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Welker Farms

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    Leg Arms and Hollywood walk around Welker Farms showing modern agriculture machinery and antique agriculture machinery. Some are retired and will never see field work again and others have just began their life on the farm. Due to the number of items we were unable to spend a much time on each...but hey that can be in a future video!
    **Links to videos mentioned**
    IH 9370 Eagle -
    TD 18 -
    JD 7700/JD 4520 -
    JD 844 -
    Farmers Cannon -
    CASE IH 8230 -
    BIG BUD N14 435 -
    BIG BUD KTA 525 -
    *How many times do we say "right here"???????????
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    1. fbh31118

      Walkers, I'm so jealous of your shop! I've got so many projects for a lathe like that. The IH Eagle is very beautiful too!

    2. Matthew Silvis

      Too much red not enough green

    3. Bryce Edits

      I’ve been playing on your farm on farming simulator

    4. Cody Holum

      Who else is here after leg arms injury

    5. RJ Cleveland

      Would you want to sell that old Ford high boy

    6. Trevor Bacelli

      Hello Fellows, those 2 old case petrol Kerosene tractors you talked about , my father owned one it was a steel wheeled model tractor , it was a great Tractor,he paid 350 Aud pound for it after a few years of use in the late 19 Fifties he re sold it for the same money he bough it & bough a Nuffield 460 Tractor it was a better farm tractor I only saw photos of it the Case Petrol Kerosene though, If my eldest brother were alive he would be able to tell me the model number, yes you brough back memories with some of that old gear. regards best wishes Trevor.W.Bacelli.

    7. Brian Sonnenfelt

      You guys have half the license plates in the state of Montana on your farm...

    8. Chris Brantley

      These tractors are so cool they are the best thay made me tell my dad I won't one for Christmas

    9. Kale Butikofer

      you should restore the miniapolise moline

    10. FreshStrawberryBoi

      Gotta love the fummins

    11. Elijah Delano

      I liked you guys more before I knew you had so many Dodges

    12. Tiger Gaming

      From what I looks like, that was a 95, or 55, or 45 frame that was torn down to practically nothing

    13. Kaito Shion


    14. tuunmaster

      The FORTRAx will run forever.

    15. shawnsack1

      How much for one of the dodge 500s?

    16. Hugh Stephenson

      So your mom's from Musselshell county? I know the Brewer family there...

    17. ur friend

      ayyyy i played on this map in fs 19

    18. Pete Schiavoni

      You got some cool stuff there that would make for great projects. Starting with that Kawasaki 250

    19. calderonN

      Welker Farms, i respect everything you guys do on the Farm. you guys changed my life in the right direction, wish you the best of the best for the future, stay safe and healthy! -Thank you greetings from Austria EU!

    20. Douglas Whipking

      I’ll buy that 73 Ford 3/4 ton

    21. Marijn

      Unbelievable how much equipment you guys have. I live in a farm area in the Netherlands. Can't compare it. You guys are like 100 farmers in the Netherlands.

    22. Jacob Weidinger

      Man i love this old stuff. Pure history in your yard. Could spend days just looking at old equipment

    23. Engine 301

      Plz don’t judge me but I’m scared of storm 🥺🥺

    24. James Marshall

      Love the tour guys it brought back a lot of memories for me during the tour I seen slot of vehicles you have that have slot of potential thanks again for the tour

    25. Bergseth & Son's Getting Stuff Done

      Cummins swap that Versitile! #Deboss

    26. Charlie Grossman

      Love the chevy longhorn.

    27. tyler mathia

      Does anyone else think that legarms would be a good car sells men

    28. Ethan Chew

      16:40 my grandpa has a truck like that

    29. Rays Weldis

      That 72 Chevy is so beautiful keep the original paint on it with the rust the patina is amazing

    30. Sean Stover

      Would you be willing to sell that 73 ford 3/4 ton

    31. Ayden Knight

      The biggest tractor on the farm I work at in pa is a 7140 case magnum we farm 700 to 1000 acres

    32. Smith Fam

      Great vid

    33. THE DOG & SPEC

      You should get another dog or a mouse name Walker

    34. Ken Grossman

      jany chance you would go up too the 747 and do some live video pulling that big field cultivator they use?

    35. Ergün Cinar


    36. LbrnJ

      73 Ford for sale? lol

    37. Karen Robres

      Uh, I think you all have grampa Cornstar beat when it comes to hoarding useless equipment.

    38. Jordan Roberts

      3:19 I don't know what it is, but the way Nick said "Praise the Lord" just know the sincerity behind that statement. True the Lord probably didn't make it rain exactly for them, but the appreciation is easy to see.

    39. Kristy Staats

      Do you'll live on the farm

    40. Daniel plays

      My father own a 1978 custom deluxe 20

    41. Kent Powell

      Great video

    42. jobe paliew

      I would love to work for you guys someday that is my dream

    43. Leston

      15:59 is it just me or does the window have a bulletwound

    44. Brock Grayless

      Didn't make camper special in that year and it is a 69

    45. Brock Grayless

      That's a 1977 gmc

    46. Gear Gaming

      Why does the semi tire spin at 5:04

    47. Iulia Maria Muntean

      I play fs 17 on welker farms

    48. Ron K

      I’m a fan farming KGup channels like walker’s farm and millimum a big fan of farming simulator 19 and wondering if you going to put your farm on it.i enjoy playing farming simulator 19 on walkers farm.i would like to pretend I’m a farming

    49. Thatdumb Fur

      That old dune bug would be pretty cool but I know those beetle engines are temperamental the most simple thing can make them run way better

    50. exoskeleton250

      Geez how many Trucks do you Guys have?

