MN Millennial Farmer Visits Welker Farms? - Harvest Episode 12

Welker Farms

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    MN Millennial Farmer & Welker Farms Collide. Good times, hopefully it happens again!
    Check out MN Millennial Farmer here:
    Check out the new Unverferth 1620 Grain Cart:
    Check out Torgersons Steiger Lineup!
    Beastbine's massive tires are Titan LSW 1400:
    Beastbine crazy bright lights are Thomas HP4 and HP5 LEDs:
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    1. Darion Chimko

      Honestly this was the video that introduced me to welker farms

    2. Austin Grimmet

      Where do I get a cannon.

    3. adven ture

      Guys and their machines... always the same :-D

    4. Dana Kibby

      He is also more overweight your video then his videos! Lol😎

    5. Angela Schlaeger

      We live in great falls on my husbands ranch

    6. Bryan Maynard

      I love your videos and Millennial Farmer’s videos. I grew up around farming around my hometown of Aberdeen, SD. Between the family farm, and the farm my dad worked on, I've been around farming most of my life. Love what you guys are doing to be ambassadors for farming to those who don't know how farming happens.

    7. Edens Harvest

      I’m a 35 year old guy and and we’re “picking corn” today lol

    8. Chris Golding

      To sit laugh and drink beer with y'all , need to find that bar Zach always talks about!! 🎃💝

    9. John Hopkins

      I have run a one row corn picker and I'm only 52, not 100! lol

    10. Bobcat Smith

      I love it when you and Zach get together. Love the video's keep up the good work and god bless and stay safe.

    11. Adam's Farm Videos

      When you have a quadtrac as a carting tractor you know you have a successful farm

    12. rocketHtown

      Love both JD and Case .. Great work guys.

    13. John Sutton

      You know what a John Deer is

    14. Adam's Farm Videos

      When you have a case quadtrac as a carting tractor you know you have an expensive farm

    15. Blaze_HaZe1 1

      hey nick i’m from minnesota as well we run red equipment too it would be so cool to see you

    16. cody miller

      Zach didn't get to drive a big bud? Man you guys really don't like him! Lol jk but if I was to go to the welkers I would be wanting to drive a bud! Awesome video!

    17. Tom Bastion

      U two are nuts u crack me up,,,lol lol lol

    18. Andres Mario Miranda L.

      Thing bout this is that peeps must stay toghether, show respect for each other, and be greatefull for every minute in this earth! Nice to see you joining!

    19. rjdalchow

      First video of yours I've watched. Liked the equipment lineup with all the flags. If one had had a Trump 2020 flag, I would've subscribed.

    20. Alex Mikhael

      lol omg lol most people with successful farms run green machines... lol haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHhahahahahah lol funny rite there!

    21. DerrickMegan Pettit

      HOLLYWOOD an leg arms, you guys haven't made it to Minnesota yet, when's that happening get up there

    22. FintanK71

      Zach for a mechanised Millennial farmer , you do spend a lot of time doing manual labour with shovels.

    23. Isaac Sothern

      9:26 Why don't you just dump straight into the truck?

    24. Karl Hartz

      Jhon deer

    25. Karl Hartz

      How are you

    26. Karl Hartz


    27. Karl Hartz


    28. Keith Westbrooks

      Need to take this show on the road! Red world meets Green world!

    29. Eli Chandler

      Randy’s gonna run you over with his 9rx watch out zack

    30. evracer

      Waheat......killed me.... LMAO

    31. FishingFreak Trae Biondi

      I thought he drove the versatile delta track

    32. Napalm182 Napier

      M. And W farmers together oh Lord theyll be getter er done double time

    33. Bryan Johnson

      Very funny!!!

    34. Tony Ackerman

      LegArms, might want build a boom extension with a man basket and holding crate for the loader in order to handle the tarps.

    35. Tony Ackerman

      You and Zach should do a season swap. Learning experience for both of you, and who knows, you may pick up a few things that you may find useful in your respective operations.

    36. Tony Ackerman

      Love the back and forth between you men, LOL

    37. Daniel H

      Its so cool to see both of you together.

    38. Cody Springer

      Hey you cody would

    39. The gamer 2.0

      I own a 8250 myself in real life

    40. Daniel Johnston

      That was fun!

    41. Mat Higgins

      Ya need to go here

    42. The Coal Train

      2 farmers I'd love to meet

    43. kevin wolf

      i can tell you have pinched a finer or two by the way you dropped the rocks

    44. Kirt Hedquist

      Did the battery go dead?

    45. Emily Joecken

      RED is better than green

    46. musty potato33

      Millennial farmer is green and Welker farms is red

    47. David Firth

      2 of my favorite people

    48. Melissa Johnson

      I hate red

    49. stibuilder

      This was like The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones EPIC cool level

    50. The Raffills

      3:20 “I have a bit of a headache actually” “Is it a headache? Is it hurting?”

    51. Greg Dore

      Love crossover shows

    52. Gavin Langsdorf

      i watch and love both channels

    53. Genevieve Frederick

      I watch millennial farmer✌👍😍💜❤

    54. Shawn Otto

      I think it's awesome u can get along and help each other out in different states/farms!

