Ripping Through Acres & Grain Bags...Oops!

Welker Farms

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    We've been asked a number of times why we are bagging grain when we just built new storage. Answer is that new storage isn't even enough to hold this year's crop. Last year we had 50,000 bushels on the ground and another 50,000 in our equipment cold storage. This year we have 75,000 bushels in new grain bins which means another 30,000 - 50,000 needs to go somewhere. This is why we are working with Loftness to make more storage.
    Welker Farms has been short on grain storage for a number of years now but 2020 is the year we fix that!
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    1. Welker Farms

      We've been asked a number of times why we are bagging grain when we just built new storage. Answer is that new storage isn't even enough to hold this year's crop. Last year we had 50,000 bushels on the ground and another 50,000 in our equipment cold storage. This year we have 75,000 bushels in new grain bins which means another 30,000 - 50,000 needs to go somewhere. This is why we are working with Loftness to make more storage. Welker Farms has been short on grain storage for a number of years now but 2020 is the year we fix that!

      1. Alex Mikhael

        hey... Does LOFTYNESS err LOFTNESS offer an attachment on the BAGGERS to run a SHOPVAC (type vaccume) OFF THE PTO DRIVE ....make it an option to attach on EITHER THE BAGGER OR THE DEBAGGER machine?????????????? if they do NOT... I SURE COULD USE sume INVENTERS IDEA MAN SLUSH FUND $$$$ if it's an idea they implement and it is a HIT!!! and EVERYONE WANTS ONE!!!! ???? !!! :)

      2. Frenchie French

        That answers my question. thank you. What are you going to do with the empty bags?

      3. Sander de vries


      4. Alex Mikhael

        @Daniel Johnston that's what I thought the 1 of the proceedyre for ''fixing a split'' was... something like: ''seal it as an ''end'' and start another tube with what's left....'' but.... if it's system is ''ONE BAG AT A TIME START TO FUNISH'' and not just ''a big bunch of bag material you can adjust your sizes with'' .....did that make sense??? prolly only in my head....

      5. Daniel Johnston

        Just a thought, but maybe just splitting that ripped bag and vacing some out to reseal it might work much better in the long run.

    2. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    3. Gray j

      thank you for keeping us fed during the worst of times. We as Americans appreciate our farmers. We will fight for your success.

    4. Its Dusty

      I remember the first time I was filling the truck with the new quad and cart....finally getting caught up on your videos

    5. The New Relax Zen Music Video Channel

      Love your work!

    6. Denis Hayward

      How do you empty those bags? Maybe an explanatory video would help...

    7. Ruben Kelevra

      12:26 do you guys know stone burriers? Those are pretty great to get rid of most of the weed including the seeds since they will mostly be burried too deep to come back. So the next plant can use the nutrients stored in those seeds. 😙🎶 You can also run through the areas where you pick up all those stones to get rid of them :)

    8. Can't B you

      You guys could really use a rock rake, used ours for 2 yrs. and it's been parked for 5.

    9. Makayla Burlingame

      F Things have sure changed We were required to work on farms starting at age 8 Most of what we did was by hand. You would come home with cuts from rhubarb knives stung from one end to the other. Hands and arms full of thorns fingers smash by conveyers etc. my brothers looked like prize fighters by age 13. These guys look like old college boys home on spring vacation. Although in there defense we didn’t get near as much done and did put in as many hours Luca

    10. thr8061

      Does that grain cart have a unloading auger camera? If not, they should ... kinda like the camera they have on SP Forage Harvester spouts

    11. the pizza devil


    12. cntsles fabrication

      I think you put so much weight in the cart it pushed the back end of the bagger into the ground causing it to rip. But that's my opinion

    13. bill slayton

      When you are talking you kinda sound like Mike Rowe on that show Dirty Jobs.

    14. On The Edge with Reg

      My experience with bagging you had to much brake pressure or soft ground changes your settings it bunches back under the rope and rips on the deflectors thumbs up keep on rolling

    15. Cool dude Walcker

      Just curious what is the tank on the side of the grain cart for?