    51. Jordon Hesson

      Does the international square baler still work? My dad is trying to find a used square baler to bale hay for our horses. I'm interested in it.

    52. James Oloske

      Your drone footage is insane

    53. Ryan Stratichuk

      Is the valmar for sale?

    54. Jaxen Watson

      you guys neeeeeeed to see the big bud 747 tractor has 1100 horsepower under the hood it is a beast

    55. MrGoetz 34

      Those dodge 500s would go for massive money full resto. Absolutely beautiful trucks

    56. Sladja Krstic


    57. Hudson Martyniuk

      18:37 it’s a John Deere 55

    58. Ticdaniel

      1:35 "just sitting and listen to the "pling pling pling" at the company account 😉

    59. Ticdaniel

      This never gets old. Wounderful to watch

    60. Santa fe Warbonnet Productions

      i have the Welker farms map in Farming Simulator 19

    61. Pat Matthys

      You should restore the 72 Chevy the long horns are super raer

    62. Caden Randa

      let me know if you want to sell the 73 ford pickup

    63. Sandra Koelkebeck

      V ;77

    64. Kamran Cheena

      I think you should sale all useless equipments.

    65. Roy Scarbrough

      I think you could combine some older cabs and beds on newer frames and have some cool rat rods and such. Your junk is way cooler than mine. 🤣🤪😅

    66. Bradley Smith

      Love the old 1953 international R110 stake I have the next model up the1953 R120 stake

    67. Javier Perales

      let me know is you for sale the truck and the minute 17:49 how much what estate are you

    68. M R L

      Why dose the dump drunk have bullet holes in it ?

    69. chase vollbrecht

      Pile of potential revenue One day

    70. Gary Doyle

      Can I get the red and yellow tracker

    71. Thomas Jewett

      I’ll take the ford that used to Have the sprayer on it

    72. Spencer Sand

      Ok so if I gave you a few million will you do more restoration projects??

    73. West Coast Gaming

      Thought this was a equipment tour not hear is all my junk in my yard

    74. Breaking Baz

      Nicholas how do I access your shop there’s a few novelty items I would like to buy. 😊

    75. Simon Spry

      i like all the old ford trucks

    76. TheMountanFarmer 2109

      0:01 are you related to DJGOHAM

    77. AK 47

      Can I have them scrap metal parts

    78. Alan Rowley

      Loved your channel until that dodge with a Chevy engine take that Chevy engine and chuck it

    79. Brendan Battlefield

      Talk to DEBOSS GARAGE about the versatile

    80. Masked Gamer 101

      Must be amazing to live and work there new to your videos going to keep watching so relaxing

    81. James Rueb

      fix those Molines up those tractors are near impossible to kill once fixed up.

    82. Farmall 48

      Can I buy that Ram service truck if you want to let it go

    83. Olsyn Davis

      They actually had John deers

    84. Noah Stevens

      Fix the brown ford up it’s supper nice

    85. Tech SKG

      Hello, I am from India. Here I am work on sugarcane harvestor Machine case 4000. In india October to April sugarcane harvestor season starts. Now my work is completed. Next 7 month no any work for me . I graduation in Automobile Engineering and my passion in harvesting Machine. Can I work with your team.

    86. Ron Anderson

      great looking steel!

    87. Holst

      Right here, we have a video with some guys, saying "right here" alot !! ;)

    88. w1_hq

      hay Nick um are you going to be doing another tour in the next two years if you get new machines. are you guys also in lock down cause of that virus if you are be safe.

    89. siegfriedo brabender

      What's up with the cabover?

    90. Steve B

      P.S. If you wanna sell the flatty out of the 39 let me know!

    91. Steve B

      Love the 39 Ford! Best grill on any truck! Okay I’m a little biased because I have one. Came out of a farm in Clarkfield Minnesota.

    92. Gamingwithxav

      You guys have a fun fs19 map good job

    93. BrokeDigit56 Sz

      The international is actually an eagle

    94. Luis Jp

      Hey guys my name is luis and I subscribe to your channel 2 days ago and love every video I have seen from you guys .. I live in Puerto Rico and because of the coronavirus the island has been shut down. no in or out . But due to that my entertainment as of now are you guys and I'm enjoying everything about farming

    95. Britt Blanton

      Man you guys have a awesome junkyard 👍

    96. Nicholas Hartsock

      What do you want for that Ford 1973 at 18:01in the video

    97. Jaren Diekemper

      12:00 I tried that on my grandpas old wheelchair and i fell over I don’t know how many times

    98. Leo Osborne

      * takes racing lawn mower and puts cummins 1150 on it *

    99. Tomas

      Very nice channel greetings from Poland Tomas.

    100. Ted von Borstel

      You left out your flexicoil sprayer!?