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    1. Welker Farms

      Thanks for watching everyone! And thank you all for the superchat donations! Stay safe and God bless!

      1. Peter Lowden

        God Bless my friends

      2. Hayley Anderson

        trumps calling got to go

      3. Brayden Eaton

        Welker Farms Inc help mn melineal farmer with the Minneapolis moline

    2. Kristy Staats

      I try to watch all of the videos, you guys r great

    3. Melinda Kendall

      i sent you a letter

    4. Roger Goodrich

      Like this lake house renovation. Can’t wait to see the end result

    5. Todd Maxel

      Why not make it a 800hp Wagner? 🤔

    6. thr8061

      Covid-19: My local town (about 4 miles away) Fond du Lac WI had one of the 1st cases in the US. We currently have 48 cases and 2 deaths.

    7. thr8061

      Quarantine: I've been working from home for 19 years (since 9/11). I use to take sister grocery shopping trip every 2 weeks. Now I don't. My sister is a 3rd shift Team Leader at Walmart so she does some shopping whenever either family needs it.

    8. Thubard Sask

      Windy there too?

    9. Thubard Sask

      Hey nick

    10. FlashFMA

      I love your video’s

    11. curtis anderson

      Home quarantine nothing else to do😍😍

    12. Evan Gaming

      Love the thumbnail lol 😆

    13. Emery Mckinney

      I good

    14. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour.je vois que vous avez le materiel dehors, memes les moissoneuses. merci de m' en parler.

    15. Alan Stant

      Sorry I missed the live stream guys. I enjoy all the content and really don't have any questions that I can think of. Thanks for all the videos tho.

    16. Tyler

      Don’t do that cadamalina crap it don’t work out for us up here in Saskatchewan Canada we did about 250 of it

    17. Alison Murphy


    18. Danny Harris

      Other farmers were putting in extra tanks to take advantage of the low prices!

    19. Carolyn Galog

      I love your farming simulator game I play it but I think you should start with to combines and trucks


      :DDDD I love this farm :DDDDDDDDDDD

    21. Ticdaniel

      Nice video. Always fun to se from you guys 👍👍

    22. amos Girod

      Wen we gonna see the lake house again

    23. Carrie Korn

      Kate is the worst

    24. john martin

      Hi from Australia. One of your camera shots reverses the image we see. Any idea why? Not a big deal, just curious

    25. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour.j' avais oublier de vous demendez, si vous travailler en famille ;comme je vois que vous etes 3. je regarde beaucoud vos video.merci encore. congratulations.

    26. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour.je ne metrise pas l' anglais, je comprend que quelque mots.sauf quand,je peux le regler en francais. merci de m' avoir repondu avec votre video , de votre garage et atelier.congratulations.

    27. Bill Clark

      Great to see advancements

    28. Big G

      Watching nick in the first few seconds was funny

    29. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

      What an awesome tractor

    30. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

      That big bud is awesome series 3 is their best tractor for sure.

    31. Robert Tweed


    32. Morgan Adair

      I am beginning to realise how many people who are watching and wishing they were there, kinda like you each get a bag of seed to plant and the others on this side will sprinkle some fertiliser and then the cover the seed group and last but very important group will water. Young potential farmers who's only chance to feel what goes on would never of had you not sponsored a group of say autistic kids would share a small profit from their labor on a field and enjoy it to the minutes there. I can see surprise, soybeans coming up with corn and other things kids might do for fun. So many deaths will come of the virus and all could of been averted maybe by not letting so many in without testing better for something we never knew was even coming. A touchy one at best. I hope for the best for all of you, remembering back what a thrill it was to reach the hundred thousand people and you got the package from youtube with the arrow thing on it and at that moment it was upgrade the office which got done. An amazing talent working with public, not my strong suit. Wow, made spaghetti and toasted garlic bread while listening for you to say Where is the crazy coot from alaska.??? As much as I hope for a strong year in food products, its iffy as to that with the market going in circles. Right now people need to remain strong and remain positive. I do believe that it will be a minimum of three months, so granaries and other places may to forced to shutter their doors. I think your positivity will help center the public and make the long transition more barible hopefully. Praise the lord and watch out for the little ones, they need a strong daddy..... Hmmm, I remembered, no bin going up... thought it was a done deal

    33. Sean Breslin

      Stop preening...millennial farmer is going to ask you if you’re ok....l

    34. Mike Hartley

      rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254031130473 More awesome lawn art! And it’s not too far from you.

