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    We've used GPS auto-guidance systems for many years on Welker Farms. This typically means an awkward motor mounted over our steering wheel and a mess of electrical cables across the dash. It worked but no where close to the accuracy of integrated systems. Working through our local dealer Torgerson, CASE IH equipped our 600/50 BIG BUD with a PRO 700 monitor and fully integrated auto-steer! It works so well it is almost as if the system was designed for this BUD. has AccuTurn!

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    1. kitkat

      I see two old dodges near the versatile? Whats the story on those trucks?

    2. Mama Leigh Case

      Like Hot Rodding..."MODIFY." Now I can see why Big Island Farmer "George Kawano" has a big shop & why his Stieger runns so good. He had that tractor for over 40 years now. Wonder if my Cousin "Earl Yamamoto" watches your video's. He was the 1st one to combine the way Pineapples are harvested with harvesting cabbages. Being a "Machine Nut" I find modifications like these as fascinating as Superbowl Sunday to the Sports Nut.

    3. Rob Slater


    4. rollie e

      Actually it was Fiat that bought both Case and New Holland and formed CNH Global

    5. Alex Mikhael

      4:20 wutever... you should have held his sammich for him while he kept working and biteing chunkws of sammich and NOT yer FINGERS... just sayin... lol but... i am sure there was a lunch break ''sometime'' lol

      1. Alex Mikhael

        21:40 ... ummm why no ipad in the slot to check it's working 100.1% too>>>???? ;)

    6. STONEDay

      Searched for BC Big Bud..found this.

    7. kevin moore

      That is awesome. Lots of mods. Pretty meet a.

    8. Kristy Staats

      Now you need to do the other tractor

      1. Welker Farms

        Already did! Check out the older videos.

    9. 2chipped

      Couple points. For every action,there is a reaction. #1 older equipment is always built better. But some have become virtually worthless if you get paid for your time. like non ztr lawnmowers ,small tractors for construction and small farms that don't pull equipment. #2 the larger equipment,the more real estate and sense to add on accessories. I had an opportunity to buy an 1957 Ford 801 Jubilee that has been in my family since 1960. No 4wd nor front-end loader made it useless for my needs,so we sold it. The GPS will be much more efficient,but if you use the same track you will have compaction issues.

    10. alan30189

      While you’re at it, you might as well replace the head gasket. That thing is burning some serious oil. Keep a case of oil with you, out there in the field, and check the oil regularly.

    11. Kent Dolezal

      But, can it auto park it's self? 🤣

    12. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳-----------------------------------🚜---------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘___________🌳_| shut the gate Mate!~ cheers👍 🕺 Nothing Better than watching a Farmer Harvest a crop after the big drought ended in OZ the Grain hasnt stop flowing 🌾🌾🌾👍🚜

    13. Tony Ackerman

      Don't tell Zach this, but I find your videos more interesting and fun to watch. I enjoy Zach and his dad greatly, and getting to see the new machines and tech is fun and all, but YOU guys rock the house in upgrading older machines, recycling used equipment to give it new life. THAT is so cool! And Robert, now that I have your waffle recipe, I hope to create some of my own starter this coming week!

    14. Daniel Johnston

      Where’s the park button so you can nap on the way Next, farm simulator integration ...... you will be farming in your

    15. Douglas Whipking

      I feel bad for the versatile😂

    16. Little Pecker

      I love Big Bad!😍

    17. mickey christensen

      Smells like money.

    18. KeiffNitReal

      Its awesome watching this and seeing all the new age technology in the Big Bud. I used to work on and haul big buds for Big Equipment Company.

    19. Scott Phillips


    20. Scott Phillips

      What is Big Bug

    21. Joseph Bynog

      That a cool setup

    22. Kevin Klingner

      How are the upgrades on the 650 Bud going in the field now?

    23. Olaf Schmidt

      Poor Versatile! But a Big Bud always comes first!!!😉👍🏻

    24. Jacob Bishop

      Love the auto steer on the bud

    25. Rob Ferguson

      What is the logic to the Big Bud numbers? 600/50 is 600 hp but what is the 50? I like the older one with the N-14 Cummins.

    26. Rick DeWitt

      That tractor looks really good. You have really fixed it up

    27. KenworthDude15

      U guys like the older stiegers ?

