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    Our CASE IH 7140 Magnum tractor and John Deere 844 wheel loader are our largest bucket loaders on the farm. We resort to them frequently to do the big lifting. But with the 3 point hitch broken on the CASE IH and a nasty hydraulic leak on the John Deere both machines were parked. It feels good to get them fixed plus do some much needed minor repairs.
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    1. adven ture

      This is really fun to watch, such good communication and educational. Best farming and machine maintenance channel !

    2. Ronald Piper

      Do you only work on your equipment? A lot of tools and knowledge

    3. Michael Surratt

      Please make more videos like this!

    4. Michael Surratt

      Wise Words Leg Arms! I am older than you. So many times in life people have told me that is impossible over and over while I am actually creating the solution.

    5. 1fastmr

      Notice how Nick shows up after all the hard work is done.

    6. 1fastmr

      Wow, Leg Arms the motivational speaker. Leg Arms for President.

    7. Daniel Poore

      @18:22 Scott gets deep. Thanks Scott. I think iam about your age but I needed to hear that today.

    8. Matthew Rodgers

      Love the inspirational speech leg arms. 100% accurate, I am an industrial electrical maintenance technician and fortunately i am in an environment every day to witness the growth and the passing of knowledge. It is a beautiful thing. to see a 50 year old man learn something technical from a 30 year old and then a half hour later watch the same 50 year old man show the new apprentice how to extract a broken bolt or whatever the case may be. But sharing knowledge as well as putting in the effort to excel is absolutely paramount.

    9. Clyde Acor

      We bought two 7140's at the same time back in 1993 and they were the best tractors on the farm, very reliable and hard working! I have that same tow hook, I got it off the belly pan on the front of a old D8 Cat that I scraped in Culbertson Montana. So I don't think that you'll be breaking it.

    10. Ed K


    11. mario bijvelds

      greetings from holland

    12. Mark Arnott

      🌳_________________________________🚜________🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_____________________________🦘___________|🌳straya Cheers!

    13. INK'D RAILS

      I think it is time to show some love to JOHN DEERE and do a full restoration on the John Deere 844 Wheel Loader!

    14. Michael Broadhead

      Leg Arms, you need ratcheting wrenches. You'll love them. No turning, taking it off and flipping the wrench until you get it tight.

    15. edward toner

      The Man who has not made a mistake has made Nothing .

    16. Chris Weppler

      Hey guys, You guys are doing a great job over there. Safety first. We farm over here in Ontairo not much different then you guys always breaking, wearing out and fixing. You remind me a lot of my Inlaws farmen. They run all case IH from 1950 to current times. We dont have big fields like you, and probally have way more hills and stones to dea with in the Walkerton area. Ya Walkerton the water problem town. Good luck stay safe!

    17. Zachary Shorter

      A Leg Arms💪 moment is good for all to hear thanks!!

    18. Eric Works!

      just remember that a hall of fame baseball hitter fails 2 outta 3 times. don't worry about failure- keep on swingin'

    19. Larry Keith

      You guys are great fabricators, mechanics, operators, etc. I commend you for your abilities plus your faith. I am an 84 year old former Colorado wheat farmer. Keep up the good work.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    20. Zach Morgan

      18:20 leg arms needs to hear some of us needed to hear that and thanks

    21. Jacob Weidinger

      Am i missing something? Is there a specific reason why u guys dont have a Machine shed for all this Equipment sitting outside?

    22. brent wilson

      Smart move Nick getting that fall protection. After falling 25 feet to the ground when the feed bin ladder i was on had all bolts fail my life changed forever - i survived and am able to walk but i will never be the same again . Use fall protection and stay safe

    23. Barbara Stedillie

      So very happy you listened. Just as long as you guys actually use them. It can be hard to change old habits, but if you think of the worst possible consequence to not using it, your death and leaving your wife and kids without their husband, father, and breadwinner, might be your motivation to use it EVERY time...

    24. Robert Davis

      " Muggy Weld 72 " rod for cast iron Leg Arms. Best I ever used. Pre heat 250-300 degrees and after welding cover the job with a cover or sand and let it sit for a couple hours. Needs to cool down slowly. Good Luck LA.

    25. Mark Witzel

      Good job on getting the safety gear.

    26. Thomas Halliday

      Leg Arms is the man for farm repairs

    27. robert gayheart

      is the f 150 for sale , look's like a 2010 model ?

    28. Ron Anderson

      Thank you for great Farm mechanics display!

    29. Steve B

      Inspiring. great video

    30. grafvonstauffenburg

      At one time, agriculture was the most dangerous work accident realm.....!

    31. grafvonstauffenburg

      Your shop is a marvel, esp. since it has a 'scrap pile' on a very linear table....! Now powerwash, wipedown, and a spritz (or two?) of yellow. Freshened livery usually raises spirits.....

