Wake the FLEET|Spring is Coming!

Welker Farms

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    It's a rush to get the odds and ends finished before we enter the 2nd most busy season of the year. Now we wake up all the machinery needed for spring seeding and get all our ducks in a row so we are ready to roll when the ground is thawed and ready.

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    1. XxicomxX Boiiis

      Why does the fummins look like a power stroke

    2. Roman Porter

      13:21 I knew you always needed a john deere tractor for a farm to run

    3. Richard Stevens

      Zac uses red tow ropes.‼️

    4. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳--------------------------------------🚜------------------------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘____________________________🌳_| shut the gate Mate!~ cheers👍

    5. T.A.M.T The All Mighty Texan

      Youll need a doctor,a lawyer, a firefighter, a paramedic, a police officer, a mechanic,and a judge once in your life but you need a farmer atleast three times a day

    6. Bryan Poe

      Use a toothpick for small chips in the paint

    7. Sam Kalma

      dissapointed you didn't go down the slide

    8. Ian Spelman

      @ Robert Welker if an old house with a slate roof is being torn down ask can you use the slate and that will do too

    9. rob peters

      I love that old Ford! The Louisville is my all time favourite truck.

    10. Casey k88

      OSHA would not be happy.....

    11. Ottie Otter

      Hey Legarms if you are stuck in that skid steer just take the New Holland signs off of it and try driving it again

    12. Brody Scrivner

      Love how much all their stuff smokes🤣🤣🤣

    13. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    14. Weekend Warrior Garage

      “Next person that uses the old rope is getting pistol whipped”. Legarms: hey look at that old rope.

    15. Timothy Handley

      I think you should have just put it on the big bud as a dump pipe much better

    16. Daniel Peterson

      We always take our batteries out of our trackers and trucks that we don't use in the winter. We put them into the shop and keep them change and our batteries are 20 plus years old but we do lose some batteries from time to time so we do have some batteries 3 to 8 years old. What we do is take battery cables and put them together and put a small 15 watt solar panel to them with a 7 amp solar charger. Keeps the batteries good for well almost for ever or so far 26 years so far. By the way I like your long votes not the small ones because I can keep working and lesson to your shows so keep up the three and six hours shows.

    17. tyler barthauer

      How come legarms did not have a shafty harness on on the been

    18. Nathan Halls

      Can you do a shop tour

    19. Carolyn Beale

      Do you have cows on your farms?

    20. me too me three

      its funny how he says geese fly north mean spring were im from when the geese arrive its spring lol

    21. Noah Ater

      Um, I hate to burst your bubble, but Roundup *might* be carcinogenic, you might need an alternative

    22. Pat Kelley

      If you have an extra silverware tray they are handy to keep your bolts, nuts and washers together but separate while you assemble stuff.

    23. Glenn Gaul

      Rosie's born and raised in Montana so she's tough

    24. kristian hart

      Turns out leg arms makes an entire series with those other rops

    25. Shmur Man

      Would love to see those vintage dodge trucks run. Those things are beautys

    26. Brad ogle

      Great video! 🇺🇸🇺🇸😎. MAGA!

    27. matismf

      Have you preloaded that slide with wasp nests???

      1. Robert Welker

        Must be as it has been "bussin' with interest everyday😁

    28. Minnesota Nice

      The map of your farm on farming simulator 19 is awesome

    29. Jacob Spannbauer

      Would u give me a tour of ur farm and maybe a ride in the combine if I drive out there to ur farm or no

      1. Jacob Spannbauer

        Robert Welker well I thank you for replying Robert thank you

      2. Robert Welker

        We would love too but it got very busy with many stopping by. And there is a liability factor our agent informed us. Sad that has to enter into decisions. So we discourage visits for now. Blessings Jacob

    30. bob homestead

      I wonder how many times you test drove the slide.

      1. Robert Welker

        I stay away from slides.............. as I'm on the down hill slide at my age 😁

    31. Steve Corcoran

      Totally understand why you did it but I am sad to see that you guys finally sold out to Case/IH & added them to the channel. Farm equipment is just too Dang expensive for anyone to keep from being influenced by a big company throwing a million in equipment at them to give the company a free pass on their You-Tube channel. So much for getting unbiased reviews of demo'd equipment from this channel from now on.

      1. Robert Welker

        We like our CaseIH equipment. But the big player in the machinery colors is the elephant in the room and gets a lot of play on many other channels. CaseIH made it very clear to us to keep the channel the same as it was before they came along side. And we have gotten to demo equipment we would have never had a chance to run. We feel it's a win win for our viewers and us. Watch the next video and see what benefits came to our Big Bud 600/50 because of the relationship. Anyway thanks for sharing your concerns and Blessings 👍

    32. David Hoppes

      What happened to the seed cleaner you had last year? I didn’t think it was a loaner.

