Leg Arms Weighs 460lbs? 🤔 That Ain't Right!

Welker Farms

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    Amazing machinery and a walk down memory lane. Times sure have changed! And Leg Arms weighs 595lbs?! 😂 Some shenanigans going on here... 😁
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    1. Jamie Wick

      We got a new holland we put on the graincart it cam go 35

    2. Michael Wood

      Leg Arms you are not alone, when I was in school I got progress reports all the time, I had a hard time with it.

    3. cronje van der merwe

      If u judge a fish by the ability it climes a treee it will belive his hole live thay he can't do it

    4. cronje van der merwe

      I am also dyslexic i swap numbers and letters

    5. Powerstroke 444

      Love the way Leg Arms thinks!! It’s awesome to know y’all were homeschooled too!!!

    6. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    7. My Favs

      I read on Cole the Cornstar comments that leg arm had an accident?

    8. Cathy Duerstock

      Where are u location? what state are in

    9. Pebbles Hyde

      I love the farm

      1. Pebbles Hyde


    10. KrypT Hero

      For a person with dyslexia this was amazing leg arms

    11. Kevin Christiansen

      Awesome looking Tractor and Cart Nick

    12. Kevin Christiansen

      Great talk LegArms

    13. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    14. Allen Davenport

      Are the bags water proof?

    15. Allen Davenport

      Dyslexia is know now but i was labeled as could if applied myself! Like you said I can see things in like 3d, people ask me how I fix things I say ask God , He gave me my two hands!!

    16. thr8061

      My sister, her son & daughter are all dyslexic. They are all very smart, but struggled with school. They have done great things in their lives. Remember, many amazing people had dyslexia: Alexander Graham Bell, Michael Faraday (physicist/chemist), Galileo, James Clerk Maxwell (Quantum Mechanics), Thomas Edison

    17. Hayden Green

      Leg Arm’s I feel you I am dyslexic too

    18. UncleManuel

      "This may be the best weed on the farm!" 😄😋

    19. Steve Dyer

      Same leg arms.books I struggled but in the shop with welder wrenches as a kid and now I was a Doctor a professor

    20. Matt Foley

      Hey leg arms I couldn't have said it better . I have delt with dyslexia my whole life. It was nice to hear what you had to say! God bless!!

    21. oldblue97

      Leg Arms, much respect and thanks for sharing that about yourself! I too have dyslexia and to this day, in my mid 30's, I still struggle with it. I share alot of your same views about the disorder and experiences from childhood. I always considered it a curse, where I was always treated as different by my classmates in school, and to some extent lesser. It sucked knowing that if it took the avg student an hour to do their homework, I would be at for at least double and some times triple that! However, if you learn to work through it, it does create a stronger work ethic and a willingness to preserve through adversity. I went from barely scraping by in HS to graduating with honors in College. It didn't come easy and it took alot longer for me than it might have for others but I feel that I'm stronger because of it!!

    22. Christina Hewitt

      I'm vary dyslexia I'm 15 just started making my own farm i almost cry have a great day god bless

    23. Dixie Farmboy

      I am mildly dyslexic. For me it's really when I write ( _like all the time_ ) and occasionally when I speak, but that could be my mouth in 5th and my brain in 4th

    24. Dixie Farmboy

      "It's like a baby's first bottle of milk" I hope her mother's alright

    25. iBelieve


    26. cntsles fabrication

      Im exactly same leg arms and my parents were teacher's.I love to weld and build things work hard any day of the week. Deal with it my way wouldn't change it ethier My dad went to Stanford University

    27. Henry McCabe

      If you had to you could tape the water hose onto the auger spout and move the spout around to where you need it for a fire on the ground

    28. Marshall Weber

      Awesome Video!!

    29. Saber Tooth Duck

      IF you got the Looks and Leg Arms got the muscle where did the brains go?

    30. Pat Pikulski

      Need a tongue weight scale display along with the scale display for the entire cart weight

    31. Jacob Gibson

      Watch my last video of abandoned semi and equipment.

    32. Frank Deegan

      I know someone who can read any medical book any law book close the book and describe what was read in detail, but can not write anything about what was read. As a grade school student the family Doctor said you are just lazy, until he learned about ADHD. Upon a visit with the Doctor years later the Doctor apologized and stated that in some places the two halves of the brain were not connected properly.

    33. Dale Snow

      How many acres do you farm? What do you grow?

      1. Robert Welker

        10K. We are limited to low moisture needed crops like cereals and pulses.

    34. christopher lind

      Love the video keep up with the great work

    35. Farmnorway

      You can reverse the fan on them, its a button on your control arm. At least it was on our magnums and puma`s :)

    36. Brian Baxter

      Leg arms. I can't thank you enough for your talk. My boy is 8 years old as of 09/11. He is struggling at math and reading in school. Your message was great. He said he is like me dad I can do anything. God bless you leg arms........ great message.

