1,500,000 lbs in ONE day!?

Welker Farms

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    What a monster of a grainvac! We are truly amazed at the capacity of this Rem. The time it takes to clean a be floor is cut in half. Overall farming is off to a good start in 2020, lots of work left to do before we can take a breather but much getting done. Crops look great and rain has been very timely!
    More information on the VR12 here: www.aggrowth.com/en-us/brands/rem/grainvac-vr12

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    1. Welker Farms

      Thank you all for your amazing support! And also thank you for giving the video a thumbs up!

      1. farmer cash

        I hope I have a farm like your guys's you guys really inspire me thank you

      2. aserta

        Sorry to hijack the comment, but what if your grain flat grain bins had a raiser floor with holes, that would keep the grain up (except for where it would fall through the floors) and then when you need to take grain out, you just connect to a pipe end on the side of the silo to suck the grain out through the false floor? Could be cheaply made with either plywood or OSB that's treated so it's sealed from the door.

      3. henri koen

        @Joshua Samuels no

      4. Anthony Brown

        Solenoid trying to stop the grain vac demo

      5. Gregor Miller

        Hey Welkers, hope all is well. I'd like to donate funds for a sandwich/lunch for the boys at Mr Elevator Shop. Chester did you say? is Spuds an good? Let me know how many are there, and i'll donate if you have a Paypal, or send a check. Please advise, out!

    2. Gta5 Zilla

      Nick I live in Bozeman Montana

    3. UncleManuel

      "...weeds are growing, grandkids are growing..." Yeah, spoken like a true farmer... ^_^

    4. Mark Arnott

      2020 Surely Tractors/trucks etc all have Fire 🔥🧯 Extinguishers and 1 on each workshed end 🧯Fire am i a joke Straya your a Dill if u havent

    5. Sven Weihusen

      Best Tip against ticks: use scalibor. This is a collar style tick repellent collar. Don't know if you can get it in America. Used it for 2 years and not one tick except one 2 days after we put it on. 😧. Takes some time to build up the repellent effect. Tried everything against ticks for 9 years but some always had been resistant to the stuff. Scalibor simply works best, is dirt cheap compared to other anti-tick chemicals and is water resistant (it's fat solving).

    6. Ian Clegg

      get that fire-fighting! look at me - subs few months now and already tellin you what to do - lols but pls dont burn your tractor

    7. Dee

      funny seeing a jean /denim shirt still out there.my uncle used to wear them and brought back old memory's.i work for a delivery company and have delivered a lot of seed and fertilizer to farms ,i always liked seeing all the different stuff.keep up the good work.

    8. Ralph Jones

      Congratulation on 400K subscribersfrom texas where it was 109 deg F yesterday.

    9. Nathan Kennedy

      yeah I’m not a big fan of grain vacs but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do I know when we have piles of grain we save the vac for last to really clean it up and it’s not fun but better than shoveling lol

    10. James Mccray

      Put your seatbelt on

    11. terry wisdom

      So glad u guys have android and how is your Samsung s10 nick I got the s20 ultra

    12. Garrett Cowger

      Why do you guys like case more that John deere

    13. Gayle Lund

      one things these young guys are scared of are shovels. dont see any. hopper bottom are what these guys like. pussys.

    14. The Ben Dover

      Highly recommend a cheap plastic tic removal tool, twist right out.

    15. Kristy Staats

      Great job

    16. John Guy

      Ty i spent 10 days in a drug induced coma the first of June .was in septic shock .thank god when they finally intervened my lady if she knew if anyplace l my have an infection. She remembered my 6 week old chihuahua puppy had scratched the back of my hand .infection found .i came close to dying .while in the hospital one thing that made my day was ya'll ,Brian, Zach, and Cole. Ty ya'll making things a little more bearable .

