2nd LARGEST Tractor in the World??

Welker Farms

409 миӊ. көрүүлөр50

    We were told this tractor is tuned to over 900hp and weighs around 90,000lbs. To give perspective the BIG BUD 747 (world's largest ag tractor) weighs in at 120,000lbs and tuned to 1100hp. Our BIG BUD 600/50 weighs 52,000lbs and tuned to 600hp. Overall the 740 is a very impressive machine and we can only imagine even more so when deep ripping the hard pan.
    Thanks Travis for letting us see the beast!
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    1. John Cook

      A really great video, You have a 1,2 and 3 series big buds you really need to get a series 4 740 to go with the rest of the fleet. It's easy to spend other people's money but l bet you would be the only place to see all 4 in one shed. What a sight that would be.

    2. #### Beans tac

      When u say 747 I think of the plane

    3. kate cove

      its san waking

    4. Adam Andrews

      Welker Farms really needs a series 4 740 Big Bud to complete the set.

    5. yz misfit

      You definitely should be#1 on the list if ever there's a chance to purchase that bad Bud.

    6. lanny fenster

      Robert is not “the old man” but I prefer “the senior advisor” don’t ask how I know

    7. Uppsalahazze Markstedt

      I just really love this video! Just now it's about same count on views and subscribers, but I can understand it well. I've watched it at least 7 times. Thanks Robert and Scott again for the cancelled flight!

    8. Robert Horn

      Big Bud is an amazing feat of engineering. With the recent machines being produced, how is the efficiency per acre, if that can be calculated?

    9. Felipe Torres

      Would it be ok for me to mention the city that these big buds are in ?????

    10. Grant DuBridge

      What is this Baldwin ? Is it a Big Bud copy ? kgup.info/get/kIeidamsaW6naIc/video

    11. Jake Johnson

      Even the smaller Big Buds are massive.

    12. Frozen Wolf

      Hollywood didn't see the 740

    13. Christopher Eaves

      Hey Welkers, giving you a shout out from Kentucky. Those tractors are 👀 “Bud-luscious” God bless

    14. helpall ofem

      "Great piece of American iron" except for the (Komatsu) engine. The 747 IS a GREAT piece of American muscle with the Detroit engine.

    15. dregihtnek

      That would be laser receivers on scrapers. They used laser levelers before GPS was a thing.

    16. Richard Stevens

      Welder common sense. Refreshing They need to buy and cleanup CNN, MSNBC , etc.

    17. Richard Stevens

      The old man is sharp‼️

    18. SoullessMeatVehicle

      I know this is an old video but i have a serious question. In regards to the facts you spoke of (the big buds being needed in that valley of california) my question is, why were the big buds originally built in Haver Montana? What was the original reason they decided to build them, and did farming in Montana have an influence towards it.

      1. Gregory Cross

        Yes, they were built in Montana for local large farm acreage needs. Others saw the quality and had a need so they requested/ordered tractors from Big Bud to fit their needs.

    19. Gene Murphy

      Build a new barn & make them an offer Does the 650/50 have the A/C option? If you’re sharing a room put Hollywood on the portable bed with the bar thru the middle

    20. Gene Murphy

      It’s actually pronounced Wa keen we have lots of words that have Spanish influence Vallejo is va lay ho we even named a submarine Marino G Vallejo but my favorite is Krapramento where the politicians generate fertilizer; sorry about the gas prices they tax the krap out of us just added 2.?¢/gallon on 1 July and since we are buying less gas (less taxes for them to spend) they put a $175+ tax on electric cars If you have the time there is a GREAT truck & tractor etc museum in Woodland just north of Krapramento Thanx for visiting please leave a few dollars behind

    21. J Essary Farms

      They are some nice tractors. I like old Iron!!

    22. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳-----------------------------------🚜---------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘___________🌳_| shut the gate Mate!~ cheers👍 🕺 Nothing Better than watching a Farmer Harvest a crop after the big drought ended in OZ the Grain hasnt stop flowing 🌾🌾🌾👍🚜

    23. Big'un44

      Get yourself a folding bicycle. Great personal transportation for those visits to eateries or shopping while at truckstops, Fridays 11km trip to your car would have been 1 hr of exercise. It would fold up and fit in the truck of your Dodge.

