Here We GO! Raising GIANT Grain Bins|Part 1

Welker Farms

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    Exciting times here at the farm! Not often we see new bins being erected! Enjoy!
    Thanks to AGI for supplying us with two 25,000 bushel Westeel bins! Check them out here!
    Need grain storage? Give That Guys Fab Shop a call! Check them out here!
    To save $100-Join today with promo code: WELKER100
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    1. shop shop

      I realize what the logic is behind buying these, but if it all works out how long is the pay back, when will your investment start making money for you, along with the freedom they give you? Did you figure out how many nuts and bolts each bin requires? Guess the right number, win a prize!

      1. Sisterchick

        @Tuddley oh that was so cool!

      2. Sons R A Lars Too

        @Philip Harper ... They buy New shtuff every few years , I can't believe a Combine stays w them for over five seasons... yeah , I know they're spendy

      3. Sons R A Lars Too

        @Welker Farms ... So it's almost like money in the bank 😉😂... Dang !!!

      4. Colby's Parents Had A Real Good Marriage

        Starts paying itself off instantly.... No more co-op storage, able to hold crop than sell when prices rise, a great investment, if one was to store with co-op for 2-3month a year... pays itself off in 3years easily

      5. kloppanator

        Smarter Every Day did an episode entirely dedicated to grain bins, how they're built, why they're crucial to farmers, and the economics behind them.

    2. 40ozheineken

      Need to read instructions? Don't have masonry bits? I bet those things are leaking already.

    3. watahyahknow

      bet it would sound great when you record a drumkit inside one of these empty bins , makes the drums sound huge

    4. Ian Clegg

      lil fox found ground real hard too. bless him trying dig his way out of trouble - kinda like when i make a dumb comment on here :-)

    5. Ian Clegg

      3 miles? i cant see nothing near you in thirty miles! come to eng(no)land, you'll see london, scotland and out to sea - all you need to do is spin around when you jump.

    6. Alan Webster

      To much talking not enough doing.

    7. Robert Echols

      what was that growing where the fox was??

    8. Robert Echols

      nice Jake!!! sounded good!!!

    9. John

      first time I ever saw this being done, thank you I know

    10. S. Ashcraft

      I feel educated on raising grainbins. Fun vlog.

    11. manuel gonzalez

      buddy:tell you what, elon musk will be glad to put some of those in orbit .......full of grain.......;)

    12. Big Tex Cali

      Really awesome, thank you to you and your family. cant wait for harvest time

      1. Welker Farms

        Our pleasure!

    13. Mike H

      Oh, don't be scared. Grow a pair!

    14. Andrew Johnson

      Leg arms missed his calling the way he describes things.he ahould be a teacher

    15. polarisman09

      Never Forget your Grain Bin Saftey. In a few Minutes a Funneral is going to start for a friend that his rope broke and died at the bottom of his 60,000 bin of Corn He had his harness on.

    16. John Sebar

      Was there going to be a stair way to the top??

    17. KENtucky Proud

      Bin Comment Part 1

    18. Terel Hutto

      Dude, how many horses does that place have? That is a lot of road-apples to mace all those streaks in the field! Could any cow-pies be involved to make that much volume?

    19. Randolph Butler

      Very interesting to see this go up. 😷👍

    20. Daniel Johnston

      Comepucky... that’s the Montana name for sticky gunk that seals out

    21. super pickle

      GIANT?? We have some that are 2 million bushel capacity 156' x 29 ring

    22. Bxnter Lol

      There like huge LEGO sets. But for farmers

    23. Bodi Lear

      I’m fs19 they already have the bins lol

    24. Titanium Mechanism

      Thank you for uploading in 1440p! KGups compression really screwed 1080p up, it doesn't look like it used too. 1440p makes up for that very well!

