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    Never know what is going happen when you let Leg Arms and Dad run the cameras! Their a riot for sure! Thousands and thousands of bushels of grain is being moved this week and thankfully we have the equipment and man power to make it happen. But 25,000 bushels in one day? Going to need a bigger GrainVac!
    Bring on the Rem VR12!

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    1. Mama Leigh Case

      Case Tough. That's my name: Case. Legarms you're in my tractor dude!!! LMAO!!!!

    2. John Guy

      I want a B model MACK to cruise around on.

    3. Lori Boyce

      The biggest tractor our farm had when I was a kid is what you use just to run your auger.

    4. Joshua Farrow

      Whats the outro music i need it for my farm playlist

    5. Douglas Palmer

      nice, yodeling next pls!

    6. arthur lapointe

      drove an 86 eagle when i was younger. what engine and trans does it have.and your singing needs alot of work. keep farming.lol

    7. Robert Cirincione

      That back window on the blue Pete is devastating.

    8. Brendos_Adventures

      Wow legarms melted me with his voice if I was a lady I would need a change of panties

    9. Bryan Raddatz

      Oh my goodness! Leg Arms! So awesome! Your voice is incredible! You should hook up with the Peterson Brothers! 😆

    10. jwxfd

      Oh man!!! Where do I get that cowfart shirt?

    11. Saad al-shammri

      Stooooop too much talking already

    12. Lee Hendrix

      You can sing and shift left handed..

    13. richardj ellis

      🎵🎶🎶Bin singing🎶🎶... 😢Heart retchingly beautiful😢. I THINK, it was my heart that was retched🤔, could have been wind🤔😂. I've never heard a song sung quite like 'that' before.. I think there's probably a reason for this 😂...🥰

    14. Pastor George Middleton Jr

      7:39 Wow Scott Can Sing GOD BLESSED YOU

    15. Chevy Orange Deere Green

      Scott is a man of many talents! Nick let's hear your singing voice!

    16. Michael Taylor

      That cat found an unlimited buffet and never left. 😂

    17. Brian Hrobsky

      Great singing Leg Arms. Your first album could be called.........Straight outta the bin.

    18. The new Making it Happen

      U sing good Leg Arms.

    19. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    20. Leon van der Weide

      "American Grain Bin livesessions Episode 1: Leg Arms" , man i would be howling if other youtubers decide to do this aswell!

    21. ferratilis

      Scott, I commend you for giving it all you got on that singing, but you are an awesome fabricator,... don't mean anything by it, just saying :)

    22. Naaman Brubaker

      Where did you get your pipes for your International?

      1. Robert Welker


    23. 8th Generation Farmer

      If you clean the ground on the sending unit, your fuel gauge should work. We have two 7120’s and a 7140. Constantly having gauge issues and it’s usually the ground under the “Case International” cover below the back window. Good luck

    24. Ryteu Lopki

      That song was great!

    25. Kayden Sybert

      How old is cobe

      1. Robert Welker


    26. Justin Byers

      Leg arms that singing was very good

    27. Robert Cornell

      Good thing Colby hasn’t figured out how to open the truck door himself! 😬

    28. Brandon Blair

      LEG Arms can sing!!!

    29. Adam Gregoire

      More reverb!!

    30. Jim Lewis

      Those bins are the perfect size for a backyard gazebo!

    31. Brayden Gustafson

      Hope to see AGI suretrack on the new bins

    32. freepatriot

      I saw a duplicate of your truck in Troup Texas last week. I had to do a double take to see if it had a Welker Farm decal...

      1. Robert Welker

        I was wondering where it was 😁

    33. Jason Swift

      Where is Nick?

    34. Cedric Broussard


    35. Morgan Sedge

      Nice. To see the progress guy's and can't wait to see the red vacuum working :-)

    36. Jérôme Maire

      américains farmers .... until 1900 you're land ....??? was what ? à free lanscape ? no one live there? really ?? working hard , no timiming , we go go go go !!! funny style of living .... hope séminoles not cames and keep your land .....;hope so

    37. Kilbride 1927

      You should do a kolbe best moments compilation

    38. VolatileTemper93

      So we need to put a gregorian choir in a empty grain bin now.

