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    Finished with yellow peas but spring wheat isn't ripe yet. Perfect time to work on our bin site and make the final preparations for electricity. Also decided it was a great time to mount those Westeel hoppers on their new concrete slab.
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    1. Jake

      Few tips for the flashing and unload use an impact to spin the bolts while he puts the nuts and washer on make sure you kick it in before tightening and we usually pre cut all the floor sheets outside before sending them in size of bin determines how many sheets to cut and we cut out the unload sheet before entry we've set up multiple 36/9s within 5 hours we're a fast bin crew from Manitoba hope the tips help!

    2. matt carroll

      That ditch witch is like my Honda ride on mower need alot of love but keeps doing a great job!

    3. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    4. Sam Henderson


    5. the pizza devil


    6. Oscar Sedano


    7. E DieselDad

      A little late now but you should've kept the skid on until yoy got to the pad. Would've kept it more ridgid for the move.

      1. E DieselDad

        @Welker Farms no worries 👍 😉

      2. Welker Farms

        @E DieselDad sorry i shouldn't have replied like that, you have a good point and I agree it definitely would have helped keep it rigid. It's been a long day, little edgy I guess, thanks for watching and commenting!

      3. E DieselDad

        @Welker Farms Just an opinion! Keep it up! You guys and that Millennial guy make me want to have a farm!

      4. Welker Farms

        I disagree, it was more than strong enough how we did it and as you see they are in place and secure.

    8. Roger Meggyesy

      BTW I Can't get Notifications after the middle of August because Google stopped sending notification Emails even though you have the channel set up to receive notifications.. Refer to this Google note in quotes below.. Many folks are wondering what happened to their automatic notifications. "KGup has a few different methods of notifying you about new videos from specific channels, including push notifications on the mobile apps, alerts on the desktop site, and email. However, the last option is going away, as Google alleges email alerts aren't used very often." Please pass this on to your KGup Application as I found out I lost all notification Emails for all of my subscribed KGup channels. BTW I really like your videos as I am a retired farmer and enjoy watching today's farmers operate.

    9. iBelieve


    10. Chris Darting

      Wiggles and Jiggles!!!

    11. tractortamno1

      Is there something that prevents you from using modern shed style grainstores as opposed to the old fashioned bin systems?

    12. Lauren Dunkle


    13. Payne Killer

      I kinda cringe when people call Dodge pick ups "Cummins" I own one and I still don't get it. It'd be like calling my Western Star a "CAT"

      1. Welker Farms

        It's absolutely normal, we call my dad's chevy a duramax, my friends Ford a powerstroke, and our dodge a cummins. Unlike your truck where you can get a cat, cummins, or detroit. No comparison.

    14. Paul Parker

      Oh leg arms I need your address so I can send you a coke a cola shirt so you can throw that nasty Pepsi shirt in the garbage where it belongs.

    15. Kathleen M

      Amazing! Great video!

    16. David Farnell

      Sad.sad,sad wot a bunch of loosers

    17. redbovine

      Elon Musk moves those a little differently.

    18. Plaguebit

      Well the good thing about a loose chain is it's easy to get back on. x)

    19. tomthumb

      should do an overhaul on the trencher

    20. Comstar

      You guys should make a "Small Bud" out of that Ditch Witch :D

    21. Will MacG

      now ask ditch witch for a tester

    22. Will MacG

      your so cool

    23. Randall Hudson

      Crain? Maybe crane.

    24. Ballade je

      Like me

    25. Ballade je

      Let me get you number

    26. Joakim Juul Eriksen

      Nice to see that you are wearing ear protection.. ;-)

    27. Adam Watts


    28. Morgan Adair

      Goes to show, looks don't win races. My looks will spoil milk at twenty feet

    29. Joshua Suriner

      why do i have this feeling this guy dousnt like work... lol

    30. s healy

      Any option to sell bottom skids back to manufacturer?

      1. Robert Welker

        Very likely

    31. EricB42044

      The winch in our JD gator is the best thing about it. We use it everyday to move chickens with but have used it for many other projects.

    32. Tom Preiss

      Plus you can cell the power back too the election company on the off season as single phase.

    33. Tom Preiss

      You should billed a solar station out there and billed it out too three phase. Three phase is common technology for solar the inverters electronically connect in a group off three for three phases and your battery back up can be changed by standard phase and thin converted to three phase in a bind at night if you run out of battery back up.

      1. Tom Preiss

        @Gregory won't to remember that thay only need to billed a sistom that runs the max off what thay use at any one time. That can be done easy with dual breakers.

      2. Gregory

        Expensive. They are a little north. Solar panel prices are still coming down too.

    34. Bill Oklahoma

      Please include the "School Lunch Program" in your videos with reference to the damage sufferred by Iowa from the recent Derecho in their state. I am sure that that program is probably critical to their and your survival. Since the libs are doing their best to derail this critical program it seems to me that a little gentle reminder to your audience wouldn't hurt. Thanks!

