More Bins? Most Definitely!!

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    Originally only planned on two, now we have 3! Had an opportunity to pick up a third bin very similar to the first two and decided it was a good time to build the storage we desperately needed. And to make things interesting we are doing it during harvest 🤦‍♂️ 😂 😁. So far loving these Westeel Bins!
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    1. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    2. Saunis

      I see, you have some wild oats in your fields... (and your neighbor field also have them) Do you do anything against them or just leave them to be?

    3. UncleManuel

      Looks like it's bin a very productive week! ^_^

    4. the pizza devil


    5. offroaderdays

      Cool Comment

    6. iBelieve


    7. Stephen Vickery

      Why do the concrete lorries have so many wheels????

    8. Frankestein01nl

      Welker Farms, "Gettin' 'r Done since 1912"

    9. Zach Shannon

      Get it done Nick!! Even though its already happened.

    10. Ohio Farm Life

      Bins look good! To bad they don’t stay shiny forever!

      1. Welker Farms

        I know! It's such a shame!

    11. Mark Arnott

      Aah the smell of a crop harvest 🌾🌾🌾& Diesel ___🚜___🌾🌾🌾___________🦘____🌄 Australia cheers👍 1970s was 16 when i seen the 1st Big cabin Combine arrive at the Farm(station) i worked at did Horseback work droving also shearing shed and repairs The went to big city and 25yrs working as a spring maker O|/\/\/\/\/\/\|o |/\/\/\/\/| \o/ make anything by hand or machine i watched story about the Aussie farmer 10 yrs designing the weed seed grinder that fits on back farm machinery Now he's busy as $ usa had to set up a c/o to keep up with demand an old school friend farmer started the No Til Soil in horsham vic oz went toured world wide for awhile teaching And the Honey flow hive lad in QLD some good idea's that where invented👍

    12. Rick Newman

      So does anyone know what the woke leftist PPL rename their racist ice cream sandwich ? Formally known as Eskimo pie sandwich, crazy time's, actually insane time

    13. Peter Lee

      We bin very interested in your you bin...?

      1. Robert Welker

        Some "assembly" of normality 😅👍

    14. ClayDog

      Hope they do not cave in like we saw in other parts of the country....

    15. Wyatt Poling

      Around where I live we all have pits in our bins, why do you guys not use pits? Is it because of the grain vac?

      1. Robert Welker

        Drive over conveyer

    16. Ghost Slayer

      Hey Nick I grew up on a farm I loved working on it and I enjoy your videos to hope your harvest is great this year

    17. Mark McLeod

      Looks like more bins for sure

    18. NW Pioneer

      VOTE Steve Daines.

      1. Robert Welker


    19. Michael Thelen

      Hi Guys. Another great episode I really enjoyed. Keep going!

    20. Glenn Gaul

      Leg-Arms with the ice cream sandwich perfect!

    21. Orrin Kuntz Farming Videos

      Does leg arms have a patent for that light? We seriously could use a couple of them.

    22. Tobias Schilders

      Where is the magnum 8950?

      1. Robert Welker

        8940 was sold two years ago

    23. Mark Thomson

      Love the videos keep it up

    24. Storm Hunter

      What are the radio do you guys use

      1. Robert Welker

        Motorola cm200

    25. Captian Price

      We have four combines the first one skips 7 swaths and so on it works perfect

    26. Cheopis

      Just curious. We have seen a bunch of times that the outdoor storage area for equipment gets overrun with grass. There is shale available for replacing the topsoil under the storage yard. Why not move that topsoil to a garden or poor spot in a field and make the storage yard mostly free of weeds with shale?

      1. Robert Welker

        Most of the storage area is grass but we moved some equipment away from the bin construction area

    27. Furqan Gujjar


    28. DAN SLEDGE

      Thanks and best of luck with the harvest !

    29. Levi Hofer


    30. Harlan Payne

      Strange to see you cutting so late. Here in southern Illinois when the sun goes down the dew settles almost immediately and we go home. You get a lot more hours to cut in your area. Great video!

    31. Ronald Schmidt

      Notifications have Stopped coming from g-mail. All channels.

    32. 96lapiscoupe1

      Epic drone shots as always!

    33. Severin Heimbigner

      Good luck guys hopefully you don’t have any kick ups in the coming weeks, i live in the big sandy area and a lot of people’s equipment are going up in flames.

      1. Robert Welker

        Tough to see and experience

    34. James Rounding

      With all that storage you guys aren't going to know what to do with yourselves. Lol! I applied for a job designing grain bins once. I guess my experience with small round pipes didn't qualify me for a job making big stainless cylinders. I did do some sheet metal work, but in the end I just love designing small round bits of pipe I guess. Lol!