    16. DAD OF TWO

      i bet you get 36 per

    17. richardj ellis

      🚜🚜🚜my dad has a 60's Fordson Dexta. He'd LOVE to be using it on your bagger. He absolutely loves hay time. He waits all year to spend hours 'scaling', then putting the old International baler on. Takes a while, but that's all the better for him 🚜♥️🚜♥️🚜. Rich (UK)🥰🥰🥰

    18. richardj ellis

      🤣🤣🤣 ANOTHER ISOLATION SWITCH NEEDED 🤣🤣🤣. May as well just BUY A BOX OF THEM🙄.😂. Rich (UK).

    19. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. Question 🤔... Will it not, in time, ruin the clutch on the tractor when you're releasing it at 1800rpm to move forward whilst emptying the trailer.? Surely it can't be great for it. You would have thought by now that they could have 2 different rpm's running at the same time. It would be good for muck spreading, amongst other things. Love ya's orl. Rich (UK). 🥰

    20. richardj ellis

      When I was about 3yrs old, my grandad got his tie caught up on a pto shaft😭. He was dressed up cos he'd been to the bank, but, on his return, found my dad and uncle struggling with the shaft on a notorious muck spreader. NOTE... This was around 1976. Long before HEALTH AND SAFETY was invented 🤔🤣. He went in to help, obviously forgetting about the smart shirt and tie, and it somehow got attached to the shaft, at the universal joint, and it pulled him down that hard that he spent 12wks in hospital and another few months at home, in bed, with a fractured and open skull(🧠🤮) Luckily, the tie undid itself and wrapped itself around the shaft, leaving my pop's in the yard, with his skull split in two places, where the chunk in the middle came out and landed in his shirt top pocket (which HE thought was hilarious, afterwards that is🙄), leaving his brain actually showing, and blood everywhere. Luckily, my dad and 2 of the 4 brothers were there to get him to A&E. PTO's are dangerous. But, he always told that story to us kids(who were about 10yrs old and horrified🥺), with the chunk as his 'punch line'. Odd sense of humour my pop's🤔. The 'actual' funny thing, was that he was gutted that he had to go and buy a new shirt and tie(farmers, eh.!)🙄🤣. Keep warning folks of the dangers on the farm. Some farmers just need reminding once in a while 🤠. Keep the vids coming. Love it♥️.!!!. Rich (UK). 🥰🥰

    21. John Putney

      Thank you Welker's for sharing a part of what you do for a living and your love for the Lord (one of the main reasons I like to watch)!

    22. John Davidson

      Your hydraulic hoses are laying across the PTO shaft. I am not sure if that stops the shield from turning but how hard would be to raise the hoses.

    23. Mitch Johnson

      Where’d you get the cowfartt t shirt

    24. slo motion

      The cart will hit the combine first,and the end of the auger you adjusted, especially folded in, quit wear and tear on the auger and just leave it open😁

    25. Chaun McGuire

      Oughta get some solar battery chargers/maintainers for the tractors that sit outside all the time.

    26. Ron S

      Does anyone else hate those little red heart replies????

      1. Welker Farms

        I sure do!

    27. Ron S

      Check out Mark Brock video on planting canola. His first time planting it and he loves it. Big yields...His top dry bin is also impressive..

    28. Jesse Stoltzfus

      I thought you had lsw’s on both combines?

    29. Barbara Stedillie

      Don’t the grain bags compact the field underneath it? How does that work?

    30. Marion Patterson

      Thought of you and your bag adventures

    31. Trent Badon

      Careful now, you're spilling..

    32. Iceman Iceman

      You guys should definitely plant some canola

    33. iBelieve


    34. Koby Grimsrud

      Hey nick and leg arms I am going to see u guys on your farm sometime and help u guys

    35. Pete Page

      Boy I'll tell you what... Michael Bay ain't got nothing on you! Your cinematography, editing, and sound is Hollywood quality. Yes. I said cinematography not videography... I don't know what all you tweaked (if any) in editing in your "sunset drone sequence" but it's better than Bay's Transformers/Armageddon/ Pearl Harbor/ect/ect/ect... GREAT JOB!!!

    36. Bill Bloggs

      Modiservices do an excellent job on the editing. Just want to acknowledge the time and effort to respond to most ALL the questions contained in the comments - Subscribers are very well served. Thanks.

    37. Stephen M

      Pull the bag from the inside folds so it doesnt rip.

    38. steve shoemaker

      That some good news for yu'all more grain.....How do you get the grain out of the bags when it comes time ??? Thanks you very much...!

    39. Dylan Campbell

      Being as y'all don't bale straw from your wheat. Why not make the switch to a Shelborne or other manufacturers stripper head to keep from breaking header parts close to the ground?