      1. David Hoppes


      2. Robert Welker

        Yes it was a demo.

    33. Eugene DEV

      I've often wonder if any of the products in my home was farmed directly from y'all

      1. Robert Welker

        Would be interesting to know.

    34. gerald sundberg

      Nice to see things getting ready to get busy.

    35. BarbieLove09

      Rust-Oleum paint last pretty long on steel but I would of use a Rust-Oleum primer first. love the videos god bless

    36. 13Dixiefried

      You should take the big rocks you have on the farm and have a rock crusher come in and crush them into the size of gravel that you need.

      1. Robert Welker


    37. Kenworth 404

      I knew it was gonna be a good birthday when you guys uploaded

      1. Robert Welker

        Happy Birthday!!! Blessings.

    38. j belter

      Hey guy love your channel just one question do you still use the two dodge grain trucks

      1. Robert Welker

        Very seldom now. They were great trucks in their day.

    39. hikingtosurvive

      Family = FTW!!

    40. William Davis

      Wouldn’t it bd easier if all your tanks and bins were all in one site?... Don’t know much about farming, except a friends family does some.

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes it would but when you buy farms they usually have bins which comes with the land. So that's why they are scattered. But we move two of the four that was there and we'll be moving these two this year.

    41. Jarrett Fullerton

      I've always wondered if eating food sprayed with round up and other chemicals can be good for you.. And I'm not trying to be rude.. Honestly curious what the science says

      1. Robert Welker

        We don't spray our wheat or peas with round up to hurry the ripening process. Most farmers don't around here. The crops get sprayed with a herbicide early in their growing cycle, which allows the plant to metabolize any chemistry. EPA regulates what is used.

    42. JCLawn51

      the normal consumer jump packs wont hardly jump my diesel mowers let alone a semi. Just saying.

    43. Patman Crowley

      Leg Arms Junior and Leg Arms Juniorette. What wonderful blessings you have been given!

    44. Murray Halbert

      I Watch every vid, BUT I need to ask at the 10:13 to 10:15 time of the vid what is that little red buggy??

      1. Robert Welker

        That was given to Nick for his kids. A little electric car.

    45. Tobbe Andersson

      keep up the good work 👍🏻 love your vlogs 🙏

    46. Henry Jones

      The dog jumping out o the car gave me anxiety

      1. Robert Welker

        He does it all the time. Waits until under 10 mph then launches.

    47. Jasper Larimer

      Who cares it a Chevy

    48. Jasper Larimer


    49. zisu a

      Hey leg arms wtf was that white rope, ONLY RED 😂😂

    50. Jeremy D

      I realize half of the comments might say this.... but... I'm disappointed that you didnt use the yankum rope to pull out the skid steer.

      1. Robert Welker

        So was Nick

    51. 4 spd life

      After 06 gm had paint issues and it causes peeling like what u fixed my 06 still has paper thin paint whaile my 82 k10 with original paint is a lot thicker and handles scratches better

    52. Matt Bergmann

      Grab the New Holland! Love that haha

    53. GodTap Prime

      I’ve been subbed since 25 k on one of my old accounts

      1. Robert Welker


    54. Brian Vest

      Key West Florida is watching you....about as far away as you can get and still be in the states. You do a great job of describing life on a successful farm. Easy question .....batteries. Can you do a video on what type you get? and why? Water or no maintenance gell type? Your family is always dealing with cold and a battery that isn't holding up plus the cold and lack of use of whatever it starts. How many batteries does the farm consume, and have you a corner in that shop to deal with them? In the Florida Keys batteries last 2 years, salt, sun, use etc play a huge part in our boats or vehicles they die quick. I'm imagining you have a bank of chargers that are ......over charging and thus the daily challenge of will it start..? You must be dropping 4k in batteries a year easy...thoughts?

      1. Robert Welker

        Probably have 40 to 50 batteries used. And on average purchase around 5 to 8 a year. All are wet cell acid type.

    55. the pizza devil

      thanks for sharing, nice video as allways

    56. jons513

      You didn't use the red rope :)

    57. Layton Thompson

      12 valves are only the best

    58. MR. UNICORN

      I have a Honda just like that but I think mine might be newer

    59. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    60. Kevin Christiansen

      Nick have u told LegArms can’t go on the slide

    61. Pentti K. Huttunen

      spring is coming but so is the virus, stay safe and be careful this is no joke, greetings from Finland

    62. James Thomas

      Admittedly I am not up to date on my Welker farms videos, so why is the Deere steer now a New Holland and not a Case?

      1. James Thomas

        @Robert Welker ha! Okay. I've always wanted to try an IHI, maybe you slap that on next?!?! 😁

      2. Robert Welker

        We're trying different brands 😉

    63. John Shelley

      Red Rope Only?

