BIG repairs for a BIG season!|Plant 2020

Welker Farms

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    We've now entered that time of the year when we typically begin planting. Weather isn't cooperating and keeping the ground frozen which means not turning dirt anytime soon. This works in our favor though as we have lots to work on in order to be ready for 2020 planting season. If all goes to plan we should have everything field ready by the end of the week. Team effort! Lets go!

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    1. kitkat

      Smart old man tricks with heating the tubing. Kudos

    2. Joe Willows

      Legarms seems to have way of talking that makes everything sound simple and doable, what an attitude, could listen to you for hours talk about something I don’t understand 😂

    3. Lisa Lister

      Now we know where Nick and Scot got their brains and brawn - from their dad! He is awesome!

    4. Archie Kennedy


    5. Mr. Hutt

      Oh man, you got on ugly dark pink! GO CATS! Lol, still love ya!

    6. Robert Smith

      Muchos saludos desde Mexico son los mejores videos siempre los miro

    7. UncleManuel

      "...the Big Bud five and a quarter..." well, that's one way to say it... ^_^

    8. Jason Swift

      Is case going to loan you a 620 quad track tractor and seeder cart for the 2020 seeding?

    9. Olaf Schmidt

      6:30 Talked to my fridge yesterday. It just froze me off... 🥶👍🏻

    10. iBelieve


    11. iBelieve


    12. iBelieve


    13. iBelieve


    14. iBelieve


    15. Bryce Moen

      Tough to beat them Ole Louisville’s

    16. Tandemwings

      If you blokes use "LE 1233" grease (USA), you should not have to change out those wear bushes at all, (advise from Au.). One of the major problems on farms, not good enough lube routines.

    17. Charlie Hamilton

      Hope yall get to planting soon i cant wait to see it

    18. The Texan Gamer

      11:21 wife walks into the shop, "whatcha doin honey", you reply, "cooking a pipe not cooking dinner. Nice video Welkers

    19. The random AVS fan

      Have you ever lost a gopro when you attatch them to the side a truck?

    20. SameDrago94

      Hi from Italy guys! Do you never plow or do deep tillage in your fields? here in Italy it is done every year and this entails greater productivity and there is better water drainage. Congratulations for the channel, in my opinion one of the best agricultural channel!

    21. Outdoor Life

      Y’all should invest in a Milwaukee cordless impact gun 1/2 inch

    22. User Name

      Have you or your advisors discussed modifying your planting plans for 2020 due to the markets and the virus etc.

    23. Chas Wolf

      I do Hot Tub repair - lots of PVC flex, for me it usually is 2" and smaller. I use an electric heat gun and wow did your tubing replacement seem familiar - BUT - much larger. I had to chuckle as you used the torpedo heater to do the very same thing I do on a smaller scale. I even have a battery-powered heat gun for single repairs on smaller bits such as 1/2" and 3/4"

    24. hybrid9mm

      As a mechanic I’m jealous that your all getting your hands dirty 😂 Keep up the awesome work and stay safe 👍

      1. Welker Farms

        Thanks, will do!

    25. Bunta Fujiwara

      19:33 I thought the neighbors dog was barking (weirdly enough to the rhythm of the song)..

    26. tasted889

      Tokyo drift be like 1:57

    27. Sherman Creech

      Love watching these guys. I grew up with two brothers and it’s kinda comical how they get to one another and ride each other. I bet if the chips were down though in a serious situation, if you made an enemy of one, you’d have them both to fight.

    28. Ryan Beining

      Man i wish you guys lived by me, got a 95 chevy with bad alternator or electric issue.. You guys would have it figured out in no time!! Haha

    29. Just A Printer

      Love watching a family work together. Thank you!

    30. rem32001


    31. Kevin Keim

      I loved dropping the bushing in place with a service truck.

    32. johnathan woodcock

      big bud with tracks

    33. Brandon Connelly

      That piece of wood under the frame of the dump truck would not stop the bed if it were to fall. It would slip out due to the enormous amount of weight

    34. Cameron Miller

      I’m watching this as I’m playing there farm sim map

    35. Derrick Rijksen

      for putting on rubber/ plastic hozes we always use a bucket of boiling water, boiling water is hot enougtomake te pipe flexible but not burn/melt they plastic

    36. Justin CHAPPEL

      How strong is the Crain

      1. Robert Welker

        I think it's up to 10 000 when at steepest angle but much less lift when more horizontal

    37. sebastien lapointe

      God your seed truck have good batterie hi was starting to grind my theet hahaha

    38. Kunki Sunki

      Music is great!

