BIG BUD TRACTOR meet FIRE🔥 - Fix'n Drawbar & More

Welker Farms

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    Ripping, roofing, digging, breaking, smashing, burying, bending, burning... Farmers are sure destructive! Plan is to roof dads house, break and bury up some old concrete, and rebuild the big bud drawbar... Let's see how much we can get done!
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    2. Phil Hosier

      I would have put a steel roof on ! Last 50 years, at least ! Good job !

    3. Justin Rodgers

      Who's here from whistlingdiesel?

    4. Ben Freeman

      Hey man that tractor was a 1964 right. Well my grand father has a 1950 John deer and another one from the 40’s

    5. Daniel Marshall

      Lovely video cheers and yes it's always better to be helping out, than needing the help.

    6. iBelieve



      They’re in my rim on my fourwheeler all the time


      Little orb weaver and a cross spider or whatver 😂

    9. deth

      Is that much flex in a backhoe normal?

    10. dirtdowsing

      Better get that ridge cap on before the rain.

    11. GamerProEX-Gaming

      Praying for Legarms, I'm new here why do we call him Leg Arms?

      1. Pan Barszcz

        I'm curious too

    12. Dan Finley

      Bless you all

    13. Heather Faust

      praying for leg arms

    14. Frank Irwin

      Blessings God is Good!

    15. mark lowe

      Good luck L.A's, I'm sure you will be fine because you are tough as nails!I am surprised you guys don't have about a 15 ton older used excavator in your stable.

    16. Luke Travers

      Hope you get well soon Leg Arms

    17. Anthony Doscher

      Get well Leg Arms

    18. Tuco Benedicto

      Unhappy face for Leg arms. :( Get better Sorry ot hear that.

    19. The Train Fan

      I own the Wilkes farms map on farm simulator19

    20. Larry Ceaser

      Hey Scott Wishing you a speed recovery from Allenford, Ontario, Canada All the best as always

    21. Jeremy Moreside

      @15:45 Dad talks about blowing cracks out for moisture and dust. When i worked the highways we used a hot air lance. A tiger torch essentially with a 400psi compressor behind it. Blows and eliminates that moisture

    22. mark lottero

      Hope leg arms heals 🙏 quickly

    23. Dorian IB

      Make it burn

    24. Tyler Baldwin

      why do you guys have a can am? those are built by French liberals you know. get a Polaris ranger a real made in America farm vehicle

      1. Tyler Baldwin

        @Robert Welker the defender is basically a ranger ripoff hopefully they gave you a good warranty with it, can am have never been known for there reliability

      2. Robert Welker

        They reached out to us first and I have to say I'm impressed with the CanAms. They are powerful and fast

    25. Minnesota automotive

      get well scot

    26. Makayla Burlingame

      The farmers in my area work outdoors for5 months and then sit and drink in the bar for Seven. Luca

    27. Jim Camac

      And now my back iches!😁

    28. Canaan Zander

      Get well

    29. Steely Dan

      I really hope Scott wasn't trying to split his attention between the job and the camera and that's why he got hurt. Truth be told I couldn't vlog and work at the same time, too much could go wrong when you're not focused entirely on the task at hand.

    30. brick master

      Praying for leg arms

    31. Paul C

      Sending thoughts and prayers for Leg Arm get well soon buddy

    32. Ronald Wallander

      Call Cole cornstar he has experience in total cleaning ctcs has a plan

    33. Richard Miller

      I like your cap with IH logo.. where did you buy? Online? Thanks. Have a good day.

      1. Robert Welker

        He found it somewhere on the web

    34. stumpjumper 2140

      Ouch Scott speedy recovery, put s my broke little finger into perspective 😂😂 love from the UK

    35. Ben T.

      Watching this knowing that he crushed his arm feels very weird. If you read this now LegArms is out of hospital he had surgery done and he will make a full recovery. He will be back in buisness!

    36. Shane Karns

      Hope leg arms is doing well 🙏!!!!!

    37. astell

      Wishing Scott a speedy recovery.... prayers

    38. jimmy warner

      How is the real boss doing now he has a real arm instead of legs for arms. Miss seeing y’all’s viseos

    39. stumpjumper 2140

      A Brummy joke for you what the difference between a water buffalo and a bison. You can wash you face in a bison 😂😁

      1. stumpjumper 2140

        😂😂😂😂👍 do you think Scott took it a bit far when you said take a break !!?? 😂😂

      2. Robert Welker

        👍😁 what happens if you dry your chin so it shines..........buff.a.glow.......

    40. Tim Stevens

      I'll pray for you!

    41. Northern farmer

      Man I cringe at the sight of that big ass drawbar falling on Scotts arm!!.. ugh

    42. Timothy Daman

      Are you guys going to seed an winter wheat this fall.