    35. Big Al

      Great to be on the wall! Thank you guys keep up the hard work and excellent videos!

    36. Matthew Conklin

      Millennial farmer is the best you suck

    37. Chris Gilbert

      With the money you make on KGup one would think you would get some video equipment!! Had to turn off the video . Bummed!!

    38. John Martin

      Rent a small excavator and do it yourself septic systems are pretty simple it’s all about the grading. Im sure you know how to dig some dirt 😜😜😜

    39. Kel Woodall

      Greetings from Mitchell Queensland Australia

    40. Kel Woodall

      Hi Guys

    41. J Bryant

      Looking for a welding job in Montana

    42. David Wright

      Electrical tape around your thumb for a few days will help it heal faster and less painfully , ! Don’t ask how I know ! .

    43. Brian Goodwin

      Hamilton Ontario

    44. flyingmerkel

      About cameras, I have the Hero 7 and I like it (You noticed I didn't say Love it) was wondering if that new camera your using is better in low light which is my pet peave with the GP

    45. Brad Dyer

      Hello welkers

    46. Carsten Andersen

      A question: why don’t you dig a small creek for the water, so you decides where the water should run? Here in Denmark we have lots of small creeks for the water to run in instead of pipeline. They are more than 100 years old, it was a time where we needed land to farming to feeding the population. So all wetlands was dried because of that.

      1. Carsten Andersen

        MT CelticHarper I am so sorry I totally misunderstand your video.. I didn’t heard you, that your farm was dryer than Arizona, I live in a country there we get 1000 mm rain each year and I have never seen so much water as in your farm. So it must been fake news as your president always talking about. So sorry I was misinformed, that I didn’t know you was living in a very very very dry land.

      2. MT CelticHarper

        There is NO water on Welker farms. No rivers, no streams, no water under the ground. The only water we get is from the sky, and that is less than ten inches a year. Shelby gets the same amount of rain as Arizona.

    47. Roboticus Prime RC

      I wouldn't mind some welding basics from Leg Arms.

    48. Ol 'Nam Grunt

      Nick where is the latest bandage, you seem to have a problem with tools lol

    49. Larry Ferguson

      We live in upstate New York I am constantly thinking about my wife. And daughter that work at the hospital in are town. And you are helping to get through this with your show I just wanted to say thank you.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks! Be well!

    50. Sam Rugtiv

      You guys are going to bs to much get back to real farming

      1. Welker Farms

        What is real farming? Isnt it just throw seed at the ground and instant crop? Please tell us more sensei!! 🤣

    51. runway heading

      Hey Nick, Your nose is crooked! Must have broken it on a piece of farm equipment

    52. Amanda McDonough

      Are you going to do something with the Wagner

    53. Carsten Andersen

      You need a dead-cat for your mic, thank you for sharing your live streaming. Be careful and safe. God bless you and your family.

    54. Farmer Klavs

      While u are streaming im actualy spreading fertilizer (Stabilized Ammoniu Nitrate)

    55. Bryson Lawrence

      hey ya'll

    56. Eger Viktor

      Guten Tag. 👍 👌 💪

    57. Ian Towers

      Can just see leg arms tryna ram the soiled shop rags down the toilet!!!😂😂😂

    58. Ohio Farmer

      $1.56 is a lot for a truck load, its $1.62 at the pump in northern ohio

    59. Mikeness 36

      Nick all you guys be safe

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks!! You too!


      Howdy from Oklahoma, I'm a 66 yr. old gamer and I'm currently using your farm map on Farm Sim 19. I like that map the best. I wish someone would make a Mod add on of a Lufkin oil pump jack. I'm almost sure that you might have some in one of your fields, in Okla. it's common to see some in the fields here. I just feel it would be a kool MOD. I'm glad I found you & your channel . May the force be with you, And God Bless.

    61. Gail Roon

      Can you make leg arm drink a quart of motor oil

    62. Gavin Dennis

      I like your farming videos and understand that you have sponsorship, it's getting a bit out of hand now guys. Video's from a year ago are better than now. My opinion.

    63. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. pourqoi,a vos bid - bud, vous ne mettez pas de cable en acier fixer a l' ariere de l' articuler,comme il y a aux steiger ih ,pour les tirer je pense, que cela serai mieux et plus sur pour l'articuler qui serai,planter dans la boue.merci.

