Ladder? These be Silver Stairs!|Part 2

Welker Farms

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    Finished! Crazy to think these bins will be full in a month! Maybe we need a third???
    Thanks to AGI for supplying us with two 25,000 bushel Westeel bins! Check them out here!
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    1. UncleManuel

      Looks like it's bin a few productive days... ^_^

    2. Tuco Benedicto

      AArrrrrGGGGGHHHHHH! there be silver stairs here.


      How dose it get filled ?

    4. karl randow

      Singing ?dont quit your day job lol

    5. Carter Fuson-Soule

    6. Big Al

      Did you get any of the storms Iowa has had, loads of grain bins destroyed in Cole the Cornstar's video last night?

    7. Daniel Sweeney

      Quick question on the new bins. What keeps dust and debris from filling the area where you called the chairs?

      1. Daniel Sweeney

        Welker Farms Wow that was great you responded before I finished watching the video! I'm not a farmer but just looked like a possible future problem. I hope you have awesome season!

      2. Welker Farms

        The fan will blow most of it out but I'm sure over time it'll build up and we'll need to pull thr floors and sweep it up. We don't have a lot of experience with large floors like that 😁

    8. Derek Greenhalgh

      Looking at the floor will the grain not fall through the slits/vents that are in the whole floor area?

    9. HU1212ICAN3

      @6:14 Ahhh you missed the chance to lay the camera sideways against the floor/wall so you could make a ladder optical illusion! 😂😂

    10. The Mech - Fixer

      Love your videos! I've binge watched a ton. I have a friend who has a dairy farm, and watching your videos i've learned a bit about what he talks about. It's kinda driving him nuts cuz in some cases, i've learned more than he knows, so that's cool! I was wondering if you are still using Power Director? I'm currently using it, and i'm seeing some editing in your videos that i'd like to learn to put in mine.. Great channel guys! ohhhh.... and how are you liking the DJI cameras? I've experienced some of the craziness with the gopro you did, and understand the frustration... Keep going! I'll keep watching!

    11. TBar

      Always awesome to see new bins being constructed in this crazy year. On a curious note, why don't they have the door right above the unload? It would save so many headaches in the future. Also I would recommend parking the sweep either above or just behind intermediate sumps. That way when you go to use it your not starting the sweep under a pile of grain. Just my 2 cents of field experience.

    12. Mike Buschette

      There's a mistake in how they were assembled. The door is too far from the side sump. You will not be able to start the bin sweep from the position Leg Arms described, it will take out the u-joint or the gear box. Done it on one of our bins accidentally. I will be very surprised if it works.

      1. Welker Farms

        We are aware of this, unfortunately it wasn't thought out well enough when they were asseming them. We may be fixing that issue soon. Thanks!

    13. Brady Strodtman

      I Wanted to echo some other comments you are definitely going to want the power sweep directly over or slightly behind the intermediate sumps or it will not start. Nice bins!!

    14. KENtucky Proud

      Bin Comment Part 2.

    15. Tim Larson

      No wind rings?

    16. on the farm

      Yeah there is some pretty big Ben's we have for 50,000 Busch opens at one of our farmyards

    17. Cathy DuPont


    18. Andrew DiPierno

      Great video !!!!! Just a quick question since the bins are nade out of metal and the highest structure around do you have to ground the structure? keep the videos coming

      1. Robert Welker

        The whole metal bin is a ground. Good question

    19. J P D

      God Bless

    20. Brian Pelletier

      Congrats on the new bins! ...accidents do happen Leg' Arms... we won't tell. They won't notice the patch. lol

    21. Lonnie Burkett

      Hollywood arms! New nickname!

    22. Narelle MacPherson

      Beaut bins! Love the safety features!

    23. iBelieve


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    27. iBelieve


    28. old guy48

      Don't turn on the fans until you have the bin filled with lots of grain to hold the floor down otherwise the aeration floor will fly.

