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    This harvest season we are thrilled to demo the new 2021 AFS CONNECT 620 Steiger Quadtrac. The cab makeover and beautiful Pro 1200 display takes comfort to the next level.
    Paired with this beast of a tractor is a huge 2000 bushel Brent 2096 grain cart. With the avalanche auger it can load 1000 bushels onto a semi in a minute. This cart allows us to not only fill grain bags but keeps track of grain numbers via scales and logs. It is going to be a wild harvest!
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    1. stefan kobus

      Some guys call The suzuki ltz 500 the quadzilla too

    2. Magnus Lundahl

      kgup.info/get/ppysma_Tlpmef2o/video&ab_channel=TraktorPower 50% fuel this scania takes and 450hp.

    3. Robert Charlo

      You let him drive the bud awesome !

    4. ckhallock88

      Here you go @Welker Farms You could do old-school as well... kgup.info/get/qYyTl6jJqnxofKE/video Case flash back.

    5. xoán t4nquex

      Wow amazing beast!!!

    6. Engine 301

      Wam chargers 🥺

    7. no pet1749

      wow your kidding about the lights on the 620 and all stock

    8. ike peters

      What would be wrong using your t shirt to clean the windows lol 😂

    9. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    10. PreacherPatriot

      This channel needs to be rated XXX for all of the tractor porn. ;)

    11. Josh Pitcher

      The quadzilla is the Suzuki LT500

    12. Gamingflyer1 Norsk gaming

      How can you afford this big machinery? i have always wondered how farmers afford machinery, i wanna be a farmer when i grow up.

    13. Jordan Orta

      I love farming i play in ur farm all the time i want to have two week experience with farming i wish to do farming 😭😭😭 love ur video

    14. Brad Adams

      That's awesome. Unverferth is like 15 minutes from my house lol

    15. Dorian IB


    16. Duncan Atkin


    17. ckhallock88

      10:53 Hey Nick couldn't you paint them with retroreflective (glass beads) paint all the metal? Then anything that is visible would shine like daylight with the lights off the tractors. Also couldn't you put vegetation killer down around them for like 10 feet? Just hand apply that so it won't interfere with the crops? I know it would be some work but if it save some equipment. Keep up the good work. 🍺🍺🍺👍👍👍

    18. blair breland

      Wow this is nothing but one big commercial

    19. Alex Hernandez

      That big bud sure does blow some serious coal🤣

    20. Freddy J

      I thought you said "Death" Level 😂 I was thinking that thing does everything!

    21. Deplorable Libertarian

      Isn’t that thing an international harvester...case bought them out I think.

      1. Tim Berich

        @Deplorable Libertarian Yeah. I've grown up on a farm and we have a Farmall C that barely runs, an IH 784, and 2 IH 1066's one White stripe Turbo and one Black stripe. The black stripes were produced in 1976, the last year 1066's were produced. But the 784 is the "newest" tractor we have. They were produced from 77 to 84. Im not sure the exact year on any of our machines except the Black Stripe 1066 because they were only produced 1 year. So I'm pretty biased towards Red. I personally hate John Deere because you're paying a lot more for a very comparable piece of equipment. We always say you're paying for the paint. But anyway, Case's acquisition if IH was approved by the Justice Department in 1985 thus forming Case IH.

      2. Deplorable Libertarian

        Tim Berich....I dunno, I didn’t know for sure. I was thinking out loud but thanks for letting me know for sure- I was wondering if anyone was gonna take the bait. It was something like back in the early 80’s, 1983ish, when the farming industry tanked a little bit and I’m pretty sure thats when Case bought them out.

      3. Tim Berich

        Thats why their name is Case IH

    22. Jayson Auman

      How many acres do y’all farm?

    23. MidnightVisions

      If you have abandoned gas wells on your property, call your gas company to have them removed.

    24. Daniel Brown

      Just sold my house in Cut Bank.

    25. Christopher Colangelo

      And an overwhelmingly large sense of responsibility

    26. Christopher Colangelo

      I'm unemployed because even when I had 3 employees, I was still unemployed..

    27. Christopher Colangelo

      Let's just cut to the chase here.. here's a bag 💼

    28. Christopher Colangelo

      Now give me all "your" money.

    29. Christopher Colangelo

      What was I doing while you were driving "you're" quadtrac? Passing litigation to require reduction in diesel exhaust particulates and starting a company called blue def.

    30. Christopher Colangelo

      Oh look a quadtrac! I'll loan $45,000 to pay for all of the blue def you have to buy now.

    31. Christopher Colangelo

      I'll* and because* are gonna cost you $15,000.00 each.. why? Because my girlfriend needs an 85,000 square foot house with a heated driveway.. get back to work farmer.

    32. Michael Nuber

      Greets to the states. Hope you guys survived the stormy fires!? ;-) kgup.info/get/iICVaKepZWxlp4M/video

    33. Anzac Day

      Great Video. You can go as SLOW as 3 feet per minute (0.0340909 MPH) or as fast as 25 MPH my friend.

