One Last Hurrah Before Winter

Welker Farms

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    Trip to Glacier National Park! The hidden gym an hours drive away. We finish winterizing machinery and take some time off to enjoy creation. Only to get back and find 10 inches of snow at the farm 😂 🤦‍♂️
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Dr Tommy Wells

      Glacier park that’s in my backyard, you gotta make it up to chief mountain,that’s a scenery and a half ,right on man,great video thank you 🙏🏼 and God bless you all and your beautiful farm

    2. Tim Hoffman

      Sadly in the years to come you can plan on lots more smoke. Fuel levels in our federal forest lands at least here in oregon are at explosive levels. Back when we were logging they were being maintained pretty well but this is the result of 50 years of no logging. The indians used to burn the underbrush in the spring and fall to keep the forest fuel levels down. But today we're doing zero forest management.

    3. Grant DuBridge

      We don't lower the water in our koi pond. We just keep the bubbler going and cover the pond with plywood and plastic. But you get colder then we do here in lower Michigan.

    4. Jim McLean

      That's good to hear thank you

    5. A Family’s Journey - Viviendo en Canadá

      Driven down that road many times. Sure miss those days spending summer around those areas.

    6. Napalm182 Napier

      Daddy talk kid talk getter done

    7. Donald Hunt

      So good to not see tractors and combines setting outside.

    8. Jeff

      God Bless

    9. Jeff Simonar

      I wish I lived out there so it wasn’t so far of a drive to ride sleds in the mountains😢

    10. kb7722


    11. Terry Gorgichuk

      I have driven the hi-way with a dual wheeled 1 ton, scared the girl friend to death. We went from west to east with the passenger side to most of the drop offs.

    12. Ticdaniel

      Incredible nature Robert 👍👍

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks. Glacier is gorgeous.

    13. Ticdaniel

      Olf skidsteer have the same problem. Love the winterise of the tracktors and so. Remeber an old clip when you run around with the honda atv and changed fuel and picked up batteries from diffrent vehicles. I have just done the same here on our farm north sweden

    14. BlackEagle 077

      The new Case B series skisteers are great. We just got a TR340B on our farm and absolutely love it. You might look into one if its in the budget.

    15. Michael Russell

      Hope Leg arm's arm is healing up good. It could have been a lot worse.

    16. texasrednspeck

      I remember back in about 2008 or so I was hauling GE wind tower tops to Shelby. Lay down yard was west of town and we had trucks loaded and stuck all over the yard. I remember a big white coloured tractor came and pulled us out. I am thinking that might have been Big Bud from Welker Farms.

    17. iBelieve


    18. Lily Welch-New

      Been there and done that. I have some beautiful pics from that trip.

    19. S

      My aunt put gas in my moms diesel car

    20. Lennis Sytsma

      Super! I wish I could be there with my late father.

    21. John Cambra

      I love this channel and your beautiful state, I love Vermont for all the same reasons. You guys have a great channel and lots of fun to watch. Say hi to LegArms for me I wish him well and a speedy recovery.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks so much!

    22. Gabe Hernandez

      I wonder the slot count on all that equipment he has? 🧐

    23. Leon van der Weide

      I know we're here for the farming stuff but i want to thank you Robert for the quick tour through the mountains. Took me right back to my memories of cruising through the Rocky Mountains 2 years ago! Most beautiful thing i've ever seen!

      1. Robert Welker


    24. Big boy A

      Hi Nick have you seen this the worlds largest Airseeder pulled by a big bud Here in Australia 214 ft long

    25. fbh31118

      How beautiful!

    26. ScreenCo Systems

      I like to see the videos that you guys put out, I am a fellow ex farmer I really appreciate the videos you guys do and some of the old equipment that you still run. I farmed with my brother until 2003 and we ran Equipment from the mid to late 70s that my dad bought new. Although I took another course after 23 years with dad and brother I still love to get out on the farm and drive the tractors, combines and help my brother, love the farm life.

    27. ScreenCo Systems

      Great video Bob my wife and I appreciate it!

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks S S. Appreciate you following us, Blessings

    28. Jim McLean

      How is leg arms doing with the arm and his newest baby to the welker siblings

      1. Robert Welker

        Scott is recovering well and loving his new son.

    29. Jay C

      Nice video...... great to see BoB doing his bit for the State’s/county tourist board..... Looks unreal!!! You know we rarely see snow in a lot of 🇮🇪..... I think you are quite lucky to have it ....... at times..... 🤔😀 Congratulations to Leg Arms and family!!!

    30. Todd Ross

      Homesick now... Miss Montana..

    31. Gerald Felch

      I saw a stainless steel tank on. 1100 gal

    32. Aiden Kelly

      have you ever considered puting a snow plower on the magnum?

      1. Robert Welker

        Have moved snow with it but the skid steer is faster.