    17. AaronK 07

      Poor Koby

    18. mario bijvelds

      greetings from holland

    19. jobe paliew

      I have a tractor fire story: my pop was spreading lime with a overclocked 6105r john Deere and a JCB telehandler, he was filling the spreader with the jcb and he looked at the John Deere and it is smoking ( it was on idle), it turns out a bird had built a nest under the bonnet and it had caught fire from the heat

    20. Akersjon 278

      I think I'd buy a konvex mirror and mount it on the end of the boom on the grain vac so I can see the level in the trailer...

    21. Caleb .

      You have 3 semi trucks

    22. quadtraxxx

      I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your channel, so great to see your farm and how you guys work together! I have to make a comment about those ticks though; my Mum was unfortunate enough to have been bitten by a lyme infected tick here in the UK. Sadly the medical profession at the time were ill equipped to recognise and deal with it, but the veterinarians were very aware. With the greatest of respect to you all, I can’t encourage you enough to get yourselves some proper tick remover ‘pens’ called ‘Trix Tick Lasso’ tick removers - you loop under the back of the tick, allow the loop to tighten, then rotate clockwise as you remove the tick, completely painless, but more importantly it is the best way of not leaving the tick’ jaws under the dogs (or your own) skin after you have pulled it off. My Mother is well, and has recovered remarkably all things considered, but we now have a handful of those Trix Tick Lasso’ around our house and workshop just ready for when someone or our dog picks them up. Keep up the excellent videos!!! 👍🙂

    23. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳--------------------------------------🚜------------------------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘____________________________🌳_| shut the gate Mate!~ cheers👍

    24. Master of Gamesss


    25. Creative Visuals

      Do you have the dogs on flea and tick medicine?

    26. Michael Huff

      I loved the tick joke!!!

    27. ChiliBean456

      I have a softshell with big bud on it

    28. Northern farmer

      Yea thsts the one thing that sucks about the brandt is it's so loud. I cant remember if the bigger Brandt's vacs are loud to

    29. Khaffit

      i couldnt hear papa Welker speak the wind was to strong when he was vlogging in the truck share really I really like hearing what he has to tell

    30. Khaffit

      "its so quiet I dont need hearing protection" yeah about that i would strongly advise you to wear hearing protection anyway sure its quieter but its still loud as fudge not good for your ears man

    31. Tiernan McGonigle

      Still can’t get over how good the old international looks. Especially with that new demco trailer

    32. GAT Jaynes

      love your vids

    33. Bugatti2020

      wath you means about bushes ?????? not understand

    34. Pistol PeteYT

      How many times a year do you have to spray

    35. Marcella Schultz

      I'm a farmer to

    36. Gavin Quist

      Does the Minneapolis moline not have enough power

    37. Lowell Walter

      Is that solenoid for the fuel shutoff?

    38. james moore

      Definitely need a better tick medicine. We use one on our dog that makes the ticks not even bite him. Honestly can’t remember the brand but it’s on PetMeds site. Lime disease is no joke for dogs. If your pup has that many ticks on him you should probably consider getting him tested for Lime disease.

    39. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

      When is the 747 showing up from California? Or am I not supposed to say anything about that?

    40. Dave Dunn

      Cab solenoid needs to be continuous duty.

    41. Adam Anderson

      your are awsome! love how all three of you have been using the cameras lately. i've been watching you guys almost from the beggining of your youtube channel. maybe not the beggining but close haha. these videos take me back to my roots sometimes. most of my family is from montana.

    42. Glenn Gaul

      Bob the builder needs to keep reading our comments from the previous video!

    43. Glenn Gaul

      We once got 24 ticks off our golden retriever

    44. Tom Davies

      What time is the video of the new bins coming out?

    45. Aaron Fuchs

      What ever happened to the Case 8940?

    46. Sam Rugtiv

      You sod busters sould buy it

    47. Sam Rugtiv

      Is your daughter married

    48. Phantomthecat

      Love how everyone has a camera now and does their thing to the camera - you’re all awesome and have come so far with the videos. Bob, you’re not boring, I love listening to what you have to say - more of it please! 👍👍👍

    49. Nathan Halls

      Can you do a shop tour

    50. Jamie White

      how big is your farm

    51. Brian Chaney

      Do y’all Plant watermelon as a cover Corp

    52. Liam Duffley

      Have you guys ever thought about investing in a super B for hauling all that grain? Saves us a lot of time here in Saskatchewan.

