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    To our surprise we can cross a interstate bridge without removing headers. It definitely takes some finessing. Saves us a lot of down time taking headers on and allows us to keep our headers on the entire season! Harvest 2020 is in full force!
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    1. Welker Farms

      Monday video!?!? Goinf for 3 videos a week baby! Enjoy!

      1. Dusin Bonnema

        @Ray Geffre Please upload video of you loading, detaching, hooking up, then unhooking, attaching, and unloading. I've never done it in 5 minutes - sounds impressive. I've been behind the neighbor with his JD 45' headers so they don't do it all the time either.

      2. Ray Geffre

        To all the illknoleged who responded to my comment negatively ! You have no idea ! For one thing I am born , raised and spent over 60 years in farming ranching and trucking. I owned farm equipment already when I was 17 years old. Those are reasons I know things about it. I don't know if it is the same with those red hunks but I do know that with John Deere it only takes about 5 minutes or less to detach the header and hitch up the trailer same with unhitch and attach . I can't believe it takes an hour with the red . There is something seriously wrong if it does. In that ( case ) a person should get a John Deere ! I could detach move across the bridge and have it reattached and be cutting grain in the time it took them to get 1/3 of the way across the bridge and wouldn't have scraped any reflectors! As far as the person whining I can't get over I would reck the equipment. If you don't know how to detach the header you should not be ( driving) the combine . Normally I would say operating the combine but it sounds like you are just a driver barely even that !! They make those headers detachable for a reason !! As far as being legal , I wouldn't bet on that.

      3. Dusin Bonnema

        @Ray Geffre Did you see a single car around there? No? me neither.

      4. Michael Broxterman

        @Ray Geffre have you seen the area they live in. Not many people on the road around them. If you don't like what farmers do to provide food for you than don't eat. Yes there my be some rude farmers out there but there is equally rude car/truck drivers that almost cause accidents with farm machinery. Time matters when harvesting. The farmers are all racing to finish so that mother nature doesn't take out the crop.

      5. Jeannine Haid


    2. Brian Allen

      Dad could be called the Foreman

    3. Brian Allen

      Nick the Noze

    4. Mike Bruce Tac 4

      Who's got the Colorado Plate on that Blue Subaru lol nice to see some of my neighbors up helping yall

    5. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    6. Ben Tupps

      Cool Video, What was the song playing as the combines drove over the Hi way

    7. Jenny Settles

      Hahae so good

    8. UncleManuel

      "Nickname-Nick" - pffffffhahaha, good play on words... ^_^

    9. Chris Weppler

      Your dad should be nick named "The Boss"

    10. Chris Weppler

      call Chad Chipper

    11. dave renken

      You’ve probably have said it before but I was wondering where you got your flag mounts for the combine? I’d like to put one on mine before we start out harvest in a few weeks

    12. A. Randolph

      First time to your channel. Just noticed the Montana flag. Where is your farm located? Much love from Bozeangeles!

    13. Chris Darting

      If you have a Wiggles, than you need a Jiggles!

    14. Micah Rizzuto

      Get a magnum 400 rowtrac

    15. Władca Wymiaru

      I think you should use some biochar. You soil is DEAD the sand, here is how to improve: (old image from USA past) Biochar ELIMINATES the bad fertilizers and evil pesticides need!

    16. Rock Brigade Community

      Who is Chad. I'm way behind ... shame

    17. Scot Coon

      Go to a parts store and get the glue for attaching body panels to cars. Glue a section of flashing tin over it.

    18. iBelieve


    19. Jay Downor

      I like when he said there's Five Hundred acres here so we'll be here for a couple days

    20. Rocky Bryant

      Can I rent the Brute? I need to take it to Portland for the night scene....

    21. Gavin Tierney

      Chads nick name could be bad chad lol

    22. deeremandoug

      i would like to know what the crop is. u keep saying peas. what type of peas. thanks

    23. BDJ M

      Great episode as always, sure happy you guys aren't protesting and burning your crops !!!

    24. Gabe Dalley

      Absolutely love your videos. The 9370 resto got me started and I was hooked. Don’t watch for an couple weeks because of work. But then, I BINGE! Walker time baby!

    25. steve checchio

      Chads nickname “Tippy Turtle “ he looks just like him...go look him up!!!

    26. Paul Parker

      How often do combines catch on fire? 🔥

    27. Paul Parker

      Chad's nickname should be "this guy"

    28. tech 2000 Domes

      Flex tape or spray for tank

    29. Made in America

      Chubby chad

    30. KuRrUpTiOn28

      We need a tour of all them old farm truck pleaaaaaaseeeeee pretty pleaaaaaasssssssseeeeee!!!!!!????

    31. OO


    32. ginggur17

      I’d be in my element working with you guys.

    33. rueger399

      For Chadd: How about: Chaderoni, Chadda Cheese, puff chaddy, Chaddilac.?? 😂😂😂🇺🇸

    34. Chris

      Killing it homies!

    35. Ashley Ayen

      Chads nickname should be chatters

    36. Plaguebit

      Man i know you see this every year, but watching those giant beasts gopple up a field in such an epic fashion really brings a tear of joy.

    37. donovan butler

      dad=old timer

    38. dilbag dhillon

      I'm from India🇮🇳 I love farming 🙂🙂🙂

    39. Lynardo K

      Grateful for the Gideons!

    40. Isaac Rummell

      Is it that hard to pull the headers off?

    41. Harvey Stephens

      Did you get tank plastic welded???? Hot glue might work too

    42. J- WolfZ [Trac8335]

      Hey how about we call chad badchad

    43. Kodran Nall

      Chad looks like a ricky

    44. JB TR

      Nice one.

