First STUCK of the Season!|BIG BUD to the Rescue!

Welker Farms

267 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

    Compared to previous years we have not encountered nearly the amount of mud. This is great as stuck moments are dangerous and slow down farming progress, but it means not a lot of exciting recovery videos! So when it happens we do make sure to grab a camera or two.
    These Yankum ropes have been great so far!
    Grab yours here!
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    1. Lyn Lewis

      Oh no Hollywood is stuck call leg arms

    2. Chris Darting

      I forgot what song that is during the Wiggles scene?

    3. Mopar Nick

      Cool to see 9pm sunset. Suns far gone down here in Nee England by then

    4. Tony Ackerman

      Congrats Scott! You have a beautiful family

    5. Tony Ackerman

      Newer than old school, never a stretch with those yankum ropes...Robert I love your understated sense of humor!

    6. Tony Ackerman

      Montana stretched out from the wind, taking over part of North Dakota, priceless...pretty soon Williston will be in Montana.

    7. Mr. Hutt


    8. Tanner Browne

      I've sent a john deere 4940/ 120 to China.. shitacki happens 😆

      1. Tanner Browne

        I wish i could send you pics on here

    9. Logan YouTube

      Glyphosate is like heroin the more you use the more you need

    10. Rob Hartshorn

      Need to watch for a used front axle and divorced transfer case and convert the sprayer to a 4x4.

    11. thr8061

      It's great to see all of you guys doing parts of the videos.

    12. Roney Gomes dos Santos

      Eu sou do Brasil bonito trator agrícola que platantadeira e essa que vcs uma como adubo na base .isso é uréia

    13. Christopher Alton Carlson

      What can these 525s or 600s do for highway speed? Because that's why you get a Big Bud right? It's the same color as an excuse. Works for me. You almost made it! Full throttle, get a 100 foot run too. God I love your tractors. Who needs an STX 620 when you got a Bud?

    14. Kathleen M

      Great video!!

    15. Oneofjustice Sargent

      I love big bike

    16. Oneofjustice Sargent


    17. Owen Dodman

      What is used as a planter lubricant on smaller scale graphite is used what would be used on a rig of this scale?

    18. QuakA Oats

      THE MOON IS ABSOLUTELY, well it’s there

    19. Isaele Pontes De Oliveira Pontes De Oliveira

      É chow de bola a agricultura aí

    20. Bryan Raddatz

      That's awesome you are using old and new tractors!


      The dog on the fender is pretty cool. It’s cool that he knows to stay there.

    22. Ruaraidh Walker

      They're really not kidding about the Big Sky!! Astounding!! Good to see the dog enjoying the ride!

    23. Marcelo Angel Sanchez Roman

      01:04 😂😂😂

    24. William Uskoski

      Give that Moline some paint 🤘🤘

    25. Jay-J Stahl

      That bigger bud with that all white fender n cab, n tinted windows, Looks ridiculously Good!

    26. Matt From Wii sports resort

      Aleast Jim didn’t do it this time

    27. Leon van der Weide


      1. Leon van der Weide

        "Axles to china" , man you should get these on a shirt.

    28. Andrew Worman

      Great nick you pulled a Jim haha

    29. Bros. Lawn Care DSaxberg

      If you do retire the Brute from spraying you might have to make it a self-propelled grain cart? I wonder how much it could handle safely?

    30. John Summers

      what kind of peas and what are they used for?

    31. Steve Rosenberger

      You need to clean up and paint the Minnie.

    32. mickey christensen

      Do you guys have all the Big Buds ever made? What PowerPoint do they have? Awesome tractors.

    33. windage

      another great edition of the 'Leg Arms Show' thanks!

    34. Steve Nowak

      What happen to the wheels on the boom that you fabricated

    35. Kevin Benecke

      If anyone wants to see the abuse those ropes can take, just watch Matt's Off-Road Recovery channel and see what he pulls out with them from the Utah mud and sand.

    36. Atlantic man 5700

      Who needs a turbo diesel when you have a ford aeromax

    37. Doge 5600

      We have owned a Case 2590 for its entire life! Nothing stops it.

    38. Doge 5600

      I was fine dragging with our 1066 and buried it.

    39. FlashFMA

      I love your video’s and your games

    40. Oklahoma Farmer

      So who’s driving the tractor @18:45??? Leg Arms just hops out and rides on top of the cart???

