby 😁 🐶 👍

    94. Antonio Bolea

      desde Aragón, Spain, muy bien los vídeos

    95. William Foltynewicz

      Great videos guys been following uz for a while now. Ground a lot of parts for the old 3406B fuel pumps.Pontiac Illinois plant 81-2013 Just turned 61 Plant is still going strong fuel systems only. Lets get this pandemic over and God bless Not messin with toys your size . Mowin on a golf coarse with a Jacobson HR 600 11'-2" bat wing Love mowin grass

    96. Vern Shahan

      Put a trickle charger on your batteries in winter and they will always be ready.

    97. Birds nest Fishing

      We have a little bit of inflation in this country but I have a tire with deflation 😂😂

    98. PastaBoy

      Its 60 degrees where I am

    99. Carter Bowe

      Do your seeders need gone through? Planting season will be just around the corner

      1. Robert Welker

        Not much but will be looking at them next week

    100. Primitive Building &gg gaming

      HAY NICK CLEAN UP THE SHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!