    35. Maine Man

      Great Video !

    36. Samuel

      Haha 🤣 Tonka Deere skidsteer

    37. Mike Clemens

      That is DRY DIRT or what. I live in east central ND and haven't seen dry dirt since 1993. Only planted 35% of our acres this year.

      1. Welker Farms

        It's amazing how things change out our way. Sorry to hear about your acres, is that due to fields being too wet?

    38. Steel Brewborn

      You guys ever thought of using earprotection?

      1. Steel Brewborn

        @Welker Farms Keep up the good and honest work :)

      2. Welker Farms

        What?? Come again?

    39. Daniel Hiller

      I see the door is in the wrong place on the third bin. they should be beside the load out augur so the grain is drawn away from them to you have access to the bin while running the sweep without having to climb in from the top. you will learn the hard way on this one.

      1. Robert Welker

        The sweep will auger towards the door within a short time. If needed we have access port at the door for our vac

    40. twothreebravo

      It's not stupid if it works.

    41. steve shoemaker

      Awesome....When you need a ditch witch work done there ain't nothing like-um....Thanks for taking the time for camera work....!

    42. shop shop

      Is that row of 8 smaller bins, plus a couple other ones you've got hanging around, going to be used for grain storage or does there size make it more trouble then its worth? Were they considered big in their prime?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes we'll use them and back in the 1980s they were standard for our area

    43. J Essary Farms

      Good job guys!! Getting things perfect for years to come!!


      Love the mountains in the background.

    45. fraser pewarchuk

      Ran that same vintage Ditch Witch for many many years. Still sitting in the back 40. Popped the chain many times also.

    46. Brian G. Lee

      Ya gotta be able to Improvise to get it done.

    47. John Berrena

      Good ol American farmer get it done know how.

    48. Leslie May

      You can turn while digging with that trencher.

    49. Eric Risch

      More talking than anything else this channel isn’t what it used to be

    50. Jjonathan Hamby

      What brand ear plugs do you guys use I have used them before and like them just dont remember what they are

      1. Jjonathan Hamby

        I like that brand there comfortable

      2. Robert Welker

        Not sure what make

    51. Wesley Van Hook

      You were established the year the Titanic sank. Haa

    52. gacikpl

      why 1-phase? is it much more expensive to run 2 more wires? 3- phase gives more, more flexibility for future, a lot more!

      1. gacikpl

        @Welker Farms it's crazy. I was digging the electric line into the barn across the yard and threw in there a cable three times thicker than required and two ethernet cables, now I wish I had given some conduit and fiber. The cost of this wiring was very small compared to the time, hassle and cost of excavation, so I preferred to protect myself for doing it again.

      2. Welker Farms

        It is about 4-5 times the cost believe it or not!

    53. George Tinc

      Looks like you need A trencher attachment for your skid steer, you'd have more power and versatility in turns.

    54. itsjusta6.7 cummins

      wheres the wagner tractor more on the channel

    55. Howard Younger

      we use to move stuff like that. except there would 5-10 of us on the back of the loader to hold the back down . so that looked real safe to me. great videos you guys make. looks like you have a lot of fun. like to see you all making the videos.

    56. Wyatt Duboise

      Get a trencher for the tonka deere

    57. Lucas Anderson

      In 500 years the crop will Teleport from the combines right into the bin. No trucks needed! Haha so cool to see you all improvise, one of the things that always impresses me about farmers the most.

    58. Cedric Broussard

      That's what happens when you have equipment u use if u wouldn't use it u wouldn't be doing anything!

    59. Bernie Schoep

      you should have combine first before runniing a trench through it nick lol.

      1. Frank Deegan

        That little bit compared to the whole wheat harvest not an issue, plus Dad said it wasn't quite ready. I guess the chickens would have liked it but maybe not worth the bother

    60. Lance Wickum

      Have plans for those hopper bases yet? Want to sell one?

      1. Robert Welker

        Hey Lance. Might consider that

    61. Dealer U.

      Have you spec'd and priced out a solar panel / battery storage option for your bin location? If so how do the numbers compare?

      1. Robert Welker

        Hugely expensive for 2 10 hp fans

    62. You Don't Need To Know

      We bought a 936F cat payloader last winter our first payloader on our farm and weve probably put about1000 hours on already😂😂

    63. Gerald McKillip

      👍👍👍 Video ......

    64. Levi Hofer

      Cool 💪💪💪

    65. Don Brutcher

      In another 20 years, the bins will generate their own power.

    66. KraziIvan

      Thats quite the Dodge "Power wagon" you have there. ;-)

    67. Caleb Robideau

      The moment I hear the outro music I'm sad af😪

    68. Nick Tarr

      Hey Nick, i am going to lineman school next spring. I would absolutely love it if y'all were able to get footage of the co-op setting the new poles and running the primary wire. I understand you may not be able to but if you can, that would be awesome and something cool/new to see!

    69. Brad Lilly

      I love the bin moving, I seam to get involved with sketchy stuff like that.