    24. david tylutki

      love it

    25. Gary Miller

      Love this video. I grew up on a farm but driving truck now. I love tractors

    26. Uppsalahazze Markstedt

      I hope they have used them for actual work now. It's nearly a sacrilege to have this tractors collecting cobweb! To compare with the 950/50 I put in the link for a running one in mint condition (if someone not seen that yet :) kgup.info/get/hY-XoKDAeW-YrYM/video

    27. Jess Crotzer

      My wife and I traveled through that area of California a few years ago and we were just as amazed at the size of the crops and the solar farms

    28. ethan huberg

      What happens when it gets stuck 😂

    29. Rockets trains n hotrods

      Dang yall was near me I usually go to the ag show every year in tulare

    30. Case Douma sr

      You all said USA built the name of moter sounds import was it usa all so😷🇺🇸 cjd

    31. a o

      I bet that bugger would easily drag a 84 ft air seeder!

    32. speshul

      How does thus compact the soil. I like it, but

    33. Dave Stinson

      I can't imagine what it'd cost to restore that. Such a cool ol tractor

    34. Angelncelestine

      He said "Its hot in this country." LOL its a state lol.

    35. Kathleen M

      Great video!!

    36. Weaver Kevin

      Could you put a big Detroit in that big bud.

    37. Weaver Kevin

      The motor is not American komotsue.

    38. richard dubuc

      what a waist... people in california don,t take care of there equiment .

    39. Yur Gonna Laugh

      Seeing it in real life it’s so much bigger than I thought. That’s what she said

    40. Carl Helsing

      long term fallacy----soil in relation to the farm field is never "compacted"---when it "rain's" mud and soup arrives--but--"cementation" may occur--use of "lime" in large quantities-(slake-etc.----may resemble compound used in"'brick's")--compaction "theory" started in late 60's---then 70's as I recall--great delusion--PDA--Pennsylvanis Department Of Agriculture-?--compaction is used in highway building so as to have an underlayment without "air spaces"--to prevent cracking of newly laid cement or asphalt-----after the pavement is installed--barring flood effect's--(underwash)the soil never becomes wet or moist again--water goes "straight" down when it rain's--not sideway's------Super c Farmer--1950's(and on---for a while-remember---"think"----by "SKYTRAINZASTRON"--UFO---Research--(my website--)---I remember when a John Deere 820 was the biggest we had--8 bottom's---good enough---then---Good Luck--we can alway's use some---can't we---?-----Crown Point--Indiana--near Lake Michigan---and Chicago---where a great many IH machines were once built--also---see my twitter pages-with notes on why Artificial Intelligence connected with an "Alien Astronautical Incursion" may have delivered agricultural technology to Earth---as well as many other industrial syst--em's--Clark-Michigan--Le Tourneau---Caterpillar---related "Earth Moving" tech effect's---slowly became obvious-very large operation's--Captain's LOG---Star Date---as yet not precisely ascertainable--The mystery of "when it occured--"---I also enjoy "Corn Star" and Mike Mitchell---great "entertainment--?---well that may be--but work is just that---work---robomatic or not-check the farmer's alphabet--Farmall---A-B-C--------H-M--and "Johnny"---too-----additional ---harder pull- note-possibilities--change in soil composition due to granulation size--loss of organic material---change in volatility of fuel's-----unnoticed change in "rate" of engine wear leading to power loss-implement size ratio variation--(two-or three plow rated machines were alway's a questionable matter)---organic content---main condition of resistance to rooting--soil texture---granulation--long term--one article stated that compaction occur's only on wet soil-(that's when your wheel sink's in)-I suggest the children go back to making "mud pies"--one piece of hallucinatory red tape too many--conclusion--there must be an "alien presence"---micro-analyzing over a hundred year's of tillage---suddenly percieving that the soil substance is hardening--?---compacting---?--I quit---and suggest that the" pull of gravity" has increased and that is the cause-that's why thing's are harder to pull anyway(maybe it has--?)---see your local astrophysicist or geologist for an answer---micro-analytical hell hole--nearly as bad as a dust bowl story-wait a minute--I just figured out ba couple more "effect's"-The Earth has been said to be slowing it's rotation since it began--so "gravity effect" would change and thing's weigh more---and the final obsevation is the 'dead weight" mass of tractor and implement--if your driving to the "east" the "independent mass" of the vehicle taken as separate from the planet will want to "stand still" in effect--therefore going east will alway's be easier--toward the sunrise--I'll bet you never thought of that--?---don't forget to remind the "ag man"--If I find anything else I will inform you----Sandhill Sandwich--Oh---and one more--the entire slope of the Earth surface where "morain's" exist--"--there is a stretch of road from dayton-Ohio going toeard Huntington-West Virginia--where truck driver's hace discovered they use up fuel at a high rate because the several hundred miles of terrain slopes all the way up to the West Virginia mountain's but this effect is not "visible"---you can only find it due to increase in fuel usage--a long--long slope--see--?-(I learned this personaly from a truck driver when I drove a pilot car escorting overdimension load's)--I figured there could be more--(Internet item--there is a place in Nova Scotia where the road is apparently flat as far as can be seen---but if you park your vehicle it will roll unless you set the brake)--mystery upon mystery---