    34. Taylor Looney

      How do you pay for that with 3.00 corn?

    35. Zegalles

      I wish I could visit you guys, and maken some nice drones footage myself. I have dpi Inspire2 with senmuse x5s.

    36. the pizza devil

      it just puts a smile on my face when i see those buds roll coal, awesome

    37. adven ture

      Amazing editing and beautiful aerial footage. Visually best farming channel !

    38. Lex Wilson

      10:52 if you think Montana is bad come to Alberta my dad has had a few "incidents" with wells, fences, and signs

    39. Lex Wilson

      Mike needs the tractor for a refreshed Deere vs case review

    40. Nick Rodrigez

      1:11 VERY NICE PETE

    41. Shandor

      You should ask the MTBOG to deal with those abandoned Wells!

    42. George W.

      Mark the well heads with tall reflectors or cut the grass periodically.

    43. Ryan B

      So did you purchase the new cart or is it just a demo like the quadtrac

    44. Jace Marks

      That’s one big grain cart

    45. Rafi New

      Wow its mazing its super big

    46. Jared Flammond

      With the gas wells there are literally hundreds of abandoned wells across Montana and is in the hands of the state to deal with. With a limited budget they sit idle for years and years. I’m in the next county over from ya and that’s part of what we do is close abandoned wells.

    47. Hans kristian Knudsen

      Just a question, why do you get the grain in the graincart first and then in to the truck. Why dont you just unload the harverster direct in to the truck?

    48. Évo Lution

      what name of music track in 15:41 minute ?

    49. Andrew nickerson

      I'm not sure if you know but there is a company that did a study near Shelby,MT and last year they started plugging an oil and gas walls around the state. Maybe you can contact them to plug those wells and get rid of them

    50. Danielle McHenry

      I watch your videos with my boyfriend and I told him I'm gonna meet you in person some day lol

    51. Michael Nuber

      Perfect for wet soil. Quadrak n big wheels n a good ol Tenfour or DoubleUNine. That rocks! Never forget some good music \m/ kgup.info/get/gIWdY4fWmW2Om4M/video

    52. Drew Eickhoff

      What was the song at the end of the video.

    53. iBelieve


    54. Bernie Schoep

      how is wheat harvest going Bob and Colby?

    55. John Smith

      Larson farms is demoing the 2596...

    56. Dave C.

      This east coaster had no idea they farm wheat in Montana....and I've been there! Amazing state. Love it.

    57. Joel Croft

      That’s a huge grain cart

    58. MiNi_ TpT

      13:40 just watch the wheat move like a wave haha

    59. Pete Busch

      Larson Farms just got a new cart too, who's is bigger??

    60. James Shanks

      Abandoned gas wells?? Easy way to not hit them is use gps ( I know pain in the butt ) once they are all marked then simply add to your field maps and therorecticaly they should all appear on your maps to avoid running a header in one.

    61. Biggie616

      What I would do to be able to have them shut off those stalk choppers and let me run a Krone baler with a 285 magnum behind those balers

    62. Davin Crook

      Wow! Huge spread on the bushels chem follow vs previously planted with peas

    63. Jeannan Keefe

      Where's the new video. I'm only on utube So I don't see all that girly Instagram stuff. Get a new video out asap. Chop chop. I kid of course

    64. Chewwy2003

      How exactly does a tracked trailer work? Do the tracks move by being dragged like normal trailer tires or is there some sort of hydraulic self propel system??

    65. Chad Williams

      Check out the walkabout mother bin 4000 bushel

    66. Reels & Roses

      Looks like the track pattern on the grain cart is backwards. Need to swap left for right to match the quad track pattern.

      1. Jmck L

        They are as they should be. That's because the cart tracks are not drive tracks and they are not used for steering. Regardless of tracks vs tires, you want the chevron pointed forward for drive axles to help push mud aside when slipping to dig down to better soil. You also want the chevron pointing forward on the front of tractors to provide better steering. However when the axles are dead/idle, not driven, or not steering, then it is better to have the chevrons cupped (or pointed backwards) instead so it can "float" and not dig in. On dry ground, gravel, or road the direction doesn't matter. But it does matter for mud and snow.

    67. Mark Gibson

      Following up to an exchange we had several weeks ago about herbicide resistant kochia . Colorado State University (my alma mater) put out the following video on 13th of July 2020 addressing herbicide resistant kochia kgup.info/get/hZCXpabOc25rbaU/video Kochia has quickly become one of the harder weeds to control due to herbicide resistance to multiple modes of action. This video showcases the use of pre-emergent herbicides and application timing to control kochia that may be glyphosate, ALS, and synthetic auxins. CSU expert, Todd Gaines, and PhD student, Olivia Todd, share valuable information about these management options, from the history of these herbicides to their modes of action. Questions, comments, etc. can be submitted in the Comments section below or directed to Todd Gaines at todd.gaines@colostate.edu or Olivia Todd at oetodd@gmail.com

    68. Matthew Wilson

      Non farmer here. What is the advantage to using a grain cart vs just using the semis?

