The End of Wheat Harvest!

Welker Farms

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    Wrapping up the wheat! The majority of our harvest is wheat so when finished the end of harvest is near. Garbanzo beans are next!
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    2. LandSlide

      Wasted opportunities for Trump flag =(

    3. Alex Hernandez

      7:48 that scared the piss out of me🤣😂

    4. iBelieve


    5. Maximus Jones Imaging And Travel

      So glad your video came up in a suggestion love the content and videos what camera are you using. With love from the uk 🇬🇧

    6. Michael Thelen

      Hi Guys, great to see that harvest this year got wrapped up. Keep going!

    7. Nick Jones

      My dog did the same thing when I was planting except it was liquid manure. She couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t let her back in the tractor.No offense to anyone else but Colby is the real reason I watch the videos.

    8. John Doe

      "Legal", never heard that term for seed wheat. All good......

    9. Bob Paterson

      Great team effort 💪💪 an of course led by the top dog 👍👍

    10. jd Hacker

    11. jd Hacker

      Welker Farms this lady can change the way you farm and your life!

    12. Juan Alvarez

      Why in harvesting in suimulatir 19 is faster den harvesting in real life

    13. John Doe

      What's your schedule for using your harvested crop for seed? How many years do you recycle the initial parent seed (registered seed). So, you start with registered seed and use the seed to replant for how many years before buying registered seed and starting the process again.

      1. Robert Welker

        The seed we use is legal to reseed ourselves. After a few generations we update the variety

    14. Lloyd Sjostrom

      Big arms I need your help Also Dad a brother in shelby Montana help I am 80 yr.

      1. Lloyd Sjostrom

        And no money farmer stay together? Come on now come on now. This will all be recorded I want everything spelled right if not renew it leg arms I need your help you are my oldest and Powerful Sun along with your father my oldest son who is my oldest son ER sjostrom retired army US Air Force Burlington Northern Railroad engineer he runs from Greybull Wyoming Laurel Montana back to Greybull graebel Casper Wyoming. He lost his wife text wife screws me text wife X why wife wife mother daughter to death we need your help. We need can I get Trump back into office this November so that pecan name you got it wrong again Google throwing up. So that can put in the next Supreme Court judge okay are you with me.

    15. Schalk Naudé South Africa

      Always good to see a harvest getting wrapped up without any BIG set backs. Well almost done... 🤠

    16. Jacoby Highfill

      i like john deere combines and caseih combines to

      1. Robert Welker


    17. Jacoby Highfill

      thats cool

    18. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    19. J Essary Farms

      I was getting that many acres per hour in my 16’ disk rotary swather cutting sudangrass. 👍🏼👍🏼

    20. Angry sw fan Jeff Bledsoe

      When you park the combine at night I’m waiting for some smart ass in an old tow truck to drive up and honk a horn at ya.

    21. Joshua Morgan

      Brilliant video guys, really enjoyed this one, as always! Harvest is always pretty exciting.

    22. kev4241

      a little mistake in that huge machine and its too expensive. hats off to the people who can take that stress

    23. jdhumm

      Here is our 1976 version of “Beastbine”. Dad’s new 76 model 815 IH. Complete with 66 by 45.00 by 25 Goodyear terra tires and much larger than usual steering tires. It rode really nice! That was a big machine back then but it would take three 815’s to cut what one 8230 would cut in one

    24. Robert Schreckenbach

      Do you lose product the faster you go though?? Or does the equipment catch everything that passes through, regardless of speed?

      1. Robert Welker

        Depends on when the capacity is reached of the machine

    25. Eger Viktor

      Guten morgen. 👍 ☕ ☉

    26. Robert Schreckenbach

      10:00 Its 21,000 lbs, I checked for you!! Lol

    27. Robert Schreckenbach

      New Sub here!! I just want to say thanks to all you Farmers! Thanks for the hard work you put in daily! So many people in the Country of ours just doesn't understand where grains, meats, eggs, and just so much more, actually comes from! Anyway, your all awesome and I would love to work on these farms with ya'll!! God bless you all and be safe!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Welcome Robert, Blessings 👍

    28. OO

      Well done 👍 👍💥

    29. Lee Akers

      What is the protein running?

