Finally! We Bought More Storage!

Welker Farms

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    For the first time in nearly 40 years, we will erect new flat bottom grain bin storage! And this time two 25,000 bushel Westeel bins! These bins are 17,500 bushels larger than the largest currently on the farm. The catch is, winter is here and so the iron will have to sit till next year to be erected. But they will be ready for harvest 2020! Thank you Westeel for helping us fix our much needed grain storage issue! Thank you "That Guys Fab Shop" for helping make this happen!
    After several years not having a door on this building we decided it was best to fabricate sliders as they are cheap and strong. Thanks to Leg Arms and Dad, the sliders are on and look terrific! But it still isn't finished so hopefully we can get a chance to do the finishing touches.
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    1. Napalm182 Napier

      Love vids keep getting it done

    2. Tony Ackerman

      Bob Welker, you crack me up! LOL

    3. Randall Midgley

      Well done team, I enjoyed the visit. Families rock. 😁😎

    4. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Scott and Dad really can get it Done !

    5. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Ample Farm land , good dependable Equipment and lots of dry storage looks to be the key components to your success. And you need great weather and good economic conditions but that’s out of your control. And a lot of good Luck on the last 2 things ! Good Luck

    6. Ron Anderson


    7. Carl Helsing

      Walk-in door--?--should be "labled" "PERSONNEL"---or--reasonable opening for human entry--or--?--don't let all the heat out--use the little door--or-?--don't be a jackass and "knock" on the big door--SHOP Etiquette--Irregular irritation's which occur in a literacy dependant world--Put a sign on the damned thing so I know what it is--(-I think somewhere I saw the pesonnel door built into the lage horzionta movement door-if operated from inside the building with a switch it could happen that someone would be opening the personnel door---danger of being dragged along as the main door moves)-if necessary a complete descrption of the invention--Wry humor---best I can say of it--from industrial northwest Indiana--chock full of big shop's with big and little door's- labled or unlabled "PERSONNEL"---door's--(this way in please-?)--this avoid's your having to be asked-"-where is the vehicle-?-"-fastidious living--website-"SKYTRAINZASTRON"--UFO---Research--(TR3B watcher)--caution is in order--alien's may not understand how to build thing's properly on Earth-

    8. Richard Edwards

      Sun Burn while gluing!

    9. Benjamin Damon

      Awesome working together

    10. Marcus Havey

      when will you guy work on the Wagner WA-4 agen

    11. Mark J. Cady Jr.

      I wanna come work for you! That is if you want a former Engineer-Photographer-Car and Airplane Parts Sales Guy-Fabricator-Test Technician-Hot Rodder-and..........

    12. Power Stroke73

      Looking to buy a good welder what brand do you use?

      1. Welker Farms

        Honestly can't recommend anything since we use welders from the biblical age but brand names such as Miller, Hobart, Lincoln and such are all great. We haven't decided on which welder we will go with when we upgrade... Which needs to be soon 😂

    13. Zarb

      You hear people talk about their 9 to 5 job, famers have a 5 to 9 job. Thanks guys for the food on our tables.

    14. Fire it up

      Nick u slacker

    15. Barbara Stedillie

      I like your ‘Case ‘ fork lift!!!

    16. Nunya Bidness

      "Gluing that together with electricity". Nice one.

    17. Mitch Howard

      You have any pets

    18. IQTriggerfishy

      Probably had a nice tan after all that welding without sleeves.

    19. pick to stone

      Ugg i put up and tore down so many grainbins i cant stand to do it any more

    20. I Beam Sliding Doors You guys should've used these. Door systems designed for exactly what your doing here and way better

    21. David Oden

      Love the videos ! God bless the Welker family for 2020

    22. downhilltwofour00

      Merry Christmas to all you guys and your families!

    23. master of disaster

      Nice job Leg Arms and Dad, fun to watch!

    24. mar ram

      you can put subtitles of your videos

    25. justin schmicker

      Thomas flood lights on the boom boom truck into new HD service truck lol

    26. Robin Monseré

      Did they have more storage before? did they sell parts of it?

    27. Tayton Abbott

      u guys are the best my grandpa has a farm near delta utah

    28. rem32001

      Camera gear related. It's an M8 x1.25x25mm bolt. Hope that saves you guys some time. I Love the Mount. Thanks Nick. Also the magnet may come unglued, just sand it down and out some epoxy on it. Let it set up a few days and it's better than New!

    29. jw '46

      Great stuff!

    30. Wesley Janzen

      your dad has a good sence of humor

    31. Thomas Blaikner

      Never let me see you without a seatbelt Bob you are very special to the American public 😆😆😆😆😆

    32. justin arledge

      Missing the videos guys.

