MANGLED RING GEAR|Pull the Transmission!

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    This 454 farm truck is worthless with a toothless ring gear. Starter cannot crank the engine to start the engine. This pickup has sat for a few months as changing a ring gear is not a simple job. But being winter we need a gas pickup to be functional as they are the best in the bitter cold.
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    1. Donkei dominate

      i wanna see more of these repair videos, i have learnedalot just by looking at the videos with the explinations of what you do. keep it up boys

    2. kitkat

      LegArms. The best videos for nerds. So, my fav! Great trucks. The steering wheels were the best.

    3. kitkat

      I love those. 88-90 GM

    4. Australia Made since 1981

      Will it start, sounds like a porn channel hhahaha

    5. deercreekmechanical

      If you ever have a issue with the 4wd not engaging due to the actuator or the switch on the transfer case, all you need is a 1” npt nipple, cap and a 6” or so long 1/2” bolt. Remove the actuator from the axle housing. Put the cap on the nipple, drill a 1/2” hole in the cap. Install that assembly in the axle. Put the bolt in the hole, while turning a front tire, push in on the bolt. You’ll feel the collar engage, weld the bolt in. All fixed. You still have 2wd despite what many will say. I’ve done this to 3 of my old farm trucks and have put 5k on the one including actual highway driving and speeds, no issues. Hopefully this will help you guys out in a pinch if you need it. Because you know it’ll decide to stop working on a Sunday afternoon right as or after the local parts store is closing.

    6. edward toner

      Dust mask on when removing clutch ( old clutches may have Asbestos in the drive patch ).

    7. Chris Jones

      Awesome job explaining it. I've done this several times. It's kinda fun...

    8. T Trainv

      starter drive or "Bendix" trade mark name?

    9. Jon Z

      I can’t believe you guys don’t use a triple disk clutch on the old farm truck lol

    10. CWS831

      Leg Arms and Nick you guys are so cool. Your videos are so informative and humorous at the same time. Nick reminds me of Mike Rowe on the Dirtiest Job show. Your videos are like eating a bag of Lays chips, you can't watch just one LOL. So glad i ran across your channel.

    11. Dyllan Sharp


    12. Dyllan Sharp

      I have an older truck than that and it is a Chevy 1967

    13. Lexke81

      I learned something today. Thnx Mr.legarms.😉👍

    14. Anthony Wolfe

      Sun Gear

    15. 12501980

      Nice !

    16. Timber Tramp

      It’s surely 2wd 😂😂🤣 farmers always buy 2wd😂🤣

    17. Glenn Gaul

      Where's the cell phone, I hope it's not under the hood

    18. Glenn Gaul

      Leg-Arms transmission repair

    19. Russ Hoov

      Transfer cases aren't too heavy just awkward. Thought I would share my poor man's transmission jack.

    20. Mason Michelson

      Why do you guys park your skid loader with the bucket up? I was always thought that was dangerous. I’ve noticed it in a few videos and am curious

    21. J.R. In WV

      I’ve done the same job laying on the ground a few times....since I don’t have leg arms the way I do it is pull the transfer case, lay it down then I use my leg-legs under the bell housing and arms under the back of the trans and slide it back and lay it on my chest, then wiggle out from under it.

    22. Freeloader462

      I like this shop time with Scott.

    23. theodore scott

      i did not know you could change the ring gear i always thought the whole fly wheel had to be replaced thank you i learn new things every time i watch you guys i have even bought a hoodie and a hat from you nice folks out there in Shelby god bless ya

    24. Grant DuBridge

      Leg Arms !!! After watching your changing of the ring gear a couple weeks ago, I had a terrible sound in my bellhousing this week. My carpet cleaning van was in the storage unit (ten feet wide) and was no longer going to start with that grinding and screeching. Fortunately, it was just the cone of the starter broke in half. No, I have never seen that happen before. I wish I could post a picture of it. After market parts suck.

    25. That's What It Is

      Let's Learn With Legs.. Every Sunday at 11:00AM PBS

    26. Cheese Brown

      Nice shirt sir

    27. Scott Mulrooney

      Leg arms needs a Bob Ross wig for one of these "edutainment/do it yourself" videos. Scott's voice is almost as calming as Ross's voice.

