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    It was a hard decision but in the end we decided keeping the 1150 was not in our cards. The amount of money and time it would have taken to keep this tractor running is just not worth it. Harvest on the other hand is going great! Burning through acres one day at a time!
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. nathan laumer

      Guys the videography is getting so good and great content as well you could use most of these clips as Commercials for case keep it up hope leg arms heals quickly

    2. Graeme Fortlage

      Pretty cool those Versatile Tractors are made here in Winnipeg. I've been an a tour through their manufacturing facility

    3. palladini971

      In my opimion, there are no pretty Peterbuilts, I stand ^ feet tall, Peterbuilts are built for short people!

    4. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    5. Seth Hilt

      I actually like the red pete wouldn't mind having one like it myself

    6. Brittany Weaver

      I love the music

    7. Brittany Weaver

      Coooooooooooooooooolest farm on earth

    8. Randy Goble

      He feels no sorrow for the small farmers out of business

    9. Allen Mcleod

      My special needs child always asks for leg arms when we tune in. Thank you and all the Welkers for being good role models!

    10. Tiger Gaming

      Felt the same about that tractor the way I felt when people bought all of our equitment when we finished our farming careers

    11. david o leary

      Jesus yields are poor wheat averages 160-180 bushels in Ireland

    12. kabarsedge

      It's the Beaterbilt. Get it right.

    13. Nathan Wilson

      Keep that 3406B. WAY more reliable

    14. MrJneesy

      the old peter beater

    15. 48HzLacy

      It's the "Beater-bilt" and I love it

    16. James Doyle

      New to this channel... anyone know how many acres they harvest?

      1. Robert Welker


    17. Brent Erickson

      Let me know when you don't want the "Beater Peter" anymore Scott.....Those 3406B Cats were some of the hardest pulling engines ever....A little love is all it needs.....

    18. iBelieve


    19. UncleManuel

      So it's the Beaterbilt then. Nice! 😄👍

    20. Brad Miller

      How did you power everything before?

      1. Robert Welker

        Didn't with electricity

    21. Jeremy Grant

      Farmhand mike bought the versatile didn't he

    22. Steve Dyer

      When you say your not that high yielding of a farm someone like me from the burbs on eastcoast watches and says holybeep. But what is considered a high yield farm or how much do high yield farms havest?

      1. John Taternose

        Where i am in central Alberta 100 bushels for wheat and 120 for barley is pretty normal

    23. Brody Hindmon

      The beaterbuilt

    24. Mr. Pretzel

      40 bushel wheat, reminds me of how fortunate it can be to have irrigated land.

    25. Wyatt Vos

      Time to restore that red Peterbilt

    26. Hunter Johnson

      We had 115 bushel and acre oats this year

    27. Winter Haven Farms

      Name it Beaterbilt

    28. PAYTON MAC

      That intro is so cool with lighting and storm effects!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Guys

    29. Roger Goodrich

      Too many ads

      1. Robert Welker

        Agree. No control but looking forward to Nov 4th

    30. Peter IJmker

      10:30 oh no not that one...She a beauty

    31. jollybendyman gamer 1469

      its looks like have a wheat shower

    32. Out House

      Leg arms finally meets his match... falling grain

    33. 379w9 exhd

      silo thing was dumb mannn

    34. R Andersson

      One word AWESOME !

    35. Charlie Obrien

      it’s be so cool if they could see it when it got running

    36. 9856CB

      Great camera and drone shots.

    37. the silent farmer

      why not bury the power line. those poles are going to get annoying in the future i would think. where i live all cables are in the ground

      1. the silent farmer

        @Robert Welker alright, just be careful, i dont want to see any of you get zapped by a live wire

      2. Robert Welker

        Chose to have more power available for future expansion

    38. Dave Hughes Farm

      The hundred thumbs downs are from bread and pasta haters... I liked it..

    39. Chris Kautz

      One like one pray we were in the fields last night harvesting soybeans when our combine exploded I was in it so was our hired help new 9240 with new MacDon header

      1. Robert Welker

        What happened

    40. Eric Beightol

      I can't remember if you've addressed this in the past. Do you bale the straw once the wheat is harvested?

      1. Robert Welker

        No we want the residue back on the ground

    41. ghostdevill

      That Versatile would be a awsome project to rebuild. I hope the new owner thinks that to.

    42. Kyezxid -Extremecraft

      *Fs19 irl*

    43. Field Rows

      Wow you guys have some massive fields compared to Florida farm land. Great vid, nice production. Edits are mint!

    44. mk mcn

      How much co2 does it take to make 5.2 million pounds of wheat?

      1. Robert Welker

        A lot

    45. Not You

      Do any of you ever shaves?

      1. Robert Welker

        Me, but at my age have had many close shaves 😁

    46. Corning Custom Farm Toys

      How much would you sell the red pete for

    47. Brent Wanamaker

      “The Beater Peter” not to be confused by “The Peter Beater”.

      1. Kevin Jones

        And just like that, long arms broke his Peter beater... 🙈

    48. Recovery Chad

      Beater Peter. Yea thats a good name

    49. Davin Crook

      Great cinematic shots! Hoping for an epic summary film!

    50. Ticdaniel

      Scott. Are you welker farms answer to Rip wheeler 😜😜

    51. Edward Niemyjski

      call it the red baron,still flying down road and never been shot down

    52. The hobby man 95

      Why did they use wooden power poles given the fact you get fires out there

      1. Robert Welker

        Very seldom I have heard of a power pole burning around here. The grass, crop fires are very fast moving so they burn quickly across the bottom of the pole.

    53. Daryl C. Jackson

      Good video. But I've never seen that version of the American flag with the red horizontal stripe. What's the deal?