    70. Art Ayers

      I was disappointed that the old Continental generator wouldn't handle the bin fans.

      1. Gregory

        They really don’t need a generator there, they can live with an occasional outage. Generator would be better at the shop.

      2. George Tinc

        it might be set up for the wrong voltage, or there maybe something wrong with the voltage regulator........ no telling. If they really wanted to know they'd be smart to call a generator company with good reviews.

    71. Bruce Kerr

      Hi guys. Could you give us some details on the GPS setup you have in the combines? For example, how does it know the shape of your field. Do you set that up manually before the first use. Does the combine do 1 or 2 turns around the outer perimeter before parallel runs? It is a great use of GPS, but I would like to know more. Thanks.

      1. Robert Welker

        Most of the time we 2 widths top and bottom of field ends for turning around. Then use a 0 degree staight line for direction.

    72. Aaron Hayden

      Should have taken a big ol 1 bottom plow and loosened the ground up.

    73. Robert Reznik

      On the fuel pressure issue, I have used a spring loaded check valve in reverse on a tee to bleed the pressure to the needed oz pressure.

    74. INK'D RAILS

      I think with how well the skid steer and wheel loader worked, they should be in line for some new paint and JOHN DEERE decals!

    75. Owen Niehaus

      Omg now its tonka

    76. Dennis Berg

      You guys have to many toys. Then leg arms is wearing a JCB hat while Case is sponsoring the video. Haha

    77. Tiger Gaming

      You have to use what you have

    78. Brian OZ2BRN

      Trencher = Winter workshop project - pimp it up, make it reliable :)

      1. Brian OZ2BRN

        Change the spring operated idle wheel on the trencher to hydraulic operated piston for easy tightening and loosening of the tension ?

    79. Niklas

      High Voltage and a transformer, sounds nice, exactly what i am doing in my city

    80. Offroad Channel

      That was a job for Bob's Big Bud Bin Boom :-(

      1. Offroad Channel

        Ok, I did not get to 13:45 while I typed that comment...

    81. grimthenoble

      My OCD thinks you should get another 30k bushell bin

      1. Welker Farms

        Us too!! Maybe next year 😁

    82. Reid Kiffmeyer

      How deep do you have to dig the trench to miss the planter??

      1. Welker Farms

        We are going 36-40 inches. Planter digs a maximum of 3-4 inches

    83. Matthew Heilman

      Progress is always awesome 😁 cant wait for the farming sim 19 update

    84. Bill Schmidt

      Why do you have two different types of bins?

      1. Robert Welker

        @Bill Schmidt we bought the 2 meridian bins 3 years ago. Then this spring 2 westeel smooth bins for half price became available

      2. Bill Schmidt

        I was asking about the corrugated wall vs the smooth wall style.

      3. Robert Welker

        Same bin, 2 extra rings. They came with the package

    85. Team Bach

      You showed in a previous video a jump starter for your equipment that started the big trucks. Any way you can tell me what size brand type?

    86. A. Morrison

      Ive watched all your havest

    87. eb17816

      With a big enough lever Nick can lift the world.

    88. Jared Stivers

      This winter project, rebuilding the Trencher. Just remember it beat a shovel.

    89. Fußballmafia DFB

      Why do you have so many different types of bins ?

      1. Robert Welker

        Some are old,40mph years, when the farm was smaller

    90. Banzaii 62

      Love seeing self sufficient people. Bin crew gone, keep working on it...No crane, we'll figure it out (kinda sketchy, but it worked), Power company delay...break out the trencher. Everything keeps progressing, Farmers ain't sitting around waiting on anyone, good job !

    91. Rollin Metzger

      What are those bins you moved called? What do they do?

      1. Robert Welker

        For fertilizer mostly

    92. Martin M.

      100,400 views in 15 hours? awesome! perfect video!

    93. YA BOI Jacoby

      Why didn’t you use bobs big bud bin boom

      1. Robert Welker

        Wasn't on the 435 bud so we improvised

    94. Dennis Olsen

      That bin site looks fabulous!

    95. Nico Wiens

      Hey Nick what about you send me a blou cape like yours yust because my name is Nick

    96. CuriousEarthMan

      yes, let's not forget about Bob's Big Bud Bin Boom! You're never really out of options! :) thanks for the video! I appreciate your sharing with us!

    97. David Smith

      Finally got over to Clarion, IA this past weekend to see the 747 Big Bud before it returns home to MT. Just in time as its supposed to leave 8/31 Pictures, and the text description of its size does not do justice to how huge it really is.

    98. P Seggons

      How do you get all the good jobs Nic........... Was the curve in the trench following the curvature of the earth......... The bin move is a classic farm solution to a job needing doing. More power to your elbow.

    99. Evan Dewey

      You guys should get the moline out in the field for a drive it could get back to it roots on the farm

    100. Ben Dunn

      "Got a backhoe coming." For shame guys. Time to give the old Deere backhoe some love this winter.