    28. AceBarracuda

      I wish our case dealers were this knowledgeable. I mean there is basically nobody who knows the tech side who would be able to retro fit all this new tech into this old equipment. And imagine if we could take our old equipment and pull the newer planters and air seeders. It would be wonderful. Instead we just use old stuff and don’t upgrade anything cause the money output to swap a line of equipment over is expensive but doesn’t seem like our case dealer is up for tech like your guys dealer I wish we had a dealer like yours around.

    29. Foardhook

      WOW these guys are SHARP!! Most impressed with there professionalism and skill. Top Job Guys! I own heavy equipment and our local guys couldn't even demonstrate the functions properly on a new excavator last year. This is light years ahead of anything I have.

    30. Jjonathan Hamby

      What does the cart do does it supply fertilizer

    31. County Landworks

      What you are calling a Sector Valve is the incorrect term. It is a Orbital Valve. Sector valve would be just a very generic name for any valve that has the ability to send/meter fluid flow to a desired port. You can technically call a Orbital Valve a DCV as well, but that would be incorrect as well.

    32. allen schmitz

      Was that fix under under 500$?

    33. Kevin Ducharme

      my dad was an old school mechanic that worked on old school tech (Clark line-skidders, Poclain log unloaders, Case industrial log loaders). he always thought the idea of jamming a BIG engine in a tractor and pulling a BIG plow was really something. I have yet to play on your map in FS19 but am looking forward to it. nobody in northern Saskatchewan (we pronounce it Suh-skatch-awun) has anything close to this kind of power. whats a ballpark figure for how much land you guys farm?

    34. رياكشن نار RAAM

      Nice tractor

    35. Aberdeen Belfry

    36. Tandemwings

      You leave all your gear out in the open? We don't get any snow on our cropping land in Au, but just about every machine here is in sheds. BIG sheds. It seems little criminal to see all your machinery and trucks left outside in the weather. Why do you think this is so? Local culture perhaps?

    37. Matthew Dorey

      When are you guys going to redo the versatile???

    38. Devin Gingerich

      is welker farms the biggest farm in the world

      1. Devin Gingerich

        maby in my future i will work on your farm

      2. Welker Farms

        No we are not ☺, our farm is roughly 10,000 acres. There is a farm in California that has over 150,000 acres.

    39. Glenn Gaul

      It doesn't have a PTO so that's a big "little girl"

    40. Mark Lollar

      That is pretty cool 😎

    41. iBelieve


    42. iBelieve


    43. iBelieve


    44. iBelieve


    45. iBelieve


    46. vaw power

      How much horsepower does this big bud have, first time I've seen an in real life bud so curious if FS19 comes close

      1. vaw power

        Sorry just seen the badge, 600hp.

    47. James Chamberlain

      That was alot of work ! looks like it came out great.

    48. Raj Beekie

      Decades ago, farming moved from putting a seed in the ground to finance, futures, options, etc. It now seems farming has added space technology to the equation. Basically, a farmer today is more a finance and technology person than a person who plows, seeds, nurtures, and harvests.

    49. rem32001

      I think it's awesome when you can take an old analog machine like that and bring it into the digital age. Good job guys

    50. Soinas Doyi

      Man-o-man did Torgerson's do a GREAT JOB! Thanks, Torgerson's and Case IH!

    51. Poogan123

      Wow, you assumed that tractor's gender...NOT COOL...

      1. Poogan123

        @Welker Farms :)

      2. Welker Farms

        I didn't assume, he told me 😂

    52. pskton

      Scott needs a new hat or wash the one he has on.

    53. Mike Rowley

      Now you two are going to get lazy. You'll be programming the tractors and sitting in the house watching soap operas while the tractors do all the work.

    54. bocoy noiu

      I’ve got a feeling that there will be a new case air drill coming for this tractor

    55. David Janzen

      I enjoy the passion your family show.

    56. levi hollingshead

      Playing fs19 walker map right now

    57. eioshen boboi

      I’ve got a feeling that there will be a new case air drill coming for this tractor

      1. bocoy noiu

        I wonder when a PTO will be appearing on one of these Buds?

