Massive NEW Storage going up at Welker Farms!

Welker Farms

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    First new flat bottom storage added to Welker Farms in 30+ years! We desperately needed more storage after several years of parking equipment outside in order to use the machinery sheds for grain. Even then we had two huge piles of gain on the ground. With some amazing opportunities, it was time to make this investment.
    Thanks to AGI for supplying us with two 25,000 bushel Westeel bins as well as two 3,800 bushel smooth wall hopper bins! In just a few years we went from 3 hoppers to 9!
    Check out AGI products here!
    If you are looking into storage options near Montana I'd highly recommend giving That Guys Fab Shop a call, check them out here!

    To save $100-Join today with promo code: WELKER100



    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474


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    1. Chris Darting

      Why does the concrete truck have so many more drop axles compared to the ones in California that only have the one rear drop axle.

    2. UncleManuel

      I'm actually impressed by the genius design of these bin trailers! Someone had a bright moment back then and engineered them to make the life of the delivery drivers ridiculously easy... ;-)

    3. Kent Powell

      very cool way to unload

    4. Seán O'Nilbud

      All that spinning crap is going to vibrate the cement to the top.

    5. AaronK 07

      Think about the estates amount of money they have spent

    6. KENtucky Proud

      Another Comment.

    7. ken berscheit

      a round tank is not a wind break , wind going around a round object almost doubles in speed . similar to an airplane wing . so setting them behind there is asking for trouble . better way to do it is leave them lie down and throw a strap over them and anchor them that way......your wet kit on the truck will work on any hydraulic equipment you have ,just need to adapt it to the fittings ,

    8. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳--------------------------------------🚜------------------------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘____________________________🌳_| Mate!~ cheers👍🐑🐄 couple booster on them silos and whalla launch time 🚀

    9. Gene Murphy

      They look like squat body SRB’s & you have some ET’s lying around you just need an STS; you know the Enterprise never made it into outer space lol KAOS not a problem as long as you’re in Control

    10. Conman 13

      I’m 11 years old I look up to u nick I’ve been waiting since 5 vid I take it a little harder on legarms

    11. bearasojrnr

      What a disappointment! Very poor fragmented video. Lot of mud views but ya Could have been very interesting and revealing but instead it Jumps around too much and doesn't show the points of interest of the lifting cycle standing up even one of the two tanks.

    12. Paul Robbins

      You guys talk too much

    13. Jimbo Jambo

      Why pour a circle of concrete instead of a ring shaped foundation? Could save a load of concrete.

      1. Tom Davies

        Because they won’t be hopper bins, the concrete will be the floor for the bin but I can see what your saying

    14. Mikael strengen

      How can u get thet welker farm inc cap

      1. Mikael strengen

        @Welker Farms can i find the case shirt to?

      2. Welker Farms

        Go to and check out the merchandise page ☺ or go to the video description and check there.

    15. jeff drier

      I had to look it up, I assumed they were out if Canada due to the drivers coveralls. They love those up there

    16. NejKo

      You guys need to find better translator for subtitles..

    17. MrBlueDevil93

      How much storage do y'all have?

    18. CuriousEarthMan

      They look strong enough to move them with the front-end loader. Maybe too tall or heavy for Bob's Big Bud Bin Boom? Boo-ya!

    19. Mommyminikitsune

      Or you can move the bins with the bobs big bud bin boom or maybe not because of the height

    20. KeiffNitReal

      holy cow you have you my cousin Jimmy on your channel, Awesome job on the pads

    21. bridqer

      Random question, but how many bushels do all of your guys' grain bins hold in total? Do you guys ever run out of space during harvest?

    22. Leon Metzger

      I really love your music selection for your videos theyre awesome keep it up 👌

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks, will do!

    23. Dave Stinson

      How much do those weigh ?? I wanna see how u move em w loader

    24. Donald Tayloe

      Get a hydralic tail trailer for the old peterbilt

    25. Donald Tayloe

      Damn that is some thick concrete I would hate to finish that

    26. Tony Mckeage

      Great vlog, concrete placers are very skilled people. I remember a huge chickenshed floor being poured continous. i did try to deal with a shed floor myself, the driver had added quicklime to the load and it was a real mess. i'm not sur eway uou got the other bins without a pad to pace them. great video and good to hear more from leg arms........ brings back lots of farm memories Thanks T


      I like how this was posted 6 days ago and I just got the notification that it was uploaded

    28. Chad K

      Nice almost that 400k good job on keeping them leg arms going

    29. ryan price

      Hi there , Great vids , What yeild per acre are your average wheat yeild's and what price is wheat at the moment ? Thanks

    30. Hugh Perkins

      I’m surprised you didn’t install a floor auger

    31. Phillip Peterman

      I like how everything is set up in an orderly fashion. I don’t really care for haphazard..

    32. Colin Costine

      I thought that we were going to see a slump test

    33. Marcus Sensabaugh

      Oh the dad jokes! Love them, keep them up!!!!

    34. Nathan Livengood

      Congrats guys on the new bins and ty Westeel for helping support farmers. Its nice to see a company cut deals here and there to help us out from time to time.