    41. Zak Short

      Please restore the miniapolis Milene how ever you spell it

    42. Paul K

      It’s Out of gear. I thought that once!

    43. Crenshaw Outdoors

      You guys should get a top and windshield on the can am

    44. Matthew Morris

      What engine does that non turbo diesel truck have? Sounds good and great video love your operation.

    45. David Schick

      I always did like seeing a state flag displayed by itself. And the dog is a good boy.

      1. Robert Welker


    46. Mountain Rock

      No canola this year?

      1. Robert Welker

        Were going to but decided next year

    47. Garritt DuBois

      @ 10:49 do you have a separate tool chest for each piece of equipment?

      1. Robert Welker

        No the tools are used on all of them

    48. Slumpdog

      how is this virus thingy affecting you welker farm fellas

      1. Robert Welker

        Physically not and not much otherwise

    49. Your Daily dose of Tictok

      Turning around the planter tractor is probably so hard

    50. SD Rancher

      I'm a farmer from South Dakota that uses a older flexi coil air seeder at 47 ft and I wanted to ask what is the name of that blockage system? I'm thinking of installing that on our older air seeder but can't remember the name?

      1. SD Rancher

        @Leg Arms Thank you very much! Hope planting is going well!

      2. Leg Arms

        Intelligent AG. Well worth it!

    51. Kevin Christiansen

      Your big buds r awesome looking tractors

    52. Fast Ag Montana

      “When I look at them I can’t see”. Leg arms

    53. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers good luck seeding and spraying

    54. Zachattack 9224

      John Deere has this app that maps out your field and drives for you. Ive seen people go 104 acres without touching the wheel

    55. Aaron Wilton

      Wow 68 pound to the acre. When we plant barley we plant at 180pound for under seeding new grass in and if straight barley 220 pound to the acre

      1. Aaron Wilton

        Yeah I understand that but we get the same yields as you guys with 20 times more rain. Here the less pounds per acre we put on at seeding equals less yield at the end of the year

      2. Robert Welker

        All do to the total rainfall or lack of it

    56. David Fehr


    57. David Fehr

      Where you living

      1. Robert Welker

        Northern Montana

    58. David Fehr


    59. Anthony Brown

      Awesome family leg arms

    60. Kevin Burris

      I still love the Louisville Ford trucks. You could see out of them great , they had more room in the cab. They were great !

      1. Robert Welker

        Great trucks

    61. William Brouwers

      Cody has got to be one of the best farm dogs, period. There should be one whole video on just him! Lol

      1. William Brouwers

        @Robert Welker Thanks for responding! That sounds like a fair price lol.

      2. Robert Welker

        Probably do it for a bone 😊

    62. Ian Jenkins

      Great video 😁

    63. Gus Minotaur

      Is a North Dakota native you can have the western part

      1. Robert Welker

        We will take the oil 😁

    64. rob peters

      That's what you call the "buddy" system. One bud pulling another bud out. Lol!

    65. rob peters

      I love those Ford louisvilles! Ran them from 70 til the late 80's. Built ford tough!

    66. Luke Pekarek

      reminds me of the sound my dad's M makes, its a gaser, but sounds like the MM

    67. Jacob Julian

      Gud job leg arms I’ll be waiting for the baby

    68. 11fucky0u

      37 degrees... peanuts. i was harvesting last years wheat last weekend and it was -5 Celsius (23F) and started snowing on us. inch of snow in may. Manitoba Canada has some wacky weather i tell ya.

      1. Robert Welker

        Wow that's winter

    69. 4020 john deere

      Thank you your dad and the dog just awesome

    70. Michael Flachs

      Love you guys, love the content!

    71. Carl Stevens

      The little legarms's are so cute.

    72. ProjectThis

      bet it would suck if you fell off the back of that tractor with it running in 5th gear, maybe should put a kill switch like a boat has lol

    73. Honeybadger Arse

      Man the 600 is nice...😎👌👌

    74. wudwurkr

      Congrats Mr & Mrs Leg-Arms on the family news!