    53. Farmer Josh

      Why all the small bins and not a few 25,000 bu bins or a leg set up?

    54. Stephen Brown

      How about a drag race between the 2 vacuums.

    55. DrStrngLuv

      being in the shelby area, do you scrape the land. if so what is the reason for that

    56. Dan Finley

      Thank you for another great video live all content bless you and all your families

    57. Mark Hill

      I drove an 88 379 for about 15 years. It had a 3406b I really miss that old truck it was dripping in chrome. Gr8 vid gentlemen.

    58. bitsandpeace

      I am still an addicted - and binge watching - fairly new subscriber. Just want to add that I really love the way you guys treat each-other, your wives and your children and everyone else ! You guys set a truly great example for all of us. As the old saying goes, "You better be nice to the people you meet on the way up the ladder - or - you're going to meet them again on the way back down." Thank you so much for all you do and the great example you all set - oh yes - and - for all of your wonderful sense of humor and humility along the way. Now that truly is awesome! God bless you , and may all your harvests be meaningful and full of bounty!

    59. Martin A Goetz

      One of these days bud spelled right

    60. Ryan Edwardson

      I was hoping you'd give the 4520 a chance on the blower 😭😭. It's definitely be a workout for it, but the VR12 supposedly needs 130 hp. 4520 is 120 not played with. And I'd have thought you'd have turned the screw a teensy bit 😁. #GiveTheDeereAChance #ButDontBeSilly #LoveTheDeere

    61. Patrick Jost

      I'm not telling you how to farm but why not get a big tractor with a PTO so if the magnum breaks down you have a back up

    62. Countryboy Scooter

      Robert you are a cool dude, you have a very nice family!!

    63. Hayden Hoene

      I liked this video, the only two things that drove me nuts is driving equipment over the crops and not tarping the trailers lol.

    64. Glenn Wagner

      what did you do with your 8430 jd tractor

    65. panda

      i love your videos

    66. Bobbie Wood

      Love it when your dad has the camera. Such a fun perspective and he’s great at it. Great video as always guys

    67. darren lord

      No time filling a lorry with that

    68. Tuco Benedicto

      That vac might mean the difference of loading out before a storm the next day. Or loading a pile of corn on the ground before a storm. I know you Bilt more bins but if you have a bumper crop, you would want it moved as far as possible. It increased productivity by two fold.

    69. Jeff Herdzina

      1,500,000 lbs in one day......I though it was a Weight Watchers commercial at first.

    70. 4020 john deere

      Front line works great on my dog

    71. 4020 john deere

      Thank your father and that great dog

    72. tom holmes

      Great colour for a CIH flame red!!! Just kidding, not good when electrical glitches show up. They seem to show up when your a long way from home or when you shut down at night.

    73. Robert Craighead

      Is the name "Welker" German?

      1. Robert Craighead

        @Welker Farms Yep, Like mine starting out as Craig in Ireland, That wasn't well received very well here in the US of A in the late 1800's. From the hills of Tennessee the best of luck to you and yours.

      2. Welker Farms

        I do believe so, though if I am correct it was slightly changed when my ancestors immigrated to the USA

    74. Brad Lilly

      Robert your not boring just keep "plowing along" with your replies

    75. Cranky MotorSports

      I hate ticks... With a passion...

    76. Jack Johnson

      Wait...there are Welker daughter(s) too??

    77. international farmer

      How many acres do u guys farm

    78. jo ann carr

      Do you own a john deer tractor

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes. 4520, 855 loader, 270 skid steer, 3010 backhoe

    79. Graham Rowe

      leg arms put a pto on the fummins then you can use it for grain vac duty

    80. Matthew dowd

      Bob I put this comment in for you, keep being you and telling us all the great knowledge that you have about farming and just being an all around great dad and a great man! Thanks for sharing the lads with us! I have much respect for you all!! 👊😎🍀🇺🇸

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Matt

    81. Jason Swift

      9:20 onwards i would consider that machine to be quite noisy.

