The Mighty Case IH 4440 Patriot

Welker Farms

306 миӊ. көрүүлөр29

    There's a brand new sprayer in town and it looks good! CASE IH has provided us this beautiful machine through our local dealership Torgersons for a limited time this spray season. The CASE IH 4440 Patriot has 120ft steel booms, Aim Command Flex, 1200 gallon tank, and a Raven 4+ monitor. We are thrilled to play with this sweet machine.

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    1. tony cano

      You should do a green one and see what Zack says

    2. tony cano

      Nice tractor Nick it's not green

    3. Conestoga Ranch

      My neighbors have one

    4. Conestoga Ranch

      I loved the intro

    5. Brody Freeland


    6. Zumatrix

      The Engine is in the back.. Whats under the Hood then?

    7. Wesley Buchanan

      And cause my phone was dead

    8. Wesley Buchanan

      You scared the hell Out of me when I heard your phone ring I thought it was my phone

    9. Chris Darting

      What song is that???

    10. Bam MasterJ813

      The nozzles run off of a pwm signal... they are always going on and off depending on demanded duty cycles! Love the patriot! Fun to work on and set up for customers!

    11. Travis Stahl

      We have two 4440 case sprays 1 is a 2009 the other is a 2014 good sprays

    12. Tony Ackerman

      That Patriot is pretty incredible with its capabilities!

    13. Gene Murphy

      At 23:53ish talking about babies Is there another baby Hollywood coming? Is the wife showing?

    14. Gene Murphy

      Shouldn’t you have gotten Hollywood the 5150 model

    15. Gauloises Khaos

      Can someone explain how spraying works? How does it kill off the weeds but doesnt affect the crops? Do the crops get affected a bit? And if you dont spray, the weeds will hog up all the water, room and sunlight from the crops? Thanks in advance.

    16. Khaffit

      that section at about ~22:00 sounded like ww2 sirens

    17. SimpleStlang

      Nice video Why do do have an blue marriage ring sry for my awful englisch it is because i am from bavaria

    18. The American Fox

      who needs air raid sirens when you have this thing

    19. NewEraFarmer

      Its a shame there's no market for it here in the uk.

      1. NewEraFarmer

        oh and it needs to loose that horrendous nose!

    20. brandon wilkins

      The beginning scared the living daylights out of me

    21. -Joe_Biden's_Hairy_Legs-

      I've heard nothing but problems from the 4440

    22. Robert Craighead

      pretty cool

    23. Scotty Nippleson

      I need this is fs19

    24. Phattdawgg

      It needs more AC vents around the Steering wheel.

    25. Buff Tammy

      Not to mention the efficiency is amplified the more land you have. Exponential curve.

    26. Cabe Embry

      John Deere sprayers have the boom feature called auto boom or what it should be called shove the boom straight in the ground all the time.

    27. Larry Thompson

      Great sprayer nothing wrong with it but the aim flex is garbage. It’s good for about the first year and then you’ll start having problems with it. Ncv,s offline can errors and the worst part of it is it won’t tell you where the problem is. A terminator on the end of the left boom could be causing issues that n ncv,s on the right side. Totally unreliable and over engineered. Case needs to get there head out of you know where and tell raven to get their act together like deer did or they are going to be hurting because of it.

    28. lifeteen2

      I think what those individual sprayers are really for is high precision farming. It's not mainstream yet, but there are farmers flying drones over their fields with all kinds of sensors so they can create a prescription for the field in 1 foot blocks. Cuts way down on chemicals.

    29. Mod Squad

      16:14 watch the end of the boom. It does even hit the ground at the bump


      HELLO !!!!!! I am Brazilian, I follow your channel from the beginning, I love your work ... very good, thanks for your attention

    31. Melvin Petersson

      That is a cool looking machine

    32. Vinny Darley

      I hate that sprayer Were is the the bud

    33. Lornes Literal Asshole

      A big green sprayer would look much better and there's more cupholders 😁

    34. Ken Sarauer

      Just curious how much you get paid for these adds, or is it just the free use of the equipment.

