BIG BUD with New Tires...SEND IT!

Welker Farms

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    #bigbud #newshoes
    New set of Titan Tire Goodyear Optitrac 800/65R32. Not a small job to change but already loving the performance improvement! Can't wait to send it to the fields.... Which is very very soon 😁.
    More Optitrac information below!
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    1. asandberg6

      Now you need to build a pickup to throw four of the bias plys on. You can colab with Whistlin' diesel.

    2. Sniper

      "You wanna put money on that?" *Both start digging through pockets*

    3. The Kentucky Times

      Would you please give me a shout I’m 13 and trying to start my own farming channel I hope will be as big as yours one day would you please give me a shout at the Kentucky times

    4. thor06m

      so, how much each one of those?

      1. Robert Welker

        In the 3k range

    5. kFe82

      To be totally honest when I stumbled upon this channel i first thought who would like to see someone sitting in a tractor and stare in the field for 18 hours a day. Little did I know that this was a combination of Gas Monkey Garage, SharkTank, Friends, Live Rescue, Heavy Rescue:401. Gotta say I'm totally hooked watched all your videos since same time last year. Love your positivity. Keep up the good work. Love from Sweden. :)

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for your very kind words. Blessings 👍

    6. Kathleen M


    7. Igor Moleta

      Fixing magaiver style

    8. Dave Miller

      What is that white Hell all over???

    9. Jim Peterson

      Leg Arms: Recovering or slacking? LOL

      1. Robert Welker

        None liquid rain


      I can change my miatas tires with one hand. This guy needs an engine jack and a team

    11. Digtwo

      Come over subbed from that millennial fool you gave a red thing to for a bit, wtf is this bud? cray cray power.

    12. Brendos_Adventures

      Takes 5 people to lift a tire that leg arms would lift by himself, pffft 🤣🤣👌👌

    13. Grandpa Jim

      😍😍😍😍😍👌🤭 ALWAYS INTERESTING what you are doing out on the farm!! KEEP LEG ARMS IN CHECK, AWESOME VIDEO UPDATE!!! 👍👍💪💪💪🙏🤪 GOD BLESS ALL 🙏

    14. Not You

      Leg arms is going to lose some weight. His eating arm is out.

    15. k henne

      Seeing that come down the road at me; I'd give you the right of way!!

    16. Parent of Twins

      Is that the KTA-1150 engine in that tractor? Do you all use the Beet juice for the tires? With a tire that size you can put what 1000-1500lbs per tire? That will get you up in the mid 50k region for total weight.

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes 1150. So far don't need extra weight

    17. Chooper

      I wish we built these tires at the Goodyear tire manufacturing plant I work at.

    18. iBelieve


    19. Ryan Etzel

      Hey Nick, did you clean the shop?? ;-)

    20. Gustav Andersson

      a company fixes ur tires. widest we have thoguh is 77100mm the fix it within an hour for like 100bucks. save alot off time

    21. jack wright

      you just put a lot of $ on that tractor

    22. Nevin Bontrager

      I realize you guys do all your own work but as a former mobile farm tire guy for 10+ years its really hard to watch other people do it. Lol. Good work though. I enjoy your videos.

    23. Mr Sweet

      that’s hotter than my girlfriend

    24. brighton back

      So are we going to talk about the fact they are stretching tractor tires or no? Honda guys are about to be really jealous.

    25. Ronald Wallander

      Hire tire guys to do that b4 u get killed mounting them

    26. Robert Stewart

      How many Lugnuts are on a big bud rim

      1. Robert Welker

        20 to 24

    27. Dave Brittain

      I was wondering what kind of grease did Nick use on the valve stems? I hope it was silicone based and not petroleum based.

      1. Robert Welker


    28. Massimo Pecile

      For me those tires are nearly brand new

    29. Steven Bell

      nothing wrong with old tyres why change?

      1. Robert Welker

        Deal to good to pass on and updated traction and ride is superb

    30. matthewrenshaw

      How often do you have to change the tires?

      1. Robert Welker

        Normally 10 years but this was a deal not to pass on

    31. matthewrenshaw

      Robert with the Gun Show 4:57

    32. matthewrenshaw

      I guess the Lake House renos are all done? I really enjoyed those. You kinda left us hangin

    33. assman

      So were those whitetail, mule deer or antelope?