      1. Lee Akers

        @Robert Welker Not too shabby.

      2. Robert Welker


    30. Maurice Fancey

      well done

    31. Ed Harrison

      How do you get crops out of the bags??? Hope you show a video how it is dun..Stay Safe...

      1. Robert Welker

        We will in future vid

    32. Neil Wehling

      We seen the wheat over the side the truck.

    33. Legend Hunter

      8:04 best part of the video😂

    34. Thomas Conroy

      Do y’all ever buy new wheat?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes, every 3 years

    35. Bruce Lumsden

      Congratulations on getting your 2020 wheat harvest done, enjoyed watching.

    36. Jim McLean

      I bet you all love that big auger

      1. Robert Welker

        It is the best auger we've had so far

    37. Harvey Stephens

      But ya dumped a bunch on the ground, ghee Good yield. And harvest. Enjoyed

    38. Warren Klingensmith

      Nick you are just too full of yourself. I would rather see your dad and legarms

      1. Leg Arms

        My brother nick is far from full of himself! It's been an honor to grow up with him.

    39. Anders Hansen

      It’s fin to see u guys running that Los bushels while were i work in denmark we ran About 140 to 170 an acre so it was pretty much full speed keeping up with 1 John deere 690i and 1 690 In a small 370 bushel tip trailer

    40. Colin Costine

      Did you run out of "bump" signs when you wre planting?

    41. Paul Gerren

      what snow?

    42. X Man

      Praise the Lord, well done buds!!!

    43. Manuel Stucki

      In Germany they have 75 bushels per acre wheat in average because of the better climate conditions.

    44. Doug Cultra

      My Dog Duke can hear a food bag or refrigerator door from anywhere in the house. LOL

    45. Kathleen M


    46. Adam O Brien

      In ireland here we have to much rain some feilds are even to wet to drive a combine in

      1. Noah Groark

        Its a fellow Irish man in a Montana KGuprs comments

    47. Horizon Fence

      Farming for 100 years hell yeah a lot is working thanks to you guys ( and Cody)

    48. Simone Gagliardone

      Great ‼️

    49. Tony Ackerman

      Great to hear the harvest is nearing completion and spring wheat is done w/o any more weather interference. Hope the weather holds for the chick pea harvest. BTW saw your fb video featuring Luke. Almost Luke Sky Welker! LOL Snorted coffee on my phone over that!

    50. Tobias Olsson

      Great stuff, as always!!

    51. andrew stich

      Good video how many acres do you farm

      1. Robert Welker


    52. Bodhranarama

      Y'all are turning out network quality content. You need to get in touch with Discovery channel. They'll call it Grain Wars or something equally cheesy but who cares.

    53. marc martin

      Here's an interesting idea after watching the filling of your grain bins: if you could put a slight negative pressure as you fill the bin you might be able to clean out a lot of the chaff that I see blowing around. Not idea if that would work or, if it would, if it would be worth doing. It might end up saving money and time when you go to clean the grain. You could use a big vacuum system and collect the gleanings, since I remember that you mentioned that there was some use for them.

    54. Ken Bryant

      Hello I have a question. Do you have to treat the grain you are going to use for seed before you plant it next year? See you all soon.

      1. Ken Bryant

        @Robert Welker Ok Thank you

      2. Robert Welker

        Treat at seeding time

    55. Keagan Swenson

      Did anyone else see him hit that bad bump with the combine and jerked the head very bad!!

      1. UncleManuel

        It was like a reverse wheelie... 😄

    56. Jeff Mitchell

      We have an old Doberman that has seizures and a carrot stops the seizures almost instantly

    57. K R

      how many actual days a year do you spend running planters and combines? i know there is a ton to do in between. but planting and harvest alone, weeks days? a month?

      1. Robert Welker

        About 8 weeks together

    58. K R

      why downvote this? I just don't get it, myself. is there a bot that does this?

      1. andrew gross

        Theres always 1 guy who thinks we don't need farmers and that farming is outdated

    59. William Hays

      "Pronghorns"! There are no 'antelopes' in North America.