    55. Nik Diamantopoulos

      Good header

    56. robert gayheart

      you have to take leg arm , he's the backbone of welker farm's .

    57. Hunter Caskanette

      These are the best videos farming videos its real work

    58. Catharina Lausen

      Leg Arms would need a Gun? Like a bug man!👊

    59. Boyd McAuliffe

      Hey great show have been watching for a couple of months now really enjoy seeing different machinery and farming practices to what we have in Australia. How come you don't use silo bags instead of just unloading on the ground.

    60. Shane Anderson

      Case is better every farmer should have a case

    61. Jim Ellinger

      In northwest Indiana we say pick corn and combine beans and cutting wheat ?

    62. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

      Did you shoot a goose out the cannon? Hahaha


      Very enjoyable time with Zack on the farm.

    64. Verlyn Nygaard


    65. mini boy mark gaming

      I have watched zach for a long time but he knows what case is

      1. mini boy mark gaming

        I have seen this before but I never noticed that

    66. Jordyns Journey 644

      I just subscribed

    67. Tactical Dev

      Who puts a bowling ball in a wheat field

    68. Fr. Bob Lacey

      I love seeing the flags flying off the equipment!

    69. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

      They have green u got red... and white.

    70. Kalyn Bothwell

      JD for life

    71. Robert Hughes

      You guys are a comedy team, Welker & Millennial. All they have to do is start Who's on first?

    72. Nate Davison

      Mark large rocks with a gps. Send the kids out to retrieve them. Make it a competition. Kids will do anything if it is a competition

    73. Griffin Sad*dog

      He was pranking us he has two John Deere’s

    74. George Grieder

      You are farmers we don't see things the same way but now all around the world we see thank you for showing us ? I grew up on farm and became a logger still miss it West Coast Canada

    75. Micah Worthington

      Hi Zach Hi Nick I loved the video and I can't wait till the Welkers go to Zacks.

    76. John Moenster

      You should have run that green hat through the combine!

    77. Jaxon Garvey

      In Missouri we “shell corn”

    78. Drew Mckee

      Ok so when do we get to see Welker clan on the Millennial Farmer guys

    79. MrDonnyt

      Another awesome video thanks for sharing your farm and your faith with all of us!!! -From a Saskatchewan farmer!

    80. Cody Thomas

      wow brian farming videos and millenial farmer 2 people i watch in a video with welker another person i watch

    81. Zach Moerman

      You should heir me to pick your stones!

    82. Luke Eissner

      Go to Minnesota

    83. Mod Squad

      Man I'm glad I'm Oklahoma. 0 rocks in our fields. Tbh I'll bet the old timers did it all.

    84. Rebecca Lindley

      do it

    85. Kohala Iron Works

      I grew up om Parker Ranch, once the largest one-owner ranch in the world. Now it's run by the trustees who now run it. I loved shipping days when our cattle shipped out on a Cattle Barge, Kahua Ranch also shipped out & me & the "Giltner Bros." used to chase the cattle from the holding pen on to the barge.... Good memories with friends as close as brothers. I call us: "Ranch Cousins" like my "Parker Rach Cousin's." All your Dad's co-workers you call "Uncle." Their wives were: "Aunty" to us... Although "Uncle Bobby" & "Bobby Boy" are gone I do run in to Bobby Boy's brother "Cousin Hana" from time to time. About 3 weeks ago my Daddy passed away @ 87yrs. old. What you are doing right now is building memories...memories is how our Kupuna (Elders) live on. I'm 61 now...I used to be like the "Legarms" of Parker Ranch. Today I do what I can for my Mom. And once in a while I try to put out some repair video's. Aloha, Chief

      1. Welker Farms

        Largest in the world, thst is huge!

    86. Matt From Wii sports resort

      You should come to grand island Nebraska and get a tour of the Case IH combine faculty

    87. VolatileTemper93

      The dedication Case and Deer garner is impressive. Makes me wonder how agco intends to capture a larger section of the market. Granted the new ideal combine from Fendt is a spectacular machine.

    88. Keydan Asefa

      Hey legarms should go to help Zach he is short on truck drivers

    89. malibuac21


    90. Sherry Young

      It's s green and far superior!!

    91. Tim Gibbs

      You guys should have a tractor race. John Deere against case. That would be fun.

    92. South Street Barbecue

      I started hauling grain for a farmer a few weeks ago and started searching KGup channels on farming to try to learn more about it. The two I ended up subscribing to were this one and MN Millennial Farmer. It was fun to see them hanging out together!

    93. Anthony Sprank

      Soooo Nick, when it is time for Zack's harvest, will you go drive his combine??

    94. Steve Garr

      Gawd y'all are hilarious. Now to get you, Zack and Cole together and harvest like sugar beets or milk some cows at 10th Generation Farmer or something.

    95. Wesley Schneider

      another colab with MN millennial in Minnesota would be great

    96. oilburner389 thunder

      My two favorite youtube farmers!!

    97. Cynex zeno

      Nick! how is it going?

    98. Leon van der Weide

      This is the most goofy episode ever, and i love it!

    99. Jason Wilkins


    100. Gerald Hess

      You should wear a Case IH hat to the MILENNIAL FARMERS place