Don't Quit On Us Now! Mutant TRENCHER!

Welker Farms

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    Harvest is almost here so we must take every minute we have to get these new Westeel bins setup and ready for 2020 crop. Laying underground power is necessary for the fans and unloading systems. Leg Arms worked his magic and re-powered this old Ditch Witch with an older Honda Twin 20 hp engine. Now to see if it'll last long enough to get the job finished!
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    1. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    2. Dan Finley

      Bless you all and stay safe

    3. Dan Finley

      So cool to see another bin going in awesome

    4. Hunter 747

      What was the original engine in the ditch witch Honda’s are good I like them any plans on the Wagner for this winter. Also in the equipment tour there was an old lawn mower will you be doing any videos with that when you have some free time I’m looking forward to you upcoming g videos

    5. Ian Detroit Diesel Power

      Hey guys what sort of engines do your 2 combines run in them? Cheers all the best with your harvest

    6. DrStrngLuv

      one would think with the number of trailers you guys have around the farm, you would use a trailer instead of roading it

    7. iBelieve


    8. iBelieve


    9. iBelieve


    10. iBelieve


    11. iBelieve


    12. Nick Rodrigez

      6:29 sweet rig

    13. jon steffen

      Love the shirt in the first couple of minutes there Hollywood!!!!

    14. tractortamno1

      No just run a generator for the bins?

    15. Alex Mikhael

      at 7:40 i bet you were missing one of those air conditioned cabs right about then eh??? LOL

    16. Grace Groezinger

      Love the vids

    17. Matt Absalom

      Miss the 'dad' jokes. Though with temps 90+, no wonder. Glad he's more in the frame.

    18. Cooper xXtagsXx1122

      please paint that digger white and name or little bud

    19. thomas leonard

      Used motor on dig chain!

    20. Allen farms

      I live where that trencher was built.

    21. Anime 94

      At 13:53 lol

    22. matt m

      hi guys would you please put more info about the portable oil pumps please i think that would work great here at our farm thanks

    23. Matt Boswell

      How many acres total do you guys farm

      1. Robert Welker


    24. yo whats up guys

      It takes 1 step for John Deere

    25. Michael Lucht

      Just stick it on a trailer next time.

    26. offroaderdays

      Nick when you were driving down the road with your hat blowing back you looked just like Derek Klingberg... lol

    27. Caleb Herbert

      lol yaw need to buy a Sukup Million bushel been

    28. rear speaker

      you had me at mutant trencher.

    29. Indecent Exposer

      OHSA don't apply to farmers?

    30. Leo McAvoy

      That "big harvest coming next year, right?" RIGHT, the farmers eternal hope 🙏, LMAO 🤣

    31. Dallen Floy

      How come you guys call it a “Tonka Deere”? I guess I’ve never noticed it until now. Please let me know why you guys call it that.

      1. Dallen Floy

        Welker Farms Lol ok thanks for getting back to me so fast!

      2. Dayten Floy

        Hi bubby!

      3. Welker Farms

        We change the name every now and then, it's an inside joke. ☺

    32. Tuntalunta

      congrats on almost 400k subs

    33. Joe Fredette

      Would you ever consider putting a grain leg in to help consolidate and improve the efficiency of your storage?

      1. Robert Welker

        Probably not. The expense of the leg and moving bins would be huge.

    34. Cowboy Holland

      So nick just pull the caps off of the battery on the top and check the water levels I have had battery’s that have avaporized and won’t hold a charge

    35. Jarrett Fullerton

      Alberta represent! Have the Welkers ever been up here?

      1. Jarrett Fullerton

        @Robert Welker awesome! I'm in the red deer area.. Would love to meet you guys!

      2. Robert Welker

        Many times. Have many friends in Alberta, Saskatchewan

    36. Greg Mercer

      Congratulations you guys on the new bin... God is Good!!

    37. Brently Whitesell

      Good luck 👍 thanks for the content

    38. Harvey Rouse JR.

      Nice set up. I spent time at Minot AF Base and had many farmer friends in the area. You guys use allot of smaller bins. Here is the South we use less bins but much larger. We have two 100K bins and six smaller bins at our grainery. We grow corn, soybeans, wheat and some milo.

    39. Phillip Peterman

      I have trenched and it’s hard work, harder when you hit a lot of rocks. And some bins out in the middle of nowhere make it very time consuming. I remember I made some remarks about bins a couple of years ago when you were putting peas in the machine shed. I’m glad to see that you’ve built three. No more using machine sheds....

    40. Jeff Kuipers

      don't need to drag around augers if you put up a leg which will fill all 3 4 time faster and unload them faster.