    39. Robert Simmerman

      I've run a vr12 mounted on trailer powered by a little JD engine. Check keast enterprises, they have a website and couple videos on KGup. One of videos is when I was running it in imogene ia. I stayed off camera tho lol

    40. Paul Rush

      One of the finest designs that IH ever put out. I had an 87 Super Eagle with a 60" Benz box similar to yours. It had a 444 "Step Timing Control" and 13 double over and 390 rears.

    41. Tanner Family Farms

      Does dad welker have siblings, how'd he get the family farm?

    42. gijs hofman

      Make a video with just the sound of de international i would love to hear that.

    43. 1murder99

      I need to borrow that vacuum cleaner to clean out my garage.

    44. Bernie Schoep

      bob you and kolby need vacation. you coming to farm show in boone iowa?

      1. Bernie Schoep

        @Robert Welker they will have the show it is september 1-3. meant to say you and wife and Kolby and his family need a vacation. how the dogs doing.

      2. Robert Welker

        We plan on it 👍

    45. Toby and James Goldsmith

      SOLUTION TO YOUR DADS COMENT DISABLING - download the yt studio app, then press on the desired video, after this you press edit on it, then the video setting, after this you should see enable comments at the bottom.

    46. Bernie Schoep

      install a airfloor underneath and install auger system

    47. Olaf Schmidt

      7:40 Scott Welker, Bin-Singer 😉👍🏻🎵

    48. Louie Stancil

      Legarms needs to do a CD. Id buy it

    49. Dudeanater&Hope

      Lol Leg arms

    50. Mod Squad

      Aye oo

    51. Angel Jimenez

      5:23 If you can't find it grind it!

    52. Bxnter Lol

      Leg Arms should try out for America’s got Talent Like so he can see.

    53. Ken Clark

      Legarms awesome voice.

    54. brett wynne


    55. Henry Riek

      If you want to see more farming video go check out Henry The Green Giant

    56. Bob Paterson

      Coby still the top dog around the farm 💪 Legarms can sure sing well impressed 👍 good to see u gettin the produce moved off the farm 👍👍

    57. Larry Wieberdink

      Great Voice Leg Arms!!

    58. Sean Mccarthy

      Leg arms need to do a video singing in a sound studio 🎙 Amazing voice !

    59. Sean Mccarthy

      Time for some wax and polish on the international lol Great to see you guys doing good Hope your family is doing great 👍 Need to see more of dad to

    60. Matt Huey

      Man im alil shocked that old John Deere still runs good when using that auger too load trucks!!💯👍 🚜🤘🇺🇲 God Bless ya!

    61. Simon Pruszynski

      You guys need to find an old shool roof wing on it thats looks cool as a cucumber...👍

    62. Tim Stevens

      Skip the cereal go for the bacon and eggs!

    63. The Munter44

      I want a CowFartt shirt :)

      1. Robert Welker

        Check out Tim the dairyman farmer

    64. The Geil-Game

      Интересное видео

    65. Chad Erickson

      If the 7140 has a single fuel tank the sending unit on the tank is bad. If it has a second tank there's a little more to trouble shootbut they a pretty easy to diagnose.

    66. Chris Kincheloe

      Legarms, you have a very nice voice and smooth too! You should sing more often!

    67. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      On the Magnum; have you guys entertained the idea of bringing it into the shop after writing up a laundry list of "everything wrong with the Magnum list" crunch some numbers and fix it and be done with all the gremlins it has? Maybe call Torgersons out for an assist on it like they came out & worked on the Big Buds with you??????

      1. Robert Welker

        We plan on to restore during winter

    68. MN. STEEL - Andrew K.

      Will your two puppies become "cab riders" for Leg Arms & Hollywood like Hobie is for pops?????

      1. Robert Welker

        I'll wait for awhile. 3 dogs in cab I would have to diet 😄

    69. Thomas Blaikner

      Not enough of you Bob. Too much ☕️ for you. We need your videos again.😆😆😆

    70. George Wyrick

      Leg Arms cowfartt shirt 😂

    71. DirtBiking 247


    72. Dan Finley

      You all are truly blessed glad to see your getting it done awesome voice leg arms

    73. Jason Wierenga

      Their a riot for sure! They're

    74. Brent Fulk

      Who or what determines how much grain each farm can deliver to the elevator?