    28. Esmon 53

      I use audible every day on my way to work

    29. Carl Wicks

      that advert for audible was so cringy

    30. Brodz Mullan

      is Leg Arms a mechanic? or just very mechanically minded?

    31. David Cardin

      i am also dyslexic. I've had to learn to do things in different ways and i've had to think harder and read harder

    32. iBelieve


    33. iBelieve


    34. iBelieve


    35. iBelieve


    36. iBelieve


    37. dan mackintosh

      I did not know you had dyslexia... I think the clue comes in the fact you're a gifted mechanic though, often people with dyslexia or other things like that are strangely good at working out machinery. You're also quite an inspirational speaker.

    38. Gregory Harmeyer

      Hey Scott sorry if someone has already asked, how long from start to finish did it take you, thanks for the video Scott, take care love you guys

      1. Gregory Harmeyer

        @Leg Arms well done Scott, thanks for making time to make the video, I know you would have had more time doing something else if you hadn't had to put the video together 👍thanks again

      2. Leg Arms

        It took me twice if not longer because of filming. Probably around 6-8 hours to finish it.

    39. LUIS J.R

      less talk more doing

    40. richard truesdell

      I thought your brother was calling you Leghorn as in Foghorn Leghorn the southern rooster in Disney cartoons hahaha.

    41. 46Rambo

      EXCELLENT! bet your kids are smart too, explained perfectly for anybody.

    42. Matthew dowd

      Leg arms = GOAT

    43. Johndeere5065

      Wow. Your a very impressive mechanic

    44. Jacob Mundy

      Great job Leg Arms. Did a great job of explaining how and why everything went together. Keep up the good work

    45. Nathan James

      I didn't know you were dyslexic so am I you know how it is we just work around it all the time

    46. james shaw jr

      You guys are awesome!! I seriously want to ride all the way to your farm, just so I could help with one, or more, of your projects! I've been turning wrenches since I was 14. That's almost 34 years of experience with everything from weed eaters, all the way up to and including the 8 wheel drive Hemmits when I was in the Army! I am currently working as a motorcycle mechanic, at Ray Ray's Cycle in Buhler KS for almost 2 years. I really appreciate the fact that you rebuild/restore and continue to use your equipment!! Have a blessed weekend. & Now onto your next videos. I've got to get caught back up!

    47. Bobby Pool

      Love listening to books. I will listen to books that I would never read.

    48. K D

      Another great job there Grasshopper, sorry LEG ARMS, stay safe, cheers for down Under (Australia 🇦🇺 😎 👍

    49. Jeremy Gray

      Love you guys and you are definitely not anoying God bless the sellers farm. Leg arms is awesome 👌

    50. Richard Teeman

      You should paint it the color of the big buds it would look awesome

    51. Phillip Peterman

      Well done Leg-Arms.....

    52. QuickX

      Hey leg arms, u should turn this truck into your personal truck!!

    53. redfox435cat

      Sometimes ya just need a chew toy.

    54. hikingtosurvive

      Video Idea: Burnouts: Nick vs Scott, who can do the longest one!

    55. Lankster Price

      Who uses a clutch.??? You only need it from a stop to get moving and thats it...

    56. matthewrenshaw

      This is a great video. I like Nick but its good to see LA side of things.

    57. Dirtyharry70585

      hahah an old beater truck with patina.....

    58. Z the blacksmith

      Leg arms would make a great blacksmith

    59. mitch yelvington

      Ya thought I would see barbed wire wrapped around the drive line! You know from coyote hunting!

    60. mitch yelvington

      Well said! Good tutorial!

    61. Nico Hauck

      Please make this old chevy workhorse grade again💪💪💪👍

    62. barry donovan

      I wish they made a couple million of these

    63. Jason Smith

      Another good video, thanks for posting!

    64. Jerry Fife

      Awesome work, loved the video, God Bless

    65. Juan Miguel Cortarello

      Great simple expanation on how a clutch works. Good stuff. Thanks!

    66. Martin Fetz

      right to repair - what do you guys think ? John Deere dealerships are lobbying AGAINST right to repair. Farmers, please help me out here

    67. Jeremy Konz

      I've had to do this on my '85 F350 a couple of times. Those transmissions get heavy after a while.