    32. grafvonstauffenburg

      You perfectly described: Trying, failing, trying, failing, trying.....and suddenly & amazingly......succeeding.....on top of all the previous failures..... A little analysis of failure....and one more push....!

    33. grafvonstauffenburg

      The crack in that bolt hole's boss looks.....SERIOUS...... Removal & welding the casting....?!?! What a bad break!

    34. richardj ellis

      👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 make sure you've had your babies before doing a job that requires that harness mate. The results from having to really use it can be quite shocking 🥺🥺🥺😬

    35. richardj ellis

      🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿You and Sheldon would get on great, and have lots to talk about with them flags you have. You'll have to call in the next time he does his show. He doesn't get many flag enthusiasts.🤣🤣.

    36. richardj ellis

      Needs new hook painting yellow now, and, love the little gas axe😁😁

    37. richardj ellis

      I expected that weight to be a bit bigger than it was. Hardly seems worth having.

    38. richardj ellis

      Such a lovely guy. Well said mate. You'd have made a great teacher. Rich(UK).

    39. richardj ellis

      What you need for that bucket set up, is an old Oliver, like others use.!

    40. Michael Carley


    41. Paul Gribben

      You Walker’s should be required viewing for younger folks, thank you for putting out this content, I really enjoy watching you all get these projects finished!

    42. Mark J. Cady Jr.

      Man! What a great video. Leg Arms! You in your segment between 18:19 and 21:22 really is inspirational. Especially in light of what our nation is going through at the moment...... We need to remember the "can" in American! Thanks! From one of your best Urban-Liberal-Chicagoan fans. You gave me a boost today. I still wanna come work with you guys......

    43. Terry Arnold

      Hi guys. Just wondering why you tend to leave hydraulic attachments in the raised positions. Puts a load on cylinders and the valve body, what happens if someone should accidently move or bump the lever at a very unplanned time? Just want everyone to be safe as the raised implement puts tremendous loads on the hydraulic system when the engine is not running. Love your channel. Be safe please.

    44. Brad Dyer

      What a inspiration leg arms you are ausome. Just to hear what you say and really take it in is truly amazing.

    45. isctony

      Harness is a seriously good idea. BUT - you must make sure you are checking on each other or working in pairs etc. hanging for a long time means you can loose your legs due to circulation loss, so just makes sure you're keeping an eye out for each other. Good Lads, been enjoying your vids

    46. Cheopis

      Looks like you used grade 5 bolts for the new tow hook on the loader. Why not grade 8? That's some serious weight being put on the hook, and it's all shearing forces. Or were those bolts something other than simple grade 5?

    47. Connor Field

      I have a 7110 at home and whenever you turn the ac on it makes that noise. Does anyone know what it is and how to fix it?

    48. Anthony Wolfe

      Montana Grizzlies.

    49. Alec Wilson

      Leave it on.

      1. Alec Wilson

        Safty harness 👌

    50. john perry

      Wow you guys sure do a lot of fixing, you guys must be stright out all the time

    51. Cayden Caldwell

      More John case Deere

    52. Josh White

      As a farmer my dad always said we were jack of all trades master of none

    53. Nissan Patrol YT

      Why is the skid steers loader up that’s very unsafe

    54. Glenn Gaul

      Pastor Leg-Arms

    55. Alex Stewart

      Scott, where did you learn your way around the lathe? You seem to put it through its paces like a master machinist I love your repair videos keep up the good work. You too Nick nice job buddy you guys are both awesome thank you for a lot of entertainment and knowledge

    56. Jon Jenkins

      Self retracting safety line would be a nice addition to your harness. My motto on safety is accidents don’t happen their caused. Safety around the shop is dynamic and always needs Re-evaluation. Always learn from your mistake never brush mistakes under the rug. Talk about them so everyone can profit. 🙂

    57. Bart Lee

      I highly suggest getting a trauma strap for your harness’s it is a strap that lets you stand after you fall to keep from cutting blood flow off to your legs. Especially being y’all work alone a lot and it could be a while before someone can get to you

    58. Stacy Dornan

      Love the channel fellas

    59. James Bright

      How come the Deere’s are yellow

    60. theodore scott

      i had this kind exp with my van i never worked that far into a engine but i fixed because of guys like you and doing research i kept going until i got it right

    61. AdamTh1

      @8:45 I ran into that "p/n change" 5-6 yrs ago when I had to get a cylinder rebuilt. That p/n change meant instead of just buying the seals, you now had to buy the piston and I believe you had to buy the cylinder rod - 2 items I didn't need. I took the cylinder to a local hydraulics shop, they rebuilt it for about $130. It never leaked. I also remember them telling me that in the last couple years they had rebuilt hundreds of those steering cylinders. I wonder why...