    58. Kaleb Janson

      What ever happened to the large pin in the big bud that was in the shop? I saw the video of leg arms fighting the big nut (lol) too get it out but otherwise y'all just said they were trying to determine what kind of steel it was, etc..... Did i miss a video portion on that? Or still in progress? Keep up the good work! I'm subbed and love seeing your vids!

    59. Grant DuBridge

      I like he mentioned needing to put the system on the other Big Bud. Hey, what's that old car out there behind you at 30:17 ?

      1. eioshen boboi

        did to the bud. I always referred to it as putting fuel injection on a Model T. Once it was tuned up the old stuff ran almost as good as the new stuff.

    60. Alan Stant

      Maintenance can be so fun. Those feel like they are welded on because they have been on there so long. That makes it very difficult to change out to new parts.

    61. Kathleen M

      Great video!

    62. elkvis

      I love the smell of diesel smoke. It reminds me of hauling grain with my dad when I was a little kid. He had a 1972 International, very similar to the one you restored last year

    63. Ditiro Jimmy Segang

      Wow!you just made that Big Bud 21st century!Those tech guys really know their stuff!

    64. Tom Bombardil

      29:35 please cover that cable in some white paint or run it straight across the cab. i persume you´re about to do lots of aerial shots during planting and that really doesn´t look that nice. just an idea. very great video boys keep up this amazing channel.

    65. Tony Mckeage

      Great Video Nick and Leg arms, the diesel gene's in my body are buzzing....... I've got to admit the first time i found your channel i thought WTF are these guys still doing with BIG BUD's... i can see now the romance .... or bromance you guys have with these machines, well done and thanks from NewZealand cheers Tony

    66. bodoti qwiu

      Nick / Legarms: This Buds for you... Absolutely awsome!

    67. Anthony Cavato

      love the new music you guys put at 6:46

    68. Bradley Smith

      Scott aka leg arms I love that your are so humble. But your definitely an intelligent guy! Awesome content as always.

      1. Leg Arms

        It's not always easy thing to be humble but it's well worth the try. Thank you for the compliment and thank you for supporting us!

    69. James Fox

      Maybe they can put this technology on farm sim 19 hired hands are worthless on there

      1. bodoti qwiu

        I knew when you bought a JD you had to purchase your own tech to do anything after they sell it to you except change a tire, so Case IH has the same deal now eh? OMG he s

    70. James B

      Nice upgrade fellas keeping those Big wheels rolling.

    71. Robert Valentine

      Excellent upgrade! Bet it was cheaper than buying one of those Steigers!

    72. MadMax Farms

      Now that’s social distancing at its finest.

    73. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    74. Jake Kubisiak

      I wonder when a PTO will be appearing on one of these Buds?

    75. Andrew Everett

      that looks like a great upgrade for the big bud just goes to show that you can do all most anything to a big bud tractor

    76. Mr Bojangles

      What kind of paint do you use for the Buds?

      1. Mr Bojangles

        @Robert Welker 👍

      2. Robert Welker


      3. Mr Bojangles

        @Robert Welker Do you do clear coat or just gloss white?

      4. Mr Bojangles

        @Robert Welker 👍

      5. Robert Welker

        It was an auto type which matched the factory color

    77. Kirt Hedquist

      I use to work for the Trane heating and cooling company, retired now. We were able update the controls from electro/mechanical to all electronic devices very similar to what you did to the bud. I always referred to it as putting fuel injection on a Model T. Once it was tuned up the old stuff ran almost as good as the new stuff.



    79. MarlinMR7

      This was impressive and defintely brought that Big Bud even more so into the 21st Century and extended it's life for sure. Were I one of the Welker's though - start worrying if that Big Bud starts talking to you later - be very worried... Ha! (Think Hal from Space Odyssey) :-)

    80. David Oden

      Amazing addition to a classic tractor. Them guys are sharp !!

    81. Ryan Lamfers

      I think we can say that's officially a smartbud, not really an Ibud yet.

    82. flexi coil 3450

      New Holland bought flexi coil and case ih bought Concord buy the new Holland the case and the flexi coil carts and drills are all built in the same factory

      1. flexi coil 3450

        Sorry I meant to say but not buy after concord

    83. FarmerBrianTee

      By the replies, if you think putting 30 year old autosteer in a tractor is far out high tech......