    40. Sid Lad


    41. Ben Pattinson

      Canola (OSR in the UK) is an excellent break crop for many reasons. An advantage for you guys (I think) would be that it would / could help your weed control significantly. Then you get a cracking wheat crop after canola.

    42. Lachlan Kunoth

      If you struggle to grow wheat with what rain you get id stay away from something like canola.

    43. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Idea for the bagger; put a monitor in the Deere & a couple GoPros on the bagger on those corners to "keep watch" on the sides.......

    44. Gage Kauzlarich

      That really turns a man on 😂😂😂

    45. Tod Pinkerton

      Are you guys buying that track tractor and grain cart

    46. noah tasker

      If you put some thick tape either side of the rip, it stops it continuing to rip down the bag

    47. CurrentChoices

    48. Colin Brown

      That Quad-Trac and the grain cart is a massive unit, wow. And the unload volume/speed, my goodness. It would be cool to see the acceleration with a full cart from a stop unedited or sped up with a camera on the speed and engine rpm.

    49. Wiserguy

      Put roundup ready canola in your rotation and get rid of those weeds.

    50. Jim Morton

      I think that bag was a bad idea

    51. iTz GwN Thomas

      Hey Guy's , how Many acres do you combine? Great work!

    52. Bob Paterson

      Great video 💪💪 really nice seein Bob stop the combine at the busiest time of the year to pick up Top Dog 👍👍

    53. John Brett

      How much is a Bishel

    54. TheEpicDragonCat

      Canola is great! It also looks really pretty when it flowers!

    55. Peter Lee

      How can prices be low this year..? Drought dropout of crops , Chinese losses and general weather grief that cuts back harvest should assure prices rise...huh..?

    56. W Lewis

      I wonder if canola can act like a subsoiler? The tap root that is? Never grew it and its not in my area.


      GROW CANOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. Diana Jean

      Iowa is responding to you !! Please look at this page on Facebook ! Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page.

    59. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Dad is still getting it done !

    60. andban92

      Gotta appreciate Walkers putting some extra effort for recording in 1440p. Now,this feels like 2020 to me.

    61. Évo Lution

      so years after years you rent the combien for harvest ? and grain storage dont tell you hold storage is full ? i dont see in your new videos harvest 2020 you dont put nothing in your hold storage so we just have your news storage full so solution put in your hold storage and we are good no ??

      1. Évo Lution

        @Robert Welker hello yes i know thats but is the case IH track tracteur with grain car in the back is less or own tractor cause last years we have same but is not the same grain car

      2. Robert Welker

        No, we own the combines. They have stretch marks to guage the fullness

    62. Sidney Lutz

      Why is that canola not swathed yet

    63. Sidney Lutz

      Our 9120 almost burnt itself to the ground from a failed elevator belt. Pretty scary stuff when it gets dry

    64. Amanda Kennedy

      we farm a lot of canola up here in Saskatchewan Canada and the yields are amazing and the price per bushel is around 12-15 dollars per and we normally see 50-60 bushel crop yields but the input costs are high like the cost of seed and we often are spraying fields 3 times to keep weed pressure down. That said its still worth we call it black gold!!!! Great rotational crop for cereals try it you will get hooked on the black gold.

    65. Nathan Wright

      220,000 lbs? That’s like 4000 bushels

      1. Welker Farms

        Yeah I meant to say total weight of grain, cart, and tractor! Went through my mind right but not out my mouth, oops.

    66. S Powers

      Check out the bigtractorpower channel today. He just uploaded the video of the Big Bud 747 in Clarion Iowa getting its new tires and driving around the town. The Welkers can be seen in the video.

    67. Jerry Samples

      Love the videos guys keep them rolling. BTW your 747 tire video is on big tractor power channel.

    68. Somers Farm

      Ive always been a believer in closing the auger on the graincart everytime. I know you lose a little grain by doing that, but that beats the wear and tear it will take running up and down the field, or worse, it gets clipped on something, like a utility pole or tree,lol. I also close the unload auger on the combine every time as well. I know some guys leave them out, and I use to leave mine out as well some, but I feel its safer to just shut it.

    69. Nick Faust


    70. gary roper

      Toughest work especially when you have to eat that dust, oh that’s right you have air conditioning!