    39. Jeffrey Pape

      Nick!!! Those old blocks are gonna crush or slide out of the way if that box happens to come crashing down.. ugh man that view made me nervous! Happy your safe! Would hate to see you go! God bless you and your family.

    40. Michael Baumgardner

      Back in the 60s when my dad farmed and kept cattle he used to say Theirs always something to do.Watching you guys I find that statement has plenty of merit.

    41. Craig Forsberg

      Good onya boys

    42. Paul Bass

      Bob ,just look pretty and dont try to joke !

      1. Robert Welker

        @Paul Bass am assuming Terry nodded her head.........which direction

      2. Paul Bass

        @Robert Welker Oh no no no ! But I am more handsome ! LOL

      3. Robert Welker

        You should be proud........ I learned it from you 😁

    43. Farmer Jake

      When are you going to do a video on the Wagner?

      1. Robert Welker

        It's planned restore later this fall

    44. madflyer1093

      could you not rotate the hoses every year to prevent wear in one spot? we do that in the oil sands because the pipe bottoms wera out and the tops are fine

      1. Robert Welker

        What happens is the sun and heat fuses the shape they're in. Very hard to bend to different shape

    45. John Lawton

      Legarms, why did you make all the joins in the same place ? Did it not occur to you to stagger the joins so as to not end up with a bulge in your harness. I say this as I often lengthen harness's and stagger my joins for a more sleeker appearance...John Australia

    46. Emily Joecken

      Is the best

    47. Emily Joecken

      KTA 525

    48. Keith Westbrooks

      Leg Arms eats problems for breakfast!

    49. Ken Holland

      Gotta love those grass burners.

    50. Leo Osborne

      I love that shifting.....dang I want to do that one of these days. Love those old fords. Love your work, God Bless you all.

    51. CB Gaming

      I finally have time to watch out of school till August

      1. CB Gaming

        On the rainy days I’ll watch

      2. CB Gaming

        Robert Welker yea I sure will

      3. Robert Welker

        Cool! Make sure you take a break and enjoy the summer sun.

    52. LowJack187

      Don't forget to paint them welds!

    53. Brian Gay

      Great video!

    54. jetboss737

      14:09 LOL, grind up that starter dude. lol. I would hate to feel how hot the battery cables got, not to mention the starter with all that prolonged grinding. Whew.

      1. J. A. G.

        Not that hot surprisingly. Easier to replace a starter than an engine because of ether.

    55. Leonardo Albanese

      why don't you wear overalls and gloves?😅

    56. kilroy b

      What an operation. Makes my day.

    57. kilroy b

      You and Scott and ur dad makes these tough times seem sooo much easier Thankyou so much

    58. kilroy b

      I love your dear ole dad, harnesses .takes me back i used to pick up asparagus with 1 mule an a cart. Love ur videos.Thankyou.

    59. Tractormanpj

      Very awesome video! Love the music and the humor as things start to gear up for planting. Thank you Welkers for what you do and God bless you all!!

    60. Dylan Wayne Gebers

      Watching you work in fast forward makes me want to work faster...

    61. Dylan Hadland

      Why don’t you use the red peterbuilt as much as the other trucks

      1. Dylan Hadland

        Robert Welker ok that is my favourite truck

      2. Robert Welker

        When we need to haul grain again it'll see the road again

    62. Innovations in Redneckery

      I've taken 6 showers today, you have a problem with that

    63. Tyler Lemon

      Not sure if I've ever seen any videos on this, but does Welker Farms have livestock? If so, what do you guys raise?

      1. Robert Welker

        No livestock.

    64. The Seeman Bros

      How do you like your DRYshod boots?

      1. Robert Welker

        I believe they like them

    65. Dixie Farmboy

      Straight pipe grain trucks when

    66. Northern farmer

      Still Waiting for our snow to melt... just hanging around for so long this year!!

    67. Cole Ebbers

      Ha your shop would drive cole the cornstar up a wall

      1. Welker Farms

        And our lack of mullets! 😉

    68. Barbie Rowley

      Nice video 🌸🌺🌸

    69. joyfilters

      Zach Johnson you can't imagine doing this can you. Millenials

    70. Boden Jackson

      Ay nick, You should strait pipe the blue ford

    71. Harjinder Singh

      Like you

    72. Elijah Sjogren

      Nick!! Give us an update on you little boy Levi

      1. Robert Welker

        I can. He growing larger,doing well, and looking like he's going to be thicker body than Luke. Luke is very narrow

    73. kurt kyler

      You drove to town with a bad air line ? wow

    74. PA Dairy Farmer

      What do you use to edit your videos?

