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    1. Tony Ackerman

      The interaction between you two makes me laugh! Keep it up!!!

    2. Tony Ackerman

      "What to do with all the hats?" Put up a "hat board" and pin the hats to it, front facing outward. Put along the top of walls, maybe on the ceiling

    3. Kevin Batley

      Is that new stations for decking on summer house

    4. Kevin Batley

      You made a floodlight trolley make one for the camera

    5. Kevin Batley

      Your slacking and they’re working

    6. Caleb Hart

      Whats the frame for??

    7. George Davidson

      What is Leg Arms real name ?

    8. John Engelsman

      Tell leg arms to turn wire speed down a little it’s spiting

    9. Jay Boschetti

      Is the metal frame something to help you with the silo bin build

    10. Gene Murphy

      What about Nick’s break down There’s a great Ag Museum in Woodland just north of Krapramento California

    11. Jason Rich

      Am I the only one that heard “versatile” when you were referencing that frame y’all are building??? Maybe I just misheard what you said.

    12. Dom Thomas

      What are the plans with the WAGNER? I haven't seen anything on the program yet. I know you are busy trying to get your "vacation home" done.

    13. Timothy Stevens

      You could make a hat wall.

    14. Seth Van Tuyl

      It might go faster to cit the metal if you change the blade

    15. TE Vogel

      Hello Nick… I had to get off caffeine too… I went to a product called True Lemon ....I have it in the morning.... I heat up a large cup like you have.... put in the true lemon and two teaspoons of local honey .....and no more caffeine problems… Give it a try...

    16. Kevin Massey

      @welkerfarms why don’t you all sign the hats and do a random draw eBay auction/buy or do it through your merch site,

    17. SDRail Fan

      I have heard hogs are coming south from Canada, are you ready for this?

      1. Welker Farms

        Heard that too, better oil my "scary black toys" and jump in a helicopter! I am doubtful they can survive in our open land as there is little to no cover. But lots of Montana has good cover and they'd likely thrive.

    18. Randy Kildow

      I am very interested in seeing your journey with Camelina. It is such an interesting oil. I was first introduced to the crop riding in the Valier area with Ken Wheeler and Jack Holden. The oil side has such a positive future. I have many questions on the grower side.. Thank You

    19. Bernie Schoep

      forget the peas lol

    20. Dick Shinn

      If you are going to the Boone, Iowa farm show, make plans well ahead of time for lodging. The traffic around there gets really congested at show time!! From Erie, CO, but know the area well.

    21. Bernie Schoep

      way it works here if farmer sells the land the new buyer gets half the cash rent given to them.

    22. Bernie Schoep

      our farmland is worth 14500.00 per acre.

    23. Bernie Schoep

      jeremiah 12

    24. Bernie Schoep

      the best welder on the market is Forney

    25. Tim Hodny

      how is case ih a partner

    26. Barbara Stedillie

      I was looking forward to seeing the bathroom getting completed...

    27. James Moon

      Drove by a farm that had a hat on every fence post for over a mile. Unique use of hats.

    28. Manella Perry

      Have yall ever thought of doing some kind of a contest,for people that want to come to yalls farm.Do a trivia game,and ask so many questions,then all the ones with the right answers,go into a random drawing.Js.

    29. Bruce Baker

      Don't grow peas anymore.

    30. PlumCress

      How is the shop insulated? Short sleeves.....

    31. NM 2463

      Glad you guys like the helmet :) If it starts not switching try changing the battery. Its on the side, the test buttons on those don't always work.

    32. Tim Wright

      I got head aches drinking Folgers switched brands no more head aches

    33. Scott Langdon

      On the lake house I think it would be great watching the work you do out back towards the water.

    34. Barbara Stedillie

      I am bummed!! I look forward to your lake house videos so much. I was wondering why there haven’t been any updates lately. Now realizing you’ve done so much work that wasn’t disappointed 😔. I don’t understand why people aren’t watching. It gives another aspect of you guy’s life that involves a huge project AND time with all of your families, working and being together. A family project...come on these really great vids, so nice to see a family project plus another aspect of these multitalented men...