      1. Robert Welker

        They do

    75. Martin Wilson

      Nice song.....don't quit your day job

    76. Jim T

      That is an awesome truck! Scott, I stand and applaud your performance. Hey Nick, glad to see you finally showed up for work... JK!

    77. Bri Rei

      What is the name of the song Leg Arms is singing?

    78. Dylan Hadland

      Why don’t you use the red peterbuilt as much as the others

      1. Robert Welker

        Depends on # of drivers and it does have a crack in the aluminum frame

    79. Penny Haldeman

      Mr. Welker you looked as surprised as I was when Coby jumped out the window. Coby my hero. Your son Scott can sure sing too.

    80. Phil Hosier

      25,000 bushels of grain is a nice problem to have !

    81. Thomas Anderson

      You didn’t unleash the beast????? First welker clickbait???? Great voice legarms

    82. Peet B

      The Welker song !!

    83. Jeremy Mullen

      That international is a beauty.. she’s clean looking rig, I hear ya, nice to have some original parts and look to her. Feels like u in da 80’s

    84. Jeremy Mullen

      Wat up guys

    85. mark pettit

      Awesome voice next time I'd like amazing 😊

      1. mark pettit


    86. Brad Lilly

      I think Bob Welker is outstanding in his field during this video

      1. Robert Welker


    87. John Bowen

      Colby was trying to keep a eye on things he just didn't know what to zoom in on.

    88. Charles Stufft

      I really enjoy this video, Leg Arms has an awesome voice for song. Acoustics are excellent.

    89. Clair Krause

      I enjoy your videos, but WOW, you are getting too many commercials.

      1. Robert Welker

        That's KGup

    90. Morgan Adair

      You have a new giant vacuum cleaner and still load with the front end machine??? Out the door Cody, hope he never breaks a leg from that high up but that is how they learn. Lots of work keeping a farm at optimum. Fuel gauge like that for years... maintenance man?? I do know that the cost of a fix sometimes over runs the fix tho. Stay safe, you can go back to break neck now that your back from that beautiful lake setting

      1. Robert Welker

        The reason to load with loader is you can't get the trailer along side of the vac inside the building. And it's still faster

    91. Jay Madden

      Where did legarm get the cowfart tee-shirt

      1. Robert Welker

        Check out Tim the dairyman farmer

    92. Buster QHorse

      When is the Leg Arms grain bin album being released?

      1. Robert Welker

        Needs more editing. The sound is still grainy.

    93. Mr. Robinson

      I never heard that song done in all those keys!

    94. Jarrett Fullerton

      Does the front loader crush product when it is loading? Seems like you would have to run over at least a little bit

      1. Robert Welker

        Very little if you keep the bucket edge scraping.

    95. James Chastine

      What was leg arms like growing up?

      1. Robert Welker

        Compliant and resourceful boy.

    96. Rob Hakeman

      How come they didn't have grain vacs when I was in farming, I always had to scoop out the bottom of the bins by myself. And Robert I love your humor. You made great decisions on your grain trailers. Demco and Maurer both owned by Demco now and are close by to where I live and if you ever get down this way let me know, I would like to meet up with you.

      1. Rob Hakeman

        Robert its Rob not Ron !

      2. Robert Welker

        Thanks much Ron. Demco has invited us if we're close to their plant.

    97. OkoMan

      Nic-your videos are great and the videos that contain your customization of the camera equipment are interesting. I saw this on kickstarter and thought you may find it of interest. www.kickstarter.com/projects/gravgrip/gravgrip-battery-free-camera-stabilization?ref=54c63j

    98. Davin Crook

      Nice music lately guys - step up from the techno-y tracks from ~6mo ago

    99. Brian Casey

      This comment is for Robert, you recommended FastAg, now I am hooked on them also. Thanks. 😁

      1. Robert Welker

        He's a great guy. Glad you enjoy 👍

    100. Brian Casey

      There's a KGup video of a Pastor that takes his choir to sing in a grain bin, it's amazing. I think Leg Arms could accompany them well. Nice voice.