      1. Robert Welker


    29. Ghost Nappa

      Now imagine a central loading/unloading pit and tower, with another pair of bins on the other side of the road. That would be a sweet setup

    30. David Henschel

      I thought when you started this project that the bins would be raised up and there would be a funnel on the bottom of each bin; why didn't you opt for that style of bin?

      1. Robert Welker

        The cost of putting a hopper under the bin would have been huge, if not feasible

    31. Ben Hawken

      He can actually sing

    32. Richard Poe

      I know you probably already know this, but you should come up with some kind of covers for the unloading augers and motors.

    33. Paul Looney 1978

      Do you have spreaders on the grain bins

      1. Robert Welker


    34. Stephen Kennedy

      Nick where is our Saturday upload Please ⏬😢 👍 7/18. 4:47 P.M. EST 🚜

    35. Dawson Vlogs

      leg arm's like your singing. can's wate for a part 3

    36. Ben Pattinson

      Shiny metal, nice. 🤞for a great harvest so you can more than fill them.

    37. Ken Clark

      A lot safer for Nick to climb up.

    38. Richard Poe

      Are those drying fans? Or just aeration? Also , should there be tar on the outside as well ?

      1. Robert Welker

        Air only. Can tar outside

    39. Gerald Felch

      I know it would be a pain but I think Laura’s harp would sound beautiful in the bin thanks Welkers

      1. Robert Welker


    40. Just random videos I watch

      Legarms takes over the channel lol but oh wee

    41. Art Ayers

      I absolutely love the drone shots coming in across the wheat field to the bins!!! Thank you guys so much for taking us along this project. I've been in many grain bins, but had never seen one put up until now. I really appreciate it!!!

    42. Jeff Moody


    43. Michael Ackerman

      If I might, a suggestion: pour a small pad for a step under the steps going up the side of the bin. It doesn't need to be more than the size of a tread on the ladder (maybe a bit larger, but not so much that you have to walk another step to get off it on your way down). Make the top of the pad the same distance lower than the last step as the steps are apart on the ladder -- even if that gives you a much smaller step down to the ground. You won't mind the smaller step down, but just remember "That last step is a Dilly/Douzie" if it is as much different from what the stair tread spacing as it looks now.

    44. Alan Scott

      Welkers for Kardashian

    45. Alan Scott

      Wish I could have a job that other people pay my way

      1. Robert Welker


    46. Brently Whitesell


    47. Drew Widolff

      Ag electrician here, however you decide to feed these bins, plan for the future. Either bring out 2x more than you think you need or prep extra conduits in the ground for future. Had to go back and upgrade a lot of farm operations after only a few years because they didn’t anticipate expansion. Good looking bins!

      1. Robert Welker

        Underground line this fall

    48. Aaron Kline

      next you need a grain leg and pit to fill them from truck to bin

    49. Kaelin Farms

      Congrats on these nice bins. On a side note, on the right hand side bin, the sweep will actually have to go all the way around before you guys will be able to open the access door. I wood move the doors right over the unloading tube. It is nice to open the door and make sure everything is fine before you start that sweep.

      1. Kaelin Farms


    50. Kevin Davis

      great video LegArms

    51. funkfarms 1966

      Very nice bins guys! God bless!

    52. Cole Feldt

      Why didn’t you put the doors by the unload? Gonna be a pain to get the grain away from the door unless you put power sweeps in I would think

      1. Cole Feldt

        Never mind. Hadn’t watched far enough into the video to see it has a power sweep lol

    53. seb on fire

      Are you thinking of getting a 747 BUD sometime? Greatings from a huge fan in Norway👍 love your videos😀

      1. Robert Welker

        Did video it last week

    54. Dan Juan

      if you hit your building with the tractor i suspect you will hit the motors on the bins when it snows.

    55. derick tharp

      Hey guys, Cole the cornstar is covering you up with his video machine!!... let’s crank them out Nick and leg arms!

    56. Icecream _22_

      Why don‘t you have 4 Combines anymore?