    33. Mike Pagel

      Never had that problem until it became a bobcat. Change back to something else. Problem should go away

    34. Mick Oostingh

      when are you guys going to start on the wagner wa4?

      1. Robert Welker

        Might have been in the shop in Dec but will be delayed until legarms is healed.

    35. Jack

      I got to say that some of the most beautiful landscape scenery i've ever seen !

    36. Bob Brett

      Thank you as usual. Wonderful scenery out there. Will be good to see Leg Arms back when the time is right.

    37. 2chipped

      Hey nick I think you have a broken valve in the skidsteer. Has the same problem with a case 1845,replaced 2 drive motors first. It would buck like a bronco,and trying to load it on a trailer was almost impossible.

    38. nater308

      Well, I broke my mouse hitting that like button...

    39. dirtydogg231

      Walker getting shout out on the Tom pemberton farm life KGup channel From uk 🇬🇧 Saying he love a collaboration one day Uk 🇬🇧 and USA 🇺🇸 farm Be a cool videos Video is called Can we empty a 1 million litre slurry tank with only on tractor Channel name Tom pemberton farm life

    40. Timothy Pirnat

      That spectacular sunset may be part harvest dust in the air, but I wonder if some of it may be smoke from wildfires.

    41. Bill Whitman

      I wish I could borrow Nick and Scott for a few days. You guys can fix in a day what takes me a week to figure out. Glad Dad and Mom get a break...

    42. Cody

      What would make LEGARMS happy.... is a new shirt design!

    43. Guy Fishbourne

      Thank you for sharing get well leg arms love you all

    44. Steve Jones

      My gym has been hidden since March :-)

    45. TheEpicDragonCat

      Montana is amazing! Went up to Glacier last year, and the transition between the farmland, and the mountains is unreal!

    46. James Burba

      Give my best wishes to 'Leg Arms' !

    47. Treble Farmer

      make sure you dont have a problem your hydrolics on the skidsteer ours did that and it was the hydrolics

    48. Debbie L

      Stay safe god bless take care Welker family 🙏🙏👍💕

    49. Tom Sibbick

      Hi there you got nice fish in the pond. my mom had the same fish on the when they had the farm. 🚜🍵😎

    50. Debbie L

      Roll them (tires)

    51. Cleas Berg

      its this the US holiday way to do it ?????? cars cars cars save lot money look your video hate the north on the glob okay stay thailand they are north 9 deg the best time in my live wake up in paradise every day sea water 30 c all year never under 28 c in air all time hole year but its hot in the sun yes use aircon dont need heating the only thing i miss the long days summer time internet its fantastic dont need travel never go holliday from phuket we have the all yes hate winter stay here 16 years never want go back and if you have money it helps like your videos guys sorry no god bless its feed up whit that thing not only your country only look from philipines thailand are budist hove care

    52. Kevin Jones

      You are jumping all over places. What happened to the tires moving them ? Making tires for the play ground? A long with jumping around with other things? Not finishing up?

    53. Penndragon Harvesting

      As full committed dads we're allowed to let the "night-night" chatter slip

    54. Mmierks

      Us glacier park looks allot like Canadian glacier park.

    55. Rick Brandt

      the MFer's Dad liking that Welker Badged Machine, Nice Loan, Thanks.

    56. Rick Brandt

      LegArms - you are missed on videos,Heal fast,duck the work as long as you can And smile.

    57. Eric Kona Peper

      Excellent way to get a small view of the Park thanks for working on this for us when you would have been justified to not make it and just enjoy your time ❤️🇺🇸🦅🦌🐺🦉

    58. Eric Kona Peper

      God Bless Scott with a full recovery I pray 🙏❤️. I love you guys so much I understand it's weird maybe for you but we get to know you so well and see so much of your Lives 😏 I really care about you guys ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    59. Daniel Hiller

      If Leg arms does not have a bone stimulator, get one. they really help bones heal much faster and stronger


      Are you going to do a video on the gopro hero 9

      1. Robert Welker

        He probably will after seeing the durability of it.

    61. Shawn

      I've never seen water that clear in my life!

    62. P Seggons

      Wonderful scenery, it would be great to see that area in all the seasons. Get well soon Leg Arms, guess you are keeping up with all the correspondence.

    63. Austin Kyle

      I cannot believe the sunrise and sunsets

    64. Joe Harry

      Still shelling corn but their is daylight at the end of the tunnel 👍

    65. Nathan Jones

      I know Robert sometimes reads comments, so if you can please do me a favor. Get me one of the CASE hoodies like Nick is wearing, I will pay for it. I’ve looked online and can only find them as big as 2x. I would prefer 4x but would settle for a 3x. I want one soooooo bad. You can reach me through Facebook under the same name. Thanks in advance. An if you can’t I’ll be sad but will still watch your videos. Haha.