    54. William Gallagher

      That drone footage looked so mad

    55. Christopher Renfro

      26,000 tons

    56. Maxwell Strong

      No def for your combines which is nice

    57. Maxwell Strong

      Is that your crop bagger your demo

      1. Robert Welker

        it is a demo, thanks to Loftness.

    58. BennettFarm's

      Hey Nick how do you guys attach your flags to the combine auger i know you have said it befor but I can’t find the video we’re you did. Looking to fly a flag on my 9600 this fall thanks

      1. Robert Welker

        Used #50 chain with a piece of angle iron, hole drilled through. A bolt welded on other chain end to insert through hole. A pipe welded on the angle iron for the flag pole.

    59. JGMS


    60. Tim Flomer

      If farming was easy, everyone would be doing it. The real farmer knows how to get through the tough years and save back on the good years. It's a gamble.

    61. S. Ashcraft

      Yeah, loved harvest, drone shots. Looking down from drone on the wheat- magical.

    62. Rez Hunter

      What happened to that yellow four wheel drive you bought a couple months ago

      1. Rez Hunter

        Can't wait

      2. Robert Welker

        The wagner is waiting to be reborn in our shop this winter

    63. Payne Killer

      They're all BeaterBuilts

    64. christopher lind

      Love the video keep up with the great work

    65. HEMI RAM

      Good old 🇨🇦 built Versatile the other good Red 🚜 . Hopefully it will rise up again.

    66. PS4 Gaming

      Someone anyone explain to me what the difference is between Bushel, Acre, hector? ATM I’m thinking different countries use different names for grain. But I know there’s more too it.

    67. Woody W

      Wiggles beard kills me. :)

    68. bigbassmaster96

      Clicked off the video because the intro was so long/boring

      1. Welker Farms

        But you stayed long enough to type this 😂

    69. Robert Hoyt

      Use the county road as a runway for A380s.

    70. Robert Hoyt

      Wow! Really? A shower?

    71. Dixie Farmboy


    72. Dixie Farmboy

      does the guy who bought the 1150 have a yt because if so I need to know what it is

    73. Art Ayers

      I'm glad to see the Versatile head somewhere other than a scrap yard. Hopefully it will be a good donor to keep one running.

    74. Wild’s World

      This was my favorite tractor but big bud rules

    75. Steyr Fahrer

      I love that old Johndeere 🤩 (3:09)

    76. Motarhead filmzz

      Hey Welker farms I was thinking I’ve always wanted to do some big tractor work and for a project I’m doing you have to go out to a big major farm for a month I was thinking do you think you guys would let me come and work for you for free possibly please get back to me thank you

      1. Motarhead filmzz

        It would be my dream to work for you guys so hopefully my dream could come true

    77. Mark Sinn

      Hated to see the 1150 hit the trail, but you have those awesome Buds already! Enough upkeep without an outsider.

    78. JBreezy62

      Why are you guys using grain bags this year with the new bins? Just a better yield this year?

      1. JBreezy62

        Ahhhh thats right I forgot about all the peas in the shed! Now it makes sense thank you for the reply!

      2. Robert Welker

        Not putting any grain in buildings

    79. Farmer Klavs

      5:58 legarms why u torchore ur self😂

      1. Farmer Klavs

        the peaple like this comment hates legarms

    80. George Doolittle

      *"mmmmkay.."* Mister Mackey from SouthPark..

    81. Dan Finley

      Bless y’all

    82. Dan Finley

      So awesome to see the big equipment at work and nice drone footage

    83. Napalm182 Napier

      Showering in wheat farmers are crazy but getter done

    84. Dixie Farmboy

      One of these years we're gonna need an ASMR video of the Binder running grain with a gopro mounted on the front of that trailer (coal cam) and another on the side so we can see dem shiny wheels roll

    85. Patrik Djupsjöbacka

      I had some great plans for that tractor, but now its to late. 🤔

    86. Mike Pendergrass

      LegArms, it is the "Beater"bilt!!!!!!

    87. Benjamin Cadnum; Cadnum-Crabtree farms

      Can we please get a moment of silence for the 1150 Versatile? We will never forget.

    88. Emilio Balli

      You should paint peter the peterbilt, just like you did the international.

      1. Arnie Pries

        lots of parts out there for older Petes - getting rebuilt all the time!

    89. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers good luck finishing combining

    90. J Essary Farms

      Question! Do y’all save some of your wheat, yellow peas, and Chick Peas for seed for next year or do you buy seed from a seed dealer?

      1. J Essary Farms

        Robert Welker cool! Thank you sir. We save our wheat also and replant it.

      2. Robert Welker

        yellows can. some varieties of wheat also.

    91. Alejandro Abarca


    92. Todd Chapman

      Call it the Beater Peter!!

    93. Gus Minotaur

      Put tracks on clifford

    94. KL0WNK1NG

      Call it the Beaterbilt??

    95. Matt Temple

      I'd rather drive those old Pete's than that thirteen letter doodoo spreader. LOL

    96. Superliner 101 Hobby Farming

      Incredible editing!

    97. Paul Rush

      Sad to see the Versatile go but I understand why. Why not do a cosmetic restoration on the "Beater Peter" and paint it too match the International this winter.?

    98. Malaleika2410

      Wooow the edit from 11:45 to 12:45 was soo epic! Thanks for investing this much time in those videos just for our pleasure! Keep up the good work!

    99. G J Leach

      Oh leg arms🙃 Why do you have to keep the grain from the other farms separate

      1. Robert Welker

        crop share

    100. Jim Kruszka

      A couple days ago I saw a Versatile tractor eastbound on I 69 in Michigan,I thought the Welkers should know about another old Versatile,was it yours?

      1. Robert Welker

        not sure