    35. Stephen Vickery

      Whats the deal with the extra axle sticking out the back of the cement truck?

    36. Ben Hawken

      I’m Aussie that is not big of a load

    37. Alan Quantz

      I just noticed that the plates on the truck are from Saskatchewan

    38. jw '46

      It's clear to me, Leg Arms need more big toys!

    39. Robert Quast

      Pretty low top on the bin pad. If you are putting a unload in it hoped it has a incline power head

    40. John Lightfield

      Those bins are huge!

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    46. Jeff Kuipers

      my truck will hold 9.5 yards i wounder how much they haul in a rear discharge????

    47. Jeff Kuipers

      i'm from wisconsin and i drive a redi-mix and the company is lycon inc and my truck is a front unloader and it make unloading concrete so much easier.

    48. tierfuehrer2

      What is the intro song? Does anybody know it?

    49. BB

      what a knob the guy who thinks he is brill.

    50. Andrew Drysdale

      Hope you find a endorser and Alongs your able to play mony mony (ride it like a pony) while scraped on to it haha

    51. Al Kennedy

      How heavy are the tanks, nice thanksBigAlCalifornia.

      1. Robert Welker

        100 tons of product

    52. Al Kennedy

      I’ve not seen two trailers pulled legally on the road , what state allows them, ??? Nice ,wow stands up tanks hydrological, thanks y’all BigAl California.

      1. handymansteve

        most states allow it, with a the proper permits... as long as you're not too long or oversize

    53. Zac Brown

      Dang i wish i was still in hoodie weather. Im already in the 80-90 degree 90-100 humidity. Good ole Tennessee weather lol!!

    54. Lokomandatheinsane

      First time viewer and yeah thats pretty cool, definitely subbing. I always thought they needed a crane or to build those bins in place.

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you for following us. Appreciate our followers. Blessings

    55. Mark J. Cady Jr.

      DANG! Those Westeel smooth wall hoppers are HUGE! And we here at BeMa Farm are worried about tomato stakes n' cages. SWEET stuff!

    56. Kevin Christiansen

      Nice looking fertilizer bins r they 70 ton bins

      1. Robert Welker

        100 tons

    57. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    58. Donald Triumph

      Hi walker bros.. Curious as to what you call cement.. Here in the UK the setting agent is called cement, you add cement to sand to create mortar ( used to lay bricks blocks etc). Cement is added to ballast (mix of sand and stone) to create concrete. Do you call it all cement????

      1. Donald Triumph

        Robert Welker Thanks for your response please I wasn’t criticising I was curious as to what you called it 👍🏻👍🏻

      2. Robert Welker

        We need to be more precise

    59. Olaf Schmidt

      Doesn't take much time and you guys have to go underground with your crops... 😉 Thanx for the video!👍🏻

    60. aserta

      A wet kit might be useful as hydraulic lifting equipment for really heavy duty stuff. The truck that we use to haul our shipping container full of tools from worksite to worksite has a heavy duty pump. In conjunction with the lifting end, we can lift 2 jacks at 200metric tons or 5 at 110ishmetric tons (separate jacks for separate applications). Mostly for when we have sinking houses. Pretty funny operation seeing a truck parked in a street almost no bigger than it, going nearly full scream distributing raw power to a beam structure. :)

    61. aserta

      To be fair, most of the weight of a bin, is down low where the leg structure is. That being said, for future reference, if you set them off the ground at about 10% of the diameter, wind will blow under them and leave them be. Sure, i would still chain them, but doesn't need much more. All that jabble, aside, congratulations on getting two more bins/capacity on the farm. Great accomplishment.

    62. Lonnie Burkett

      Massive? Where is the massive? Those are small bins, Baby bins, tiny bins, puny bin!

      1. Robert Welker

        They are for fertilizer, 100 tons each

    63. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. j' aimerai savoir si ses des silos a grains ou a engrais.chez moi en france il y a un vendeur s' apelle agri 33du sud de la france.entre toulouse et bordeaux, merci pour la video.pierre france

    64. Robert Reznik

      Fiber glass looking to me! Tapioca Pudding?

    65. Peter Cole

      That guy is awesome!! Lookin better every month now! Can't wait to see the sprayer nick is teasing everyone with...!

    66. Bob Paterson

      Great video guys good to see u takin things a bit easier u deserve it 👍 one small concern though 🤔 couldn't see top dog Coby anywhere 😲😂

    67. Stoney Ridge Farmer

      Expensive project for sure! Thanks guys enjoyed the vid! #stoneyridgefarmer

    68. ih1206

      The thing I love about hopper bottom bins is that you don’t have the shovel out the bottom of the bin with them lol. Pretty nice bins guys. Makes me want to go get the pad done for mine that we’ve been waiting to stand up.

    69. Farm king 24

      I am from Oklahoma

    70. Pete Page

      Should have titled the video, "The day Optimus Prime showed up and Transformed the farm." That's a goooood look'n Western Star that delivered the hoppers!