    82. Dave McDonald

      Hope you get to keep the Rem Vac, used to acquire parts for them, parts support is very good. I guess you'll have a to upgrade the magnum now. I enjoyed this video very much, as I also worked at a grain elevator, nice to see that you care for the staff that works there, LEGARMS. Keep up the good work, and as always, God bless all your family, and friends. Can't wait for the next episode, love it.

    83. C Stockwell

      Robert needs a nickname like the grainpa or something like that

      1. Robert Welker

        Glad you didn't use Yellow Peapa 😄

    84. Galaxy A7

      Case salesmen.. oh lord...

    85. Chris Spence

      I’d say we love it and I for one am jealous !

    86. Cody Shilhanek

      just cerious do you have to have a CDL driving the trucks on the farm to the places and are you guys thinking about getting pup"s for to haul more?

      1. Cody Shilhanek

        @Robert Welker thank you for the comment and keep up the hard work and great videos you guys all do :)

      2. Robert Welker

        We aren't required to have CDL and probably not with the short haul we have

    87. Michael Taylor

      I give my dog a monthly flea and tick medicine called Nexguard. It's a little pricey ($15-25/month), but it stops the ticks from ever biting the dog. It works great.

    88. James Dean

      I've missed watching these videos I became a truck driver finally got some down time so I caught up a bit that new vac is mean lol can't wait to see what's next

    89. Ian Detroit Diesel Power

      Hey Rob, just wondering what engines the 2 Peterbilt’s run cheers, all the best.

      1. Ian Detroit Diesel Power

        Robert Welker Cheers thanks for the reply, I’m from QLD Australia 🇦🇺 I love your channel and it’s great your family follow and put your trust in Jesus, God bless your upcoming harvest.

      2. Robert Welker

        One is Cummins 855 celect and the other I believe 3206 cat

    90. Chris Gossman

      Happy Father's Day to Gentleman of Welker Farms.

    91. Jake meine

      hey don't forget you should be able to turn the air spout so u don't fill the cab with screenings

      1. Robert Welker

        This vac doesn't throw any chaff. It's amazingly clean

    92. Wyatt Vos

      Use bungy straps instead of those ratchet straps on the back of the vac.

    93. Wyatt Vos

      Our Puma 165 has to use all the horses to start our Rem VR12. 1200 rpm and then start the pto

    94. Max Hansen

      What kind of dog is Koby? He looks super cool! Love the videos all the way from MN!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Border collie and Australian shepherd

    95. Notvaporlocked

      Thanks guys. I always loved it on the farm when we would get into a push to get a lot accomplished in a hurry. No stinkin 8 hour days and some suit and tie telling us we had worked enough hours that week. Work to completion. That’s the life of a farmer.

    96. GMdieselman

      Honestly, I’d like to say thanks to you guys for keeping these videos coming. I basically consider you guys my friends since I work terrible hours. I never get to socialize with many folks face to face, so it’s nice to have some familiar faces updating me on how their life and work is going. Hope everything goes smoothly for you all.

      1. Robert Welker

        Love our followers like you, hard working men. Glad we can hang out via videos 👍

    97. Jeff Ree

      We have a Moline like yours

    98. Dallas Coppernoll

      What happened the case ih that you guys rebuilt?

      1. Dallas Coppernoll

        @Robert Welker ahh gotcha

      2. Robert Welker

        We sold it to a neighbor

    99. Graham Farrington

      To help with future tick removal I would recommend the Tick Tornado ZenPet look up on Amazon we use it for our pet and it works really well

    100. Gerald Felch

      Bob. You are not boring l watch to see how it’s done in other parts of the country. Soon l will know how to grow wheat corn grapes sheep beef peas whew this arm chair farming ain’t easy. Nap time. Thanks Welkers

      1. Robert Welker

        We too 😌