    25. curtis anderson

      And now you have it recorded

    26. Josiah Matson

      hydro pack or hydraulic power pack

    27. Radial Orbits

      Birds can nest on the vent mesh and drop droppings inside the bin. Mesh should be angled backwards

    28. Sons R A Lars Too

      How Can A Farmer Possibly Afford these Bins 🤣 🧐 and a New Green Tractor ... AND a new GMC and etc ... I am surprised a single guy can throw the panels around

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    36. Lonnie Eichele

      Great video. I'm curious about horse feedlot. I'm wondering where horses are sent for processing as I don't believe they can be slaughtered in the US.

      1. Welker Farms

        They go to Canada as French love horse meat.

    37. Ben Newton

      Legarms: I know you guys are thinking that but there’s no way no way I can lift that up Veiwers: yes you can LOL good thing you got more bins for storage also hi guys.

    38. Jonathan Barron

      Next bin u put up call agri systems in Macon, Missouri they have by far the best prices and travel anywhere

    39. noah shrimp

      Fire leg arms again.. temporarily of course

    40. Tom Preiss

      Instead of auggers and grain legs they have started using giant vacuum setups. Have y'all seen that tip yet??? Suppose to be less moving parts less matinees.

    41. Tom Preiss

      It's similar to plummers puddy.

    42. Phil Rusciano

      talk less and show bins being built how about??

      1. Welker Farms

        You would not believe how many have requested the exact opposite. Trying to find middle ground to please all is no easy task!

    43. christopher lind

      Love the video keep up with the great work

    44. DSB 2134

      I thought you said we could watch the video, with al the interruptions it’s not worth my time watching, sorry.

    45. WarAdmiral 79

      it's about time for more acres to farm??? yes??

    46. Andy Williams

      I live in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND ,on the East Coast of CANADA. My Cousin sell Grain Tanks. I worked with him when all over the Maritimes. We put some BIG ONE 10 RINGS. IT WAS fun to put them up. Good Luck with yours!!

    47. Kris Bower

      Awesome guys, congrats!!!

    48. Brendan Frazine

      21:43 he likes you

    49. JD Jones

      Nice video, but way too many commercials! Timed them, commercial every 3 minutes!


      Hey leg arms you think the horse muner stinks I grew up near a mushroom plant and when there compost pile caught on fire in which they used horse muner now that is a whacked out smell

    51. Gene Pollard

      If anyone asks about tne new hole in the building, just tell them it's for your new pet fox! Love your video's and thanks again for them. 👍👌🍺🚜❤

    52. Joseph Languemi


    53. Greg Bromley

      Nick!! Scott did a thing. With the thing. Seriously guys, I've been looking forward to seeing those bins go up for what seems like a really long time. Glad to see that project coming together.

    54. D S

      Just so you guys you one of one is going nuts with the new shoes on tik tok glad i listen to iowa am radio

    55. Non Typical

      By any chance do some of chick peas go to Goya foods? I'm not really into them nor beans, but just dropped $50 worth of Goya beans at the food! 🇺🇲👍🏻

    56. Luke Augustus

      I think we've all put a hole in our barn lol

    57. Dean Reinke

      Put a door where the hole is!

    58. Dean Reinke

      Butyl tape!

    59. James Uehling

      Just saw leg arms in my home town wish I knew you were going to be in clarion . I won’t tell why you were there

    60. Randy Towery

      LegArms the problem is they will still move there! Then sue u because it smells just like they did with Smithfield! Thanks to all the law suites and the stupid judges Smithfield is now owned by China!

    61. Zevion O

      Thought you guys might be interested in this - worlds largest wheat yield - Canterbury NZ - 17 tonnes per hectare -

    62. Maine Man

      I miss driving a dump truck and operating heavy equipment.

    63. Rockport1911

      17:35 I always wondered if these axles sticking out would hit something someday, can these be taken off?

    64. Redhawkfarmsllc

      Sealant is called “ butyl” it’s an insane weather proofing material that allows expansion n contraction however maintain a water tight seal. It’s sticky stuff for sure. Awesome video guys 👌

      1. blake dismuke

        Redhawkfarmsllc looked like plumbers putty

    65. Tineke Goedvolk Vleggeert

      A lot of taling!