      1. Robert Welker

        That's true but even the montana fish and wildlife calls them antelope

    60. Michael Freehling

      Really like the videos your family is awesome hardworking, fun loving, and caring. Thanks

    61. rich077140

      Dang you guys keep talking about eating it's little after 9am here n I'm thinking about my lunch! Lol

    62. rich077140

      Dang you guys keep talking about eating it's little after 9am here n I'm thinking about my lunch! Lol

    63. David and Karen Shaw

      What varieties of spring wheat you grow ? We finished up here in Manitoba a few days ago.

      1. Robert Welker

        Duclair and Corbin

    64. J L

      What kind of dog is coby?

      1. Robert Welker

        Border Collie/ Australian shepherd

    65. Brap 69HD

      Lol coby cries like my dog when he wants something. We don't deserve dogs

    66. thomas leonard

      Wouldn’t it behoove you to purchase another drill to get more crops out early to take advantage of chance for more moisture? Suppose it is cost versus nature!

      1. Robert Welker

        Would be good. The problem is the later climate the last 3 years

    67. adrian nicholson

      ware rabbit. do not eat carrots dog food is one thing they eat then the main food group is farmers

    68. P Seggons

      We have 6 dogs, collies mostly (I have only had collies). They all have different tastes, some eat any vegetable, or salad. Youngest goes around bramble bushes this time of year eating black berries- carefully !

    69. Crushing Vanessa3

      I heard before that farmers weren't allowed to use their seed for the next year. Maybe this somehow is different?

      1. Robert Welker

        Certain seed types. Most new varieties are protected

    70. Chris Payne

      Great Video good Job boys 👏👏👌🏻👍

    71. Tony B

      A video or 2 ago Leg Arms said something about stacking grain bins by land owners. Can you give us a city people some knowledge how leased farms work and/or why you might separate certain parts of grain. I just assume you lease the land from the owner and take all the profits after paying for the land... But, I can make up ideas where you don't pay land owners and just take a part of the profit after you factor out machine maintenance and hours worked...

      1. Robert Welker

        Crop share you farm another's land in return they get a set % of yields. The separation is the measurement of how much total production the field produced. Their grain isn't kept separate after that, just the numbers.

    72. Big Boones

      Hey Tobby what’s up doc that’s an Antelope not a Rabbit

      1. Big Boones

        Robert Welker the trill of the chase is what he’s after. 👍 Maybe he just wants to tell the rabbits, tricks are not just for kids he can do some too.😁 especially for a carrot 🥕

      2. Robert Welker

        It's got 4 legs which can be chased 😁

    73. jag617fly

      If corn, beans and wheat don't skyrocket in price...the market is being manipulated. China has lost to flooding 70-80% of its production. Australia's wheat and rice production were I believe, the worst on record. They are essentially, out of rice. They contracted with Vietnam to cover their domestic shortfall. Vietnam is backing out of the deal...they're concerned they don't have enough supply for their people. US is about the last hope for export crops, globally. Most countries are ceasing export of grains, beans, and corn. Grand Solar Minimum is barely started...causing late Spring planting, thus late harvest. The US and Canada got a reprieve from this, but rest of World didn't. Weather is too cool and wet. Sun is setting no sunspot to few sunspot records, dating back to the 1600s, when Galileo and pals began keeping track...that of which they had no understanding. The last Grand Solar Minimum occurred in the 1600s. The Sun sticks to its 400 year cycles. Global temperature average DECREASE may not seem like much, but it will have great impact on farming/ranching for the next 40-60 years. Solar irradiance drives plant and animal life. Consult with your market consultant, considering these facts...FOOD IS THE NEW GOLD. Discuss alternatives to being paid in currency/dollars. Global financial reset? Food price increases will be jaw-dropping by the holidays, and only increase exponentially post holidays. EVERYONE needs to plant gardens, "Victory Gardens" as grown during WWII. If possible, grow veges indoors. I'm sorry to suggest this, but I believe governments know the unrest to come, and the lockdowns etc are part of the their strategy to (doubtfully) control hungry people. Xi is in serious trouble...billions of hungry people can overcome any army. Every Chinese Dynasty (Roman Empire too) has collapsed during a Grand Solar Minimum. Sorry to be so lengthy, but we are just getting a glimpse of what's to come. We should have been preparing. Must make the best effort still... If it seems I'm's because I am. It is not my primary mission. That is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. (Romans 10:9,10) Joshua 1:9 Psalm 91,139 Zephaniah 3:15,17 Isaiah 40:31 Matthew 6 John 16:33, 19:30 Romans 10:9,10 Hebrews 11 Revelation 3:15,16 In Christ

    74. peter penberthy

      Do you use Earth straps on the auger when filling the bins?