    35. Carl Godwin

      Hey Nick, I have been noticing you have been struggling with your video equipment in the shop so I thought id share this short video to get your creative abilities going, I'm darn sure between you and Leg Arms you guys could make a rolling camera stand to fit all your cams, mics, chargers, lighting and screens all in one with some neoprene type castors on the bottom it could be a sweet rig for you. I got the idea from Keith Rucker on youtube but I cant find that particular video right now and the other guy who who his gear really sorted great is Keith Fenner he is able to zoom in his cameras using his phone and it makes for some great videography

    36. Paul Baillie

      Eastwood has an all in one welder, tig, mig and plasma. Might not be heavy duty enough for you though.

    37. Thomas Blaikner


    38. Thomas Blaikner

      Now I have to do all of my stuff to get current again. I’m six months out of currency but I can do it with my eyes closed. I have been a pilot for 43 years😆 Go get current don’t lose your skills.

    39. Thomas Blaikner

      I just got cleared for a kidney stone that was 16 yrs ago. Not sure why they worried about it now but it ate up my class 3

    40. Junk Yard Dog

      I love the lake house videos.

    41. Mike Pagel

      I'll take some hats over your hands.

    42. hikingtosurvive

      I've been watching your vids for over a year and have seen quite a progression. Keep up the great work!


      Nick could you tell What The Farm Girl, what you use. Your audio is better than hers. Keep the videos coming, more with Scott!

    44. Don Reese

      How is he not wearing gloves using the plasma cutter?! Yikes lol. Touch farm boy for sure.

    45. Craig Clemson

      Get some knee pads great time

    46. 1ove2Act

      When your in TX do a collab with DemolitionRanch

    47. David Iwanaga

      See you at Tulare!!!@👍🚜

      1. Robert Welker

        Awesome 👍 hoping to me some of you!

    48. James Williams

      We get 4 ton to acre in great Britain thought that you would get more that's not very good 2 ton to acre dont no how u survive we get £150 a ton

      1. Davin Crook

        James Williams The land is cheaper. They farm 7,000 acres

    49. Eger Viktor

      Guten abend. 👍 👌 💪

    50. Rock Brigade Community

      15 months apart, your poor mother, at least you both turned out to be class acts... i bet both parents are very proud of what you've become.

    51. Dan Shadoin

      I may have suggested this before, but you can buy a government owned aircraft hangar, dismantle it, and move it to your farm. These are wind-rated, steel framed structures. And they are only pennies per square foot, you haul. Just an idea.

    52. Robert Palmore

      Hat wall;o)

    53. oldretiredguy

      In my old days of farming we had some JD 7520's that would slobber if u left them to idle for long periods. We learned to pick the rpm's up a little bit to spin up the turbo. This usually corrected the issues.

    54. Dave Carroll

      Great show keep it coming

    55. Rick Brandt

      Shy LEGaRMS NOW JOINING NICK AND NOW BOB TOO AND HIS OWN CHANNEL. The family sharing and being rewarded,well deserved... Cameos by others,nice.

    56. Paul Rush

      Great chat this morning

    57. J Bryant

      Have 4 months left of college and looking weld for a farmer

    58. Ray Mitch

      I'm surprised that Case IH hasn't given you a skidsteer yet.

    59. Michael Parrott

      When cutting angle iron or square/rectangular tubing with a chop saw add a mod to the vise so that the corner of the angle iron or one corner of tubing is down. Blade is then cutting equal amount during whole cut and burr is mostly eliminated. Cut is much faster and blade life much improved. Clamp on both sides of cut to eliminate burr on cut pieces.

    60. casy casy

      sorry i missed the live stream didn't get the notice till after the live show .youtub does this all the time

    61. Steven Weich

      Advance your timing (slightly) on the fuel injection pump on the skid steer and it will start much better. You guys would like a miller 350p welder, impressive welder.

