Lake House Renovation Part 4| Kitchen Makeover with COPPER?

Welker Farms

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    From dark brown and green to bright white, the kitchen has definitely transformed. Kathleen made the decision to keep the copper backslash and keep it the central theme. Now we just need counter tops installed and a new sink and it should be finished! But while we wrap that up it is time to demo the bathroom.
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    1. Blake Phegley

      What's cowfartt?

      1. Jan Dreier


      2. Dakota hills farm

        I can hear the geese LoL

      3. JGMS

        @Welker Farms man don't get me going ...ya So AOC says... if her and Bernie ever get there way you will all be back to the stone ages..its already happened for us here in canada...anything energy or animal/ agriculture related is a sin all of a sudden and we have to kill it all off no matter what the job loss #"s. The liberal gov will destroy you and your economy like its doing to here. now with our voting strength is diminished because of liberal immigration for last 15 years out of 10 provinces it only takes 2 Ontario and Quebec to decide the outcome of a vote and over 60% of that comes from one city alone Toronto... So when i here these comments that AOC has made and others that are liberal in YOUR side TAKE warning that when trumps the one and only guy keeping them away from you is gone your in trouble

      4. arnold shuckerrr

        Once one of my cows farted and I thought it was the World war 3.

      5. Blake Phegley

        @Paul Bass I've worked on 2 dairy farms lol I just wasnt sure about the shirt

    2. Michael Freehling

      Just now watched this video kitchen looks great, I believe I can smell Thanksgiving dinner

    3. Joanna Kowalewski

      You and your wife are adorable. I know this video is older, I just today found your channel, bit be careful how much copper you use. It looks really fake. I would add more matte black into it.

    4. Sharon Dumont

      You should really follow through when you can afford to with the flooring in foray and bedrooms and bathrooms 👍🏼

    5. Romeo Garcia

      You guys are awesome, great job!

    6. jay Flav

      you need to make all your light bulbs match the kitchen can light Daylight bulbs. they put out the whitest light with will change the way the paint looks and everything. brighten up every room.

    7. mfanwe Likeit

      I adore that backsplash!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!! It was original!

    8. Sandy Romero

      You need a copper sink and faucet. Have you looked into painting the counter and then sealing it with epoxy?

    9. T. Bunker

      I like the copper in the kithen.

    10. Michelle Rizzitano

      Just found your channel through Cole the Cornstar. Love watching the renovation. You’re doing a great job with it and creating so many wonderful family memories.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you! We truly hope it lasts the test of time and stays in thr family for many generations!

    11. Einer Schnudfuddy

      Go Cats!! And being from Butte, I'm partial to copper. Glad you are keeping it.

    12. Jan Dreier

      So nice to see that somebody still uses the same old - dark blue - Ryobi drill that also lives in my tool box... :)

    13. Bob Hickling

      Love what you’ve done so far!!

    14. Harvey Maclauchlan

      U have a very beautiful wife b kind to her

      1. Welker Farms

        She is a precious jewel

    15. Roger Goodrich

      I kind of like the break from the farm and a lake house addition

    16. Ticdaniel

      You Nick! You propably already know it.. but damn your wife is a beauty 👌 congrats 😀😀👍👍 love the videos btw, //sweden

    17. HU1212ICAN3

      Need to angle the camera up when you wear it lol

    18. Papaburf

      Nick - you guys are doing an awesome job! Way to save money in all the right places. Helped my son completely renovate his 1st house - down to the studs, moved plumbing to change bathrooms, rewired most of it, etc, etc.. He save a ton of money and has instant equity just like you will have. Love all your content and love to see all the family working together! God Bless.

    19. Joe Waun

      When it comes to painting things like screws when they are in something I normally spray some paint into a small plastic cup or the spray paint lid. And use a toothpick to dab the paint into and onto whatever

    20. Chris Darting

      Why are the kids always throwing up when you first get there??? lol?