    35. Dave Smith

      How much land do you farm.."Just have to rive 10 miles down the road, to the next field.."

    36. Harvey Stephens

      Wednesday 6/17 am

    37. Harvey Stephens

      Hope rain y’all getting this am Wednesday am is a good soaker and you getting it on all the fields!!!

    38. Hitendra Singh Solanki

      One video How irrigation your filds

    39. Grand_dragon5642

      Trump 2020

    40. darkmaze9000 what do you think of this headder?

    41. Chad Justice

      Imagine if you could demo an actual good sprayer lol

      1. Chad Justice

        @Welker Farms I did read another comment that case is finally building one you change the booms and tank out for a spreader box. Glad to see they are finally catching up after 10 plus years of Deere having that lol I will have to stick with Deere engine and the sweet sweet Deere monitors lol

      2. Welker Farms

        @Chad Justice haha it's all good I get it all the time and give it back when I can. Just remember the fpt engine is the only one available that does not pump exhaust back onto your intake. No egr! But to make up for it they have to up the Def consumption.

      3. Chad Justice

        @Welker Farms haha just having a little fun being a green guy and if it wasn't for the terrible case monitor I would like them a little bit better

      4. Welker Farms

        It's a shame, if only there was a way to be better than already perfect. Oh well I'll continue to enjoy innovation and superiority! 😁

    42. cxx the legend

      Hi I like your KGup 😁

      1. cxx the legend

        That's ok I am a farmer to my dad works at a farm that sells ice cream

      2. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    43. Kris Bower

      Nick, do you guys lose much yield at all by driving over the peas (non-farmer question)? :)

      1. Robert Welker

        Not at this early stage of growth

    44. Philip Ennis

      Lol. I started folding my 4440 booms in at the same time you did Hollywood. But you beat me.

      1. Robert Welker


    45. Galaxy A7

      Nice case commercial.. you realy can 't make a review unless u used it for at least 100 hours.

    46. Chance 72

      I was so excited when he said we have a new sprayer but then he said this is a demo I was like bruh

      1. Chance 72


      2. Robert Welker

        We are grateful to be able to try the new technology

    47. Kristine Lorensen

      I got scared in the beginning

    48. jack parkey

      Applicating? that conversating?...

      1. Robert Welker

        Its talking smack to the weeds

      2. jack parkey


    49. dzemo hodzic


    50. dzemo hodzic


    51. dzemo hodzic


    52. hamish dunbier

      Love it

    53. Levi Hofer

      Beautiful sprayer

    54. Craig Sneed

      Case is making a Sprayer that has a removable tank and booms to be replaced with a dry spreader box. I think it's a 5440?

      1. Chad Justice

        Something John Deere has had for over 10 years now lol

      2. Robert Welker

        Cool engineering

    55. iBelieve


    56. iBelieve


    57. iBelieve


    58. iBelieve


    59. iBelieve


    60. offroaderdays

      Nick Welker the best salesman Case has. Also looks like the making of a new Transformer movie. "The Dawn of Montana"?

    61. Chris Cardoza

      My boss would just up and down if that was on his ranch..

    62. Kado And others

      Hey nick do you have 120ft booms or 135ft booms our 4430 patriot has 120ft booms

      1. Kado And others

        Robert Welker thanks

      2. Robert Welker


    63. jack Blanke

      gg ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    64. Eric Beightol

      That's a good way to get spoiled:)

    65. Doug Decuir

      there is a farm in canada running 6 of the largest john deere's like that...100k acres massive operation....

      1. Narelle MacPherson


    66. Tom N

      Great ride, looking fwd to seeing the lighting package

    67. Maxwell Baum

      get more done with the Mixmate

    68. Ethan Huber

      We run two of them at work. They're pretty amazing machines

    69. Jamie Smith

      That's a nice running rig you got there. It beats a Case IH 5240 tractor with a Farm rite 500 gallon tank sprayer with 30 foot spray booms any day. Good luck, stay SAFE and GOD BLESS!!!