    35. Anthony Boley

      All of y’all are awesome great videos

    36. Alex Mikhael

      ya kno... have you ever seen CHAD doin chin ups in the barn rafters or wherever... nickname... kinda harsh tho just cus of what some may think... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. hanging chad... not by a rope you idiots!~!!

    37. bruce campbell

      Been there and done that. Cut till 3 am to beat the rain.

    38. zachary arnold

      There was a bad virus, or real bad Flu, years ago, that was deadly, spreading from china area, then suddenly, it was just Gone, went away, it just seemed to Disappear over night. Why ? How ? Well i now think, God took it away, at that time, so we could remember it Disappearing, years later, Now Today, and knowing if God did it back then, then God can, and might do it again today, and make this covid 19 just Vanish, just be gone, no more, Disappear like the one did,, What if the first one was made to Vanish, by God, so to give us Faith now, Faith today, so we all start asking, praying, that God makes also this covid 19 Vanish, Disappear. I know the scientist, doctors are still confused, cant understand, how that last one just Vanished. I cant remember which one it was, bird, swine, sars ? But i am certain it did just Disappear. What if a few, or a million people, asked God to make this covid 19 just Vanish, i believe God will make it go away, if we will pray, and be Thankful from a Sincere Heart.

    39. stumpy2816

      Good job Nick and Scott 👍👍

    40. Isaele Pontes De Oliveira Pontes De Oliveira

      Boa tarde companheiros da agricultura fala brasil

    41. Jay

      Please correct your title overlay to the correct spelling: "Heroes" :)

    42. MG LV

      Nice work now is 3 weeks i got +30c In Latvija and we harvesting like crazy

    43. carson wilson

      3:00 we do that with 5 combines there is a lot of math sometimes...combining is very confusing sometimes😂

    44. oldschool

      Get it done Nick

    45. Tim Griffin

      JCB cap 👍🇬🇧 nice one leg arms

    46. michael goodson

      What supplies power to the rolling bar which is being used to level the concrete?

      1. Robert Welker

        40 v battery

    47. Big dog 1 B

      Checkout Clarke farms guys it’s a awesome channel

    48. dallek Ext

    49. Larry

      Pull that ground wire off and increase your yield :)

    50. wbball15

      Nick, here's a pat on your Pampers.

    51. wbball15

      Didn't know you had mountains visible from Shelby. Awesome.

      1. Robert Welker

        25 miles away. Sweetness Hills. 7000 ft high

    52. Brendan Frazine

      1:34 I don’t like the color of your harvester . I like the millennial farmer’s harvesters better

    53. NDSportsman NDSportsman

      I think Legarms needs a vacation after that video. That boy works way too hard. Come on Nick start pulling your weight on the farm!

    54. 7mm

      The engine doesn’t suck up the fuel, fuel pump has to lift and pressurize fuel from tank.

      1. Lyn Wessel

        @Welker Farms I farm,but think you do a good job explaining to non farmers.They can always ask questions.

      2. Welker Farms

        Haha if only everyone realized this too Lyn. We have a broad audience so we need to make sure to explain items as well as we can.

      3. Lyn Wessel

        Pretty sure he knows that ,just keeping it simple for those who don't.

    55. Evan Wright

      Cab peas! The MFer would be proud Also don't worry about the combine, one the engine is running it won't have a problem drawing fuel in on its own. It won't hurt it

    56. Gary Kelley

      Pat on the back? Nick your getting spoiled with all the tech.

    57. John Loken

      Always good when harvest comes in.

    58. Samuel

      I love that Jake Brake woooo00OO!!!

    59. Guy CS

      Get er done Nick!!

    60. watahyahknow

      i know of some diesels dont need the pump and they just add one to prime faster , usually stuff that runs on biofuel they replace filters a lot

    61. Brian Gabriel

      Enjoyed your " concrete " episode. Did likewise when I was farming.

    62. Michael Clayton

      stop skiting! Things go wrong....... Be honest!!!!!!

    63. tractorboy31

      When that close couldnt you kick the unload auger on real quick so some goes into that so u dont spill

    64. Robert G.

      Man, I watch this and cannot feel for the farmers in NE, IA, IL and OH that received Billions in damages to their crops and a huge amount of Silos getting blown over. Cole the Corn Star and Ryan from How Farms Work got hit. Mother nature can be so brutal.

    65. John Wood

      Why can’t you unload peas while combining?