      1. Robert Welker

        La plupart des tracteurs ne sont pas assez solides pour être tirés par l'avant, donc le câble. Les bourgeons sont différents

    64. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. je vous remercie de m' avoir reponduemais je n' ai pas compris, ce que vous disiez.merci quand meme.

    65. Crushing Vanessa3

      Of course I'd like to the the two Dodges and the 4300 restored. A lot of time and money.

    66. Patrick Nolan

      Paddy Nolan in IRELAND

    67. Jean Santos

      Hello my name and Jean. I'm from Brazil, didn't speak English. but I always watch your videos. one day I would like to work on this farm with you.

    68. Phill Gaming

      Get Nick hope your doing well because of the virus. Hope it clears out soon. See you in the next vid. God bless everyone

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks Phill! You too! And thanks for being a sub for 1 year!!

    69. Matthew Kadjar

      Can I be in your John Deere

    70. goodiezgrigis

      Modify the poop out of Wagner tractor, it will be unique and special.

    71. Uncle Doby

      Nozzle dip or anti-splatter spray

    72. Patrick Mannen

      Bob, I like your quiet humor. Adam's the Chairman. I don't think Nick caught that. Also it wasn't Parfect!!! Anyway you all are awesome, and really enjoy your videos!

      1. Adam Sherman

        Bob always sneaks in all those awesome dad jokes!

    73. Timothy Oliger

      Why did you make it to mutant mower out of

    74. BigFoot Bubba

      Hmmm what's the cost to put Hailie Deegan on the little red Dr. Seuss car?

    75. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Next time one of you guys hit your fingernails with a hammer, use a very small drill bit, heat up said drill bit & drill a hole through the nail; I have done this myself on multiple occasions.....

    76. J L

      Adam the farm legend that’s my kind of humor, well played sir well played

      1. Adam Sherman

        Figured i would tag the finest piece of machinery they had!!! Lol. Gotta get some new tires sent out so they can take it off road. Pull some Air drills or something this year. Lol

    77. Scruffy 61

      Enjoyed the live stream. I am glad to hear thing's are going good so far. Field work will start two days before the drills are ready lol. God Bless you all.

      1. Dorne Cunningham

        @Welker Farms when are you making another map for ps4 fs19

      2. Welker Farms

        Thanks!! Of course!!! You know how it goes!

    78. Barbara Stedillie

      I see you have your littluns ‘car’ in the shop...rebuilding the engine, changing oil, filter, rotating tires?!?!?

    79. TheMontanakat

      If you guys need to clean wheat my dad will do it I'm sure for free just tell me and I'll let him know

    80. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Adam is the "chairman" of Welker Farms. :P

    81. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Have you seen what DeBoss has done with a Cummins diesel out of a red combine?

    82. d hamby

      Wind sock is at the airport to indicate wind direction, I believe your referring to the dead mouse over the microphone.


      gone walkabout

    84. Ben Bauerle

      thankfully north Dakota is not on lockdown yet

    85. mikeabresch94

      Love the streams Mike from DWARF WORKS

    86. greg boram

      i love ur farm on xbox1

    87. All Good

      Missed it

    88. Edje Paulsen

      Missed it

    89. jimmy warner

      On the 600/50 do you think if you had dual tires like on the beast nine that you could float her on a lake like they did with big foot the monster truck back in the 80s?😉😂😂

    90. Mike Bliss

      I woch all time I from mn

    91. Mike Bliss

      Hay all

    92. MaryAnn Rose

      What's new? How many pounds per acre wheat seed do you plant?

      1. leebob86

        Generally you seed one bushel per acre. A bushel of wheat is 60 pounds.

    93. Travis Roth

      Hey Nick 👋

    94. Debbie L

      Its so quiet inside just a big baby budd

    95. Rex Johnson

      Try pledge furniture polish on your door weatherstripping it’s not oily

    96. jay west

      Follow WHO guidelines?!? The WHO was spending all their time telling us not to panic because it’s not bad then switched to, don’t blame China, not to call it Wuhan Virus.

    97. Tim H

      Autographed oil filters should be on the merch store.

    98. Bernhard Sorensen

      Good to see you guys

    99. Cedric Broussard

      You sound great!!

    100. steinwaymodelb

      When you get around to putting up a new farm building, you should do a collaboration with RR Buildings. Would make for some epic videos and a great building!

      1. Azarael Ballard

        I feel like they have mentioned they have spoken/are speaking to him but maybe that was just a dream haha

      2. august

        True dat !!