BLIZZARD!!|Leg Arms holding DOWN the FORT & new CAMERA?

Welker Farms

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    With Dad and Nick almost finished with the Lake House interior, Scott (Leg Arms) has stayed at the farm doing maintenance in the shop and keeping tabs on the property. This storm is our second biggest of this season with over 10 inches of snow and a nasty 40 mph wind making huge drifts. But a large front end loader makes for a quick cleanup. Leg Arms also works his magic on our 40ft transfer auger and gets it ready for the season.
    Nick had it with Gopro and decided it was time to say goodbye and go with a different brand. Just not enough reliability to stay with the hero line. BRING ON DJI OSMO ACTION CAM!
    DJI OSMO Action Cam:
    Mic adapter:
    Battery hand grip:
    USB cable:
    Swivel mount:
    To save $100-Join today with promo code: WELKER100
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    1. Keith Hibbard

      I think you could do a much better in your welds the big gobs look terrible come on gring file clean and paint it black the Camera is great but the brackets very unprofessional

    2. mays cooper

      The Welkers: Modifiers of the modified AND IT WORKS! Enjoy your programs.

    3. fbh31118

      Don't worry. Your Great Lakes brothers and sisters can preach a sermon on wet and dry snow. Great video.

    4. xXPeeerli13Xx Gaming

      Poor combines

    5. Scotty Swartz

      can i have the hero camra

    6. Saad al-shammri

      Too much talking, that been said Shut up 🤐

    7. davehd2009

      You seem to have some audio sync issues with this....

    8. Weaver Kevin

      Not being negative to you guys but you should have built that building 2 foot higher so you didn't need low headroom garage door because lh doors don't work as good.

    9. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    10. Chance Spillers

      Hey I saw your video and I was wondering what type of tools you use because I would love to try one of these just a little bit less to scale

    11. Hans Hardt

      As i understand you are using a directional microphone. as i see that you have it facing forward, which is great in front of camera but if behind camera the sound is not that great what if you point it straight up might get good audio both side of camera

    12. pat36a

      I thought I was the only one that told things to " Stay ".... Thay don't always listen. ...

    13. Dustin Tharp

      Hey I finally made me an account, new to you tube but I admire you and Hollywood. I would love to come up sometime and help. I want you to know leg arms. You and Hollywood are some of the most polite people I have ever seen. I am a mechanic/body man by trade but I am a farmer at heart. I raise hogs and chickens for my family. But I’d like to stop by someday and meet you guys in person. Godspeed brothers.

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    19. Peter Bishop

      People don’t realize farmers are smarter then you think, obviously they considered the fact that turning something around would switch the rotation, hence why they turned the motor around? Common sense ain’t so common anymore.

    20. Brian Dubach

      Is the gas tank mounted a little to close to the engine? Other than that thought, excellent job!

    21. Dan Finley

      Can’t wait to see how the new camera works have a blessed day

    22. Flatbed Trucking, Sam Rides.

      Try some brake parts cleaner on the ball to increase friction to hold camera.

    23. Bales Hay Farm and Ranch

      Hey Guys! I figured it out!!! Miss you you guys!!

    24. Kohala Iron Works

      The Corona virus is making things gifficult here in the Islands. People panicing & buying without considering their neighbors...definitely NOT Hawaiian!!!! COSTCO lines are a nightmare...over a 100 people lined up outside which is a pandemic waiting to happen...BE SAFE PEOPLE!!!!!

    25. Kohala Iron Works

      Legarms you never cease to amaze me with your fab work. Your hose bench is awesome. Nice camrea there Nick. Love you guys!!! Aloha, Chief

    26. Caleb Herbert

      what the brand of hydraulic hose crimper is that

    27. Keith Westbrooks

      They just stick you with all the hard work. Love your channel. God Bless.

    28. Patman Crowley

      I used to use blue jean leg material under my welding mask to keep the slag from dropping down my shirt collar and from burning my head. It worked great!

    29. Horst Szibulski

      Leg Arms is stealing the show..better vid with his in it! :-D

    30. Brian Beard

      WHite balance is WAY Off on the new cam.

    31. Dixie Farmboy

      Welker farms dog segment when

    32. Kacee Savage

      Super fashionable bracket!

    33. Carlos Galvan

      Sure am glad u said "you'll see" cuz I explained how and wut and where it goin and I still couldn't see the finished product.. nice job 😎👍

    34. QuakA Oats

      new camera is a W

    35. rem32001

      Seems like the video quality isn’t as good.... Is that just a setting?

    36. J Huelsmann

      Would cover crops hold the snow? If they held the snow, would that make up for the moisture used by the cover crop, and give even moisture across your field?