    41. Ticdaniel

      Have LEGARMS spoke this mutch before and since this in any video?? He's so exited about that BUD 😝😝👍👍

    42. Baron Marseille

      The South African ACO 600 is rated at 821hp.

    43. Jacob Bishop

      What is the purpose of the scraper's

    44. Buford Mcadoo

      00:10 That’s what she said

    45. Robert Clark

      Fat tires. Tractor doesnt look any bigger than any other big 4wd.

    46. Olaf Schmidt

      So they should have called it "Bigger Bud"...😉👍🏻

    47. jeeprocks86

      Komatsu 6D170 engine maybe?

    48. william murray

      Waa-Keene! Waa-Keene! San WaKeene! I gotta tell you guys everything! Seriously, loved the video and hope you buy/restore those tractors. Did I ever tell you guys I was actually inside the Big Bud factory probably in the early 70s. Impressive then, seems even more impressive now, gonna have to drive up and check out “ Big Equipment “! Thanks!

    49. Train Nerd

      How long have these been sitting there?

    50. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    51. thr8061

      In my area of WI, they put in about 200 windmills. They are about 250' from ground up to the hub and the blades are 100' tip to hub so from the ground to the highest point is over 350'.

    52. thr8061

      Fantastic video guys!

    53. Dan Weaver

      That was pretty cool, thanks for showing us these Buds!

    54. Seth Burgess

      I think that might be the 3 biggest tractor because there is big bud (no.1). Earthquake (no.2).

    55. Luca Goth

      Wasn’t the 650/50 actually a 3 wheeler because there were extra mounting points for an other wheel on the rims.

    56. Fernando

      A big tractor for a BIG farmer ;)

    57. Jack Funk

      It's the San waa keen valley

    58. D00MSH0P STALKER

      would be cool if you could own a big 740 and a 747 really would be nice for your guys farm.

    59. richardj ellis

      I wonder what time of year the solar panels are planted, and what size do they reach before harvesting them.?🤔?. Rich (UK)

    60. richardj ellis

      What do you mean when you say it doesn't have a drawbar.? Surely ALL tractors have them.? Rich(UK)

    61. richardj ellis

      Big and bad and good.😂ha.!

    62. richardj ellis

      Why is there two wire ropes going from front to back underneath the tractor.? Rich(UK)

    63. richardj ellis

      Surely, that BIGger Bud can't be 40tons.? Rich (UK)

    64. Steve B

      The Central Valley is an amazing place. As you saw one side of the road is oil, the other oranges, almonds or one of the most famous race tracks in America

    65. FlashFMA

      I love Nick.

