BIG BUD Tractor Restoration - 2019 Time-Lapse

Welker Farms

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    After months we've finally finished working on this BIG BUD! Restorations are never easy but thankfully this one didn't need a lot of mechanical work so it wasn't as extensive as previous builds we have done. Paint, interior, wiring, hydraulics, lights, and decals make such a difference! Large farm tractors like these spend tens of thousands of working hours and need rebuilt from time to time. Our plan for this beast is to use it in spring planting along side our BIG BUD KTA 525.
    Year Built: 1979
    Model: 525/50 (upgraded to a 600/50)
    Engine: Cummins KTA 18.8L 6-cyl diesel
    Weight: 52,000 lbs
    Fuel: 550 gal
    Transmission: Twin Disc 9 speed
    Tires: 30.5-32
    Oddens Autos

    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Hugh Stephenson

      As much as y'all farm, them Big Buds still are too small!!

    2. MadMax Farms

      At Least The drawbar didn’t get leg arms arm on this one

    3. Marty Goodson

      Gave John Deere 844 a make over

    4. Mark Arnott

      👀 👓 great restoration video 👍 BIG BUD a thing of beauty

    5. parkjammer

      A machine built entirely with the products of science... with references to mythology mixed in... what is it with myth-believers? When Joe Diety pops in and hands over the keys to a new tool, THEN include it.

    6. Dwayne Koblitz

      I also was thinking that is was WAY heavier than just 52,000 lbs?? Am I remembering wrong?

      1. Dwayne Koblitz

        Welker Farms okay. Was thinking about the big one. Thanks for the reply. Have a great day.

      2. Welker Farms

        The largest big bud is much heavier but these models are in the 50k range.

    7. Dwayne Koblitz

      I knew that this video existed but always forgotten to look it up. Today it just popped up. Fantastic job rebuilding the world’s largest tractor! It looks amazing!

    8. Pete Schiavoni

      Fantastic restoration. It’s great that some paint and upgrades keep older stuff going for years to come.

    9. Vyntex

      Totally awesome as always!

    10. Darold Criswell

      Dad gets the best one

    11. Ed Shangreau

      Beautiful tractor! Job well done! 👍

    12. Lonnie Ford

      Lovin' these tractor restorations, great work guy's

    13. Nicole Sheahan


    14. Mirwais Alizada


    15. Gabe Tidyman

      Where did you guys get the diamond tread floor liner from?

    16. Richard Corley

      I hope you do more like this video

    17. mrlpn2

      Would never work for me none of my family get alone we’ll enough to be around each other long enough lol

    18. Paul Letchworth

      Amazing what you guys do , year in year out to help provide for America 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    19. Bob P

      Dad always gets the nicest ride! Nice tractor!

    20. NeonTarget2

      Give creds to the drone operator

    21. Sean Mackay

      Yous have some serious money

      1. Welker Farms

        Land rich cash poor, that is farming

    22. Olaf Schmidt

      I know that you're keeping a really sharp eye on the Quad Tracs, but I really hope that the Big Buds will last another lifetime, or two... 😊👍🏻

    23. Spike Lynch

      how long did it take

    24. Tony Ackerman

      Do you men have a DVD collection of all of your videos? I know my Dad would greatly enjoy it. He's originally from Glentana / Peerless and spent his entirely farming/ranching life just east of Belgrade, so he would have a great appreciation of the work you do.

    25. Tony Ackerman

      Pretty damn cool that you men keep these GREAT tractors up to snuff and running! EXCELLENT work!

    26. Skippy_lardazz

      This will never get old

    27. Bredman Will

      Wow thats awesome!!!

    28. Rob Hartshorn

      Do you wish you had a Big Bud 747?

    29. lee sanders

      In Farming Simulator I have the Welker Farms map I know that that has nothing to do with the video but I thank you have some of the best content on these platform love the videos

    30. Andrew Azaransky

      Wish you guys could’ve had painted all the branding

    31. Larry Croskey

      The most satisfying video I have ever watched!

    32. TenEndermen

      I play ur farming simulator map all the time

    33. Quentin von Atens

      I Play tihs in fs 19

    34. Runey Player

      beautiful machine

    35. niko hopiavuori

      Its wierd to watch because i am played this map in fs19

    36. John Cook

      That's a fantastic job you have done to that machine. You should be proud of the result. Good video.

    37. Fred Schlueter

      That looks mint

    38. Toby and James Goldsmith

      As far as I know big bud don’t make tractors anymore, if you were to replace a tractor, what would you replace it with??

      1. Ben Aklestad

        Big bud died in the 80s

    39. Cj Hansen

      It’s a great thing that you guys brought this tractor back to life, I know how hard the work is to such a project. To see such a machine back out in the field is amazing, it’s just like putting an old pickup back on the road. You guys did an amazing job and thanks for all you do as far as bringing food to our tables

    40. Dadson anand

      Wow!! Thank you sir! Proclaiming the word of God, encouraging the people!

    41. Rougaroux

      There are so many things that you all do out on your farm that I’d love to experience. The only tractors that I’ve ran are smaller units such as the old 6060 Allis-Chalmers.