    37. josh33025

      I social distanced before this virus so I'm good.

    38. DaDevil

      Legarms do you have an engineering degree? Because the things you do are amazing.

    39. Pedro TheSwift

      Sorry for the newb question,, but why not a rearward facing mike as well? Also amazing to see your dry snow ! In Aus ours is always wet,, and on the tops of our mountains.

    40. KEN ADAMS

      I find it funny you wear the welders hat but I don't think I've seen you wear gloves when you weld, tough hands I guess!

    41. Jacob Haner

      Why do you never weld with gloves on

    42. gac914

      Those home-made brackets with all the welds & hardware on that camera give it a real steam--punk look! Great video/audio quality, too! To all you Welkers, stay safe & healthy out there!!!

    43. Sand Farms

      i think people just need to chill out about the corona virus the news is make it sound a lot worse that it is

    44. Andrew Schott

      had to chuckle, no gloves but rocks the hat! way to go legarms :) Greetings from ND

    45. Freedom Farms

      The biggest things we have learned from the "pandemic" is that stupidity is more contagious than Covid 19 and common sense is in shorter supply than toilet paper.


      I would stick with "Leg Arms." They could of called you "But Head" and M-tv would get you on copy rights.... lol Scott your the MAN!

    47. Jack Penner

      I really like watching you guys I think everybody should watch your channel if for no other reason than to see what it takes to put food on there tables,I know how much work it is ,I grew up on a dairy farm where the work never ends keep it up guys I always watch what you guys put out.

    48. Doliver Lipke

      Nike, for your ball mount slippage, try a little spray adhesive and a bit of sand sprinkled on while the glue is wet. Let dry. Should be enough grip to hold it tight.

    49. Clint Stall

      being the handy guy you are in the shop, why not build a plow for the loader

    50. daniel olsson

      SmallRig Vlog Case for GoPro Hero 8 Black looks like the one you build..

    51. john knauss

      Excellent, I really enjoy all of the Welker Farm Videos. Especially now that we are staying in the house all the time. Just had a friend from church die and another friend from church is very sick. Thank you guys. John

    52. Jo Camp

      I was down past you guys on March 10th and seen someone out seeding with a big air drill a little south of Shelby.

    53. Matt Grover

      UK leg arms you could prob make a push plow for pushing snow with some of the scrap iron you got

    54. Tractors Trucks and Pups

      Hey Scott, when you were walking in the snow drifts and all the wind, you sounded SO MUCH like Nick wh n the microphone was mainly picking up wind, can definitely tell you guys are brothers

    55. T Gilder

      Seriously, legarms should not be making videos. He is soooo boring and annoying.

    56. Jason Grat

      They make a hyd safety relief cutout for bin sweeps. It will stop the flow to the motor if there is enough back pressure from the sweep. My Wheatheart sweep has one. Works good and you then have an on/off in the bin with you if you plumb it in by the motor.

    57. Terel Hutto

      @25:11, Is that bolt welded to the bracket or did you leave it in the chicken coop overnight??

    58. SIMONE

      Why are you keeping the combine out?

      1. Robert Welker

        Cause still peas in the shed but are marketed

    59. Kris Bower

      Dumb, non-tech/mechanicy kinda question for you hands-on guys...what's the blue "Teflon" tape at about 7:45? Never saw blue...

      1. Kris Bower

        @Robert Welker Thank you for that info!!!

      2. Robert Welker

        It's a heavier tape used in oil industry and such

    60. Jeffrey Murdock

      Hey guys just wanted to say stay safe and stay healthy out there. As for me I'm stuck in California under a stay at home order from the governor. I need to move back east and into the country.

    61. cameron krider

      insane fabrication skills, and ingenuity!!

    62. Dennis Hettinger

      Thumbs up Leg Arms !!! Great video THANKS !!!!

    63. SLC Farms

      Yay I been telling you about this. I’m so glad hope you love it.

    64. Leakproofcow88

      wears a welding cap for not getting embers in his hair, doesn't wear safety glasses. lol

    65. Sam Schneider

      For Leg Arms , speaking of keeping sparks off your head , i saw you welding with your ungloved left hand , i used to do that until one of the guys i was working with played around with the wire speed on my welder after lunch and when i came back to weld on the applicator machine i was working on i had a big blob of slag roll down and stuck to my wedding ring and you can guess what happened, i did manage to save my finger and even the ring after some work from the jeweler and my wife , i still don't like welding gloves but i do wear a pair of regular leather gloves on my left hand at the very least, boy howdy it hurt, but old habits. It's good someone is at home getting real work done 🤣 keep it up 👍

    66. Maverick Cornett

      I'm a welder by trade, I wear them everyday while working, if people give you flak for it, just tell em to ingest a satchel of Richards lol

    67. Noah Pedersen

      Does anyone else think think the GoPro is better quality 😂😂😂

    68. Tom Cleghorn

      Where do I sign up for the Scott school of making everything look easy and work perfect? Love your hard work Scott. And it's safe too. And thanks for the camera update Hollywood.

