Biggest Yields We've Harvested!

Welker Farms

349 миӊ. көрүүлөр19

    We wrap up yellow pea harvest and are thrilled with the yields! But we almost lose the largest grain bin on the farm! Each day is exciting, never know what will happen!
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    1. Motor rider

      The trucks fully load... More than that Dot- 👁️👄👁️

    2. Darrel Neufeldt

      Love farm dogs!

    3. Arthur Stanciu

      is there a Welker Farms map we can download? :D

    4. Kenneth Hedden

      I love that old stuf,we find a lot down south as well. Old cars in the middle of nowwhere.

    5. Kenneth Hedden

      what is this Backroad Finds? hehe.

    6. Phil Hosier

      After harvest, why don't you burn that cosha(?) down ?

    7. Gabe Garcia

      You guys should invest into wind systems for the headers

    8. Cayden Poppenhagen

      Why don’t you just trail the header

    9. Rays Weldis

      The dog climbing the ladder was so cool

    10. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    11. randy dutka

      Hi im new to your channel enjoying your video could tell me how combines got names bspine and clifford keep up great video

    12. Joe Hartwell

      Does old Merlin bother you when you road your machines.,

    13. XxDemonGirlxX

      Why don’t you use a header trailer

    14. Jack goodall

      6:11 Why didnt you just tow the header?

    15. the pizza devil

      as allways, thanks for sharing

    16. Arable CanterburyNZ

      Its usual to have lifter on every 3rd or 4th finger here for doing peas if they short.

    17. Marcelo Melendez

      I had no idea I loved farming videos. I just did a quick search for semi restorations and the international came up. After one video I had to subscribe. You guys have such an in-depth channel and it’s so cool to see what you guys do on a daily. Thank you for putting food on Americans table!!

    18. Brian Brovont

      I'm from Nebraska I watch your videos a lot

    19. Brian Brovont

      How can you carry that down the road on the combine out there big head you got

    20. Bobo342

      There’s no such thing as to young to drive a big bud

    21. carbo2950

      Thank You.

    22. Chris Darting

      Last time I saw a coyote, him and his friends were stalking me while I was irrigating a pasture.

    23. Chris Darting

      Remember! Your name is Nick, not Timmy, and Colby probably would get distracted by a rabbit before he could find help!!!

    24. Gary Shell

      I see what you did there "A hairs breath." 👍😀

    25. iBelieve


    26. Vishal Chauhan

      Your contact number sir

    27. Vishal Chauhan

      V Good

    28. Jerry Hoops

      Scott made reference to a device that he made for aligning the trailer dumps with the dump auger. Could he show that in detail and describe how it works? I t appears to be some type of electronic eye and reflector setup. Your operation is looking great . . . new equipment, improvements, and bins! God is truly good and He blesses His children.

    29. Mark Arnott

      good watching your videos at night i fall to sleep most nights when the tractors r running 🚜👍 This Aussie farmer air seeding 600hp > looks like this 🚜_________🌳________________________🌳_______________ near 6ml views there's 2 videos of it

    30. Michael MacDonell

      (breaks out into song, in glorious four-part harmony) Let there be peas, on earth...

    31. Jan Dreier

      Robert, you need to do a Coby Special! :)

    32. Branden Mcc

      Why do y’all not use the Bens in the farm yard

    33. Jan Dreier

      Lovely, lovely drone shots! Keep it up!

    34. Logan YouTube

      That old homestead is awesome!

    35. Daniel dead

      Look up Gabe Brown watch and learn there is a better way!

    36. Kevin Luo

      Farmers are geniuses

    37. NicoBrescia

      Very nice

    38. Matthew Masternak

      I remember when I was 17 years old and we had a 40 acre fruit farm. Every now and then I would snag a grape vine and pull the roots up with the cultivator. I was never allowed to work the land in the pear orchards. I just stayed in the vineyards. I even chopped the fuel cap up with the 5 foot wide field mower. And my older brother put diesel into a gas powered tractor. We sold the farm about 16 years ago.

    39. Larry Hicks

      Happy Birthday Luke!

    40. Gavin Tierney

      Who else like the video before they even watch it? Keep it up Welkers! Love the channel

    41. Jason Pintur

      hurry up and bury it all #bailout

    42. Freepress666

      U have excellent footage , I want to know what kind of pea [ Also the static chain is always grounding right on the rear ]

      1. Robert Welker

        Yellow peas and static grounding

    43. Phillip Plemons

      I love how all the KGup farmers never mention exactly how much they load their semis. Or if they do. They just say it’s “legal” 🤣🤣🤣

    44. Gerald Richardson

      Yellow Pea's = Chick Pea's???

      1. Gerald Richardson

        @Robert Welker Thank you for the reply Thank You for keeping the video's going I look forward for new one's and it is awesome how you work. Stay safe and Thank you for all you do for the country. From Sherwood Oregon

      2. Robert Welker

        Different. Chicks for humus. Peas mostly for animal feed protein

    45. daniel linn

      U guys should get the new combine head lights

    46. Matt Skersick

      I would love to work with these guys

    47. Devin Zutter

      WCCO belting wahpeton, north Dakota makes those belts cheaper than what you can get them elsewhere and they have lasted longer for us so far than the originals

    48. Mark Gibson

      Is the 3rd bin larger in diameter or just taller than the other two?