      1. Robert Welker

        The expense of moving bins and buying a leg would be huge. We can unload 1000 bus in 8 mins now

    41. locsipocsi1

      3RD BIN EH! love it Guys! and glad you guys are doing it because it's a need right! but yeah all three of you have been making some great content and the editors doing a good job. Ya'll are too much fun!

    42. locsipocsi1

      That trencher looked like a lot of Fun lol and yeah they are bucking broncos! So it needs a little radiator, small fuel pump and a seat! lol 4 hours work of work one day later!!!

    43. Owen Niehaus

      Ok now this just getting out of hand it goes jd jcb case new Holland jd to tonka

      1. Owen Niehaus

        @Robert Welker lol

      2. Robert Welker

        How bout J..Owen..deere? 😊👍

    44. stumpy2816


    45. Tank109

      im curious whats your guys opinion on the right to repair?

      1. Robert Welker

        For the right of farmer to repair what he's paid money for

    46. Kathleen M

      Great video 👌😊

    47. AaronK 07

      Leg arms do you know your camera has audio problems

    48. stephen Jones

      It's better than hand digging any day lol

    49. Mason Reiland

      2 also

    50. James Peterson

      Green is the only way to go Nick!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Definitely agree for growing crop color. 👍😅

    51. J Roger Trudel

      Can one order some Legarm labeled t-shirts?

      1. Robert Welker

        I think the Ts are at welkerfarmsinc/merchandise

    52. Evan Dytyniak

      *gasp* was that a green tractor?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yup, non emissions engine.

    53. Ed Md

      You need a cowboy hat 🤠

    54. J Huelsmann

      Most popular seat cover I grew up with was duct tape. Get an old sofa cushion, cut to shape of seat and wrap in duct tape!

    55. Scott Staples

      That sure isn't Georgia clay.

    56. Dave Cartwright

      Hello What do you use to download and edit your GoPro footage? I have a Hero 8 and am using the GoPro system and find it cumbersome. Thanks for the great videos!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Check out cyberlink

    57. Anthony Sprank

      The john deere's are as easy to get in the back as the case ih's lol

      1. Robert Welker

        After they copied CaseIH 😅

    58. Twentypdr Parrott

      As the Sun goes into a Grand Solar Minimum the northern tier of States will gradually see a shortening of the growing seasons. Canada will go off line totally. What will you do to mitigate? channels to see Ice Age Farmer and Adapt2030.

      1. Robert Welker

        ICEBERG LETTUCE 😊. Seriously I'm not buying into doomsday scenarios. Not one person actually knows for sure. I trust the hand of our Creature. There was a mini ice age in Europe during the dark ages. Blessings 👍

    59. Leo Osborne

      God bless you all and your harvest

    60. Craig Evans

      So if and when the Big Brutes pack it in and aren't cost effective to repair. How about a big strong Canadian made Versatile (with the bullet proof American Cummins), my personal favourite? (Big Brute respect!) Should do a side by comparison Brute vs Versatile or better head once the borders open, head to Winterpeg and tour the plant.

    61. WISCO KID

      6am is the best time because that's when I'm done working 8 hours in the cheese factory haha

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks for doing a needed job. Salute 👍

    62. ManYeti

      An ALBERTA shout out! Yaaa buddy.

    63. Craig Evans

      Hope that yield overcomes the new bins. Infrastructure is expensive but pays out in time. Good plan and glad you can do it. GB!

    64. Brian Smith

      Should have titled this VLOG - "Oh what I wouldn't give for a trailer right now"

    65. Tom Bombardil

      9:56 wow how does your crop reach any water? its so dustyyyy

      1. Robert Welker

        Much prayer and God's blessings 🙏

    66. Toby Walker

      Looks like its time to start thinking about a grain leg and dump pit.

    67. gwp58

      Great work guys in a previous occupation I work with a similar trencher we changed the normal chain for one which took titanium picks as we were cutting through solid rock to drain a school sports field. Great to see your investing in another 25k bin. Keep up the great work and have a bumper harvest Stay Safe

    68. Neil Turner

      Andrew Camarata: "That's not a Ditch Witch!"

      1. The Metal Butcher

        Works better in dirt than his though lol.

    69. JTN FisherMan

      Where are you putting your breaker box or boxes? We trench in to the back of the our bins one breaker box services two bins wiring to the front of the bins is in electrical plastic pipe that is bend around the bin (scweed to the bin or concrete) following the circumference of the bin....Main throw switch box chest level for the unload auger right by the door it can be reached from inside the bin or outside for fast emergency shut offs.

      1. Robert Welker

        We'll do a video of the finished work

    70. Robyn Connell

      What is the brand of your straw hat Nick?

    71. Phil Box

      Lucky you snagged that bin before Cole the Cornstar lost all their bins.

