Is it SAFE???

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    Over a third of our crops remain on the farm waiting to be sold and hauled away. Sitting in steel bins, they are relatively safe and secure but never out of danger of environmental issues. It is wise to check on our investment to insure the integrity of the grain. If an issue is spotted we can take action before it becomes a disaster. Also getting some much needed vehicle servicing done as well as planning for 2020 crop!
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    1. wade hicks

      Praying for y’all God Bless 😊

    2. kitkat

      Nick. Be real. Chill dude. Be more leg arms. Leg arms. Duck face isn’t funny. Does it fit your character?

    3. Gregory

      Thanks for using the safety gear!

    4. Tony Taylor

      Use K&N oil filters with the 1" hex on the bottom!

    5. robert dundas

      Use i running line up the ladder to the top of bins cheap and easy to install and safes your life they clip onto your safety harness which also means you have both hand free for climbing up

    6. Tony Ackerman

      Robert, your sense of humor is priceless! Jokes upon jokes, love it!

    7. Tony Ackerman

      Safety gear is a bit of a pain, at first. You'll get accustomed to it. Glad to see you using it Nick. A broken back or broken neck (or worse) will ruin your day... Great observation and suggestion on the cell phone!

    8. mfanwe Likeit

      That grabby stick is your best piece of tech 👌

    9. Tony Ackerman

      Glad to see the safety harness! Big thumbs up! I know it's a pain in the ass, but one slip and down you go. That fall can mess you up, bad.

    10. richardj ellis

      Ya shouldn't need the gym when you have a farm You should charge them to come help you lot lift stuff😂😂😘 Rich(UK)

    11. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Scott gets it done

    12. Ray Olstad

      when he said prices are good in 2020 the only thing that is good for selling is tp

    13. Michael sedway

      Scott. Push the puddle with the spool gun, and use a steeper angle of the gun. Tips for the spool gun

    14. Dave Reeves

      Dad talks loud. Mine does, too. I'm guessing for the same reasons. Y'all don't wear ear pro enough. Neither do I. We don't want to end up like them in the later years, having to ask our grandgoblins, "What?" all the time.

    15. Justin Petersen

      Is there an affiliate code for Refrigiwear?

    16. Jon Holand

      14:10 oof

    17. Ted EnderPalmer

      Safety first!


      Liking the safety harnesses nick

    19. UNSCSpartan043

      Just a tip on the harness from an ex-ironworker after your talk about the phone and rescue brought this all flooding back lol. If you do fall and can't self recover there is a good chance you will be unconscious in roughly 5 minutes. While hanging the blood will pool in your legs since you have no muscle tension and the harness makes it worse by restricting flow back from your weight tightening it on your legs and hips. Tensing your leg muscles constantly will stave it off and with the side of the bin there you could at least prop yourself against the side, but if you get stuck free hanging somewhere like say off a conveyor system or such you are in serious trouble. Most of us kept something on ourselves like a smaller cable sling "cheater" or in my case i had an adjustable rope positioning lanyard that I used for hanging and positioning that I would just let hang down from my harness D-rings on the waist and stand in. Quite literally just standing in your harness instead of hanging in it if you did fall. If I remember right if you were to free hang in a harness for more than 15 or 20 minutes it can become life threatening and only gets worse with more time. With that blood in your legs no longer flowing clots start to form which can and will kill you once somebody rescues you and the blood is allowed to flow again. They trained us to try and tourniquet the legs right before you rescue them depending on how long it's been so you can get them to a hospital and they can be given blood thinners and what not and slowly release the legs so blood flow is restored slowly.

    20. Alec Wilson

      I bought a 3 year old Suburban with 94k on it and drove it for 16 more years. I have pictures of the kids in their car seats and then of them learning and driving it. I stopped driving it because they grew up. No need for such a big vehicle anymore. 250k with original drivetrain.

    21. Nate Jast

      Must never been in an excursion.

    22. K D

      Hi, Legarms practice makes perfect, keep at it

    23. Honda BEAR

      Duramax have weep holes on the water pump and when they go bad they drain coolant out of it. and they suck to change.

    24. Николай Колядич

      Зерно хранилище просто класс..

    25. Bailey Matters

      how many acres do u guys crop my family farm crops 34,000 acres

    26. iBelieve


    27. iBelieve


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    29. iBelieve


    30. Glenn Gaul

      I love the family parts

    31. Glenn Gaul

      Get some cages on thoughs bins!

    32. David Twigg

      FYI if you use a dashcam be aware that if you get into an accident where the cam shows you're at fault, it's a serious crime to delete the video, which must be supplied to your opponent during discovery if requested.