    33. Joey Campbell

      No Saturday video? 🤔🤔🧐

    34. international farmer

      Looks good nice job

    35. Steven Andrews


    36. Mountain Views

      Great video guys the building will be very useful and helpful for all kinds of different things thumbs up my friends

    37. david floyd

      gluing it together with electricity hehhehehe basically welding it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. ron Jessie

      That was A pretty cool video, right there.

    39. locsipocsi1

      Those doors look great guys! well done and I'm glad to see the heavier wooden beam go in too.

    40. Mugler farms

      Why no video yesterday

      1. Robert Welker

        A content folder content sent to editing was empty and Nick wasn't available to correct, as he was away. But will be corrected this week.

    41. Rose Ironworks

      I really like your channel guys but why oh why does scott insist on welding without proper PPE.....think of your skin man !

    42. TheSoloAsylum

      Trump 2020

    43. Cody Thomas

      5:50 hi scott

    44. JD GIBS

      Enjoyed your video and yea the God bless too. ☝🇺🇸💪🙏👉...blessings bros. of strength, health, safety and success. 👍

    45. Pete James

      Hay Mr Welker looking good in 1080p hehehehe great job guys

    46. Tom Cleghorn

      Love it. Doors look awesome. Thanks for sharing

    47. Jonas B.

      What's happend with the Wagner WA-4 which you bought bevore a few months?

      1. Jonas B.

        @Robert Welker Thank you for the answer

      2. Robert Welker

        It's waiting it's turn in the shop. Gotta get some other projects finished.

    48. Mike Moore

      I don't think that a lot of people understand that farming is big business. You guys are some of the major players in the American food chain supply. You and all of your fellow farmers and ranchers are as important as any industry in this country. You are part of the backbone of America. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your whole family and a big salute from Missouri!

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Mike. Blessed Merry Christmas to your family.

    49. Rieksfier

      Haha, loved Legarms putting Nick on the spot at the end.

    50. SaltyTubers

      That boom truck though ... sheer genius whoever thought of that. (*cough* yeah I know it's LegArms, but beefy guys like us need love too!)


      Awesome videos! Im friends with becca benton and ryan. Love watching the videos

      1. Robert Welker

        Cool! Just looked up and saw Becca is friends with sarah.

    52. Grant DuBridge

      How many bushels does a semi trailer hold?

      1. Robert Welker

        about 1000 for the two older trailers, 1200 for the new Demco.

    53. Andy Mouser

      Congrats on the arrival of your New Son... Congrats on your New Purchase of 2 New Grain Bins... Hope they are the Stiffened Bin style... Too many bad bins around the Country that are collapsing because they are Not Stiffened... Now just need a large Square or rectangular Steel Storage Building for your Air Seeder Storage and Large Implement Storage... Keep up the Good Work... Keep the Videos flowing... Thanx for being Farmers and... Thanx for sharing...

    54. The Western Sky Ranch

      Excited for the grain storage build!

    55. Mike L

      Glad you went back to your previous filming methods!! Thank you for the effort because we know it’s more difficult to do it this way!!

    56. Bob Crone

      Santa Clause works for the bin company?

    57. HellMax2017

      Awesome video guys! Love the content. Keep up the great work!

    58. Dokk-David Sr.

      That looks a lot like the building Millennial Farmer just cleaned out. ?

    59. Robin Greer

      Dear Case IH... Please give these guys a new skid steer. #ShootTheDeere

    60. Farmer Peter

      Hey Great Video. I Have A Solution For That Bin Floor! IF You Have An Old Hay Rack, Take The Rack Off And Use The Running Gear ( The Frame And Wheels ) And Maybe Make A Frame At Each End To Hold The Floor. For The Frame You Could Use 1 Inch Tubing And Have It Be Like 8 Feet Wide And Put 1 Foot Tall Tubing At Each End To Keep The Floor From Sliding Off The Side ( Like This |_____|) Hope This Helps!

    61. ToreDL87

      You could have welded those square tubes odd on each side, it wont look "synchronous" but with the welds on odd stacks will make it stronger ^^

    62. James Thomas

      On behalf of all humanity and your wife, I would like to thank u for shaving Nick. You no longer look like a homeless crack head. 😋

    63. Mark Wolf

      18:52 Is that a dog or a wolf running in the field in the background?

      1. Robert Welker

        It's a dog that woof's 😁👍

    64. Wikkitt Klown

      That bobcat is one sexy piece of equipment. Congrats on the new toys!!!

    65. Bernie Schoep

      good job guys.

    66. Bernie Schoep

      do you use roll of insulation.