    66. Andy Berger

      OMG - I wanna see a video of you guys Golfing!!!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Check out last year's 4th of July video

    67. David Breaux

      Make a time lapse of all the bins being built

    68. Rotor

      Great vid. From central Saskatchewan Canada Everything looks very familiar, Were in middle of harvest as well

    69. Tom N

      Thks for the video - like the slo-mo shots

    70. Simeon Luke Witmer

      The injection pump is probably about worn out from having to do all the work. Might want to change it out before it explodes and ruins the rail, lines and injectors

    71. Griris Kamel

      like like like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 like and thanks men more more

      1. Robert Welker


    72. James eagleeye65

      Happens to best of us Nick 👍

    73. Timmy1721

      Did they bought a new auger? If yes in which video did they Show it?

      1. Robert Welker

        The one before

    74. Pari 2309

      Hi im italy, you can video of you tractor plsss???

      1. Pari 2309

        @Lyn Wessel se ho capito bene ce già un video?? Vero ??

      2. Lyn Wessel

        Click on their round picture above.Lots of tractors on their video list.

    75. Randy Trahan

      I. Shard it hhhhheeeeehhhee

    76. Jake Sinclair

      3:58 and that's why you need an chaiser bin

    77. Cullen Podolan

      getter done nick

    78. Matthew Jackson

      Good work Nick and Legarms keep up the great videos and stay safe doing what you doing

    79. Luke Stevens

      How many yards was it

      1. Luke Stevens

        That's a lot

      2. Robert Welker

        26 yes per bin

    80. Eger Viktor

      Guten Tag. 👍 👌 😎

    81. Rahel Elizabeth

      I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    82. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, the Harvest is well underway and the big bin is being built Thanks Guys

    83. Frederik Herbots

      Isn't that that hill where u struggled on to get up it last year?

      1. Robert Welker

        Might have been

    84. Jordan Behlen

      Congratulations fellas. Im proud of my american farmers. God bless.

    85. Jacob smith

      Do you own your combine harvester or hire

      1. Jacob smith

        Cool you choose a good sort

      2. Robert Welker

        Own and operated by us

    86. Dries Janssen

      Do you have a graincart running?

      1. Robert Welker

        Do now

    87. Peter Hall

      Nice jcb hat 🇬🇧

    88. Olaf Schmidt

      11:33 Uh-oh! "Nick! What are you doing with the truck on the field???" "Huh? I'm driving the truck???" 😉👍🏻

    89. TheGhostHAG

      thank you for feeding us

    90. Mitchell Lyons

      Should have put plastic down guys . It not expensive. And makes a better job

    91. peter carroll

      Beautiful bins and equipment

    92. Ben Penberthy

      I wish I can I visit you guys your awesome

      1. Ben Penberthy

        Your videos are so good I do farming to so god bless to you guys your good guys

    93. Jeffery Thomas

      How many acres do you guys have.

      1. Robert Welker


    94. Vishal Chauhan

      V Good

    95. Harvey Bauer

      Enlighten of Goodyear’s anti Blue Lives Matter , ,, are the Titan/Goodyear tires coming off of the Beastbine?

      1. Robert Welker

        Goodyear farm tires, owned by TITAN, is not the car, truck Corp. GOODYEAR sold the farm tires division to TITAN in 2003

    96. Acer Acres

      Weller Farms Inc So in this thumbnail the bins all look the same but your FB pic the last one that got built looks one ring taller what's up with that??

      1. Acer Acres

        @Robert Welker cool thanks you must be happy to have these new bins

      2. Robert Welker

        Third was still being election

    97. Kevin Tanner

      With all the acreage you guys combined why don't you guys have green grain carts

      1. Kevin Tanner

        That's good. We do about 1100: acres of corn and they are a big Time saver!!!

      2. Robert Welker


    98. Leon van der Weide

      Are ya done Nick?!

    99. David Henschel

      You have already filled up one of the new bins - that is a lot of beans, which means lots of combine fulls to fill. And lots of work from you. Good luck in playing the market. Now I appreciate your lightning intro as we are having a lot of lightning fires out here in No. Cal. It isn't typical for us to get storms in the summer when things are dry, but an unusual weather event brought a lightning storm thru a lot of CA with over 10,000 lightning strikes, and that stated over 350 fires across the state, which no one was ready for and little containment as of five days later. I pray for your protection during the coming thunderstorms.

    100. Cory Heil

      When are you going to start to use that new grain cart would save some time running back and forth to unload in the truck

      1. Robert Welker