    72. Bradley Norton

      Your peas look like what we call lupins in Western Australia they are growing for cattle feed and are high in protein about 28%-32%crude protein

    73. Alec

      “Hey John Deere how many steps does it take to get into the back of your combine” “hey case how many fires do u start a yr?”

      1. Robert Welker

        Way less then JD 😊👍

      2. Anthony Sprank


    74. Paulman50

      I ran a chain trencher for 7 or 8 years. First one was on a Dutz Far 75hp tractor and the last one was on a 65hp Antonio Carraro bend in the middle steering. Must have done about 400 kilometers. Fun while it lasted.

    75. Chris Payne

      Great Video boys 👏👏👌🏻👍

    76. bryan orman

      Thank you for feeding us. 😀😀😊

    77. Lucas laube

      10 Degrees and rainy where I am

      1. Robert Welker

        I smell fall 👍

    78. bpaul1201awesome

      added almost 75k bushels of bin storage so no need to put product on the ground again. 2020 harvest....we still need more bin space. Here's to the Welkers Farm, may your harvest overflow your storage. If only to see Hollywoods reaction to putting up the ground storage tents again.

    79. Shane Kirk

      Nice job as always, that ditch witch is awesome. That one thing I learned growing up on a farm, you create things and build things with what you have. To save money to be spent in better places, like bins. Hoping for a safe harvest starting for you guys in a few weeks. In SE IOWA,we just had a massive storm roll through on Tuesday 80 -100 mph winds alot of grain bin damage and corn fields are flat in areas. Very sad to see this. Your peas look great. Stay safe everyone.

    80. Willen Enable

      I think you adjust the chain by pumping grease into the bar at the digging end of the chain drive and it pushes the bar out to take up the slack in the chain !!

    81. Ky Gambler

      Napa is double the price on filters and oil if you have any big truck dealers nearby....

    82. Andrew Cash

      how mutch groth og your farm can you put down to help from youyub

    83. Chay Miller

      A thought . Could you take plow of front of ditch witch . then load on Ranger . to move around farm ? seems like it would be more efficient . lol. As much as i know it would be fun to ride Ditch witch .

    84. Great Northwest

      6 is to early. I work a 10 hour shift BUT my shift dosnt start until 12pm so it feels like sleeping in every day.

    85. sharky toby

      I had a feels fire today in uk that’s not heared of that’s when you know it dry

    86. Edward Fast

      You guys are building bins and in Iowa where Cole the cornstar lives they just had a bad storm go through and wreck a bunch of bins and barns and a Co-op in there area its devastating but no one hurt.

    87. ksboy123abc

      Gosh dang boys congrats!!!! Hard work perseverance and faith will always pay off for those who are deserving. Thanks for the vids. Yall make my day when i see my patreon send me an alert. I watch it there then have to rewatch them here.

    88. Erik

      Maybe Westeel can reach out to the Cornstars and help them out with there storage problems after the big storm

    89. Michael Gman

      Single phase for all these motors? Must me a he.. of a power cable. 🤔

      1. Robert Welker

        Don't have access to 3ph

    90. Anne O'Reilly

      Love those new oil “rigs”

    91. Michael Gman

      Talking about safety. What about some guards (shields) on all these auger drives and PTOs❓ Hope you keep your kids far away from these death contraptions. What if you loose your balance and fall into one of these❓ Ouchh then you could be legs no arms. Sorry bad sarcastic humor. 😷

    92. Jay Farmer

      Sponsored by Case and you put a cheap carquest filter on? Come on case, send these guys some OE filters or at least fleetgard.

    93. George Ladd

      17:15 I believe bins in that condition are in "Kit Form"

    94. nick beam

      Are you going to have a stair case on that one ?

      1. Robert Welker


    95. hesakia Munson

      I'm from Lolo mt , I have family in colbertson mt, love watching you guy's

      1. Robert Welker


    96. greg sappington

      Nice to see you using CARQUEST filters

    97. Matthew dowd

      It’s gonna be low hundreds for a week in my area of California, at least it’s a dry heat and not humid but still very hot. 107 is the high this week. Stay cool welkers! Congrats on another new bin! Lots of space now!

    98. DEDBRD1977

      18 to 24"'s . Its amazing to me your power company lets you put it in so shallow. I work for a power company in Alabama and primary underground must be 4' and secondary must be 3' . I hope you put everything in conduit, bc if something was to damage your cable you will be able to just pull out the damaged section and pull in new . I guess the #6 Nick mentioned is copper ?

    99. PIPER DOUG

      @3:50 bagger? hey make a little Big Bud hood for the trencher n call it Baby Bud.

    100. Crushing Vanessa3

      Brute needs a good wash.