      1. Robert Welker


    34. Matt0ttens213

      We hav2 Goodyear 800/65R32's on our jd 9630 they are a great tire 4200 hours on them and still going strong. Thanks for another great video!

    35. William P. Aaron

      Can I ask how much each tire costs ,?? I was a owner operator truck driver so I am used to big prices. Maybe not that big. I am guessing $10,000. per tire. Close ,??

      1. Welker Farms

        Tires like this range from $1500-$3000 a piece depending on brand and model. To put rubber on the big bud runs about $18,000.

    36. Sam plays different games

      Do you still own the wagner

      1. Robert Welker


    37. Larry Kluck

      The tires looks great

    38. BW YinYang

      Oh no! Hollywood said Leg Arm weren't needed. Brothers feud 🤣

      1. Welker Farms


    39. Rasmus Kjaer

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    40. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    41. Zac French

      Hey, how do I got small oat pieces out of my socks?

    42. David

      I'm surprised no one used the ole ether trick to to spray in the tire to seat the beed

    43. Oliver77

      7: 54 Greta “How Dare You?”

    44. CTakaH_CToJIu4Hou

      Хороший видос, хороший монстр. Лайк поставил👍

    45. A Girl And Her Cows

      cool video enjoyed watching it

    46. ohio player1177

      Lots and lots of lube.. you can slide anything into anywhere with enough lube.

    47. Cody Shilhanek

      i may have a idea for you guys

    48. Tim Mattison

      Just a flat out great looking tractor.

    49. S Richey

      Rollin coal!!!

    50. Doug W


    51. Trapperjdb IA

      It’s going on my bucket list. To drive a Big Bud👍

    52. Anthony Gartin

      I think u should make a red big bud it would be a worlds first but at the same time the big bud is Legendary as it is

    53. Tuco Benedicto

      You must have some air compressors for those tires? can you show them? Feel better leg/arms. :(

    54. Alan Nelsen Here’s a video of my buddies brother made that you guys might like it

      1. Robert Welker

        Captured it well, fun. Thanks

    55. Matthew Brown

      Did you see if Discount Tire could mount those? I would love to see there face

    56. Greg J

      cost per tyre?

      1. Robert Welker

        over 3k to 3.5k

    57. William Figueroa Jr.

      A 40ft high cube shipping container full of burlap sacks of cocoa beans ways almost as much as your big BigBud. Lol.

    58. boston guy78

      Great job she came out perfect!!!

    59. fboyace

      Whats the song 5 min in?

    60. santi ciarlan

      What about tracks? Could improve the traction? And I have a good question, how many hours has big bud?

      1. Robert Welker

        hrs are over 9k for the 600.

    61. The New Relax Zen Music Video Channel

      Love to watch your videos guys. Stay relaxed during your long hours of driving!!

    62. Hadden Unger

      2:30 leg arms could've done it all by himself

    63. J D

      Rollin’ Coal baby!

    64. Craig De Beer

      Awesome... thanks for the God Bless...

    65. Music any Day

      My dream job is agricultural machine mechanics

    66. UncleManuel

      Is "cool glue" the opposite of hot glue?😄😜

    67. Damien Bock

      How heavy is one of those tires .

      1. Robert Welker

        over 700

    68. The new Making it Happen

      Ether is good for getting tires attached to the rim.

    69. The Alberta Farmer

      I love the 600/50 big bud. It looks so good with the new tires

    70. Evan Butler

      Looks good

    71. PNW RC

      I NEVER tire of seeing this amazing tractor driving around!

    72. Matt_ jones

      Have you got a permit to show them guns nick 😂, awesome video hope leg_arms is recovering well

    73. Vinny Pinatelli

      Awesome video,!!! How much does one Tire weigh?

      1. Vinny Pinatelli

        Yea that's what I was thinking that's insane friend!!!

      2. Robert Welker

        over 700

    74. Andrew T.

      How hards was it keeping leg arms from grabbing a bar and helping? I know when I have been hurt I can't stay out of the way.