    33. Vishal Chauhan

      Big bud tractor operator job

    34. Vishal Chauhan

      Wars app numbers

    35. Vishal Chauhan


    36. Vishal Chauhan

      Your contact number sir

    37. Vishal Chauhan


    38. Timber Tramp

      Weld up some expanded metal rings in kind of a wedge shape that you could open the lid and keep it blocked

    39. Diddley 0651

      I would hope the other guys was family lolll

    40. mk mcn

      Cut kids, they obviously get looks from mother

    41. Ray Debenham

      Hi there leg arms And Nick you were talking about growing chickpeas from some seed that you have had stored in a bin for maybe a few years. I’m sure you have thought of this but you will be getting a germination test done before you go to use them ?? It might be useful to the public to explain about this and what level of germination would be acceptable for you to plant as seed. 😊 🇬🇧

    42. kid sibb


    43. Amber Ziesman

      Hay tell you what use safety because you’ll have more then a broken back you can die don’t ask how I know that

    44. redbovine

      Ive seen crusted over corn due to lack of air and filling all they way to the roof.

    45. Scott Schering


    46. green goose

      Not near as good though as a I don't know say a FORD expedition

    47. Gerry Collins

      Your lit

    48. Glenns

      Daisey Red Rider will teach good practice on stuff

    49. Trucking With Schmidt

      Hey Nick!!!!! What microphone are you useing? Theres no way mine would sound that good in 20 mph winds.

    50. shop shop

      Bob, I got a kick out of your comment re your engine bay. My first pick up was a '75 F250 with Ford's great straight six, and I could almost move into my engine bay. I switched to Chevy work vans more then 20 years ago and I can't even get to the spark plugs and on the youngest one I can't even get to the air cleaner, never mind thinking about doing even minor work on the motor.

      1. Robert Welker


    51. LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)

      OK nice jokes aside but you need on a good harness 2 hooks so when you climb each hand has one so when you slip and fall boom you been caught. Use open loop hooks till you are up than push the bungee away from the spring and you are faster and safer. And when you drive keep your hands low to a 8 and 4 oclock position when you crash.... the airbag will push the hands down... not up into your face big thing nobody tells you till you talk with cops about their training.

    52. Ed Crego

      I came close to coming off a grain bin from that point on I played it safe scarred the eballjeball out of me!!!

    53. Mike Pendergrass

      The "GUN THING WITH A CAMERA ON IT" is known as a borescope. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

    54. Jason

      just hated seeing 66 thumbs down, so I made it into 67.

    55. Allen Hrubes

      I really like your dad's sense of humor. "Old dogs...die!" HILARIOUS!! :-) Everything a person does on the farm is important and worthwhile. Changing oil, checking bins and diagnosing a coolant leak are all essential parts of the BIG picture. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us...take care Nick, Scott and Bob.

      1. Robert Welker


    56. dimerunner88

      Glad to see you got the transfer case oil switched out 👍

      1. Robert Welker


    57. Gage Mallak

      Right now we're cleaning our bins

    58. Patrick

      Hey Nick, I work for a power company and we use harnesses all of the time. Instead of clipping off on each rung just maintain 3 points contact when climbing. Once you're at the top or where you need to work clip off there. Also, always secure the harness as high as possible so it makes a fall shorter. Love your channel! Keeps me entertained on night shift lol

    59. Zach Glick

      "Bung" is the term you are searching for on your fabricated aluminum part.

    60. Nathan Stribrny

      My coworker was smart to have his cellphone in his pocket that wasn’t pinched by the harness so when he slipped inside a rail car washing he was able to call us.

    61. Drew Johnson

      Great video guys very enjoyable, sorry for asking but the inspection camera you used to find your coolant leak what brand was it & or where did you get it from & how much was it? been looking for one like that but can't seem to find.

      1. Robert Welker

        I think it was of Ebay but there are plug in units which work with your smart phone.

    62. mrpoker 204

      You just need to hand tighten it your oil filter.

    63. oh boy

      Given how many bins you have and their proximity to each other have you ever considered installing aerial walkways between bins?

      1. Welker Farms

        I would love some nice walkways with hand rails. It just has to pencil financially and our new grain storage going up this year consumed that budget.

    64. Benjamin Thomas

      What day where you at the magie? I was there!

      1. Robert Welker

        Scott was there on Thursday

    65. Jacob Nulisch


    66. Green thumb

      You “gasp” don’t have bulk oil system, or does suburban use goofy multi grade oil. Just notice you use quarts to fill.

    67. Ken Clark

      Nice big toys for the boys!

    68. Jose Gonzalez

      I just seen this video today...and waz looking at the door of the bin...and notice my town on there...Galesburg, Illinois...I remember Butler plant hear as a kid... Now that place is...close...but enjoy the video

    69. Kohala Iron Works

      Some of my Union Safety Classes & Meetings woke me up. Plus, I've seen videos of guys who have gotten buried alive, Gradesetter getting chopped up by a "Paddlewheel Scraper." Good thing you got safety gear. My good friend lost his arm...he was running an Ingersoll Drillwagon. Had a mishap with a grinder & "deathwheel." Grinder jumped...cut my hand...not bad, but it puts a damper on my builds until it's healed enough. Love your machines...think I'm in lust with your shop!!!! Aloha, Chief #988

    70. Kohala Iron Works

      You never cease to amaze me Legarms.