    69. MinnesotaEric

      My Hero8 is every bit as disappointing as my Hero6. Why on God's green earth can't GoPro make a camera that DOESN'T forget the time and date? I have 32,000 video clips in my library and thanks to GoPro I wind up trying to discern which January 2016, videos are the ones I need to edit into my latest videos. Please report how this new camera works as I'm ready to shoot my GoPros if KGup wouldn't demonetize the video for mentioning a pew, pew, pew.

    70. M.J Gilmore

      Its a scam and a sure fire way to turn this into a socialist country within days

    71. nick fritter

      Let's see a blooper video everyone can use a good laugh

    72. Cory Black

      I am starting up a KGup channel that while show what my family does on a cattle ranch and i need to know what the best camera is to use. What kind of camera do you guys use?

      1. Robert Welker

        Was Gopro but switching to DJI Osmo

    73. Nick Reuling

      honestly the gopro has better camera quality

    74. hunter paylor

      Man I wear a welders cap all day at work . I'm a welder those caps save your hair trust me!

    75. simon priestman

      What model is your new camera nick and were did you get it from ! looks to work very well

      1. Robert Welker

        Osmo DJI

    76. David Andrews

      Please please please get a barn for those combines!

    77. Hunter 747

      Good video guys God bless

    78. Rich Overmyer

      I have a saying Function 1st..... appearance later Maybe


      Hey Nick I think I could 3D print camera brackets to replace your custom designer brackets. I'm not sure they would look as professional as yours but they'd be functional. And it looks like a fun project ...

    80. Jeff Kuipers

      i have a go pro hero 3+ and im not in happy with so quit use it.

    81. Maverick Wayne

      It’s too wet here in Nebraska we were supposed to be getting our fields ready but we don’t want to get stuck

    82. Mister S

      Border Collie 17:29

    83. Thermidor E1

      I think Big Bud needs a plow. 30 foot snow drift? you mean that speed bump? Also, Scott's "Not a cutting jig" is genius. Any who, it might be worth looking into some kind of filter to stick over the lens on your new camera, the video seemed really washed out.

    84. Wannaberanger

      I think the welkers farm end goal should be acquiring the 747?

    85. Bob Fischer

      I had a machine shop for many years. I really enjoyed lathe work. Among other abilities, Leg Arms, you really seem to know your way around the engine lathe! I like seeing those projects!

    86. mark pettit

      I'd be riding the atv in the snow 😁

    87. Levi Smith

      Are you LDS?

      1. Robert Welker

        Non Denominational

    88. Cthulhu

      Now that you have your camera rig mostly figured out; have LegArms fab up a pretty version of it for you. This request is mostly just because I like watching him fab stuff.

    89. Albert Klose

      Clean it up a little bit then patent it and sell your camera set up! 🎬🎬🎬🎥🎥🎥

    90. Samuel

      Apparently farmers are the only ones not taking a quarantine break

    91. Garret Varilek

      You will be demonized for saying carona virus

    92. Frank Gillette

      Is't it weird how America now realizes how much we really need the unsung heroes like your family to get us the food we need. Keep up the good work

    93. Tom Rugg

      Get a snow pusher for that loader. You will not regret it! I’ve plowed snow with a loader and it is painful.

    94. S

      He’s saying feed me

    95. Bill Booth

      Y’all getting snow we keep getting rain

    96. Robert MacCready

      So, if ya can't weld it ya can't make it. hahaha

    97. Jerry Glen

      Americans stick together regardless of politics ! 👍

    98. William Mayberry

      I also have GoPro but now waiting on your assessment of the DJI Osmo......

    99. Rocky Run Angus Ranch

      Glad to see you guys trying out the DJI cams i've been doing a bunch of research trying to figure out which is the best, in your video the quality wasn't that great on the dji but i'm pretty sure you can adjust settings to get er dialed in, i'm looking forward to seeing how they work out for you, be awesome if you could do a video down the road on your thoughts on the dji vs gopro. Legs arsm you sir a wizard In the shop.

    100. 46Rambo

      FYI nothing goes on the shelf in spare parts that isn't in A-1 working condition, otherwise it goes in the "iffy - bin" saves problems down the road, been there done that