Umm Yeah That's Stuck!

Welker Farms

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    күнү жарыяланды 2 жыл мурун


    1. Petya Mokin

      Купите Беларус и не мучайтесь

    2. dozerblade

      Doesn't matter how big your machine you always need a bigger one to pull it out.

    3. Aaron Dent

      Need to get you yank em out ropes. They work really well when getting things unstuck. Look up Matt's off road recovery to see them in use.

    4. oryjen

      Where are the men? Wat are they for, then? This smells like end of everything.

      1. Lane Cook

        The men are in the tractor lol.

    5. бабуля з лавочки

      Молодці хлопці!

    6. Luke Loeser

      If you can get that thing stuck on high ground, don't try your hand at rice farming.

    7. MrAwesome7123 Gaming

      that big bud sounds like a 4 rotor during the timelaps

    8. Lu Ger

      and the lord gaveth planks to man but man said: neeeeeeeeeh and the lord was displeased

    9. william filla

      how many acres do you own because I couldn't find it on farming simulator 19

    10. MoVieZafterMidNiGhT

      That thing digs holes faster than my excavator.. 8D.. JK

    11. George Isaak

      that was like what ? the Big Bud's 747 grandchild ? i don't even wanna think what would happened if that was the real Big Bud stuck in the mud , i don't think there is machine big enough to pull it out

    12. K Al

      So what's the best way to fix that area , not so muddy, wont sink into that area anymore?

    13. faceman5050

      See I’d fill that area up with those rocks y’all have lying around in stacks

    14. sandra Helsley

      You should play farming simulator you guys are famous or something?!?!

    15. AngeliqueKaga

      So WHydid he go into a field that was muddy, STUPID OR WHAT?

    16. Reyzarok

      zero tree, i never saw that before... amazing ...

    17. Christopher Thomas Ashe

      try rocking your body back and forth lol

    18. Jon Claerbout

      If the cable had snapped it might have killed you

    19. ThistleDewOutdoors

      The red clay here in Northern Wisconsin sucks...

    20. CluelessBeekeeping

      I don't know anything about soil nor farming (I kill everything in my yard & garden), but is there a way to 'fix' that muddy clay soil to where it becomes more 'normal' and you guys wouldn't get stuck? Anything you can add to the soil to thicken it up a bit??

    21. Mr LongSchlong

      Thats what i call stuck as fuxk

    22. Victory First

      I just love to see a big tractor STUCK!!!!!!!!! Waiting for another stuck TRACTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Broken Bit Farm

      You needed a Yankum kinetic energy rope.

    24. Spock Spock

      That’s good work in good country.

    25. frank bleau

      Ur pulling it the wrong way.. fowards that is.....ur goin towards the way its digging.... dunno bout u but id go right.... simple thaught....

    26. Finally it's Ed

      Getting stuck sucks, however, having machinery big enough to pull out machines that are stuck is the trick.

    27. me here

      Every time you spin the wheel you trench the dirt out from under you. You need to get off the throttle as soon as the they start to spin, same with tracks. I have seen so many guys dig themselves in by spinning there track or tires.

    28. Rough And Wretched R.A.W.

      Yup! Those Bolaris or Bolaris styled tractors with the wide super singles SUCK in mud. We had the 12 cylinder model and you'd get near mud and it was down to the frame. We'd pull up with a short chain and a Massey 1800 with 23.1 -32 singles and out she's come just like that.

    29. Angela Johnson

      Big Bud stuck in mud now we need Elmer Fudd!

    30. Donnie Cales

      You almost have to have two of these just so you can have something to pull the other out when you get stuck lol

    31. henrik

      Making a 2'nd grand canyon as a side income? Arizona going to be pissed off.

    32. Oscar Blue

      How do you fill in those ruts?

    33. Hellena-OPI

      wer kein Hirn hat, hat grosse Traktoren. Und der Boden wird auch noch "versiegelt" !!

    34. Griff's Garage

      Nothing like that helpless feeling when you know you are about to sink 'er!

    35. M Farooq Ch

      Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰💓👍✌️

    36. Ray Burgess

      Flat but beautiful there.

    37. AlainHubert

      Power is nothing without traction. You need a tank with tracks, not wheels.

    38. Dwight Arnold

      Time 2 Call Ron Pratt!

    39. Robert B

      selber schuld , der kluge farmer hätte zwillingsreifen verwendet.

    40. Thomas Reichpietsch

      Those machines seem so ineffective at their job.

    41. José Pablo Hernández Leyton

      0:53 Now, that Big Bud is part of the field....

    42. denis1237

      You must call Matt's off road recovery (seen on youtube) real proffessional lolllllllllllllllllll (bot you also do a nice job lollllllllll) thanks for your video (Y)

    43. SEJFER


    44. tsmall07

      You guys need some Yankum ropes!

    45. Carbz

      makes me wanna play the game mudrunner


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    47. Cory Micel

      I would just stuck a few sticks under the tires.

    48. Rich H

      Ouch. 3-foot deep ruts!