      1. Robert Welker


    49. Jim McLean

      Would love to come to your farm for a visit sometime

    50. Tom N

      Happy Birthday young man - in the cab soon. Question: chain dragging under Beastbine static electricity? Any new Case Equip coming this year. Great videos - thks

      1. Robert Welker

        Yup and yup

    51. CoryMFallen . .

      Happy birthday luck 🥳🎂🎊

    52. Mississippi1977

      Just curious!!!!! A lot of farmers are running flags on there equipment here in Mississippi. I ask them where did they get the idea??? Of course I knew the answer!! Walker farms!!!Mostly trump 2020 flags. Not being political at all!! Maybe you guys don’t want to dive into that and I get it!!! But I would love to see some trump flags in y’all’s equipment!! Just saying!!

      1. Mississippi1977

        Very good point Mr Welker. I don’t blame you. The world just needs more loving,hard working, god fearing folks like you guys!!!! Keep up the hard work.

      2. Robert Welker

        That's cool. Yes with this politicized atmosphere its brings out fire 🔥. We are for our constitutional and Bill of rights candidates who working for less government and support our law enforcement.

    53. farmall_cub

      yall should put flags on your augers

    54. Nick Berg

      I love looking at old farm site evidence. Any relics you have found of the original people of the prairie, the Native Amerians?

      1. Robert Welker

        I haven't yet. These were temporary campsites which seem to lack artifacts

    55. Emilio Jaen 8A


    56. Morgan Adair

      What kind of work that you guys do comes at a price that would stagger a man to his knees at a normal job. Hazard of the job territory is kinda rounding it off. I hope that the season finishes on a high note but that is crazy as a weathermans job prediction of the future.

    57. Randy sutter

      R u getting a x9...

    58. Isaac Jackson

      Send those ben builders to Iowa! They will have plenty of work there!!

    59. Ronald Geer

      The video title teases big yields, but the video is lacking in detail about yields. I would like to know more about them, please.

      1. Robert Welker

        The yuelds are from combines data. Will measure after harvest. The peas yield seemed to be close to 30 bph

    60. Jimmy Drury

      The drone footage was excellent!

    61. Trey Crummey

      Less talking more tractor riding

    62. Cooper

      Do any vehicles drive a long the interstate

      1. Robert Welker

        It's the main road to western Canada, busy with trucks

    63. Farmer P

      I never seem to have a problem watching your videos from start to finish Nick. Thank you for the update. 🙂👍

    64. Harm in Frame

      Beautiful shots 😁🤙🏼

    65. Ghost Slayer

      Hey Nick doesn't hay help the ground out I just watching your old streams and really enjoy them

    66. Philip Kimber

      so glad your bin is ok. But Cole the Cornstar and others over his area lost many of theirs. we can do nothing against the weather!. Keep safe and thankyou.

    67. Richard M

      In about 10 years he gonna be old enough to drive your farm equipment

    68. mcd5082

      Spraying those weeds now and “double killing” them in the fall is a brilliant move.

      1. Irwan Riduan sah


      2. Irwan Riduan sah


      3. Irwan Riduan sah


    69. Grandpa Jim

      👍🎂🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE 🤩 It would be interesting when the old homestead was occupied? VERY interesting encounter with that coyote, AND the flash storm! GOD BLESS 😍😍😍😍😍

    70. Michael Bruner

      I am used to the type of setup you more than likely have in the JDs parked in the bone yard called sieves. We would change out about 3 layers of them per type of crop. Sometimes we would change out 1 or 2 sheets to improve yield. I guess you what you called modules now. Can you explain the differences between the two setups? I know, shows my age and how long it has been since I was in your shoes. Thank You! BTW, I started farming when I was 6. I first started out in a flatbed truck driving in-between hay bales. Couldn't reach the pedals unless I got almost under the steering wheel to push in the clutch. I know I had a smile from ear to ear!

      1. Robert Welker

        @Michael Bruner very similar to older cimbines. They all use two sieves, upper and lower. The difference is the thrashing rotor and exchangeable concaves

      2. Michael Bruner

        @Robert Welker Is that all that is used for seperation of seed from shell or chaff?

      3. Robert Welker

        Modules are a type of concaves. Those JD only had one

    71. keyontae Benion

      0:00 when you open a bag of sand left out 60 years read more

    72. Extra Stock

      Hello sir, how are you?

      1. Robert Welker

        We are well, thank you

    73. Thomas Woodbury

      Great video the drone shots show just how beautiful Montana is

    74. David Houser

      It’s something to think about what the people went through living on the plains or prairies in those days beautiful place.