    42. David Tobías

      Un trabajo impresionante de una gran máquina. Saludos!!

    43. Pankaj singh Singh

      I am from India

    44. Chris Clarke

      We call that a 5 gallon overhaul. No engine work, powertrain not repaired, no electrical repairs or painted it.

    45. wnclooney

      I admire people who nowadays instead of throwing away something that is old and buying new, try to fix something that may still be useful. Greetings from Poland.

    46. Paulo Rodrigues

      God bless you! Good job

    47. Lakeside Farms

      basically every thing you did to the bud

    48. Lakeside Farms

      you guys look like you do good work. maybe youd be willing to restore my grandpas 440 Allis. its mint...just saying

    49. Kevin

      Great video! and great work!

    50. 1954Bentley TypeR

      The Big Bud is the Biggest of all the Buds.

    51. xoán t4nquex

      Amazing work, you gave that machine a new life.

    52. Peter Otten

      Dad pays the Bill's he should get the tractor lol keep up the fun vids huge fan all the way over here in new Zealand

    53. Paul Bass

      this looks like a tractor challenege !

    54. Ultra Rust

    55. Carter Farms

      I love u guys as farmers

    56. Alien Man

      Oh boy... She's a beast...

    57. The Buiscut Master

      When you play this at the slowest playback speed it is still pretty fast

    58. Ron Hanson

      Which big name tractors will still run ten years from now? These older ones can go on forever. Nice work!

    59. Dav Harding

      Dad should get the new BUD.

    60. Chicken Nuggie

      How long did it take to do that

    61. I Am

      Joshua 10:13 teaches earth is not spinning. God bless.

    62. Alec Wilson

      Congratulations !

    63. Sanders Farms

      Let your dad drive the Series 3

    64. Guy Boisvert

      Impressive! Maybe you've already told it but i see a 525/50 entering and after the restoration, it's a 600/50 !! Did you tweak the engine to make it a 600? And what is the meaning of the "/50" ? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    65. Paraskevi Kontou


    66. Paul Gribben

      Those Big Buds are gigantic, I suppose everything has to scale up in proportion with the acreage. Beautiful restoration, great video!

    67. Wesley Smal

      Great long did restoration took between farming?

    68. Chris Pfeiffer Hobby Farm

      love all the videos very inspiring for some one getting started

    69. Crown Vic Police Interceptor

      Cool, Looks amazing! One my favorite sayings “ Hard Work Forever Pays “

    70. Marc Horton

      Absolutely loved watching this restoration, how you rebuilt things, fabricated bits you needed etc, clearly you're all very knowledgeable and know your stuff! Great work guys!

    71. Rob Hardwick

      How many man hours do you estimate? Wonderful job fellas!

    72. Robert Anthony

      What all do yall plant throughout the year? I live in West Tennessee. And work at Tosh Farms. I recently restarted working on the Farm. I was a Diesel mechanic for 4 years for the company. But now I'm a farm mechanic. The farm i work for plants winter wheat, canola, soybeans, corn. And raise Hogs. I know im probably forgetting something. But we mostly run CASE IH. Have a few John Deere Tractors.

    73. pat36a

      Sounds like Dad wants His Tractor Done Next....

    74. K N

      Amen! I need to watch it at least 3 more times God bless y’all

    75. Aaron Ruiz

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    76. David Currie

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    77. Michał Michał

      Ultimate american thing

    78. Marcus Havey

      when will you guy work on the Wagner WA-4 agen

    79. Philip Spencer

      Joshua 1:9. Excellent choice. God Bless you all for 2020.

    80. Lexx1976

      Increase in resale value 10%. Money and time invested 100%. This is what I call real dedication. BTW I was exactly number 20.000 to like this video.

    81. belfast479

      Amazing,amazing amazing... all I can say. Man you guys are brave. LOL

    82. Chainsaw Den's

      😍incredible!!!very nice job👍🤘🏻👌,congratulations from 🇫🇷!!!!

    83. W Sawatzky

      Go get the 747 it needs your loving touch

    84. Ray Anderson

      Amazing. I'm still a farm kid at heart and your videos just make me drool. 2 things: 1) There has been a 525/50 Big Bud for sale in Dawson Mn for about a year. I last saw it fall of 2019. It's never been a field tractor, it was used by the local contractor to pull a huge knife for laying drain tile. 2) As near as I can tell, the 747 has been retired. With your abilities, you should get it and restore it. :-) Keep up the great work!

    85. ZurdoZhuK

      I have 3 of them in fs19

    86. Giocattolo012

      Whats with the random bible quote? Kinda stupid dont ya think?

    87. dfgggfg

      It does not look nice. An ugly piece of metal.

    88. Hunter Allen

      I downloaded the map and play on it everhdsy on fs19

    89. Vishal Chauhan


    90. Vishal Chauhan


    91. Vishal Chauhan

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    92. Vishal Chauhan

      Welker farm contact number

    93. Магомед Ибрагимов

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    94. ZORGE Unknown

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    95. MF 65

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    96. senát RC modely

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