600HP BIG BUD NUT vs LEG ARMS|He will WIN!!!

Welker Farms

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    The drawbar is what takes all the energy that is produced from the tractor and delivers it to the implement. The weakest point is where the drawbar attaches and pivots. This joint encounters a tremendous amount of force and if not lubricated properly will fail. 41 years is a good life for a part like that so hopefully we will get another 40+ when fixed! Let's watch Leg Arms (Scott Welker) work his magic and make big iron great again!
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    1. Ruth C

      What about the heat wrench first?

    2. Tyler Scholtz

      Get better leg arms

    3. Gerry Spang

      Put grease on the drill bit and the filings will stick to the drill bit, use brake clean to clean the area seal installer is the term you’re looking for. Love your comments. Order your parts (engine down) from Cummins and you will have the parts flown and you will have the parts the next day. We get small decals saying grease with an arrow pointing to the grease fittings and stick them to the tractor and people will know where to grease. Have fun my friend

    4. adven ture

      Really fun to see, and such well edited too. I was hoping to see the part 2 where this beast gets going againn. And did you split the tractor ?, what was your decision ?

    5. kitkat

      LegArms is a very good operator and mechanic! I have worked with guys like him and it was almost always a pleasure. Ps. Also a philosopher... but dont quit your day job, man. Haha.

    6. Ashley Smith

      MAN, i love Leg Arms, i love to watch him in the workshop, and how he solves problems, and the bit at 10:03 LOOOL, round and round you go Leg Arms hahaha, i really want to see more of him in the workshop, it's pleasing to see how you maintain all your equipment.

    7. Thomas Hollingshad

      you need a gear reduction socket

    8. Thomas Hollingshad

      speed e sleeve , also can get offset seals run on new surface

    9. Lisa Lister

      Love the clean, hard-working Welker family! This deserves to be a tv show!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    10. Mark Arnott

      🌳_________________________________🚜________🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_____________________________🦘___________|🌳straya Cheers!

    11. David Breaux

      Niiiiiiiiiiick! Clean! Up! The! Shop!

    12. Lyndon Williams

      Try the magnet tool

    13. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Making your on socket rather clever indeed ! Northern Montana Engineering . Scott (LA ) gets it done !

    14. Deni Keiderling

      Different companies make a tool called a seal puller works great

    15. Kathleen M

      Great video!!

    16. Ggreiner85

      I think you guys need to invest into a a shed for your equipment poor gals sitting outside

    17. Roy Scarbrough

      No one would know y’all be brothers 🤪😅! Love y’all-keep blessings us with videos. Thanks

    18. Brian Conway

      Just a thought why don't you put covers over the two openings to stop the cold and bad weather in when it's outside

    19. Sam Knierim

      If you guys end up splitting the tractor do hinge pins to, we also farm in eastern Montana and we have an old Steiger Panther 3 that we have to do hinge pins on but we’ve never done it before and have no clue what we are doing, we were gonna do it last winter but like everything on a farm we got too busy for it.

    20. xPr1m3

      I'm not sure if its financially worthwhile on the equipment and material aspect, but if you got a rotary table for the mill you could machine that socket out of a solid piece of steel. Ought to be stronger than the welded socket.

    21. David Swezene

      It's always fun watching you do what you do. I see others have commented as well about spinning that huge nut off. Very comical and it reminded me of a gag the Three Stooges did on one of their shorts some 60? years ago. You inspire a lot of us to think outside the box. Thank you Leg Arms!

    22. Tom OakTree

      Excellent video! you're definitely swimming in uncharted waters, with the drawbar and center bearing. While I have split smaller tractors, they were nothing like the size of yours!

    23. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    24. Breakerman


    25. LevAgency

      OHH that's funny LEFT AND RIGHT handed socket...!!! LMAO!!!

    26. Emery Mckinney

      I love your videos and I got your map on fs19 I love it and

    27. Patrick Neis

      Ooooh man, what work this piece gave!!!

    28. Nigel's

      I’m glad, I’m not alone, in having those sort of days! God bless you guys too.

    29. Samuel Lynch

      pin.it/6WzJwnD Perfect meme to describe this video

    30. Ron Anderson

      Great work and advice!

    31. Britt Blanton

      Hey boys those parts are just like me wore out with age 😂😂

    32. Keith Westbrooks

      Leg Arms vs the Big Bud! Never say never!

    33. Don Jackman

      check out a company called 3 BG supply they can get you some great pricing on drive line parts and supplies

    34. Yamaha Rider

      Why do you say left handed socket?

    35. James A. Walters

      I would consider that bearing more of a rod-eye like on the end of a hydraulic cylinder.

    36. Dean Armour

      The reverend Legarms with more inspirational words

    37. Zachary Holbrook

      Hard worker

    38. Crézy Chameau

      "don't laugh !...okay you can probably laugh" My dear Legarms, with the amount of experience you have, I'd have to be quite stupid to try and laugh at one of your ideas

    39. William Skelton

      Drilling hole in seal, good. Drill 3 or 4 and insert good grade sheet metal screws and use prybar to remove seal.

    40. William Skelton

      Inovative Inductions, Inductive heating

    41. William Altstadt

      Should have heated it

    42. kevin dawe

      Wish I had seen this sooner... I could have gotten a slug wrench for you. That's what they are built for. Most oil refineries have them laying around.

    43. Yosef Mama

      God bless you farmers. Love watching your repairs.

    44. icelineman

      Building a grease hose grease bank will help make greasing these pins a breeze.

    45. justin cregar

      if you do not have right for the job make it your self

    46. ParabolH

      Surprised you didn’t put any heat on it to begin with

    47. CWS831

      Determination and perseverance always wins. Now if you can ever get Nick to clean the shop. Niiiick clean up the shop!!!!!!