    75. farmboy971

      The old farmstead is cool. Lots of history and broken dreams. The “well” I believe is a cistern. They were used to store rain water

    76. farmboy971

      The old farmstead is cool. Lots of history and broken dreams. The “well” I believe is a cistern. They were used to store rain water

    77. Matthew W


    78. Micheal Decker

      Thank you Leg Arms...and thank you for your hard work and feeding the world with the grain your rising...Welker Farms

    79. Wayout West

      At the homestead, well or cistern?

      1. Robert Welker


    80. pork chop

      Happy birthday Luke the is my brothers name

    81. The Owl

      Texans, eat your heart out, these guys farm is so big, they have an interstate highway cutting across part of the farm. 😂🤣

      1. Robert Welker

        We don't charge a toll for those driving through our farm 😅👍

    82. Bob Paterson

      Great video guys 😁👍 but sorry the stars o the show are Coby an Bob 💪 Scott Nick u wanna argue with that 🤔😂😂😂👍

    83. Jesus Sarabia

      Why do you have that chain DRAGGING FOR YOU COULD START VA MASSIVE FIRE 🔥

      1. Jesus Sarabia

        @Robert Welker very true but it's always better to play it on the safe side ....

      2. Robert Welker

        I've never had or heard of a fire started by the combine dragging chain. At 5 mph speed not possible to get a spark.

    84. James Thompson

      You and that family are dynamite. I can relate to how my own family is regarding of let's get shite done regardless. I've said this before and I'll keep telling you. You've done great bringing the boy's up.

    85. Kevin Farmer

      I remember you, your wife and Rose doing a live feed during harvest. 3 yrs ago she was the baby then.

    86. Ronald Schmidt

      I miss the notifications but I seem to find your videos. Nice to see your kids and dogs. you should brick over that old Homestead well just saying.

    87. Noah Borntreger

      You need to have this kind of equipment for the smaller jobs around your farm

    88. Noah Borntreger

      I hope you really enjoyed that black crop juice aroma you talked about

      1. Robert Welker

        There's paw paw with paw, paw, paw, paw........whoof

    89. Cheryl Repmann

      Nickname your dad Paw Paw

    90. acarl1018 X

      At time interval 5:00 Nick indicates that the cabin air conditioning stopped working. He does a reset and now it functions. Did he determine WHY a reset was necessary? Maybe the condenser is plugged with chaff / debris and causing the system to over pressure?

    91. Soybean Farmer

      Robert I love your dog.

      1. Robert Welker

        Very faithful

    92. TheRealKiddo

      MOM I GOT WATER ON THE GOPRO (in reference to mnmf)

    93. Rhonda Jungwirth

      we once put a shank thru a John Deere 9600

      1. Welker Farms

        Not good!

    94. Nancy Brozo

      Do you get different prices for yellow vs green peas. ? Love all your videos. Nancy from Massachusetts. My grandparents had a farm here and now the land sold to organic farmers. I am so happy it was kept as a working farm. Cool to see them use gas burners to get rid of weeds and bugs. Reminds me of nitro burning drags. Those bins are amazing. Come a long way since my grandmothers' wood bin🌽 for dried corn. Thank you all so much for the great and informative videos.

      1. Welker Farms

        They are, Green peas are worth more but more expensive for seed and there are more opportunities to be discounted for quality. But they do fetch a nice premium these days.

    95. cal ainsworth

      Thank you guys for your hard work !

    96. T F

      Our 42k bushel bin has vertical stiffiners every 6ft and a 3 inch pipe ring around the bin about 3/4 up. Seeing bigger bins without reinforcement is too wonder so many folded in iowa. We would have lost most of our other bins in that wind.

      1. T F

        @Welker Farms Nice. We have been warned that bins not purchased in the next 2 weeks will likely head to Iowa. We have a massive corn crop coming in Manitoba. Happy harvest!

      2. Welker Farms

        These bins have stiffners and extra roof stiffner rings, rated for 110 mph.

    97. Aurele Paulhus

      Thumbs up for sure. Great video.

    98. Mississippi1977

      Glad you guys are running titan tires. I put some Goodyear’s on my tractor and had to take them off cause it was pulling so hard to the left!!! Haha!

      1. Mississippi1977

        Yea I heard this one while I was spraying army worms in our tiff44 Bermuda grass hayfields. Stopped the tractor in it’s tracks and Jumped our to make sure mine didn’t say Goodyear!!! Haha!! If you guys have never had army worms? You would be impressed at how much damage they can do literally over night.

      2. Welker Farms

        @Mississippi1977 oh good 😁 great comment though! Never want to pull to the left!!

      3. Mississippi1977

        Total get it brother!!! I did my research before I made that comment!!! Happy and great harvest to you guys!!!

      4. Welker Farms

        Haha well actually Goodyear Farm Tire is owned by Titan Tire and is in no way related to wacky Goodyear tires. Hopefully people understand this as it is unfortunate Titan Tires is getting backlash for doing nothing wrong other than keeping the good year name on their tires.

    99. Paul Parker

      That foundation you were talking about is true american history. Those people are the ones who literally carved out a living in the great frontier. Its great to see your not ripping it up with a backhoe to get one more bushel out of the land.

    100. Killian Fritz

      Empty Coor's can artifact; circa 2020