    75. James Thomas

      Well, Mr. Welker is becoming quite the camera man

      1. Robert Welker

        Just follows the script 🤪

    76. Duncan Taylor

      Rob your a one of a kind 👌😎👍🇦🇺

      1. Duncan Taylor

        So tell me Rob how many times have you told the grandkids that the wind stretched Montana you’re a good man and I think we are all blessed to have you on KGup thanks to you and your boys for the entertainment as I enjoy every single show take care 😂 👌😎👍🇦🇺

      2. Robert Welker

        That's why they made only one 😁

    77. Matthew dowd

      Coby riding on the bud is absolutely priceless, it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Not to mention there’s bob, he is a national treasure in my opinion! Great stuff welkers! Hope this year is a bumper crop for u chaps! Congrats on all your success! 🤘😎🍀🇺🇸

      1. Matthew dowd

        Robert Welker your a 24krt gold gentleman! You’ve done a fantastic job bringing your boys up, my dad was around but I never saw him, he was just indifferent about any body but himself unfortunately, my grandpa was amazing and my step dad as well so I had great influence from them, your parenting shows in your boys drive and ingenuity. I wish you guys all the success in the world bob! Give coby a belly rub fer me!

      2. Robert Welker

        I might be fools gold 😊

    78. Xayde Meyers

      Great video guys love the sunset and beautiful country, like it how you all were in the video👍🏼🚜

    79. LevLuke

      The boss has become a real Content Creator! I really like to see this! Huge respect for the progress he has done in the past everything regarding youtube and shooting videos and speaking into the camera. Dont want to be disrespectful but this is not normal for a "grown man" :D

      1. Robert Welker

        Well many think I'm not normal but myself and I both feel their wrong 😁

    80. Wapi Farang

      Very nice video Welker family the best, thanks video like so much :)

      1. Robert Welker


    81. james wright

      The dog is brilliant longer videos of seeding please love seeing how its done

    82. La Vall Fosca

      What a beautiful dog!

    83. TBone MC

      When is someone going to come up with a sprayer, fertilizer, seeder and roller all in one?

    84. Alan Stant

      The only that helps is having something bigger to pull with guys. Always enjoy all your content. Thanks guy for sharing.

      1. Robert Welker


    85. OETIOHeavyLifter


    86. Dany St-Gelais

      I advise everyome to get these kind of ropes. Much safer than a chain! + more efficient and probably stronger

    87. Clayton Hartin

      Look up Mike Mitchell on KGup. I believe he runs the biggest farm on KGup. He’s pretty funny. Mike points out in the field “yeah I got straight for over a mile this way and then this way is about 2 miles to the end” he runs 5 68ft planters. 3 John Deere 9RX, 1 1050 Fendt and a John Deere 9560RT

    88. Emanuel Lavallée

      WoW dont stop your good job guys

    89. BigJim57

      i can't get over how u fellas out there, can plant into the ground, when its so cold outside. i would think that keeps the seed from germanating for awhile?

      1. Robert Welker

        Cool weather crops sprouts in cool ground


      You need any free farm help?? Ready to go Covid crazy. I'm blasting off from Omaha ne in the next weekish. Texas,wyoming or montana Not very smart but have a strong back and yes im an experienced bowling ball cannon person with referances. If you can see one you are to close!!


      pto between the legs thats sketchy

    92. gary stanford

      Do you gus plant that slow w/that air seeder just watched a JD hi speed plant beans at 10 m.p.h.

    93. Chris Cardoza

      Well just wondering is it hot there in the summer months or is it cooler there ...

      1. Robert Welker

        June is mild. July and August are warm 80s to 90s

    94. Rich Bowser

      nick, I can remember one of our neighbors standing in his underwear with his bib overalls wrapped around the pto shaft on an auger

    95. Jack Rusley

      Who's name is in the Fummins?

      1. Robert Welker

        I'll need to look

    96. Ken Crouch

      Bob- Look in your mail - I sent you some information on the MM.

      1. Robert Welker

        We received it 4 days ago. I will write you soon after it slows down. Much to generous. Thank you 👍

    97. Gayton George

      We need about 15 hours of Big Bud 600/50 videos before June 2020 featuring all the new upgrades. It's what people want to see the most! Thank you!

    98. Edwin Allen

      It is so great hearing from your Dad... a great part of the V-Log! This from an ol' geezer in far Eastern Canada! LOL

      1. Robert Welker


    99. Scott Fry

      I like those big buds.

    100. William Davis

      Aaaahhh...we don’t need North Dakota.