    48. Mark Jackson

      Screw a self tapping screw into the old seal to aid removal

    49. Lane Dexter

      Nick’s estimate of drawbar weight is low if his size estimate is not high. Every steel alloy is different, but just stick 0.283 lbs. per cubic inch into your head for general use. 👍

    50. Paul Parker

      Come on arm legs that's a beginner's mistake left and right hand socket.

    51. lookinforthebig1 90

      Nick buddy u should probably clean the shop

    52. Shelia Harmon

      Leg Arms , You are A Beast !!! Keep sharing...we love the way you tackle anything that comes your way!!

    53. Broo_sh

      that size nut needs bigger walls in tool head 7-10cm be strong to not bend tools walls open

    54. Barbara Stedillie

      I’m still really super disappointed that you guys discontinued taping the lake house renovation. I absolutely loved it.

    55. Michael Bradley-Robbins

      "I need a longer bar." - Every mechanic ever at some point

      1. Ruben De Jong

        Dang dude i work on a farm and am a mech but i Just grap a long bar from the iron shelve and use it as a breaker bar

      2. Chris Mooney

        Great fun when you have a new truck and dont realise that it unlike the other one has left hand wheel nuts😂😂 swear the old man and i had 2 8ft bars trying to undo it haha. How we didnt break a stud i didnt know

    56. jwa4fish

      My8ncle Bud Nelson was the original builder. He recently passed. I got to drive one around the shop grounds in Havre.fine machine

    57. - Felix

      Nice video legarms! I enjoy these a lot, you are a super resourceful dude!

    58. bearasojrnr

      Bearings Incorporated bailed me out everytime there were no local vendors... they overnight too. American made bearings.

    59. Cameron Ivanbeckandorfin

      I work on jeeps for a living, I thought my enemy was a 32mm axle nut. My god thats gotta be an 80mm big chungus. And splitting a tractor is purely insane sounding to me. GOOD STUFF!

    60. Cleetus MacFarland

      www.princessauto.com/en/detail/torque-multiplier/A-p8160665e this is half to 3/4", not sure where you could get one there, we had a 3/4" to 1" at 12:1 legarms raised to the 12th power!

    61. Mike Keffer

      I need one of those hoodies Legarms

    62. Taylor Gauthier

      my 92 first gen has the same exact leak on the front main seal

    63. iBelieve


    64. iBelieve


    65. iBelieve


    66. iBelieve


    67. 9856CB

      You should have started with the doohickey of the wingwam 🤪

    68. John Smith

      Does Fastenal carry nuts that big?

    69. funkyzero

      man, that's gonna be a bear to split.... but it looks inevitable.

    70. Pete King

      Draw bar Bearing looks like a Torrington Spherical type

    71. K D

      Legarms I would have thought you would have cut a spanner out of a piece of plate, thick 1"+, I see it hard to find good help on the farm, Hollywood where are you when needed, coffee with the wife ??

    72. Derek Roden

      Wouldn’t hitch pin slap be hard on bearing in drawbar?

    73. caleb simth

      Another way is to put pressure on the nut or bolt and with a big hammer smack the nut or bolt. What ever your trying too take off. Maybe you already know that

    74. Ryder Hagel

      Leg arms should be a motivational speaker!

    75. Timothy Holt

      Lol 1979 I was 9 years old. 👍

    76. Clint Cruickshank

      Left handed socket hahahahaha priceless!!

    77. Ted EnderPalmer

      After speedy sleeve installation clean crank with primer T or N, let dry for a few minutes then apply loktite 290 (green). 290 seals and locks the sleeve

    78. Valdinei Andrade lima

      Parabéns são bem top seus vídeos

    79. Buddy Martin

      These guys are MUCH bigger farmers than us but it's awesome to see men my age still living the fix it yourself, use what you have, make what you can, lifestyle and they seem to have a good attitude!

    80. nc farmer

      A air hammer and chisel will loosen very tight nuts and might could have saved your nut

    81. Bruce Judkins

      Buy a torque amplifier for those hard to get off nuts

    82. the worst Hokage!

      Back in 1979 my truck was built too lol gotta love an old ford 😂💪🏼

    83. Glenn Gaul

      Pastor leg-arms much more likeable than pastor pete

    84. VTwin Builder

      The loctite is probably holding the speedy sleeve on. If they didn’t use any they are hacks.

    85. VTwin Builder

      Why didn’t you try heating the nut before you cut it off?

    86. Kingston

      Not to be a ninny, but running a torch near a pressurized hydraulic line can be super dangerous.

    87. Mike Skidmore

      Speedi Sleeves wear fast then cut the oil seal .. Eaton Transmissions makes a hard sleeve but it's like a .250 thick so you have to machine .250" off from your yoke or Harmonic Balancer..

    88. DKNZ7

      Cool man i know nada bout all this. But was fun too watch n learn....

    89. Ol mint 7.3 Powerstroke

      When I say the title I say big butt nut

    90. Alan Stant

      The main is you got it off guys.

    91. LuxorVan

      I always used a drywall screw and pliers for seals like that!

    92. Daniel Marshall

      "can-do" outlook on life, loving your vids.

      1. Daniel Marshall

        16:26 OH.... those tool chests, NICE!

    93. Vishal Chauhan

      Harvest operator jobs

    94. Vishal Chauhan

      Your wats app number

    95. Vishal Chauhan

      Your contact number

    96. Vishal Chauhan

      How are you

    97. Vishal Chauhan

      Hello sir

    98. Vishal Chauhan

      Love you big bud tractor

    99. Vishal Chauhan


    100. Vishal Chauhan