    69. Dan Johnson

      Why are you bagging your wheat, not a farmer, actually wondering with all the new bins around the farm. Awesome night shots sir.

    70. Brian Ritz

      That cart is a WHALE

    71. Ronald Piper

      What happens when one little node breaks ?

    72. Joe Scheller

      note if you havent been told try not to turn too short with the loaded cart puts a lot of strain on boggiie system in tracks

    73. David Anstine

      I see you're also a fan of the Legend of Korra

    74. Noah Borntreger

      How many acres do you have

    75. Eric Lakota

      The lend it to you its going to be like losing your favorit child when you need to send her back youll be sighning mortgages on the farm to get it and in 4 years when u still have 7 year payments it will need all ne tracks and they will have way nicer tractor out haha its awsome

    76. Norm Wittkamp

      How come you have not done any live streams lately? Love your live streams. They are the best!

      1. Norm Wittkamp

        Robert Welker Ahh that’s right...I forgot about that! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thank you for responding!

      2. Robert Welker

        Was harvesting away from good cell coverage

    77. Lance Dever

      Lights look really good on the quad.

    78. Al Kurney

      Love how you take off in a tall gear to give us the rollin`coal.

    79. DrewChisholm

      Would you trade a bud you've built with your own hands for a 620?

      1. Robert Welker

        Straight across yes but would look for another series 3 to redo

    80. dave clark


    81. Joe Kuhns

      I got garage door safety sensors and reflective tape to make a light like y’all have for the drive over pit can you tell me how to wire the sensors now? Do I need a computer board also?

      1. Robert Welker

        I didn't do the wiring. Assume just wired in series

    82. Nick Kercheval

      Everything here was green then in June I BOUGHT A RED TRACTOR 😳 JD friends of mine looked at it and all said “Pretty nice”. Actually grew up on yellow and red.

      1. Robert Welker


    83. Dustin Pares

      I get that it's not yours but WHY TRACKS?

      1. Robert Welker

        Thats what they wanted to send

    84. Nwminnesota Farmer

      We harvested our good crop first and it was like 26 an acre

      1. Nwminnesota Farmer

        @Robert Welker no sir in the first half a year we broke the record for the annual rain fall in July we had 20+ inches of rain so it stunted the growth

      2. Robert Welker

        We harvested our recrop and similar yields. Were you lacking moiture also?

    85. Daniel House

      Add some 10ft treated 4x4 lumber with reflectors around the old gas wells.

    86. Aron Timmerman

      could you put more of the big bud sounds into your videos, they sound great.

    87. Believeorreason

      Two things, one YOUR WATCHING KORRA! XD and 2ndly, why not put yellow posts or a flag pole or even paint the gass wells yellow?

    88. lee Vanruler

      For the gas wells, you should consider putting in about a 10' length of re-bar and then a white 8' section of small PVC pipe overtop of it to make sure you don't hit it. Also, spray the site to keep the weeds down. (Where wwe have tile, that is something that is done to keep from covering the tile inlet.)

    89. Trevor Fout

      No steiger logos on the big girl :(

    90. spott 99

      Do you guys ever think about the weight you put on the soil and and the destruction it does on the soil?

      1. Robert Welker

        At this time of year our soils lack moisture and are concrete. No compaction

    91. Tony Robles

      Don’t think I heard one thank you to your subscribers

      1. Robert Welker

        I have been commenting many, many times thanking them for subbing. If I missed you......thank you for following us. Blessings 👍

    92. Coy Godwin

      Yall are so lucky

    93. SJ projects

      We need a vedio on your irrigation system

      1. Welker Farms

        It'd be hard to get as we don't have the ability to irrigate ☺ no water above or below ground.

    94. Joe Wirges

      Love the vids!! Where do you get your music from? Also, I was in Montana couple weeks ago, went to Kalispell, Montana to visit a friend and thought about visiting you and Tony Fast but figured I'd better set up an appointment before I did that. Not to mention I was on my Harley lol

    95. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, 620 hp and 2000 bushels wow.... how much further can it go

    96. Cory Thomas

      There have been a few times I've wished music was listed in the description *hint hint*


      The Big Bud is a better tractor...///

    98. lilmikeyab

      Man... I'm so jealous.. I grew up on the farm, till I was 17.. I sure miss it.. We never had equipment this big, but i've always been a Steiger fan.. so much so, that on my recent holidays I actually stopped at CaseIH to look at the 620 quad.. beautiful.. you're not gonna want to get back in the Bud's. And that grain cart.. 1000 bushels a minute to unload.. DAMN!!! Soooo Jealous... if i'm ever out that way, would love to tag along

    99. David Raaf

      You need a parridy song, "Quadzilla"

    100. brenden bomberger

      When I hear the music i feel like your tractors are about to transform like they are autobots! Makes me wanna watch transformers