    75. Douglas Fehler

      When I was a younger man I changed tires for a living and knotting more Scary than three piece locking ring rip payloads where like Russian roulette you just never know when or if a ring is going to let go semi Worst 3 tone grain truck rims and zof course all the f n farmers would kclean all the rust off the locking ring have you ever seen a cage were a locking ring filled I digress if I were you I would look for used jaws of life To help squeeze the tire were you needing it to go. Signing Off from regina canada.

    76. David Waggoner

      You’ll be flying around the field so fast, you’ll wish you had balanced them! 😂

    77. Freedom Farms

      You know if you put leg arms in the can while you weigh it that would get you close to 52,000lbs 🤣😂🤣

    78. Zegalles

      looks awesome, good job!

    79. SibleyButteFarmin'

      Use the crane arm on your service truck to push the sidewall in to get the bead on the rim

    80. Mike P

      Friend of mine had a huge tire like this fall on his leg. It completely destroyed his knee.

    81. thereissomecoolstuff

      This is my America.


      You now looking at it legarms really helps you look faster 😁😁😁. Hope legarms gets better 👍

    83. The Paint Professor

      Give leg arms a camera!

    84. Travis Pederson

      Hey Scott what size are those?

      1. Scott Sloan

        800/65R32 Opttracs💪🏻

    85. moondoggie MN

      I doubt I'm the 1st to think of this, but - hey - he's Leg Arm now, not Leg Arms! Suggested only with the deepest love & respect, of course.

    86. Mark Arnott

      au - Mr Welker Farms 🙋‍♂️ what you think about my idea Building a Bigbud PC box ? .or tractor PC's 🖥 i looked all over Google ebay youtube Havent seen not 1 tractor pc box Anyway 🤷‍♂️ 1st a quick drawing most likely BE tractor 🚜 CABIN s - then a bit from there a part off that few pipes etc Unsure about the wheels

      1. Mark Arnott

        @Robert Welker thankyou rob 👍 WIN10 Start up sound bigbud Engine sound Roaring to life .

      2. Robert Welker

        It definitely would be unique. I'd say go for it.

    87. Wyatt Woodcock

      Wut engine is in tht old girl

      1. Wyatt Woodcock

        @Robert Welker thnks for the reply... awesome tractor

      2. Robert Welker

        KTA Cummins 1150 cu in (19L), set at 600 hp

    88. Bearcatz 1

      It would be cool to see a go pro on the inside of the rim so you could see out

    89. Logan Hughes

      Anyone else wondering about the new Milwaukee tools?

      1. Logan Hughes

        @Robert Welker nice, I have all Milwaukee, you guys need to switch over!

      2. Robert Welker

        They sent us the 3/4 impact before we started the tires. Love it.

    90. THC Enterprise LLC

      New boot goofin !

    91. Tom Bombardil

      Robert Welker you are doing an amazing job. I don't know lots of guys your age still able to work as you do. I really hope you can keep up this strong work. And in general your videos are just astonishing. You Welkers stay awesome. And to Legarms: keep getting better big guy. Much love from Germany. God bless you guys.

      1. Tom Bombardil

        @Robert Welker I sincerely hope your youth stays as long as possible

      2. Robert Welker

        Thank you Tom. I don't really feel 66 but keep in shape by being chased by grandkids 😁

    92. Chris Starr

      What was the weight from front to back?

      1. Robert Welker

        about 40/60 ratio. 29k on front, 19+k on rear.

    93. Kirk Gibbs

      4:58 The boys get their arms legitimately. Dad is jacked!

      1. Robert Welker

        must be...... I'm a jack of all trades but a master at none....... 😊

    94. Kieran Irving

      You need to paint the wheels on the big buds

    95. DerrickMegan Pettit

      Cutting other people off while there talking, pet peaves ya know lol

    96. DerrickMegan Pettit

      That guy is trouble maker, go home lol

    97. gerald sundberg

      JESH what a job! I can't imagine doing that !!!!

    98. Ivansgarage

      Wow five guys to change a tire.... whats up with that....

    99. Kallum Blake

      Either starting fluid. Spray into tire and throw matches at it

    100. Carl Stanney

      Just like to say thank you for making content seeing the big bud come out the shop put a massive smile on my face