      1. Robert Welker

        It was too dry.......oh well

    43. Darrell Dorn

      So sorry for your injury Scott, may your recovery be speedy and uneventful. God be with you and your family.

    44. Jill Horton

      I m praying for you and your family stay safe Scott

    45. Drew Mckee

      Prayers for a speedy recovery from Oklahoma

    46. leo l

      Lots prayers for you Scott , God Bless .

    47. Brian Strawser

      64ish. Got some years on it but it keeps running. Thanks Leg Arms. You just described me.

    48. lucas

      Prayers for Leg Arms

    49. Fish Man

      You guys are my inspiration

    50. Marci Kentch

      We just started watching your channel and love it! We are a family farm (dad and three sons) in SE Washington. We were wondering about the wall in the office with all of the name cards? Would you mind explaining the significance? And if you don't mind us asking, what farm bookkeeping program do you use?

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks for following us Marci. The names are those who joined Patreon. They receive special viewing and entered in contest. I take care of the books. Mainly use Quicken and a special spreadsheet to manage the bushels and fed crop data. Tried other, like Farmworks, but like some things to be simple. I'll show the spreadsheet in up coming vid. Blessings 👍

    51. Clayton Hartin

      Time to take some scrap metal pile to the junkyard

    52. jack gibson

      hey I know you guys and everyone that watches would like to share/ talk about this its a fund from the Millennial Farmer for new equipment for grain bin extraction.

    53. john schatz

      Can't keep a good man down.

    54. Michael McClure

      God bless. Praying for Scott to have a speedy recovery. Hope the rest of the family is well. At least it happened after harvest

    55. wcneuman

      get well soon big man

    56. Always Tempted

      Gotta love it. Somedays go awesome, and you put a great dent in "the list" and feel accomplished and hopeful. Then you go to sleep and wake up the next day to realize the list has grown seemingly overnight and you're back to square one lol. OH WELL

    57. Patrick Broz

      get well soon

    58. Bill sargent

      Please get well soon and safely. If not, please at least get a radical cyborg arm....

    59. Chris Sperling

      Okay Nick, come on what's going on with leg arms????? We need to know, do I need to get the millennial farm boys and Brian's farming family to to drag it out of you? (Lol) we need to make sure our second favorite son is doing well. God bless you and your family we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Semper Fi.

    60. Kirk Lothert

      Sending prayers your way Legs arm

    61. Ray Mooney

      Please tell leg arms yall are in are prayer

      1. B Harmon


    62. tanya pedersen

      X x x x x x x x x x x x xx Kan du høre efter mål stegen

    63. Thord Svensson

      Synd att ni gräver ner skiten till kommande generationer har ni inte hört talas om återvinning undrar om ni är riktiga bönder

    64. Brenda Adams

      Scott, praying for complete healing. ❤

    65. Gavin Tierney

      Idk why, but for some reason it’s really satisfying watching the dirt get blown out of the cracks lol🤷🏻‍♂️

    66. Gavin Tierney

      Everyone pray for leg arms🙏🏻🙏🏻

    67. Aiden Albright

      I have a Jhon Deere 40 from 1954

    68. SkinnyLegend 13

      This comment is meant for Weller farms, have u ever thought of swing how to grow sugar cane because I live on a cane farm that’s more then 100 years old

      1. Robert Welker

        That would be so sweet to see 👍

    69. stephen smith

      Sending My Prayers For Scott ..

    70. Chris George

      Leg arms more like broken arms

    71. PIPER DOUG

      When i heard Scott was in hospital i hoped it wasn't from the roofing job as that's never a good outcome, just re-blew out my knee so i'm with you bud on the injured list, i can atleast do some tractor work tho. maybe your sister can play you soothing music to help your recovery.

      1. Robert Welker

        At least pull some strings

    72. Dan Risdon

      I sure hope you purchased the roofing supplies at ABC Supply.

    73. Recovery Chad

      "Without a sperm base" thought this was a family show

      1. Recovery Chad

        @Robert Welker I know I thought it was funny

      2. Robert Welker

        without a "FIRM" base..🤨............. (got to speak clearer) 😊

    74. Ann McGrath

      Get well soon, Leg Arms.

    75. Dave Ackerson

      Hoping Scott has a speedy recovery!. Prayers are with him and the rest of the family!

    76. Scott Case

    77. bitsandpeace

      Just saw the legarms post ---- My prayers are with you - may God grant you healing and peace during these times.

    78. Debbie L

      Sending prayers for leg arms and family 🙏💕

    79. Victor Lethbridge

      Prayers for leg arm. Speedy and complete recovery.

    80. Brad Klingensmith

      Cracks. Thats how the pros do it. They use a crew on our road, 1st two guys use air wands and the next two guys use the sealer in wands.