    66. Gary Trippel

      What do you use for a weather app?

    67. stumpy2816

      Good job Leg Arms. Awesome site out on the plains.

    68. wavvytoby

      haha when leg arms was like lets have a look at those vents shows up the grain bin instead

    69. L h

      Don't touch the young fox , if they are being touched the mother won't feed him anymore ...!

    70. rem32001

      Nice to see the kind of behind the scenes of the farm. Waiting on the Lake house videos Nick...... Scott we all make mistakes, I'm sure you patched that building in a few min. No video???

    71. Adrian Hutchin

      Great video, in th euk we dont have that many grain bins so seeing how they are built is great, good work and keep it up !

    72. 6.7Cummins_TRUMP2020 Upchurch_AllDay_Long

      Now its time for legarms to sing in the new gain bins. I would love to see that

    73. Dan Rose

      It's called tacky tape. It's also used on metal roofs.

    74. Dan Finley

      It is so amazing how those go up thanks for taking us along for another beautiful video and bless you guys out there

    75. James Forman

      What about the Dougal effect of mixing corn and beans into one bin at the push of one switch I

    76. Brent Fettkether

      Worked on a bin crew (Iowa) a few summers ago. The hydraulic jacks were standard on our crew. Very rewarding when bin is finished and always able to drive past and say you helped construct that.

    77. Luke Staunch

      I guess you guys are really raising the roof

    78. Randy Ruppel

      Did you guys convert that IH to a dump truck or buy it that way? See the sleeper cutout filler

      1. Randy Ruppel

        @Robert Welker Okay, thank you for the reply!

      2. Robert Welker

        Was that way

    79. Rob Hardwick

      You keep the fox?

      1. Robert Welker

        No it is growing up to do its God given job........control mice

    80. Dave Smith

      Honey.... I have to go to the south forty.....Don't forget to pack a lunch..

    81. zachary arnold

      Never be afraid or ashamed to shed a tear for someone, someting you Love, who is dear to you, and that will be heart felt missed, dont be afraid to cry rivers of tears, it means you have a good heart, filled with empathy, Compassion, it hurts deep down, under the sternum area, that is where we get that puppy love feeling, and also that broken heart feeling, strange how we, me also, can get so close to a animal, our pet, horse,, dog, cat, rabbit, that they can touch our hearts and emotions the way they do, even causing us to risk our own lives to protect or save there lives when they get themselves in danger, and then there is 》《 God shed the greatest tears, seeing Jesus, abused, tortured, beaten, hung, speared, and Jesus was innocent, Father God knowing he had to allow all being done to Jesus, to be Done, or we had no Hope, even the Love of Jesus for each of us, Jesus could of backed out, called Angels for help, rescue, and just of ended humanity at that moment, and we would of never been, the shortest verse in the Bible, Jesus Wept,, He is prob doing much weeping today from the Fathers Right Hand, as He looks down on this mess we have created here on Earth,,, Tears can be a good thing, starting of the Healing Process. Atleast one will see and understand.

    82. David Honor

      We used to have wild foxes that would come right up on to the porch and let you pet them

    83. Glenn Gaul

      Leg-Arms needs to sing in the new bin

    84. Alden Darr

      Will we soon see these two bins on fs 19? Lol

      1. Robert Welker

        Someone will mod them

    85. 379insk

      Did you pay extra to get stiffeners? My neighbors have 25k Westeels but no stiffeners.

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes, some difference, spect to wind load

    86. David Breaux

      Y’all should do a live stream soon like when y’all Are harvesting or something

      1. David Breaux

        I will stay tuned to the channel

      2. Welker Farms

        Stay Tuned!!