    84. Pressured Prepper

      Have y'all ever considered selling wheat to customers who like to grind their own to make bread for their families... I was just thinking it would be a way you could get paid what it is really worth.. I am seeing 25lbs sell for 25+$.... That's ridiculous when y'all are paid 5$ for a bushel.. I would buy wheat and corn to grind for my own use and I am sure others would purchase it also.Allot of people now grind chic peas also... I have had a hard time lately even purchasing flour.. I have been forced to buy it in 25lb bags to even have it.. I don't understand the shortage... Thanks for putting up the Vid's my Uncle grew Wheat, Soy beans, Corn Milo, Maize, and much more in MS. for years.. I miss the farm and Combining hauling grain for him.. I drove a dump truck for him when I was 12 hauling grain on the farm.. His bins were set up on an auger system but he dumped into a cone type pit ..Thanks Again from Texas...

      1. Pressured Prepper

        @Welker Farms Thanks please put me on ur list if you decide to jump through some hoops..

      2. Welker Farms

        We have looked into it, issue is then we fall into a bunch of fda regulations. Not that it can't be done but definitely some hoops to jump through. We grind our grain and make flower, it makes for some amazing whole wheat waffles!

    85. Farm Boy

      At 20:58, it looks like Big Bud is climbing the wall, until you realize it is the camera angle. Looking forward to seeing how the new technology works with the older equipment. I wonder if those upgrades would work on my old body parts?!?! I could run faster, jump higher, Yippee!!!

    86. Max Bashore

      I have not been to your channel in a while and I came back because I knew I was missing out on something cool

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks for coming back!

    87. 46Rambo

      I knew when you bought a JD you had to purchase your own tech to do anything after they sell it to you except change a tire, so Case IH has the same deal now eh? OMG he said the $1000 dollar word, Ipad , and now ''China" can hijack your tractor 5G

    88. Dozer

      farm simulator 19 ... makes the big bud locking smaller than in real life .

    89. Grabbe Farms

      This video is very timely, we have a CaseIH 9170 that we are doing the same thing to. We have owned it since it was new and just put a transmission in it this past fall, next in the plans are to add the same auto steer and ISO setup you did on the Big Bud and at some point it needs some new paint.

      1. Welker Farms

        That is great! Hope it goes well for you!

    90. Treyton Du Preez

      There's some Big Buds for sale in Havre, MT 400/30. 4 525/50. 2 I saw this in the new Traders Dispatch paper

    91. Rodney Van Bavel

      Hi Guys you guys are awesome Keep up the good work making videos god bless and stay safe Rod Van Bavel

    92. Richard Bloomfield

      Damn that is some sick upgrades

    93. Tim Hill

      Yall need farm help? Or a heavy duty diesel mechanic?! Haha let me know

    94. casey5711

      Just Amazing , this upgrade 😀👍🏾🚜🚜🚜

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Casey!

    95. aschnaub1

      You guys need a side by side. You'll never look back.

      1. Robert Welker

        Stay tuned............. something's coming

    96. S.D.S

      I thought a radio and a canopy was a huge upgrade. WHo would have ever thought "Auto Steer/GPS."

      1. Robert Welker

        Moving into the 21st century.

    97. mick breust

      What system did you upgrade the air cart too

      1. Robert Welker

        It's the Iso bus firmware which is compatible to Pro 600/700

    98. Rich Overmyer

      That's nice to update an older Big Bud. I can see the value of that over buying a new tractor. Huge is what it is.

      1. Robert Welker

        Is quite the savings. Stay safe, Blessed Easter!

    99. CiRtriX

      Thes big boys costed a lot back in the days but you saved a lot of money if you upgrade them from time to time instead of buying a new tractor for 500k up. The main difference from old to new iron is the gps and electrics and i absoulutly love how you take your big boys to model year 2020. Greeting from a small farmer in switzerland and sorry for bad english. Cheers boys:)

      1. Robert Welker

        You did well with your english. Thanks much! Stay safe, Blessed Easter!

    100. Kevin Solgot

      Awesome upgrades to an amazing machine! Congratulations!

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Kevin Stay safe, Blessed Easter!