    71. zacneli

      Has the dog ever caught a rabbit?

      1. Robert Welker

        Not these jack rabbits

    72. Jim Newell

      How do you empty the grain bag? I can understand the need for temporary storage, but a grain bag?

      1. Robert Welker

        With a special unloader

    73. Anderson 204

      What is that cart worth when full?

      1. Robert Welker

        At $5 wheat $10,000

    74. Tom Faessler

      Tony my start mimicking you too. You guys are very entertaining. Especially like your dad. He molded you boys and the farm to what it is today.

      1. Robert Welker

        Maybe he just molded 😅

    75. fowletm1992

      Grain bags are definitely a love hate relationship One minute your marvelling at 100s of thousands of bushels of cheap storage laying in your feild The next its all the profanities as it splits or jams or the old crap tractor everyone uses on the bagged gives up All the fun At least your going into your winter Theres plenty of stoies of bags sitting in the Aussie sun and splitting the full length from over heating and a small hole tears the full way Hate useing them but love them at the same time

    76. Eric Risch

      Remember when this wasn’t a sponsor based channel and they used to live stream every day and night.

    77. Ronald Schmidt

      Enjoyed today's program. Love the rabbit chasing dog !

    78. Bob H

      Nick...How many acres in total does Welker farm & harvest each year? Just curious. Thx

      1. Robert Welker


    79. Alan Stant

      Everybody has their way of doing things guys, you have to do what you have to do. Its understandable to me guys. Its sad but it all comes down to storage and having a place to store everything.

    80. KD

      His neighbors watching 👁👄👁 21:59

    81. wbball15

      Quads are awesome

    82. Justin Dionne

      How often do you have blow dust out of the combines? Don't flame I was a dairy farmer no cash crop

      1. Robert Welker

        We blow at least every other day

    83. Farmnorway

      That will burn a clutch early on, idont know about case, but ferguson can run clutch on the brake pedal

    84. Lyle Fjeldstrom

      Mustard makes a good crop to grow

    85. Teddy Crenshaw

      How long does it take to fill the hopper on the combine with wheat. I assume it would be longer than it does for peas beings the size of the crop

      1. Teddy Crenshaw

        @Robert Welker wow. Faster than I thought

      2. Robert Welker

        Depends on yield. 20 to 30 min

    86. Steve Davis

      Your drone footage is beyond awesome my friend!!! Continued good luck with the 2020 crop and yall be safe! South Mississippi is waving at yall!!

    87. Jake Peters

      We had a loftness bagger for a few years and we always kept the hopper full no problem. Good luck on the rest of your harvest!!💪 God bless! Coming from southwest Saskatchewan

    88. Braden Miller

      Are the cross augers not spinning ( in the header) at 2:24 or is it just a shutter speed trick?

      1. Robert Welker

        We disconnected them while cutting wheat

    89. Zeus Macafee

      Would not I’ll yield better because if the less moisture lost?

      1. Robert Welker

        Just need more water from the skies

    90. Steven Mccullough

      Nick, life is great . . . and even better when you share the best parts with others. Welker Farms videos are the best way to travel. Thanks for the fun, thanks for your time.

    91. Dioni Paredes


    92. Ryan Rookstool

      All the good cart operators fold every time that’s a lot of weight to be bouncing

    93. P Seggons

      Tubing and filling semi is an art that needs a little more practice..... ! saw that slight over fill, did not look like much though Nic. Bad luck with the bagger.

    94. Paul Muir

      yes to osr crop osr is canola is au and uk

    95. Chris Cass

      You should try a little test crop of canola

    96. Mark Walker

      With yours and your neighbours fields together like that how do you know where yours ends and theirs starts

      1. Robert Welker

        If you don't have a angry pickup headed to you 😅. Finally know the edges after 50 years 👍

    97. David Weeldreyer

      Heads up, Big Bud 747 is heading home. Went through Sturgis, SD yesterday at about 5:30pm

      1. Robert Welker

        We were there last week when they loaded the 747 on the trailer. Was at the cancelled farm show at Boone Iowa.

    98. Davin Crook

      Is it correct that you don’t need class 9 combines due to the lower yields you face? No need for the HP?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes. 9's need heavier crops to justify the HP

    99. Aron Timmerman

      6:04 thats one epic shot, guys i really love your work, wish i could be an American farmer!!

    100. Kurt Schreiber