    68. shreman sarah

      hey man sorry to let your tiersdown but it`s not caled a doohicky , it`s called a DINGUS. HAHAHA

    69. Mark Walker

      Nick who? Very well presented leg arms and a very informative vlog

    70. dav1099

      Great job, dont be fooled that was not as easy as he made it look, expecally all by your self. keep up the good work and thanks for posting Sir. 👍👍

    71. Paul Bass

      rental prom farm truck YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Paul Bass

      -10F peshawwwwwwww

    73. David Alexander

      no brother n sight It is all you

    74. David Alexander

      great job leg arm

    75. Mister S

      Awesome! - I think you "could" put the ring gear in the oven at 450°F there should be enough expansion to slide on...but momma might not like the "Essence of Machine Oil" smell in the which case the torch is better, cuz if Momma ain't happy...NOBODY happy!

    76. Kenny Salisbury

      Have you ever noticed that in every garage ,shop , lean too ,or shade tree , you can find the same tool used in all places ........that tool is the person turning the wrenches ,so remember take care of your future tools

    77. Demo Man

      Petition for legarms to make his own channel that’s all about how to fix truck motors like this vid My mom could really use these types of vids and she really focuses on man candy when they talk so she should learn a lot from these lol

      1. Demo Man

        Unedited edit: it was funny af the way he installed the battery

    78. casey5711

      All I can say is , videos don’t get any better than this , thank you . 😀👍🏾🚚🚚🚚

    79. patrick murphy

      Great video LegArms commentary just right. Not sure what a doohickey is but a well used phrase on other good channels. Keep them coming:-)

    80. Chad Bennett

      Deboss garage would be proud of this video. I enjoy these type of videos

    81. dirtshower250

      Leg Arms your explanations are freaking awesome. Couldn’t have explained it better myself. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to know more about manual transmissions should watch this

    82. Larry Readman

      Now we're cooking with gas! Old saying, means better working! Leg arms channel!!!!!

    83. Aaron Hellhake

      How many miles are on that Escalade? I remember a few years ago rebuilding my uncles 72ish gmc plow truck transmission and I remember using his cherry picker to lift the transfer case back up into the truck thru the cab because I couldn't. I don't have the Leg Arms muscle.

    84. Poogan123

      Very cool to see this done, but I don't understand why they don't just replace the flywheel? They aren't expensive?

    85. D Steven Paisley

      454 must pull like a freight train!

    86. Big G

      Wut leg arms is dyslexic to?!?!

    87. SDRail Fan

      love the Legarms fix-it videos

    88. FM L

      You rock.Nice deer antlers.

    89. 4020 john deere

      Leg arms you could make it in Hollywood

    90. Dustin Bewley

      If you want to learn more, go find another video that explains it... hahahah! I love it.

    91. Trent St. Romain

      Leg Arms the Science Guy!!

    92. Rod Hunter

      love your videos man, thanks for making these.

    93. Koda's Restoration

      Nice job!! Actually learned something

    94. Paul Parker

      Also leg arms where are your safety glasses you always need safety glasses when working under a rusty truck don't learn that lesson like I did it sucks

    95. Paul Parker

      Man that has to be the cleanest truck I've ever seen did you guys but it brand new park it in a garage and forget about it for 30 years

    96. casy casy

      loved the video.glad you took the time and explained things, and by the way you did a great job

    97. Jimmie Flanagan

      The best description of ring gear/starter interaction and maintenance, good job.

    98. David Hunt

      It's going to be a very different story trying to repair modern equipment. Got a loose wire? Tape it up and you're ready to go? Nope. Gotta wait for the dealer to turn up with their laptop... Your crop sitting out on the field, oh well. Farmers need to get the right to repair the electronic part of the tractor and start lobbying. I grew up on a farm and we fixed everything, including electronic problems because I was interested in electronics I learnt what was needed, saving thousands. I guess farmers these days prefer older equipment that can be worked on without the need for the dealer visit with a laptop. See this video

    99. Philip Kimber

      that unique look on the bonnet- i had a ford car that was like that all over. i didn't go for it much as it was orange as well with a wining back axle. But the engine was good. Still my wife didn't fancy the decoration!

    100. Kris Bower

      Can't imagine how much you guys save by being able to do this work yourselves...a real blessing!!!

      1. Welker Farms

        Sooooo much!!