      1. Robert Welker

        No, never have

    75. MrSinner86

      Was that a velvet ant?!

      1. MrSinner86

        @Robert Welker don't step on that guy barefoot!

      2. Robert Welker

        Think so

    76. Kolby Williams

      hey no fires thsi year

      1. Robert Welker

        Nope 👍

    77. Brandon Kaercher

      21 thousand pounds in 1 unloading into the cart. Thats a lot of wheat brotha. Thank god for government subsidies to help farmers.

    78. Thomas Hollingshad

      bacon egg n cheese w peanut butter on it ,, is good will stick to your ribs wont be hungry

    79. Reed Tarr

      Would you consider putting up a grain leg if you get more new bins at the same location?

      1. Robert Welker

        A grain leg would be a very costly investment and you still need an auger for the other bins

    80. Matthew Jackson

      Another great video thank you for sharing the video of you guys doing your spring wheat harvest and it was good to see Kobe with your dad in the cab and hope you guys are doing well and just want to say thank you very much for your videos always puts a smile on my face keep up the great work from one of your fans down here in New Zealand

    81. PIPER DOUG

      Do you guys have any record of what yer family did pre-Americas?

      1. Robert Welker

        Came over from Germany in the early 1800's to Pennsylvania

    82. Pete Dohmen

      I saw that wheat hit the ground from the grain cart, something I have done too. At least I know im not the only one it happens to.

    83. petrosxp

      wish you the best for the next year..!

    84. omegalpha28

      I didn't know yall had cowkillers that far north....we have the same red ones here in do they hurt!

    85. Sherry Williams

      Is ......."who turns their lights on last" a real thing????

    86. Anzac Day

      Thanks for the video. Tell me, How does this Wheat harvest 2020 compare to the last 10 years wheat harvest? cheers John Purdy from South Australia.

      1. Robert Welker

        It's about average for spring wheat. It's frustrating to be one 1" of rain short the first of July, which would add 5+ more

    87. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, Wheat done and only a few Chick peas to go.... well done Thanks

    88. Kevin Keim

      It'd be really nice if lawson Ranchworx works let you demo a tandem field aerator. Then you could aerate those large field that don't get much water and show how well they work for retaining moisture!

    89. Andrew Warner one of these is what you need on the auger

    90. Richard G

      It isn’t about speed it’s about quality

    91. Richard G

      Just dump the hopper instead of spilling grain

    92. Richard G

      Stop talking to the equipment. Just be yourself and stop chopping MN Mill farmer.

    93. TOW BALL

      Rob i feel for ya . A wet Kobie nope i hate that wet dog smell

    94. Wyomingfarmer

      How many hours do those combines have

      1. Robert Welker

        900 and 1200 rotor hours

    95. shop shop

      The answer is obvious but, If water makes such a difference in yield, what would take to do some irrigation, do you have any access to any water resources? Are your gain bags reusable? Nice to know you speak dog!

      1. Robert Welker

        No ground water and no irrigation available. And the bags aren't reusable

    96. Britt Blanton

      Thanks for the video guys, I sure love seeing Bob and Colby. Great to see your getting close to finishing 2020 harvest 👍

    97. greg hurrell

      what variety of beans do you grow

    98. Every day life with me

      You already post same content I believe with dad talking about the day watching him eat the carrots... very odd...

      1. Welker Farms

        We thought the same thing but it is different believe it or not! Dad just didn't realize he did that twice.

    99. Toby Vallance

      Can you convert your new silos to tonnes for the Australians that watch your videos. Thanks

      1. ChucklesX

    100. Denny Pollard

      I am in Sacramento, CA now but raised in Idaho, needless to say I really enjoy watching your videos very much. You guys are the heart and soul of America and the dream we all fought for to preserve. From an older guy now that loves to see the stars and stripes on your harvesters, I salute you all. Semper Fi