    66. Louis Botha

      Just to correct you, the ACO 600 tractor that was built in South Africa was larger than this. 804 hp

    67. Don Los

      7:22 Komatsu is Japanese, not American but y’all should put a C-15 in it and then it will be pure American!

    68. Ruben De Jong

      I live in the Netherlands and we dont have that big tractors we have the quatrack in our country but i always wanted a big Bud

    69. Davin Crook

      Buy the 740!

    70. itz litz

      buy it

    71. Arjan Heer

      From one farmer to another, San Joaquin (Valley) is pronounced San Wa-Keen.

    72. Pike FisherMan5

      Did you know that there is mods for the big bud and big brute that you own in farming simulator?

    73. Marcus Koone

      Dont see your dad this excited in many videos. Giving the run around of the 740 hes so excited :)

    74. marco tof

      Great video

    75. Jon McAdam

      Great video guys. That 740 is a beast for sure, but that 650/50 brought back memories. I used to work for a farm that had one, oddly enough. Series 3, 650/50, had a 12V-71 Detroit in it. Used to pull an 82' Frigstad to cover fallow ground in northeast Colorado. The third summer I worked there, the boss traded it off for a Steiger IV Tiger, the KP-525. Last I can remember, that Bud wound up somewhere in Michigan, supposedly to be restored and more or less enjoy "retirement." If I ever get the chance, I'd love to see that machine again. Truly pieces of ag history.

    76. Scott Jaecques

      About 8 inches down is colecha which is like concrete it was the same in Az .

    77. Scott Jaecques

      About 8 inches down is colecha which is like concrete it was the same in Az .

    78. Kris Bower

      Really cool stuff, Leg Arms and Dad Welker!!! God bless!

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks, Kris!

    79. David Cardin

      Don't get caught holding something in your hands in california. That is a big ticket. You can just have hands free. know your laws before you start doing something like that in arizona a woman was putting on her makeup and she got a ticket because down their both hands have to be on the wheel at all times

    80. Farming work

      Very good

    81. dfl0415

      Fantastic video. It is great to see Leg Arms who did an excellent job. And “Dad” as a 72 year old it was great to hear from you. I am coming back to Walker Farms - thank you. More please!

    82. Lane Dexter

      Guys, wind power os PC but a LOSER. What props it up is politics and the $23 per Megawatt Hour tax subsidy that we tax payers are paying. Actually, wind generators destabilize the grid. Thos are cool tractors!

    83. farmertrig

      @Legarms, Is that your belly rumbling @10.52?

    84. Stuart Smith

      I grew up in the town the 747 was on display at the local museum(independence,IA) until 2014. I remember as a kid climbing on it. I think the 747 is in another museum in iowa now.

    85. Lexke81


    86. chris macleod

      What a pair of Wankers

    87. Ben Downe

      No Tractor is complete without a piece of bale twine (13:30) to hold something together.....Lol.... Awesome video, Thanks for sharing...

    88. tomthumb

      should buy the 740 big bud

    89. Shelia Harmon

      not talking smack....talking Bud. lol

    90. doogie bowser

      I think we just watched Leg Arms have a tractorgasm. Awkward......

    91. William John

      Saw one of these new I believe while going to college in Havre. One of my instructor was a old field mechanic for Big Bud. He had a lot of great stories.

    92. Cam Hook

      the good ol AZ grand resort and Hotel!!

    93. robert mcaninch


    94. Mathew Bakken

      oh my that is a beauty😃

    95. Caleb Herbert

      it's too bad they don't make the Buds anymore

    96. Broc Luno

      Nice little road trip. Next time you'all get down to the "Central Valley" - stop by the Tractor Museum in Livingston (near Stockton). They have some wonderful old tractors, steam stuff, Euclid's, Ford tract layers, HUGE horse drawn combine harvesters, CAT D7's that actually worked the Panama Canal build, just cool stuff :D

    97. Nick's Farm

      What a beast!

    98. Lexx1976

      Komatsu... The American brand everyone loves

    99. Leo nog iets

      This 7series only belongs in one place; at your farm. If you only have half a chance, get it !

    100. justin schmicker

      I say they give em both to y'all and they can go and get 620's