    37. richardj ellis

      Dixlksic people... It's amazing how many dikslixac people are EXCELLENT at other things.! USEFUL things.! Things that you can do✔️, where others have to pay a small FORTUNE to get done✖️. Take, welding, for example. How much would it cost for a welder to come out, or for you to take the job to them, and do a 5min job.?? How much would it cost to replace all the 'diggy' bits on the digger/cultivator at a dealership.? How much would it cost for someone to come and build a BIG BUD from top to bottom.? Etc etc etc etc etc.. ALL this stuff AMAZINGLY, YOU CAN DO YOURSELF. You are massively MORE than EXCELLENT at ALL that kind of thing, where others, would be having to stump up a FORTUNE for someone else to come and do it for them. You ARE the EPITOME of INTELLIGENCE. Your 'summing up' of intelligence was kinda spot on. In my book🧐, intelligence is doing well, what you do.! Nothing really to do with reading and writing. On another page in my book🤣, it says something about, in 'real' life, reading how to put a shelf up, or, lay a carpet is pointless if you don't have the physical skills and nouse to actually do it. You can read and write as much as you want about doing something, but if you can't actually, physically do it, then what's the point🤔. I'd MUCH RATHER be you, and be able to do half the things that you can do, than ANY academic. Academics PAY people like you to do the things that THEY WISH they could do. YOU'RE GREAT😊 AS YOU ARE. WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING. LOVE THE VIDEOS, and very nice of you to open up and maybe help onesemo esle hatt may tcheaw hte divoe.🤯. 🤣 RICH (tendui dingkom) 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      1. Leg Arms

        Not sure how to say this.... thank you for your kind words!

    38. Mongoose 01

      Loving the flag on beastbine!

    39. Thomas Conroy

      Our tractors have a smaller version of that radar under the tractor

    40. William Carr

      Thanks for supporting the thin red line!

    41. seeker143

      Ha. I got plenty of common sense, But a memory of a twig. Aint life fun.

    42. Westyn Welch

      If you judge judge a fish’s abilities by it being able to climb a tree it’ll live its whole life believing it’s inept

    43. krampeman

      What brand of sunglasses is Leg Arms using please?

      1. Robert Welker

        Not sure

    44. B Marker

      That automatic greaser is awesome we use them where I work they are programmable and can grease anything with them

    45. Alan Stant

      I would say you guys have my kind of fun on the farm.

    46. Z all around Farmer

      Nice to know we aren’t the only ones that struggled this summer with wild oats.

    47. Tom Sproul

      If you're trying to seal your bags, use silage tape, seal really well and stops the bales going off prematurely.

    48. Nigel Morrow

      Thank you leg arms for sharing.You're right there's some things I have to do that scare the ......... well they scare me. But you have to get up, face your fears and keep trying someday you will progress further. Nobody will know about it except yourself. But what a feeling when you look back and say I with the lord's help did that. Keep going forward, maintain your faith be thankful for your health,strength and your family. And don't forget to enjoy life.

    49. Diarmuid

      Scott, maybe if you didn’t have dyslexia, you would have gone off and be a lawyer, and you wouldn’t have got to be a part of the farm. God does everything for a reason

    50. Josh Tate

      That's cool I'm just like leg arms I'm dyslexic to

    51. liam light

      That funny looking bit under the Quad is a radar I think, for gps speed or just general speed. European drills use them a lot for metering seed

    52. Rich Maniscalco

      Scott you should try letting a different fields remain fallow every 7 years and see how the yield improves!

    53. Jerry Przybyldki

      Very Nice Yellow to old friend Nice guy You guys make this country great good job 👏 Stay save Tramp is going to win and keep USA 🇺🇸 in good shape I hope you guys will harvest a lot of grain China is buying a lot since Tramp is in the office About 2 million tons od wheat and 7 millions tons of corn 🌽 Good job guys rest of the country is great full for your hard work all year round And we need to take care of our farmers cross our country Democrats will ruin our economy over night Trump 2020 baby. Good lock guys we are watching and cheering for you God bless USA USA Thanks to you we are fed every day

    54. Matthew dowd

      Nick would you be able to attach the fire cannon from the bud to that tank on the grain cart? Just a thought maybe leg arms could make a fitting or adapter to make it work? Could have them send u a second one if so. Double the fire fighting capabilities! Great vid! Edit: leg arms what you said hit me right in the heart, I have always struggled to apply myself I don’t know if it’s dyslexia but I have real problems w learning in a class setting and just problems following through with things in general, which hasn’t been great for my life. So thanks for sharing you’re story it made me tear up! Thanks welkers!!

    55. Kyle Alexander

      Somebody called the principal on that man

    56. Kyle Alexander

      Nice job leg arms you broke it

    57. Matthew Recker

      Love the insight leg arms you guys are humble and kind awesome channel guys

    58. Maxwell Strong

      You had a 3rd combine in the Field

      1. Robert Welker

        That was last year. We didn't have a demo CaseIH combine this year.

    59. Maxwell Strong

      How old is your combines

      1. Robert Welker


    60. Paul Thurman

      Thank you Leg Arms. I enjoyed the swamp cooler part also!

    61. Scott KE0ZVZ

      no way... I'm 230 and ain't half the size of leg arms!!!

    62. Harvey Rouse JR.

      Hey Leg Arms; I think you hit the nail square on the head with your assessment of intelligence.