      1. Robert Welker

        We have always used mostly 2 except the demo last harvest

    57. Charles Shaw

      Wow-what a great addition to the farm

    58. mike crowder

      "In the grain bin, the giant grain bin, the Leg Arms sleeps tonight"

      1. Robert Welker

        Love 😁👍😁

      2. james shaw jr


    59. Marcus Koone

      Used to do the footings for these. I do not envy the guys having to build them.

    60. Moondyne .Joe

      Nick, and Legarms a thought for you to chew on. What about either spreading a driveway of shale or similar (or a concrete one) in line with the auger output area for the coming and goings of your truck's when accessing the bins? A little prep work now is sure to save a boggy mess in the future Love the bins, let's hope you need MANY more in the future for all the good crops you are sure to grow! Tony from Western Australia.

      1. Robert Welker


    61. Ryan Davidson

      Cut the grates out on the unload sumps. Pea pods like to accumulate on them and may also save you a headache if a chunk of frozen grain comes thru.

    62. djmips

      WESTEEL can be converted to WELKER pretty easily. ;-)

    63. fisher h

      What's the purpose of the raised floor? Wouldn't the concrete on its own be a good enough floor?

      1. Robert Welker

        The raised metal floor is perforated to allow the fans to blow air thru the grain

    64. Ryan and Matt's gaming Channel

      Do you guys not were masks

      1. Robert Welker

        Not on the farm

    65. The American Farmer

      Hey youguys should start a podcast I think it would be really cool

    66. This is NOT funny HOSTAGE2EVIL


    67. John Jaggi

      any future plans for replacing some of the older bins with a few more of those westeel units?

      1. Robert Welker

        We won't replace, just add

    68. Scott Jensen

      Run a augar down the roof then used your longest auger to feed it.

    69. Scott Jensen

      When do you start cutting grain?

      1. Robert Welker

        Peas the first of August

    70. Coop Killa

      Cole the Cornstar sent me here...

    71. Kcolby47

      Great voice in the bin Leg-Arms. I was waiting for your brother and dad to break out with : “weem-away, weem-away” etc. Maybe next time.

    72. RaZe_Assault

      Love the videos and keep up the good work and stay safe

    73. Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest

      Welker Farms and Cole the Corn Star are the TWO BEST KGup Channels ...PERIOD!!!!! FYI LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the intro.

      1. Top Bestest Greatest Fastest Mostest

        @Welker Farms No way man, it's spot on, heck your channel is worth just watching the intro, it is ICONIC. I live in Detroit and have ALWAYS loved farmers, kind of jealous I never had the opportunity to work on farm. You guys are doing Gods work, praying for your farm everyday. Keep up the great work. Would love to make it out to Montana someday.

      2. Welker Farms

        Thank you! Glad you love the intro, I've debated changing it due to it being so old but it is iconic to our channel so better keep it!

    74. James Thomas

      Oh my gosh! We got to see nick! I thought they fired him!

    75. Diesel Dranker

      I am the pround owner of a 900 horse power 747 big bud 1:16 scale

      1. Diesel Dranker


      2. Diesel Dranker

        I live 30 miles form the Titan factory

      3. Robert Welker


    76. Forsmann Classics

      Rapid roof works great on grain bins instead of tar. It's easier to apply and is better on the metal.

    77. Flemming Nielsen

      Made a mistake by not putting the doer over the unloading auger and put the bin swipe over the unloading auger and you will probably need a longer auger 🙂🇨🇦

      1. Robert Welker

        Got longer auger but looking at the floor auger location

    78. Justin Mills

      You need to have your kids get in the new bens and sing for your own history.