    71. JC Stek

      AUTEL , Remote cam , Have the same One !

    72. JC Stek

      We all are learning , together is alot easier great video ! thanks

    73. Steve Trachsel

      Hey Robert, I bought a camera like yours that runs off my phone, $18!

    74. James Cannon

      When Scott got that handshake rejected it was so awkward lolol hate it when that happens.

    75. Phil Hosier

      As a old RR Engineer from the midwest, I always loved my Refrigawear hooded coat when being out in the weather. I never got cold over the years when I wore it ! Had a big snowmobile suit also, but too bulky for RR work, but great for snowmobiles or ice fishing. Winds are stopped cold with Refrigawear.

    76. John Fleming

      What’s going on with the lake house?

      1. Robert Welker

        We are finished with the upstairs and redoing the lower level bathroom. Then tackle the outdoors. Vid coming next month.

    77. thumperjdm

      @11:55 "They did a really good job at making it (the building) look just like it is in the game." Brilliantly subtle humor there, LegArms. ;-)

    78. Jason Miller

      Glad to see dad getting in the videos more.

    79. Hunter 747

      ilove the welkers map on fs19 excellent work

    80. Hunter 747

      well done nick well done you used saftey gear dont fall God bless

    81. Davin Crook

      Seems like you should get legarms to fab some mesh grates for the bun caps

    82. Jay McClure

      Do you check for germ before planting?

      1. Robert Welker

        depends if there is any question.

    83. Andrew Cash

      farming is just one of those rear jobs that even if you know everything abut it you wake up and theres more i have all ways felt the equipment has to play catch up all the time

    84. Miliniun

      Yo-yo's are a better choice than lanyard, but a lanyard is better than nothing. They are less of a trip hazard when climbing and usually stop you within a couple feet versus 17ft which is the standard for a lanyard.

    85. itsgerry

      The drain plug looks like it has Nutella coming out of it.

    86. Kari Eber

      Pro tip, when climbing with pelican hooks, don’t hook them only to the rungs of the ladder. Hook up to both the rung and the vertical beams. If you fall and the rung it’s self breaks off when your falling body hits the end of the lanyard you will still be attached to the vertical beams and there’s a chance the next rung down will stop you from falling to the ground. Also only hook up one hook at a time. Hooking up two can lead to worse injuries than using just one. You also might want to run a cable up your ladders to run an ascender on as a secondary fail safe. When it comes to climbing gear, one method is none and two different devices is one.

      1. Tu Chenz

        Also, add relief steps to your harness if you don't already have some.

    87. Ty Unrau

      Make sure you grow shatter resistant canola

    88. リオン【徳之島】


    89. Mathew Walworth

      You must not be finding the right market for yellow peas then Cuz we're hauling a shit ton of them to Anchor ingredients but I guess

    90. Darren Bundt

      I've checked corn bins before when they looked perfect from the top, but when you stepped into it there was a crust of green grain a foot deep just below the surface. At least take an infrared temp gauge to take some surface temp readings.

    91. Barbara Stedillie

      Delighted to see you have your safety harness on!! I’m still mourning the fact you didn’t finish vloging your lake house redo☹️ ...

      1. Robert Welker

        We will do a video next month. I'm sad too.

    92. Jason Ketchum

      Best investment my wife and I made was buying a front and rear camera system that records while you drive

    93. Kim Bianchi

      i am going to the tulere farm show to. Go to the Ag Soruce both and i will see you

      1. Robert Welker

        Ok we'll try Ag source

    94. W Dairy

      Mr Arms You impress the heck out of me. You all are great but I relate the most with Leg.

    95. Mick King

      we are curious why you don't have a plane to use for spraying crops?

    96. NM 2463

      Time with that spool gun is your best friend. Also there is a big difference between new aluminum and aluminum that has been out in the field. If you get some that just keeps popping and blowing porosity, preheat it, weld it, grind it back out, weld it,grind it back out etc. After about three times youll get a good solid weld. Aluminum really likes to soak up contaminants if it has been used.

    97. Craig the farmer

      Man weat scares me... few years back I was trapped in it for like 7 hours was a pretty big around here

    98. NM 2463

      Those turbo coolant hoses get oil soaked and degrade. Happened on our lbz. When it finally split it pumped out 2 gallons of coolant in 10 miles.

    99. Daniel Altman

      Take the letters off and make it read as “BURB”

      1. Mike Pendergrass

        or BURBAN, as in whooskey!

    100. Brian Dubach

      Pacific steel & recycling is a customer for the company I work for