    21. Chris Darting

      I like how the recessed LED lights fade off.

    22. ViluPilu

      Maybe this is too late to be read but anyway. In my use those "natural" metal paints can get really close to real metals colours when you buff them. You need to be careful with the buffing sinse the paint is so thin.

    23. Kyle Gilbertson

      The kitchen looks good.

    24. thr8061

      Wife: "Working with a 2 y/o, a 1 y/o, and a newborn is alot of work . . ." She forgot the most tiring of kids - Nick!

    25. Ryan Hogan

      Loving the “carhartt” 😉 t-shirt

    26. Aram L.

      Good decision on keeping the copper, I like it!!

    27. Shaughn Carda

      Born and raised on family farm in Kalispell left 10 years ago for the Bakken my dad still farms its actually sad what has happened to the flathead I'd suggest in a serious security system to keep the thieves at bay grew up swimming on that lake one we will move if the economy comes back enjoy glad an actual montanan bought it

    28. Mason Haycock

      Did that first hinge turn into a chinese star at about the 8:05 mark....? LOL, I've done that so many times with bench grinders, etc. Yoink, there it goes....!

    29. debbie upchurch

      Could’ve put that cabinet in the laundry room, instead of the shop.

    30. Travis Tharp

      That beautiful John Deere wheel loader lol

    31. the pizza devil


    32. Jeff

      Doesn't matter what we think it matters what the miss's thinks.

    33. Oscar Roa

      Who’s John Deere toy tractor 🚜 above the doorway of your shop

    34. Doug W

      I just love the kitchen, I wasn't sure if I would but it's a hit. The wife was definitely loaded for bear or was it two crumb-snatchers?

    35. William Davis

      If you want one day you can usually order the hinges to match those knobs from a local door supplier in your area for next to nothing 2-4 bucks a piece, usually on the lower end if you buy a certain quantity. Really pops to have them match. If you painted the old ones. They’ll usually have a dark powder start to cover them from the use of them after awhile that bleeds on to the paint. Seen it in to many homes to count. You notice those things growing up in a huge family of builders. If you need trim try MDF instead of wood, a lot cheaper if your going to paint it. Your doing things really great from what I see. A cord of wood is right at 128 cubic feet by volume. Yet firewood avg. 80-105 usually since it can’t stack as tight as water or full cb.mass. But stacked 4 ft.highs 4 ft.wide x 8 ft.long, or 2ft wide by 4 ft high x16 ft long. We sissies in La. don’t like it very cold so we burn lots of oak. Man I have cut hundreds of cords in my life. My Uncle would order a whole 18 wheeler of oak trees for multiple families to come help cut and divide it up. Well that lasted about two days. Then they had enough and wouldn’t show up anymore. Well guess who split 20 plus cords alone.Just me and my uncle. I can’t cut do it anymore due to screws in back, but I’m damned glad. I don’t mind paying for it now.

    36. Ruthless Mom

      Love the copper and white. Good choice. Keep up the great work.

    37. pskton

      Wise choice to keep the copper.

    38. Douglas Palmer

      Loving the Copper.

    39. K D

      Hi, you are taking the tub back to the shop and set it up for summer, to cool off in 😎

    40. K D

      Hi Hollywood and wifee, lm probably a bit late, but try a white primer coat then the copper, it may lighten up a little

    41. D Smith

      Hard Work-Good Job

    42. Jason Swift

      change all the globes to LED, those old yellow tinge halogen globes are horrible.

    43. WestTexasFarmer

      I like that t shirt!! 👍

    44. Brooks Flickinger

      I got something from China once wrapped in a kid's homework paper.

    45. Maximilian Rockefeller

      Wallpaper - the scourge of humanity.

    46. Terry Mays

      Great job

    47. Dan Finley

      The demo is always the fun part

    48. Ford Fan

      Looking good

    49. Andy Williams

      Doing a GREAT GUYS & GIRLS..It will be beautiful and a GREAT place to hang- out with all your family!!!