      1. Robert Welker

        If you mean in this building no, cold storage.

    67. Bernie Schoep

      me measure once check 3 times i cut lol.

    68. Bernie Schoep

      you guys should start a building remodeling business.

    69. Bernie Schoep

      lol remember Scott and Nick your dad runs the paycheck lol.

    70. Bernie Schoep

      if you ever need heavy duty black plastic material contact dk plastics in archer iowa dave de kok.

    71. Bernie Schoep

      you might have to dig down to 5 feet for a good base.

    72. Bernie Schoep

      there is pea processing plant in new ulm minnesota

    73. Bernie Schoep

      nice looking bins.

    74. OhioplowBoy Hawk

      Welker Construction?

    75. Edward Prokes

      how did the payloader work out!! ed &laura prokes

      1. Robert Welker

        We haven't got a chance to fix it. The parts I believe are done. We have been busy on a new project which all will see soon.

    76. TheGaming Channel

      When are you gonna post a vid of the loader

      1. Robert Welker

        Haven't had a chance to get on it. Other new happening. You'll see soon.

    77. Charles Sensel

      Grabs severely cracked lumber to use as a support then says "hold my beer watch this"

    78. Patrick Morgan

      Outstanding, American ingenuity and know how in action. Hope you have a restful winter. And God bless.

    79. Christian O'Reilly

      How much would something like that cost

      1. Robert Welker

        Bins erected will be under $50k each

    80. Jim Glasscock

      Great work, guys!

    81. iamrichrocker

      your Dad is styling with that new hat...glad to see all are in good health and still working together..:))

    82. matt phillips

      want to say i am sorry for some the questions i have posted this harvest for you guys after doing some checking on some things one the biggest ones is rented storage there vs here and in that in its self storage here is half the price you guys have to pay no wander you guys did what you did

      1. matt phillips

        @Robert Welker after finding out what i asked about i felt like i put you guys down for doing what you did with piling grain on the ground and i wanted to make sure that did not come across that way i went back and to store grain for you guys is like 8 cents a bushel and i was talking to my friend that farms here and it is like 2 to i think he said 5 cents a bushel here to store grain

      2. Robert Welker

        Thanks Matt. You asked good questions.

    83. Bob Ross

      4:25 The cool thing here is I can tell you exactly what the son is going to look like in 30 years 😂

      1. Terry Mertz

        i thought the same thing when Bob and Scott were riding in the pickup at the end!

    84. Thomas Blaikner

      Nice to see my SUBSIDY money going for a tangible product instead of the onion farmers in Orange County NewYork spending it on more snowmobiles and Maseratis and oh yea let’s not forget larger BRICK MANSIONS.

    85. SuperGoldnut

      I would of used a microlam or a parallam beam above the door. It would cost more but it would be skookum

    86. Kohala Iron Works

      Wish I was there...the only Hawaiian Welder on Welker Farms Inc.

      1. Robert Welker

        It would be fun 👍

    87. Kohala Iron Works

      I like looking @ steel. But I love welding it & machining it!!!! I was like 26 in a prixon honor camp. Welding & Machining. We built the floor joists' out of our scrap building... Love You Guys!!!

    88. Joseph Hicks

      Are y’all Engineers or what? Nice job

    89. Jerome Candeloro

      Hi Welker Farms will the new storage have aeration in the concrete slabs?

      1. Robert Welker

        No, air steel floors

    90. Michael Bruner

      You are so fortunate to have the equipment you have for fabrication. 30 years ago, I didn't have but a stick welder and torch for fab. We used a block and tackle with a homemade boom or a tripod for lifting.


      Gotta love gluing together with electricity

    92. Thomas Heider

      On the side of the skid loader, John case don't think I've ever heard of that company

    93. Troy

      Was that flatbed from roehl?

    94. Jetwash !

      Nice work gentlemen, nice work, 👍 can’t wait to see it completely finished with all metal.

    95. Jonny Boy

      Naah. Leg Arms should be the new host from now on. Nick is a douchebag.

    96. Clinton Emmert

      Your dad like a big kid, know where y’all get it 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    97. Eric Reznok

      Super Sketch, using the scissor lift while on the back of a trailer

    98. The219Beast

      Mr Welkers nickname should Dadhands I didn’t see him put gloves on once!!!

    99. Zach Cooper

      Glad to see some doors. N more bins. Ever thought bout putting that building on some walls ? So raising it up higher

      1. Robert Welker

        It's not our building . We rent the land.

    100. Rick DeWitt

      Congratulations! I remember the 50,000 bu pile of wheat in the yard. This will eliminate that pile unless you have a great year, lets pray for it.