    62. Clinton Lavalley 49

      Hey man love your videos keep up the gods work. God bless

    63. thomas leonard

      How come you told Zachary where you live? - lol

    64. Michael Russell

      11 Million hectares [ 2.2 acres/hectare] have been burnt in Australia. Firestorm [own weather pattern] bushfires, Hail, Flooding and dust storms. Temps 45celcius+. The fires started late September. At least January has been much cooler on the whole. Still another 8 weeks before things will start to cool down. Where I am is in the middle of the country we had a couple of bad fire's in the Adelaide Hill's and Kangaroo Island but nothing like over on the eastern side and western sides of the country. Respect for the help from the USA and Canada Fire fighter's, Condolences to the families of the 3 Firefighters flying a Hercules water bomber that Crashed whilst dumping water on a fire. :( Then there is over a billion native animals that have been lost as well. It is the worst fire season ever known here and it's going to take years for the country to recover if ever :(

      1. Robert Welker

        We feel your pain. Praying for 2 weeks of rain.

    65. Chris Payne

      Great Video Boys 👏👏👌🏻👍

    66. thomas leonard

      What about Bob?

      1. Robert Welker

        Gotta get my video up soon.

    67. thomas leonard

      Cover the combines with the grain pile tarp!-lol

    68. mark wade

      Any news of the new Big Bud tractor that there has been talked about?

    69. Cathal McNally


    70. Don Raabe

      Did fixing the leak in your big JD loader fix the growl in it?

      1. Robert Welker

        It seem too.

    71. Fry

      I could listen to you two talk about purchasing/renting farmland all day

    72. jan Spriensma

      Here in the netherlands we have 12 tons per hectare

    73. eggman 1

      What is the wa-4

    74. Viktor Tegelberg

      Typically, I missed the live stream 🤭😃

    75. Remington Wade

      really good stream nick. You guys are funny

    76. Brent Codling

      That fan day would be pretty sweet are you guys open it up and display all your equipment for your subscribers to see and make a video on it tell the ones that can't be there can

    77. B Cardot

      You guys are great! Really enjoy the videos. Amazing progress on the Lakehouse. Keep it up.

    78. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Understandable why you guys cannot have every fan on the farm for liability issues; Also on your "pet projects" it's a hard sell to rebuild another machine due to the $$$$ involved; I remember the chat you did on the Versatile. BTW. would a Big Bud trans. work in the Versatile? On another topic; installing a PTO onto one of the Big Buds; on your down time while editing; get a set of plans for your Big Bud & look at the Big Bud with a pair of "Engineer's/Draftsman's Eyes" and try to incorporate a transmission that has a P.T.O. into the Big Bud.

      1. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        I may be a "city guy" but I also have the work ethic of Leg Arms & if I went out to Montana; I would have the proper gear & say "put me to work".

      2. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        Understandable on spending $ on your loader for how much the farm depends upon that piece of machinery; you could "prioritize" machines you use already & when you are "down" for the winter you could go through all of your equipment & make a "laundry list" on what needs to get fixed and break it down smaller by looking at the equipment list and go pick up parts for various projects. A great example was when Leg Arms worked on the transmission solo & he got it done; he did say during the video that having a second set of hands would have been nice to have....

      3. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

        Possibility on getting a transmission from Big Machine with a PTO incorporated in it would be a few bucks; considering what even a used trans for your Versatile would cost. How about looking at other transmissions from other heavy duty machinery companies & see waht their prices would be for such an animal; i.e. a trans. for a Case IH tractor for example; figure out the dimensions & see what it would take to "modify to work properly"; you have Leg Arms there. :)

    79. James L Coble

      I could use some of those hats I keep losing mine lol. Y'all do an excellent job on the farm and with restorations. I got into the page by watching restoration of the international truck. I have a page, but slow in getting videos posted plus I'm not able to edit. All I have is my phone. Have you ever thought about going to small antique tractor shows if you get to? Have a great weekend and bless you all.