    63. Matt Klein

      Hey Nick ... How come u fold up ur auger Everytime?

      1. Robert Welker

        so no combine auger and cart auger tangle.

    64. JoBo 1-98

      1:59 thats a radar sensor, it measures the wheel slip

    65. Marshall outdoors

      Thanks for sharing that Leg Arms! Very well spoken.

    66. Rob Ferguson

      That thing under the Quad was the ground speed radar. Great videos. That cooler between the turbos is an intercooler which does cool the charged air before it hits the second turbo so you can get a better charge.

    67. loren golliher

      I don't ever comment on many videos because if it wasn't for talk to text I would be a silent person because I am dyslexic some days you feel alone but leg arms well Scott thank you very much you make me feel that I'm not alone I struggled with this also all the way through my younger years until I was in vortex School but I graduated both of them with no help and support from others I still struggle yet to this day with it some people will tell you I'm a brilliant mechanic other people will tell you I'm just dumb anyways I love your philosophies I enjoy your family's videos keep up the good work

    68. Chaun McGuire

      For the cart, probably wouldn't be hard to make a mount for the hose nozzle As for the engine, that's the water-to-air intercooler

    69. tom stickney

      REMIND ME NOT TO MAKE HIM MAD you guys are a awsome family thank you for sharing

    70. Mike Kahl

      When I fill a ag bag with corn silage I have to stand on the brakes to hold back so its packed tight. Do you do that filling the bag with wheat???

      1. Ron Sommer

        The bagger has brakes that are adjusted to control the fill.

    71. Luke Hansen

      I’d love to see you guys get an older quadtrac like a 9370 or 9380 and work your magic on it and fix it up. They are 400hp with 3pt and PTO so you could run the cart

    72. Casey Kraetsch

      Water cooled turbos are getting common. Look on garrets website, they have some really interesting write ups about it.

    73. Sim Farmer 19

      Really cool story about the Swamp coolers!

    74. Sim Farmer 19

      Your a good man Leg Arms!!

    75. GANNA Edits

      On the chaser it has tracks what has more drag tracks or wheels and what’s better?

      1. Robert Welker

        on hard ground wheels.

    76. GANNA Edits

      What’s more economical, you driving the case with the chaser bin or you driving the truck to each combine?

      1. Robert Welker

        The trucks are most cost effective if you purchased the two units. But the Cart scale is great.

    77. Andrew Inbody

      Hey Legarms, I consider myself to be intelligent, however I do lots of stupid things.

    78. Brendon Partridge

      Keep making awesome videos on your i like watching your channel say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon 😀

    79. Steeveo McJameson

      Thank you Scott.. I was LD in a school that had no idea how to deal with me or my laundry list of learning problems. My parents were told from a elementary school principal that I’d never amount to anything and the best I’d ever be was a trucker or locksmith And not to expect me to graduate High School. I graduated HS, served in the US ARMY and graduated college. Sometimes it’s hard to shrug off the Naysayers and overcome but we adapt show them who we really are and what we can do.

    80. Jeff Cassity

      We discovered my son struggled with dyslexia in the 2nd grade. He has a tudor that has helped him tremendously but he has to work harder than everyone else. He's 12 now. Thank you leg arms for sharing your experience. Your an inspiration for him.

    81. C H

      hey, im dyslexic too! made it through the marines and now im a unemployed pilot! lol

    82. Joseph hill

      Great video.Let Arm's I have Dyslexia to.I learn better from doing then reading it🙏

    83. Tim H

      That looks like a liquid to air intercooler. More efficient than a typical air to air and it doesn’t need to take up valuable space where they put the hydraulic cooler.

    84. Chesterfield_ 906

      Sooo I think I might be dyslexic... how would I be able to find out? I always thought I was just weird

    85. Sekar Sr

      I like your videos

    86. 22video11

      Cool old time stories, love them

    87. Chris Diamond

      Great message Leg Arms! Keep spreading the positive word.

    88. Reddog

      On this day... 19 years (September 10th) ago 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift. None of them saw past 10:00am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted.

    89. kb7722


    90. Joshua Tycer

      I agree 100% legarms.

    91. Morgan Unruh

      Talking to Scott

    92. Morgan Unruh

      Im the same way. Felt stupid all my life. Mechanical ill out do most. You think the same way as me.


      Thanks for sharing that personal information with everyone leg arms. I’m the same way and totally can relate to you. But the real question is...........does the 620 have more power or does leg arms have more power? If o was a betting man.........my money would be on leg arms all day long.

    94. Ian Clegg

      Heat exchanger - had my hot water fixed today - you're looks just the same except giant and full of oil

    95. Ian Clegg

      Hiya, Lawren! Lockhe ed Martin, wow!

    96. Logan YouTube

      Compound turbo setup 🤤

    97. Thomas D

      Thank you for sharing your story ... hope it help someone struggling !!!!

    98. Seamus McGrath

      One of the best episodes ever!

    99. OutDoor704

      I'm dyslexic too. I consider it a benefit! Keep up the great content.

    100. Scott Sorby

      Inspiring words Scott, well said sir!