      3. Robert Welker

        We will

    87. Moondyne .Joe

      Hi guys, just read something interesting that may benefit your crops. Scattering rock dust on crops could soak up billions of tons of CO2 A new study out of the University of Sheffield makes a case for a geoengineering technique known as enhanced rock weathering, which essentially involves supercharging soil’s ability to remove CO2 from the atmosphere by sprinkling it with rock dust. Read more Tony From Western Australia

    88. Sam Rugtiv

      Looking good sod busters

    89. Dioni Paredes

      😥 suport army the ee.uu (killed civilians in Afganistán, Irak, Siria) god bles in meni bodys for killed the army ee.uu, in the world. And the hell, killed army the ee.uu.

    90. Tony Mckeage

      Thanks Guys Great Vlog... good to see the bins going up Thanks Tony

      1. Welker Farms

        Glad you enjoyed it

    91. Morgan Adair

      I am not sure just what to say as I feel dyslexic when I try to explain what I am thinking... It takes a while to have the actual money to buy bins so that those savings can occur and by the time they do, you have grown so much in size that those bins are just making up for the times that you needed them and now these will just get you through and you could use two more... not sure why the cost of food is so low at the farm and so high at the store but am sure that would start a whole new controversy and thats not what we need. I see a definite need for more trucks with the upgraded trailers. Even some old fuel squeezing cab overs with some air conditioning would work like old JB Hunt sells thousands of. They get a half million miles on them and no one wants those miserable things that can't get out of their own path. I have been watching some of the trucking channels and it is ridiculous how bad the younger generation is at driving and they want more power, loud jake brakes and chrome... none of it will really make you money but I can see why a person hesitates to just buy a truck and try and get through a season with it. If it were off highway maybe as tires could go till they blow and doors and fenders are optional... please don't wear out brakes needlessly as going near the dump site you will need to stop as you get close. They would ask us to just use the trailer brakes as much as possible as the truck brakes are so expensive. We cringed and did as they asked till a truck would get wrecked. Sad times

    92. Gauloises Khaos

      Can someone help me with the following questions? 1. I hear a lot about bin related accidents, sometimes even leading up to death. How are these bins so dangerous? 2. Do these bins just store or also dry crops? Or is there a difference between storage and dryer bins? 3. How do you load/unload these bins? I assume loading is done from the top down, but how do you remove crops? All I've seen is the door. Thanks in advance.

      1. Robert Welker

        Deaths have occurred by entering the bins with overhanging columns of grain. They can collapse and suffocate the person. These have aeration floors which cool and dry the grain. Both have unloading augers under the dry floor

    93. Levi Hofer

      Very nice and interesting to see and watch

      1. Levi Hofer

        @Welker Farms welcome, and have a great combine season

      2. Welker Farms

        Thank you very much!

    94. Unoptimized

      Where do you get your gunpowder for the canon

      1. Robert Welker

        It's mussel loading black power sold at sporting goods store


      Scott and Nick I think that you will love those Westeal bins. We have 2, wish that we had more. Our Westeals are 10k, I really love their doors, no tools need to close or open them. No air leaks. When you run your fans, I would recommend that you open the lid 2 to 4 links of the chain. If you do not open the lid to let the heat & moisture out above the vents, it runs down the side wall. Enjoy your Westeals! I know that I do. Hello from north east Montana. Opheim.

      1. Welker Farms

        Hey thanks for the advice and may you have a huge crop this year!

    96. thomas maloney

      hay lied!! you didn't show the vents bbllllllaaaa!!!!!!! lol...... love y'all though liked it!!

    97. J superman

      Job well done

    98. B C

      6:02 Sure you could. You're just going to need an elaborate block & tackle system. Good luck!

    99. Shane Gillespie

      I accidentally bump a tiny half dollar size hole in the side of my brother-in-laws building while grading. I got a little too close and then the dirt caved allowing the box blade to do the hokey pokey. He wasn't happy but he got over it, especially since I was doing the work for free. : )

    100. cableandchain !!!!!

      i built grain bins here in texas late 80s we had camper hand crank jacks lol