    50. Tim Gurtner

      Looking Amazing!!!!

    51. Kodiak Wild

      ahhhhh, copper 😍😍

      1. Kodiak Wild

        whoah...that copper backsplash rocks....

    52. DibsRibs

      Im gonna say it and i do like the copper but if you do everything in copper its gonna be overkill. So accents should be red, in my opinion it matches copper amazingly!

    53. Colter Bolton

      Looks great

    54. Jayden Estelle

      Y’all are doing good love the channel

    55. Soybean Farmer

      The noises while taking the bathroom apart were GREAT! Good editing choice to leave the audio as you did. Loved the drone view. More later, right?

    56. David Hoppes

      We bought cabinet, drawer handles and hinges from amazon and the screws did not match as well.

    57. Rob Hakeman

      I want a cowfartt tshirt. You are doing a awesome job of a makeover. Just think of what your kids will think of what you do for them when they're grown up. I would put a journal in and every time you go there you can put down what you did. And have a guests book who ever stays sign and date. And a photo album of memories that you can look back over the years past. We you get to the outside version I would make sure you have a firepit where you can grill and have a fire. It's going to look amazing when you get done.

    58. David Hoppes

      You called it Big Mountain and not Whitefish Mountain. Love it. From Florida here and skied there one time years ago before the name change.

    59. Tyler Landen

      Use Epoxy appliance paint instead of high heat paint.

    60. Mark Snyder

      I like what you are doing. I think that you need to take the old cooktop out, strip the black paint off, and try a coat of copper paint!

    61. rem32001

      Looks Good! I need a lake house haha

    62. Will B

      Lake house really coming together and looking good. Like the copper. It is unique and works well here. Too many other people doing too much of the same thing.

    63. Aaron Lund

      The house is looking great!

    64. Horizon Fence

      Here comes the money pit aka bathroom 🚽

    65. Kris Bower

      I like what you do on Welker Farms! :)

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you Kris!!

    66. Robert Eicher

      Check out Stone Coat Counter Tops and check out the bathroom remodel

    67. Kevin Roberts

      Just a dumb question... why not copper plate the hinges and screws for the cabinets? shows a nice simple method.

    68. Terel Hutto

      So the old DeWalt sprayer is sputtering on you. Could just line the cabinet doors all up outside, and spray em with the Apache, Drive slow so as to not kick up too much dust.

      1. Robert Welker


    69. andy smith

      Save that glass from the bathroom window and make a decorative piece with it

      1. Robert Welker

        Did save 👍

    70. Beaver Vineyards

      I can’t wait for the ultimate farmer slumber party!!!!

      1. Robert Welker

        We'll have fun but leave the 'get plowed' in the field 👍😁

    71. Bobbob Bobbob

      You have lakes in Montana? Dont remember seei g any when i worked on the nukes? Lol

      1. Robert Welker

        We're you working north of Great Falls?

    72. Jason Brown

      When you do the basement you should put in a time capsule.

    73. Charles Kawski

      When de nailing trim always pull nails through the wood, channel locks.

    74. Kluck Fabrication

      Tell the wife copper tones are coming into style again. Not a fan but a glass top with a matching hood would look killer. Also a straight black high gloss countertop would look killer. Also under cabinet lighting would be great.

    75. Charles Kawski

      Kalispel, check out Stampede Packing, giant bacon.

      1. Robert Welker

        Just did. Will get some and celebrate for you !!

    76. MoveMekMiPaZz

      This is an awesome video ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🌚🌚🌚🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

    77. Jack Amelung

      See with the copper back splash and the under the counter lights,( maybe different colored other than white). I would experiment. I think it would be kind of beautiful at night using the under the cabinet lights. Soft accent for those late nights when the kids are not feeling well

      1. Welker Farms

        You are a genius, I'm going to look into doing this!