      1. Nathan Jones

        @Robert Welker those only go up too 2x. I found them.

      2. Robert Welker

    66. Philip Kimber

      What a beautiful set of scenery - only God could make such beauty. Thanks Welkers for giving a UK guy a wonderful start to the day.

    67. delinquentdesign

      Let’s get that bone growing for legarms he needs every bit of it to get back to the farm and wrenching!

    68. Rod Pasichnyk

      9:52 Dad and the Howlers!

    69. Danny Wooster

      👍 from Australia

    70. Terrry Burgett

      Thanks mr welker for showing me the beauty of Montana i have been to Montana several times being a trk driver but never get the time to see the beauty

    71. James Harrell

      I think you should look into a Kubota ss65 wheel skid steer. I think you will be very impressed. They are very dependable and durable. I personally own a 50 horse Kubota tractor & a svl90_2 100hp skid steer track machine my bobcat t250 has a Kubota engine & a Kubota mini x I love. Just saying I own and operate on daily basis with these machines and really like them like you do the case ih which is a phenomenal tractor. But if you can demo a Kubota skid steer you would really like

    72. Russ Montgomery

      -10 and you're pushing snow, while here in NC it's still in the 80's we'll start wearing sweat jackets around mid December.

    73. Jim P.

      you need a Big Snowman for Big Bud!!

    74. Terrry Burgett

      How is the little one doing

    75. Terrry Burgett

      Ha ha we are still in the middle of harvest in Alabama it's 75 degrees still

    76. Jim Claar


    77. Just random videos I watch

      What happened with the other title

      1. Just random videos I watch

        @Robert Welker ok thanks

      2. Robert Welker

        Blame the time change coming this weekend. 😁

    78. Joseph Muxlow

      what happened to the back tire of the combine?

      1. Robert Welker

        It has a slow leak but we blocked the tire up.

    79. Robert Emory

      Get well Legarms

    80. Troy B

      NW Montana is the prettiest place in the country. Miss living in whitefish and floating the middle fork.

    81. Chris Hann

      Please put the magnum inside too

    82. Brad Olsen

      I always love your videos thumbs up

    83. Donnie Bietschek

      You guys need to get yourselves a Millennial snow blower for one of the tractors XD

    84. Brad Schaefer

      Wow. Montana is beautiful. I live in Illinois. It's pretty ugly out here lol.

    85. Steve Nicoson

      Another great video. Thanks for your time doing this. Appreciate Dad doing his part driving up and into the park area. Beautiful area for sure. Dad did a good job of narration as he went. Thanks for doing that. Rest of video was good with variety. Always things to do after harvest and into the winter. Thanks for your time. Thanks again to Dad for his story line. Thanks. Iowa farm boy from years ago. Forgot-sending my best to Scott in his arm recovery. Hang in there. Bye for now.

    86. Lucas J

      When my arm was in a cast I was nominated to clean the shop. Just saying. 😁

    87. Gary and judi Boyd

      Strange seeing the snow I was running my A/C in northern California today 😳

    88. TOW BALL

      Absolutely stunning scenery Robert

    89. Gerald Richardson

      I wish the welker's a wonderful winter season and a joyous holiday season also. Hope Legarm's is healing good. Your trip was awesome the crystal clear water I miss seeing being from Colorado. You all take care and God Bless you all

    90. Nathan Gunther

      All I gotta say is thank you for chearing me up I just lost my dog today and you guys are helping me right now

      1. Robert Welker

        Sorry to hear that. They are so faithful and loving. Thanks for being his friend 👍

    91. Steve Rosenberger

      Good to see your dad. Nice tour of Glacier park. How is Leg Arms doing? We would like some updates.

      1. Robert Welker


    92. Richard Johnson

      Beautiful country.

    93. Australia Made since 1981

      Is there really a yellowstone ranch in Montana

    94. rocketHtown

      Nothing like stupid California air to mess up the air in Montana .

    95. Mark Arnott

      au - always admire your mountains & wilderness parks . dogs howl , Sing to them When your a girl guide :)

    96. Yeah Boiii

      Grow leg arms arms leg arm bone marrow grow! Just think that leg arm will be stronger than ever! Prayers to Scott! Godspeed on the mend.

    97. Mp Stenz

      Thanks for Tour of Glacier. I tried showing this to my wife and save money on a trip....... I lost.

      1. Robert Welker


    98. Danielle Blaner

      the WA

    99. Michael Bruner

      Glacier Park is my second favorite behind Grand Tetons! I've taken Car and Motorcycle over it. Got to take the European Bus tour there too!!

    100. Yeah Boiii

      Crazy seeing water untouched by man. It looks so amazing! Beautiful country! Think I might have to head over to Montana sometime! Thanks for the amazing visuals.