    75. Kyle Wasson

      Have you compared the new 2" hoses that are thicker to the old ones? I bought a roll of it from Zerbe Bro’s. In Glasgow MT and have put 20,000 acres on it in 2 years and haven’t had one hole in it yet. They use it primarily for disc drills but have found putting it on bigger drills like my 70’ they last upwards of 45-50,000 acres and still going according to their mechanics.

    76. Kyle Wasson

      Our ground still froze over here. Just a small amount of maintenance left and we will be ready. Maybe 2 weeks here.

    77. fowletm1992

      If you want to warm plastic hoses I have an electric kettle in my workshop purely for doing this The cheapest one I could buy (like $25) with a fully opening lid Fits up to 2 1/2 In For 3 in water hose I have to put the hot water in a bucket

    78. Matt Wihlen

      Those big buds look so good awesome stuff guys

    79. David Curtis Crowell

      Do some thing besides that hunk of wood. I have watched you guys fabricate so many things. BUILD a proper safety support.

    80. Jesse Lute

      I'd say.... yall younguns should be very grateful that you have a great pop that wants to be part of the show! I'm sure he wasnt too keen on it at first ....but cherish the time yall have....I'd give anything to have my dad back...even for a day

    81. Hunt Gaming/Productions

      incase yall wonder why hes puttin a block of wood under the bed its to keep the bed from falling while they work on it. so say the ram fails they will have enough time to get to safety instead of being crushed its a safety support

    82. Lisa Olson

      Hope you guys start planting soon

    83. Lube sky baller

      I really like the editing in this episode boys.

    84. Mark Walker

      Those lovely trucks look like they’re longing for a welker winter make over.

    85. Paul K

      On hoses...Something that works better than soapy water is Ky jelly.....just sayin...

    86. Kent Nauman

      Watching this from quarantine in Thailand,wishing I was back on my South Dakota farm ,but it won’t be happening any time soon. No flights flying for now. Dreading the flight back but safe here they have virus under control. Anyone violating Curfew here gets two years in thai prison, and no mask on 700$ fine plus one year in prison. But the harsh penalties have stopped the virus. Good luck with planting season this year. Your lucky to be so far away from the masses of people in the rest of the world. I know I’m going to be very happy to be back to my farm, 7 months here is to long.

    87. B Greasy

      Try this product called Restore engine restorer. For the green Ford. It will help with that low compression start ups in the cold. Just put a couple bottle in with your oil changes . Will help that old truck alot! I'm a diesel mechanic for the transit system in socal .

    88. Motor 2of7

      Scott, check out Solder Seal connectors. Solder and heat shrink in one step with a heat gun. I just used a bunch of them and they work great.

      1. Robert Welker

        Seen them advertised. Looks like a easy fix

    89. Farm. Ifan Rock's

      In welsh plant means children but l can speak and understand English

    90. Luke Pekarek

      That dump truck looks like it’s in quite good shape. Then again when things a maintained they last. That and low salt really helps

      1. Robert Welker

        Not much rust in our area

    91. PIPER DOUG

      Love when seeding rolls round as after a couple of months of calving it's like a holiday (especially using guidance)

      1. Robert Welker


    92. R I P ASTRO

      I played he’s farming similar map like if you did to. It was fun

    93. Keŕry Witherspoon

      another great video still lot snow here in alberta s,e good to see your dad in videos seems he always doing so well

    94. TYLER Scheller

      Do you guys build the Big Buds?

      1. Robert Welker

        Enjoy working on them

    95. SuperGoldnut

      16:41 Hey Nick...stop picking your nose when you have sooty fingers

    96. SuperGoldnut

      Let me under that cart and I'll whip it up in a Jiffy. Well here's your problem Sonny. All these wires have hydraulic fluid running through them

    97. SuperGoldnut

      I like the soldering a shrink wrap of wires but do prefer plugs so you can disconnect or reconnect when trying to diagnose problems in the future. I always have a large assortment of Delphi, Hifrom or MUYI waterproof plugs-pretty much from 1 pin to 12. I like to keep a bunch of terminal blocks handy also.

    98. William Davis

      If only you put as much love in those smaller trucks as you do the semi’s... ol’ greenie’s front bumper sure looks sad. All them tools... time in winter and there in that shape?😬😬... I guess if their name was big bud greenie or something they might get the love.?!!..., oh come on got go bust your chops in the condition of those two.😬🙈🐒

    99. Gazza's Stuff

      As an old farmer the blocks work perfectly. I even tried dropping the tray once. the blocks just jam and the tray won't come down. There is no room for the tray to build up speed to cut the blocks. It is perfectly safe. I thought some one would say some thing as soon as I seen it.

    100. james marsh

      wow still looks cold there