      1. Andrew Achterhof

        The truck is a Peterbilt 579 not the Western Star 5700XE

    71. Wil Z

      Is there anything us viewers can do to help, other than like, comment, and subscribe?

      1. Wil Z

        @Robert Welker Then I will continue to like, comment, and subscribe.

      2. Robert Welker

        You are helping us with those items. Really appreciate your support of us. Blessings

    72. Michael Jestice

      Tell those guys to fun cables around the bin pad and they won’t need all those braces. Saves a lot of time

    73. Mike Davis

      Generator you say ? Get Generac commercial !

    74. J FO

      That truck driver needs a step for getting on and off the rear of that tractor.

    75. James Cullen

      Very impressive!!

    76. Michael Belden

      I baught an electric cement mixer because I have a lot of fence to replace and I want to put the 4x4 in cement. The first time I ever used one. It is so cool and fun. Very quick to mix it. Amazing tool. I've been waiting for this video. Take care. Awesome farm.

    77. Chunky Chambers

      Where’s bobs big bud bin boom at?!

      1. Robert Welker

        Off the 435 bud right now

    78. Chunky Chambers

      Very cool! Don’t see many rear discharge trucks up here in the northeast. Most of our concrete trucks are front discharge. Fun seeing something new

    79. Kevin Davis

      Rear discharge cement truck. Haven't seen one of those in a long time.

      1. VT WHITE VAN

        Up here in VT SD Ireland only uses rear discharge trucks

    80. Charles Garcia

      What kind of drone do you use for these shots?

      1. Robert Welker

        Dji mav pro

      2. Charles Garcia

        I want to use drones and GIS apps for ag. Thanks!

    81. Heartland Modding

      Great! Now we need a map update on FS19! 😂

    82. shop shop

      I thought the plan was to have all the gain bins in a long row. Can you show us the 'master plan'. No dog or hand prints in the green concrete?

      1. Robert Welker

        Should have

    83. Kevin van Bommel

      Hey guys, thank tou for all of the video's. In the video with as title it's a dogs tractor nick was rock picking. And then i was thinking why don't you guys buy or make a rock breaker. Since it's hard to get gravel in Montana maybe this will help at some places of the farm. Sorry for the quality of my grammar, I'm from the Netherlands and not that great with Dutch or English grammar.

      1. Robert Welker

        Welcone👍 Blessings to you3

    84. Gosselin Farms Ed Gosselin

      Nice bins!! Those big bins will definitely be nice to have!!! Thanks for the video boys!!

    85. John White

      God is good🙏🙏

    86. Jarrett Fullerton

      C'mon Nick... You're used to standing around watching people (leg arms) work lol😂

    87. Frank Joosten

      We steel,i can't unread it

    88. Caden Moyer

      Really what you should do to be safe is see if you can get one of those trailers to come in and move the bin where you want them when you’re ready to

    89. Operator. Beagles

      Do Americans use different slump value? The guy said “5 slump” in the uk that’s more like 80 slump from what I saw.

      1. Operator. Beagles

        Robert Welker ah yea I never thought of that! Thanks :)

      2. Robert Welker

        Or millimeters

      3. Robert Welker

        Might be inches vs centimeters

    90. Travis Williams

      I run a mixer truck and it’s been years since I’ve seen a rear dump! They like the older equipment up there huh!

      1. handymansteve

        seems like all we have around kansas city is rear dumpers......... what else could they use?

    91. Morgan Sedge

      Yes guy's trust the man with the beard (20000 hour beard) lol :-)

    92. MR. UNICORN

      Y'all just can't stand not to do any work

    93. BrinkME

      the paint job on those bins is amazing!

    94. Wolphje Wolphje

      are you going to buy fertilser when prices are low now? we usaly see prices rise when usage is high and low when no one needs the stuff on the field

      1. Robert Welker

        Plan on it

    95. David Smith

      I always feel weird hiring someone to do something that I know I can do(albeit taking more time), and then watching them work. Ya I'm paying them to do it for me, but I still feel like a bum by not helping.

    96. Remco Oosterhuis

      I work at a company that builds Hiab cranes on to trucks in the Netherlands and use what you call the wet kit for every truck. They are mostly activated by electric switch here not by a lever. The pumps we use deliver around 120 l per minute at 400 bar pressure for the big cranes. Cool stuff to work with but hydraulics can be very dangerous.

    97. Eric Trace

      I really want to thank you for sharing your daily life with us! God Bless!!!

      1. Robert Welker



      I love the Welker Farms map on Farming Simulator 19

    99. fortrastos

      Congrats on the new bins. They look great! To possibly help settle an argument about who broke the bud, I was looking at a vid from I think back around the end of March when you guys were unloading one of the quonsut huts and had to pull all the grain trucks through the mud to get them back up on the road. There is a short snippet of the back end of the bud in there that clearly shows the bent drawbar back at that date. I'm guessing than that only the Shadow is going to know at this point.

      1. Robert Welker

        That was the 435 Bud

    100. Head on Rob

      Two new bins for the bin village! Looking forward to the other two big bins to be erected