    79. Daniel Hiller

      Great your finally getting some working space for grain. very enjoyable seeing what your doing there. Good luck with making a profit. A couple suggestions and observation of a mistake when the bin was erected. Before you fill the bins each year place the sweep just to the right side of the draw off ( as you look at the center from the wall) so they drain the grain from under the sweep. it will start much easier and give less problems in the long run. Place a grain spreader in the top of the bin to fill the bin level and spread any fines through the bin. the fines is block the air and that is where any spoilage takes place and it would block your center draw off hole, also when we use a spreader we get over 1000 bushel more corn in 30,00 bu bin than when it is not used. The mistake is the entrance doors in the wrong place. They should be right beside the unload augur so the door can be opened when you start the sweep. mush easier access to clean the bin between loads. it is a pain if you have to climb up and down the inside ladder when there is a problem. harder to get things into the bin to work on anything before the bin is empty. You can get an enclosed augur boot ends that the unload augur will feed into with out using a hopper. they reduce spillage because the augur does not throw grain out when flow is slow. and are easier to cover each night while unloading the bin. Finally get a frequency drive for the unload augurs, start at a slow speed and build up speed, the motor has the same amount of power at the slow speed as it does at the high speed but the load is easier because you slowly start moving the grain. again less stress and likely hood of breaking things.

    80. Brian Fletcher

      Is wiggles guarding the asylum?😊

    81. Noah

      How much is one 60 foot bin compared to 2 36 foot bins?

      1. Daniel Hiller

        for spring wheat where protein levels determines a big part of the value of the wheat, being able to segregate your crop will increase your income. the difference can amount to over $3/bu. That is the difference between profit and loss in many years. In the future farmers will be paid for baking quality, like falling numbers. this year the SE soft red winter wheat crop had poor falling numbers, millers did not even place a bid for any of it so it has to be fed.

      2. Daniel Hiller

        the 36 ft bins are 813 bu per foot of depth, the 60 ft is 2261 bu per ft of grain depth. need to compare cost per bu of the entire system including the loading and unload

    82. Austin Bryant

      Can guys do a video about how Covid-19 has affected your operations this year? I'd love to see all the specifics of what you guys have had to do to work around this thing.

    83. Zachary Vollmer

      The Strom that hit you toke down a qemeckel building and are to cotton woods

    84. Kevin Ritchie

      Pretty neat to see how they are built. I do electrical work and we worked on a farm where they had one of these built to add to two others, as well as a new elevator. I was lucky (?? lol) enough to be able to work on the very top of both the new bins and the elevator.

    85. christopher lind

      Love the video keep up with the great work

    86. Gayle WATKINS

      I'm a new subscriber. I just came over from Cole the Cornstar. Looking forward to watching your content. Best wishes.

      1. Welker Farms

        Awesome! Thanks

    87. Ocotillo Serama with FēFē G

      Great video. I always wondered how they built these.

    88. Tim Johnson

      Where is your video from CornStar farms???

      1. Robert Welker


    89. Edward- Clancy

      WE steel lol🤣

    90. Tim Monaghan

      You have it too easy putting up bins we put ours up with tri leg bin Jack's on the outside the nine with manual winches!!!

    91. Amy Willard

      i love the bin i want one now

    92. Zach Hewitt

      Waiting for the drone fly through on the new bins. Congrats on the new storage.

    93. Paul Wollman

      Did FBN pay for those bins ?

    94. The101stEagle

      I'm wondering how long i will take to fill a bin. Pretty big.

    95. Deutschehordenelite

      those bins look so massive now that they are up! was NOT expecting that!

    96. Jeremy Mullen

      Right on guyzz. New Bins look great out on farm. Happy to hear crops looking good out your way! Have good 1 and see ya on next 1 nick

    97. Soybean Farmer

      I have always enjoyed your time lapse video work thanks for continuing to do it.

    98. Glenn Gaul

      Make sure that you put the power sweeps over the side traps before you fill them up

    99. Treyton Zoss

      Those bins look amazing! I'm glad to hear that the crops are doing well. May you be blessed with an abundant crop this year! :)

    100. Gimmy Sola

      Hy Scott wandering why you did not tar from outside then no moisture or water or bugs will go under been and also stop long term rust, like your video nice thank you ciao from Italy