    80. Brent Codling

      You guys need like a 600 volt Miller welder know whatever you want

    81. Karl Wyneken

      The Tulare (Nick got it right... two lair ee) show is huge, as you probably know. For burgers, have you tried In-N-Out? Closest would be 20 miles north of the farm show in Visalia.

      1. Robert Welker

        Hope to see you there!

    82. Willie Kerns

      Run some wire across the top of your shops and display your hats

    83. TJ Williams

      My question is how many big buds would they have if they could have more?

      1. TJ Williams

        @Robert Welker I love seeing the big buds theirs one in iowa i seen it doesn't move but still cool to see

      2. Robert Welker

        We have a big yard..................................😁

    84. Tom Shaw

      Plus the verse keeps you humble

    85. Dennis Hettinger

      Missed live but liked this video thanks

    86. Morgan Adair

      You guys had fun bringing the International truck and Demco trailer. That trailer should be cloned twice so the Pete and I forget the other truck but auto tarp and other features. Give Robert the job of greeting people and the two of you run the farm. Robert has great people skills and his sidekick the dog loves people too. Don't get the big head but if they all went to california to follow you as you have quite the following. People are hard to predict, but they are loyal. KGup should have different for each level till you reach platinum ( one million subscribers) like April Wilkerson who built a metal shop and wood shop herself with hired help, a great channel as she started with a small home in washington with a herb garden to a large enterprise that she never lost track of. April can be proud as her new location in Tennessee she built on a bolder but made it work ! You seldom start in a garage the size of a car park and wind up 80X40 size with two very productive mills inside. Wish you would give her channel a chance. Very homey, she works her channel hard to sell her merchandise. You guys might take the garage that you store machinery in when you can and build a permanent metal wall on the floor then stand it up and just leave peas inside with special door to load out product. I'm very tired and ain't making sense with a god bless

    87. Rick Dunaway

      BUY "Diamond edge Chop Saw Bade" install and live happily ever after! It will actually cut square rather than drifting out at the bottom of the cut. and stays the same diameter for its full life... "Direct replacement for standard metal chop saws, no special slow speed saw needed" Cut you some V-blocks and cut square tubing with the corner to the sky. Going though the flats is really hard on the blade.

      1. BWM

        Good pointers.

    88. Remmie Max

      Sorry missed the live stream.... Father Bob knows best...and is the pun Master👍😎 Great Vid!!!

      1. Welker Farms


    89. Man Craft TV

      Bob has a great sense of humor!

    90. HelenBruce Buckingham

      Lake house reno is awesome

    91. MonsoonEast

      You should give the hats to your patreon supporters

    92. bradley fuller

      should see if get the 747 big bud at the welker farm. for week

    93. Man Craft TV

      Sad to hear that your not doing videos about the lake house! I've been watching for each of them to come out. Been hoping for another. I would even buy a DVD of the whole job!

      1. Man Craft TV

        @Robert Welker Thankyou! Even though the views are lower, I wonder if they may attract more subscribers down the road, with a more diverse portfolio of content? I knew Lisa in Vail and she always bragged on her family, so when y'all popped up in my youtube suggestions, I was thrilled to become a subscriber. God Bless, you have an awesome and godly family!

      2. Robert Welker

        I'll see if he will reconsider and do one more during the redo of the lower level .

      3. John Gorman

        Huh? No more videos? Sorry I didn't watch the live stream

    94. Isaac Curtis

      I have the same welder I use argon though

    95. Vishal Chauhan


    96. Vishal Chauhan


    97. Rob D'Agnone

      New holland p2060 air drill

    98. larry munday

      By sound the welder is working fine. (the bacon is rying)

    99. Tim H

      Now I am going to have to try to get off work to go to the Tulare farm show. You definitely will get better mexican food in Tulare than in Texas.

      1. Robert Welker

        Hope to see you there!

    100. Canadian Farmer Donnie

      Keep showing the Reno's too just adds more variety to your channel 🙂