    49. Blake Wilcox


    50. Svetlana Rudovsky

      happy harvest everybody you got to get all your crop and those silver canisters to the top and to the market by the 31st of October and the price right now 14.25,.15.25,. and you know you cannot work in the snow and mud cuz your truck so just get stuck so you got a seed and send everything to the market say you have cows you send 60 head at a time same thing with your pigs and your chickens yep cuz if not this is what the price going to be 7.25,.8.25,.9.25,. I nobody can pay for their equipment or their house or their truck or for their seeds for next year because that's half your price they'll foreclose on your farm you know how the bank Works happy harvesting everybody sending you Angels your way 💌🙏🙏🤝💞💞💞👋

    51. Geoff Cox

      The ground doesn't even look that wet but the monster still gets stuck - perhaps these monsters are more trouble than they're worth.

    52. Năm Nguyễn

      Xin chào

    53. Fred Bloggs

      There is an Irish word for those situations, banjaxed.

    54. LandSlide

      Guessing this is why i see more tank tracks on new tractors.

    55. Виктор Нарваткин

      америка вам жопа

    56. M Bertram

      This is why they need a big Bud and a bigger Bud!

    57. Miguel Angel

      Too much weight for these tires. Friction works until terrain says no. Need more tire area to succes. Caterpillar are better in mud. Big lands, big machines.

    58. Shiskine Greenkeeper

      A wee grey Fergie wouldn't have got stuck...

    59. Jeremi Kędzierski

      Step tractor im stuck. What do you doing step tractor?!?!

    60. TexasGTO

      Hey buddy... In a couple years, you're going to have an accident. Let's just say... Don't try and stop 600lbs from falling on the ground by using your arm to cushion it.

    61. Jimmy Larsen

      Jesus ?! Yep.....he helped a lot.....

    62. KnockEmDead-DH TW


    63. treagan kitchen


    64. Cody Opperman

      That's a broken tile line.

    65. Antonio Vieira

      Super máquina!!!!!

    66. Jesper Herr

      Step Brother help me im Stuck

    67. Erik

      it looks really depressing like no tree anywhere there

    68. Guythatposts Randomstuff

      I smell diesel just watching this

    69. The Car Industry

      That’s what I say when playing mudrunner

    70. Gideon Timmermans

      Big Bud in the Mud..... Nice work getting it out.

    71. hydrofade42 Gaming


    72. Mats Mannström

      enjoy following you all at the farm working with thoose big buds. wish i could have a chance to drive one of those someday. best wishes from ahuge fan from FInland. ps i work on a farm to asa tractor driver.

    73. Ed Shangreau

      Love the way them tractors sound and look!

    74. Radiant swift

      I love the sound of the tractor sped up

    75. Read my Text pls

      The 747 is here bois from fs19

    76. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. Something I don't see over here, where I live, is the WHOLE storm coming😮. I 'may' be able to see the rain part, but not the WHOLE of it.!🤯!. You've got GREAT skies there lads.♥️♥️♥️♥️. Rich UK 🥰

    77. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. At 5:40ish, the view of the cab of the Bud from distance, looked great. It looks like an air traffic control tower😂. Rich UK 🥰

    78. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. Why is it that (at 3:25ish), there's such a big difference between the colour of the soil.? What he got stuck in was a brown colour, but, just behind was a very, very black colour. May be a really silly question, but... Why is this the case.? Rich (UK)🥰

    79. TheMonkdad

      And that’s how Big Bud canyon got started kids.

    80. Chris Jones


    81. Joe D

      How do meet women out there wow

    82. Lachlan Monaghan

      That is stuck

    83. Rick Almonrode

      I have had my fair share of tractors stuck in the mud but, you people in Montana know how to really get a tractor stuck.

    84. kingkinzers

      Way shorter cable. !! Maybe then it would’ve pulled up and back at same time if coming forward 😕😁” but backing through your ruts works to...👍🏻💯

      1. Welker Farms

        Needed as much length as possible as anything closer was sinking and getting stuck. Whole area was a hidden mud hole.

    85. Richard Chambers

      This Buds for you.🍻

    86. Luke

      Sometimes, the tile trenches decide where they wanna go on their own.

    87. Jason Simonsen

      Hopefully you'll remember come harvesting time that there is a hole there..

    88. Amandeep Mahayach

      Kha py h ye tractor

    89. Rick Boone

      Hello my name is Dylan I love your weaker man Farms we have it on Farming Simulator 19 game consoles and PS4 and everything else it's a really good Farm I love it so much I love you tractors and I love everything I even love just to math and stuff if you put it on there I love it a lot and my name is Dylan bye

    90. Ken Hurley

      Okay,,,, what size cable were you using? I'd guess at least a 1".


      Sounds like an RC car😂😂

    92. huck stirred

      I would have figured the big bud would have had diff locks

    93. Mason Hinrichs

      Can I use this video for tik tok

      1. Thermidor le vrai


    94. brian meattey

      She was in there wow but good ya got her out


      tracteur de merde Stupide cupide FRANCE

    96. David Robinson

      I used to build those Flexi-Coil drills and carts. I got pretty good at backing up the TBT units by myself and connecting them. Still easier with help though lol.

    97. Big_Whiskey13

      So how do U fix those ruts after??

    98. Tony Ozimek

      If its that wet below, would a deep ripper or chisels plow help or hurt things?

    99. Garrett Gassman

      How did you do that

    100. Einer Schnudfuddy

      Montana gumbo. Remember it well.