    78. John Cunt

      Your wife's name is Kathleen and she loves Tea? Must be some Irish blood in there somewhere! We are one of the biggest tea drinkers in the world. God bless from the Emerald Isle 💚

    79. Michael Stark

      What’s most important is making it look like YOU want, it is your house! And you are doing great, you are happy in your work and family endeavor.

    80. JD Man

      Hey welker farms I’ve always wondered if your shop is insulated and heated to make them winter projects more comfortable

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes it is insulated and Nat Gas heated. Going to be -20 tonight.

    81. Mommymilestones

      You can paint screw heads easily by pressing the tip into foam and a quick spray of paint over the heads.

    82. Steven Walls

      We need to know some info for some of us rentin the lake house like how much and how long or how short of a time it can be rented thanks and keep'um comein

      1. Robert Welker

        We'll keep all informed about those details. Thanks Steven!

    83. Anne O'Reilly

      When you do STR, short term rentals, it’s really helpful to have a lockable storage room. For housekeeping supplies and linens as well as personal belongings you don’t want to haul back n forth. The house looks fabulous! And you all work so hard!

    84. Patrick

      20:56 Did Hollywood say "How in the ****?" I'm pretty sure I said the same thing when I ripped out a cast iron tub on a remodel HAHAHA! Looking great though! I love the copper and white theme!

    85. Seth Atwood

      love you guys

    86. Laurence Mullikin

      you could have copper plated those hinges

    87. Gene Ruf

      Maybe you should paint the stove top exhaust fan copper to. Just saying. All I all , great job so far

    88. Double Y Design

      Most importantly - GO CATS! Nice hoody!

    89. Austin Lester12

      Home Depot and Lowe’s sells copper colored wood screws

    90. omegawolf81

      Lookin' good Welkers! Your kitchen is spot on I like the choice to go white with copper. Looks like you are making serious headway on the house so far, hopefully you make your deadlines and stay in budget. House reno's can chew you up quick. Were you having fun with the Mavic in the wind between the trees??? :-)

    91. stubby242

      Going to be AWESOME

    92. Charles Osberg

      I would give you a cord of wood, but I'm in Ohio lol. The only thing missing on the farm is an Oliver.👍👍

      1. Robert Welker

        How bout a Oliver combine? Possible a neighbor might let his go.

    93. Scott B

      Ok ok did I hear that right,a two-year,a one year old,and a new born... Guss you need to let that thing breath for a needs a little recovery time....!! But I love the kitchen

    94. Tom Sparks

      I really do like the kitchen transformation. Looks good and great accents. Bathrooms are my least favorite projects. Have fun!

      1. Tom Sparks

        We are doing well and enjoying southern Idaho. Especially when I see your weather this week. Really pleased for you folks putting together a great family lake get away place. Will be making memories for everyone, and especially those grand kids. I'll for sure keep an eye on your progress, and thanks for the reply. Tom

      2. Robert Welker

        Hey Tom! Should have called you to help!!!! How's the fam? Blessings.

    95. Koda's Restoration

      Loving the updates on the lake house!

    96. Cranky MotorSports

      Someday, I would love a little cabin out in the woods- somewhere I can hide away, shoot guns out in the woods, fish, and detox from people and cities

    97. Green thumb

      Let’s get back to farming.... yeah.... wait, gonna be a couple months... oh well.

      1. Robert Welker

        Hey Tim! It's coming soon. We'll start having more shop vids, then the start of field work.

    98. Powerstroke 444

      It makes me almost want to cry that Nick cant drink coffee ☕

    99. Randon Blanchard

      Farming on welker farms right now running the 8r on a 1600 chaser ban trying to keep up with to combines lol

    100. Terel Hutto

      at 5:09, those geese are doing more than just "going bananas". Just think of all that squatting, oops, I meant squakting, should remind you of the fun you had surfboarding in bird crap pond. (about 7 years ago).

      1. Robert Welker

        You remember 😜😁👍