    70. Jacob Wurz

      That’s thing is junk

      1. Robert Welker

        The opinions are valid by those who run them and it gets the job done. I like "junk" like this. 👍😁

    71. Chris Edge

      Very nice machine. 500k is alot of money. Sure wish the markets were better for our farmers so they all could afford nice new equipment like this. Even if the brute is cooler the ease and the efficiency of the new sprayer would be nice.

      1. Robert Welker

        BRUTE is an awesome sprayer

    72. Kuemmerling Enthusiast

      Nick owes me a pair of new underwear.

      1. Robert Welker


    73. HÅKON Eriksen

      4440 HP???

    74. M L Jam

      I Like it your farming and all videos.

    75. Larry Garrett

      Nice sprayer, do you hunt

    76. Charles Tvest

      Random fact, both the Patriot and the Brute where both built in the Benson plant.

    77. Plaguebit

      inbefore we traded in the brute and the apache for a patriot guys.

    78. Ryan Den Boer

      John deere is the best

      1. Robert Welker

        Be careful of the influence of green koolaid.

    79. Nicole Foster

      I also have the welker farms map on my xbox

    80. J Miller

      Have you guys ever heard of the new mix mate system? If not you should have a look at it for helping you out with your sprayer setup and how it works

    81. Erik Klok

      Keep the machine and modernize the equipment. Technology is much improved compared to what you are used to.

    82. Cranki

      It was more of a tik, tik, tik, than a ch,ch,ch, or a brbrbrbr. Hopefully Case won't fire you for that mistake!

    83. thr8061

      My Mom use to freeze water in washed out gallon milk jugs. She would fill them up 3/4 full, freeze it and then when we were going to go out to bale, work the fields, whatever, she would top it off with water. Thus we had cold water for quite some time as it melted.

    84. Kyle Flamand

      Curious how much money it cost to buy that in the good old USA.

      1. Robert Welker

        I'm guessing over 350k

    85. Dan Smith

      We have 3 of those on the farm, 2 have 1600 gallon and the older one is 1200. Want that monitor though, we're still using the pro 700s. Try one with the new XRT boom height and you'll love that.

    86. Red leader

      You're gonna make the big brute angry lol

    87. Blain Messman

      I run a 2016 4440 patriot with raven Hawkeye pulsing and it's a darn good machine!!

    88. Jack Willie

      What was dads first sprayer his dad had him use

      1. Robert Welker

        My first spraying was a 200 gal 40 ft boom in a 1956 international pickup. And it smelled strong with 24D as that was the only Chem we had.

    89. Justin Groves

      Try not to damage it

    90. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers awesome looking sprayer

    91. Jeffrey Houston

      We demo one, didn't like it near as much as our deere.

    92. TractorPasion

      Nos vemos en TractorPasion

    93. Harley McCorcle

      looks like you are flying

    94. noah shrimp

      How fast does it road

    95. Coen Clark

      John Deere looks so much better

      1. Welker Farms

        That's the coolaid talking 😉

    96. Terry H

      14:42 Yeah. Same problem. I've had to surgically remove my phone from my body. It is now in my toolbelt where it gets used when I need it just like my hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Also, the sound stays off unless I'm expecting an important call. Did you ever think - how did people survive 40 years ago, when the phone was stuck to the wall in the kitchen and you couldn't answer it every time it rang? Worse yet, what was the world like 100 years ago when there were very few telephones? How did people live?!

    97. Daniel Johnston

      That “yes” running around cracks me up every time.... !

    98. Bob Paterson

      An when a 3amp fuse fails the whole machine stops 🤔😬😂😂

    99. Jim H

      That hydrostat sounded like a tornado siren when you were going up that hill.