    62. J.R. In WV

      I agree 100%. Granted most times working on the 50 year old stuff I do quitting is not an option because if I can’t do it, nobody else can or wants to try so failure is not an option. I always tell myself when I get stuck that although engineers enjoy making things hard, they can’t make them impossible. It had to go together on the assembly line so logically somehow it’ll come apart, just have to figure it out.

    63. Timber Tramp

      Please do not give in to the safety polic3 hall monitors...the most annoying people on the internet!

    64. john allen

      As a novice about farming ... especially large scale farming ... I am surprised at how much one needs to know and do just to keep up with daily farm work. Mechanic; tool & die; equipment repair; building maintenance ... wow I am impressed with what is required of modern day farmers and ranchers. Thank you for your taking the time to educate we non-farmers who find your world fascinating.

    65. andy keil

      Great to see harness. What about leaving skid steer arms in the air ALL the time. What if a line blows?

    66. NIPP in garden Service

      Hi from the uk 🇬🇧 x farm labourer 👍👍

    67. Jonathan De Graaf

      And, your harness is now out of compliance from dropping it on concrete. You need to treat that with respect as a life saving device and not just throw it around

    68. Hunter Chiasson

      Gotta love the triton v8 car lift must have a lot of lift power At 6:34

    69. Gimmy Sola

      Scott do away with that deere take a used Volvo no more problem please you are great and very good but that loader is only a big headache !!! ciao from italt

    70. Barbara Stedillie

      As I’ve been watching your guy’s channel, it becomes clear that Scott has an extensive and, might I add, impressive array of talents. Your dad is definitely the rock of your organization, Nick, what would you say your best contribution is to the function of the farm? You’re always praising your brother, but I know you’re a significant contributor as well. From your perspective, what would you say your strongest attributes are? Besides being amazing at the tech stuff!!!

    71. robert baker

      O leg arms your a master hater logo. Your cool.

    72. Robert Ironside

      Maybe get grand master Chop in to paint this baby white [match the Bud Army]. Small thing... old folks will tell you... never hang a horseshoe open end down [upside down U]. All of the luck drains out... bad luck like new shoes on the table. :-)) Superstition 101 lol

    73. Frank Woodward

      Your a good man Legarms and you have the skills good work.

    74. jim grim

      You guys need to invest in a mag drill so dang useful for the stuff your doing

    75. teamstr259

      Well boys you surpassed your wish for 10k👍! Great job.

    76. William Evans

      Not all information is at my fingertips there are things I’d like to know that are not at my fingertips

    77. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Nick; on the Case IH with the bucket on it; find the model tractor that bucket would fit & swap it over; yes; I know it would cost money; just an idea......

    78. Andy Fromm

      16:30 impacts will wreck those clamps. Hand wrench

    79. John Beardmore

      Great advice from Leg Arms. He needs his own TV show!

    80. belfast479

      Love your John Deere skid steer with the Cardboard CASE sign over it for Zack.

    81. Brian Schwartz

      Your shop has a lot of bolts but only has two nuts. Lol

    82. iBelieve


    83. iBelieve


    84. Christian Lacasse

      Hard to get a job on the farm no dreams

    85. Brian Kempkes

      Case needs to send you a big sign for your blank wall in the shop.

    86. Uneedhelp91

      It seams like there is a lot of seepage on the farm. Is this a normal farm thing or a result of lower temperatures?

    87. M C

      18:20 Very well Said. I never heard that, but eventually learned it the hard way by living it! Thanks Legarm Amen!

    88. James Eley

      Love you advice for the young people

    89. Mrdan

      Glad to see you picked up a couple safety harness nice job. All around including the machines

    90. Jim H

      Great message for young people. Thanks for sharing this inspiration, Scott!

    91. Chris KH2PM McKendry

      10,000 👍 wished..over 18,000 👍 achieved!

    92. Dave J.A

      Really enjoyed your pep talk at the end I'm currently in school for my first year Heavy Equipment Technician & I've been struggling a little. But hearing you say you struggle too means a lot!

    93. Tanase Andrei

      If you don't know how to do it, you can do it, but it will get so expensive you'll wish you have never done it ! :)))

    94. Morgan Adair

      As it shows, I seen this last week but wanted to share a tractor from your area, thought you might like or already know about..................... kgup.info/get/fJmjo6vbc6qZaH8/video

    95. Dan Finley

      Great motivational information awesome speech leg arms

    96. A&R Farms

      Da loaders got 🥜 now!!!!! Yeeeeaaah!

    97. A&R Farms

      Mad respect Leg Arms 💪 ✊

    98. Daniel Ilyes

      Y’all should invest in a wire climber. You would just need to run a sturdy cable on your bins. It would make getting up easier and would allow you to have both hands on the ladder and have the climber trial behind you

    99. H0rs3k1d K1dxx123

      Was that a jhoncase skidder

    100. Hangriesllc

      Check out my food truck Hangriessllc and spread the word. I'm a retired farmer from Nebraska that's not afraid to travel to the right event. Thanks