    45. Doug Corbett

      Chad could .be called Mr clean

    46. Drew L

      We farm in ohio with 2 Deere combines and take our heads off after every field almost. We can get a head of or put on in under 5 minutes, that's corn or bean head both 40ft.

    47. Robbie Bowie

      Every one of you fellas need to more aware of what debris you are breathing. It will matter when you get older. Keep a mask handy. A old retired nurse trying to spread a little wisdom.

    48. Tim Skiff

      Used to like this channel, the boys are annoying now, leave it all to Bob hes great.

    49. Angel Marrot

      We Need Big Brute Here In California!!

    50. Mike Maloney

      Chatter Chad

    51. Retro Gamer

      Just pull with a truck

    52. Kathleen M

      Great video! 😁

    53. Life After Work

      Hey! Legarms. I call your dad the "Punmiester"! The "Dogwhisperer", The "Kool Dude". LOL! The point is he has nick names. My wife always says let me know when the dog guy and his dog are on. Regards, Solomon

    54. stumpjumper 2140

      Lol you got the last bit with legarms in the wrong place concrete not poured segment before with Nick it had been poured you could see it shining in the sun sorry for been picky good job on the filming all most on the editing 😂😂😂😂😂

    55. J Roger Trudel

      Chad - how about Chubby for a nickname.

    56. Ethan Brooks

      One day I want to farm big like y’all my Grandfather and Great Grandfather both farmed. GOD BLESS

    57. Brian Gay

      Chad should be called Chuckles.

    58. JB Pit BBQ

      Name chad “chiggers” haha

    59. Kerry Bullard

      Bad Chad

    60. Nickolaus Vandever-Moore

      We have gear keepers to hold our radio mics and it's really handy to use the radios while unloading on the go, highly recommend installing them

    61. Tracy Shewell

      Fantastic crop. Good news to a not so good of a year. Any idea if i can get a shirt for my daughter that says Shelby on it.

    62. Rex Kelley

      Is Chad a Veteran?

    63. Doug Heller

      So Welkers, love your channel , but the Goodyear tires need to go..... one farmer to another🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    64. Titanium Mechanism

      6:57 Harvester Bob, that's even better than any of the nicknames that I came up with!

    65. Jacob smith

      Do you own your combines or hire them I’m new

    66. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

      Chad call him "Babyface" :-) Nick's new nickname I'd say is "Dimples" fits perfectly And Dad I would call "Chief"

    67. WeatherMan_ZA

      Chad - Tha Chad

    68. Prodigy Aura


    69. Logan YouTube

      Just imagine if you blew a hydraulic line while crossing the interstate...that would be a mess

    70. Foo Woo-Hoo

      Hey! Did you ever purchase Amazon??

    71. Jeannine Haid

      Combine Chad

    72. Carl Thor

      The neighbours, looks like Tony Fast's family setup, by the header towing arrangement. Oh and a nick name for Nick, what was wrong with 'HOLLYWOOD'! Best wishes God Bless

    73. Ford

      What is your plan for that old equipment back there I’ve seen a lot of cool things

    74. Nick Oskilanec

      Have you tried Goop? It's used for waterbeds. But can be used for just about anything almost.

    75. David Yansky

      Legarms, your Pops doesn't need a nickname but I'm lobbying for Chad's to be Hanging Chad.

    76. Phillip Gordon

      Will probably stop watching your blogs due to so many political ads. This last one must have had at least 10 or more. Know you don't have control over this and I can't afford to upgrade for no ads. Will miss Welker Farms until November.

      1. Phillip Gordon

        @Welker Farms Thanks and hope you can do something. Will probably keep watching!

      2. Welker Farms

        Sorry to hear that, they've been driving me crazy too. There might be a way to limit them, I'll do some looking into it.

    77. James Carman

      Why don't you use the firefighting sprayer to make quick work of washing combines. Its basically the biggest power washer ever made!

    78. mikemerrill175

      Wonderful watching the next generation taking over the family business. New ideas, taking risk, and growing.

    79. Aaron 1113

      Can we nick name chad “cheese”?

    80. Tyler Hartsock

      Plastic welding works wonders! Use it on kayaks and never failed, of course yours has alot more pressure behind it! Love the videos guys! Stay safe and god bless!

    81. Mesh

      Put a bigger tank on the brute

    82. Phoenix Hulswitt

      I got some of that red, white, and blue shirt for my birthday! I love it!

    83. Agonist

      What could potentially cause a fire out there? Is it more likely for it to start from the dry dust accumulating on the machinery?

    84. Diamond Heart Ranch

      Quick question. I’m moving some 6500 bushel bins. How deep is your concrete for yours. Trying to figure that out

    85. dan destecroix

      Would nice to put in some trees for a wind break

    86. Randall Hunter


    87. Randall Hunter


    88. Maths Wiggen

      Chad, The Lad

    89. Cadin Stonehocker38

      What are those new tires for? 🤔 4:28

    90. Brad H

      Great job and seeing some awesome progress on the farm.

    91. Debbie L

      Soooo glad you guys have a fire truck now 👍👍👍👍💕

    92. Debbie L

      Could call him sqweeker

    93. OS RR

      "oh trucks rolling away again" *cuts to new scene* So did he catch it? lol

    94. Debbie L

      Call chad the water boy lol he likes to pressure wash😎

    95. Debbie L

      Call the bins after ninja turtles or seven dwarfs lol

    96. Kuemmerling Enthusiast

      The Chadster

    97. Cash Desbien

      The bins should be called the golden trio

    98. marcel Habets

      tinus tussengas is a nice nickname for Chad, it is dutch for tinus intermediate gas

    99. Jaco Botes

      How about Ed, Edd and Eddy for the bins?

    100. Adam Mouritsen

      I love your videos manly because I live on a farm my self