    81. Lennon DeWitt

      It’s a John Deere what do you expect of course it’s gonna run

    82. Jay Kettlewell

      Did your dad completely give up on his u tube channel? Noticed he hasn't done anything with it for a while.

      1. Jay Kettlewell

        Thanks for the answer. I enjoy both channels. Hope Scott gets healed up soon

      2. Robert Welker

        I can answer that. It seems like the farm work has been busier, somewhat due to the growth of the farm channel. And thus I've been put my content on it. I thought it would slow down some but with Scott's arm incident I'll need to carry some more weight for a while.

    83. whitelighting Gaming

      Praying for a speedy recovery legarms. As hard as it is be very very easy with your arm till it's healed the when you start physical therapy then go easy and start doing more and more. Listen to your body it will tell you when to slow down when to push.

    84. Travis Tharp

      I let other people make the mess so I always have something to clean. Cause who doesn’t like slapping wheels on a hay trailer that hasn’t moved in 30 years. Then your like hey this thing still works and here’s a old crescent. If you have done clean ups you know the feeling

    85. Kevin Klingner

      I love watching this station . You never let things get you down to much as you guys are the kind of glass half full guys and not the type of glass half empty guys. And there is no bad language. Some very good channels are spoilt because they regularly use very bad language.

      1. Robert Welker

        We recognize we're accountable to our Lord, families, and followers.

    86. Kevin Klingner

      If a high tensile chain is wrapped around either end of drawbar pass the chain under base of jack near the middle with a similar size block of metal or wood either side to stabilise base you could use weight plus the jack to jack it out quickly . Heat could be used only as a last resort and then only a minimal amount would be needed. It is surprising how quick this method is . It is similar as using a porta power pack if you don't have one or backing capacity is beyond the capacity of the porta power. I have used it many times very successfully to straighten bent equipment from harvester fronts to axles and beams and so on.

    87. Hunter 747

      Cool like the old John Deere tractor with back hoe and loader praying for leg arms arm. Stay strong you’ll be back in the garage and I. The tractor soon enough

    88. Daniel Pual

      How is leg arms doing?

      1. Robert Welker

        Less pain medication now

    89. M. Fletcher

      Very funny Dad! Thoughts go out to Scott.

    90. salty 101

      Love seeing "Bob and Cody too".

    91. Rick Ruhl

      Just heard Scott had a accident?

    92. Mark Thomas

      I can't say how broken bones are, as in my 63 years of life, I have never had a broken bone ever. I just wish that you Scott will be overseen by our Lord and you will get better very fast. Take Care!!

    93. bitsandpeace

      Love your videos! Have a question though. Is there much of a difference between John Deere and Case IH in regard t being able to work on them ourselves - just curious as to some youtube segments i've seen showing one of the manufactures mentioned here as being very difficult to work on yourself as they won't give out information needed for fixing or diagnosing their tractors or combines and so many farmers are trying to use some type of "cracking" software in order to be able to work on and fix their own equipment Do you know if this is true and do you know if any manufacturers or better than others at allowing farmers to work and access information to enable them to be able to work on their own equipment rather than being forced to take their equipment to the dealers. Thanks again for all your videos ... OH is Legarms still working for you guys LOL?

      1. Robert Welker

        The CaseIH is simpler then the JD as far as belts and chains. Both are heavy reliance on computer sensors. Diagnostic software is much more expensive.

    94. Phil Hosier

      It's about that long lean-to that is needed. I suggest used telephone or electric poles. Big auger for holes. Figure height at back of lean-to to hold that new auger system, when you can drive it in one end and out the other. Height of front of lean-to will be set because of the rear hieght needed. All other equipment will fit if depth is figured. your smart guys, so you'll figure it out. I do suggest the lean-to area can be expanded in the future.

    95. Phil Hosier

      It's about that long lean-to that is needed. I suggest used telephone or electric poles. Big auger for holes. Figure height at back of lean-to to hold that new auger system, when you can drive it in one end and out the other. Height of front of lean-to will be set because of the rear hieght needed. All other equipment will fit if depth is figured. your smart guys, so you'll figure it out. I do suggest the lean-to area can be expanded in the future.

    96. Scott Price

      Feel better soon, Leg Arms.

    97. Paul Wilson

      Get well soon Scott from all of us across the pond.

    98. Landon Kintner

      What happened to leg arm?

      1. Robert Welker

        @LowJack187 if he could he would have nailed it

      2. LowJack187

        @Robert Welker Saw the X-ray, that's fairly bad. Keep a really close eye on that hand the next 1-2 weeks. Did he get you to spring for the Wolverine arm?

      3. Robert Welker

        Broke both bones lower arm

    99. MakingTechSense

      Yes! "Buckets" stuck!

    100. in motion

      Scott I hope your okay can we get a video on if he is okay.good luck buddy