    64. Miền Tây TiVi

      great work

    65. Max Burchell

      John Deere is better not to be rude

      1. Robert Welker

        Many would disagree with that general statement- not to rude too 😉

    66. Nick Bayer

      I wanna nominate y'all for the Ultimate Social Distancing Award🏆🏆

    67. chloe kaftan

      i dont like enclosed slides because of the high chance of wasps building a nest inside it, you should check it at least weekly to make sure its always clear of nests. to destroy a nest, just hose it with high pressure soapy water (use carwash soap or something similarly sudsy since wasps cant fly at all with it)

    68. KL0WNK1NG

      Can anyone tell me how much a bushell weights??

      1. Robert Welker

        For wheat, peas 60#. For corn 56#. For barley 48#

    69. Ken Clark

      Please get Leg Arms some safety equipment.

    70. Darryl Ackimenko

      Nick and Scott you have beautiful kids!! thank you you made me smile !!

    71. TJM Simulation

      why does your skidsteer keep changing names? first it was a Deere next it was a JCB now its a NH????? Clearly it has an identity crisis OR you guys just like to keep switching the brand of it

      1. Robert Welker

        Just trying out different brands

    72. 8 Square Feet

      L.A., You got some really cute kids there. Reminds me of my kids trying to learn the bike issue.... :) Looking forward to seeing the Buds in action again!

    73. Billy V

      Do you guys still use the old dodge grain trucks sitting next to the Versatile?

      1. Robert Welker

        Seldom now

    74. Levi Frederick

      I would recommend using rock it’s last do much longer than gravel with big equipment going across it all the time

    75. trevor clapsadle

      21:58----- I didn't see the Red tow ropes being used!!!!

    76. icelineman

      Cleanings ,,,,,I would call them screenings.

    77. OhioplowBoy Hawk

      Good show guys 👍👍

    78. Jacob Nulisch

      Do you clean the auger after using it on fertilizer?

      1. Robert Welker

        I power washed it.

    79. Colin Costine

      That gravel doesn't look like it is going to give you the clean well drained surface that you are after.

      1. Robert Welker

        That was used for leveling an area.

    80. Jeremiah Williams

      So you have a fummins and a john Holland

      1. Robert Welker

        We kinda like to mix brands up

    81. Eric Risch

      Where was leg arms safety harness?!?!?

    82. Mark Thompson

      What happened to using the red rope

    83. Glyn Robinson


    84. Gerry Collins

      Love your vids keep up the great work please and more

    85. Jacob Murray

      Who’s is that sweet pickup at @3:00

      1. Jacob Murray

        Robert Welker ohhhh, okay didn’t know that 🤷🏽‍♂️ thank you

      2. Robert Welker

        It's nick's Tacoma

      3. Jacob Murray

        Robert Welker the one at 3:06 ? Looks sweeeeet!

      4. Robert Welker

        You mean the rusty green?

    86. John Fleming

      I didn’t see any Welker Farms decals on that Big Bud.

      1. Robert Welker

        Coming soon 👍

    87. Toby and James Goldsmith

      Needs stabilisers

    88. Toby and James Goldsmith

      I think I remember the cleaning person with a really old machine but that might have been Millennial Farmer

    89. Toby and James Goldsmith

      I like how the skid steer is now ‘New Holland’ ( the best brand )

    90. Toby and James Goldsmith

      I though it was Eli not Luke????!!!!?....

    91. Trigger TV

      Leg Arms pulled a Dougo!

    92. TitanFilms

      I wish I knew what that song is that is playing when nick was walking to the magnum!

    93. Dain White

      Did you guys know that Cole the Cornstar has an old Versatile that he plans to pull the engine out and sell it before he junks the tractor? I enjoy watching your videos. I was also wondering what you all did with the tires that you should on a previous video?

      1. Dain White

        Gotcha. I did know if the tire company you use was able to take them. I know most of them sell them to other companies to be recycled. Thank you for answer.

      2. Robert Welker

        Hauled to our dump

    94. Porter 539

      With the white fertilizer bins, put a marine kleet on the side so you can tie the rope off easier

    95. James Mitchell

      What about the 747?

      1. James Mitchell

        @Robert Welker Sweet

      2. Robert Welker

        It's still getting tires in the midwest

    96. Paul Rush

      I spent one winter years ago building, welding Fishing winches at a machine shop a friend owned in Maine. Once completed we steamed the project and painted with Industrial paint of the same brand. Direct with no primer and it worked well. You should have no problems with it.

    97. QuakA Oats


    98. Larry Stockwell

      Temp behind you says 55-60 @ 12:18 not 65-70 we are watching and listening hehehehehe.

    99. Greer Farms

      Why is bob always in the back when you get in the Cummins

    100. Owen Beam

      Ha Nike