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    A few weeks back after loading trucks with winter wheat our John Deere 844 wheel loader had a catastrophic failure of all hydraulic pumps after a drive line universal exploded. It took some time but once parts were tracked down and professionally rebuilt, Leg Arms was able to work his magic and get this machine back in action!
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    1. Michael Surratt

      I am sure you have winter 2020-2021 full with the Wagner and hopefully the Moline. Maybe for winter 2021-2022 you folks can refurbish this loader and repaint it. Maybe paint it white and call it Big John. I love watching you guys doing this stuff.

    2. Greg in Indiana.

      Love your videos guys ,God Bless. From Indiana.

    3. John Cook

      Having the right tools is half the fight. Good video.

    4. Olaf Schmidt

      Scott Welker-Employee of the century! 😉👍🏻

    5. Error

      Bob the builder? Nah Leg arms the fixer

    6. Baron Clime

      Late to the party but it looks like there may be enough room around the pumps to put a guard around the u-joint to prevent destroying the pumps in the future. Solid but similar to a pto shaft guard but mounted to the casing.

    7. Mark K

      I have been watching this channel for quite awhile now and what really amazes me is how well everyone works together. I am jealous about how well the kids works with their father. I never had this kind of relationship with my dad. It is so awesome to see.

    8. Paul Barnett

      Way to go leg arms that looked like a dog of a job

    9. Steve B

      Damn Leg Arms, you are an animal. There’s snow on the ground and you are struttin around in a tank top like you’re in Palm Springs

    10. Carl Stevens

      $500 to have brakes, well worth it I say.

    11. Carl Stevens

      Leg arms is genius. Totally knows his stuff. Doesnt say too much, but talks sence. Love all the welker family Ofcourse. 👌💪

    12. Michael Bradley-Robbins

      I love how y'all rebranded the skid steer. Quality workmanship.

    13. Alec Wilson

      LA, you are one talented guy.

    14. Joe Waun

      If I wasn't all the way across the country in Michigan I'd love to help y'all out.

    15. Big Daddy Phene

      You guys need a vacuum valve on the top of the hydraulic tank so you don't have to drain it just to work on the suction line.

    16. Guy Ward

      Iv enjoyed all your videos that iv watched. I worked for a John Deere dealership for 22 years never got to work on one of the old 844 did all the classes that they had Heard horror stories of how they were to work on and LegArms did good for not ever working on one. Great job. GW

    17. theodore scott

      you did the right thing by NOT BUYING ALL NEW FROM A LOADER TO A PUMP. thats why i like you guys you are very smart 3500 bucks is way cheaper than 100000 loan payments

    18. Richard Stevenson

      #LegArms is a great motivational speaker! 💪🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    19. Mod Squad

      I love how much you guys teach me. I work more cattle hours then wheat etc. I dont like harvesting etc. I dont hate it. Promise. Or I wouldn't be here. Yall have gave me A LOT OF saving money routes if I was to harvest more then just 1 wheat field. Thank yall. I learn every time.

    20. Bridger Widmier

      Ive been a huge fan and now im on a 2 year mission in uganda africa and these videos keep me going and remind me of home keep going leg arms and nick! go caseih!!

    21. Gene Murphy

      You should build a loftinine* for storage *OLF

    22. K D

      Hi grasshopper, (legarms) another great job done, he's the best, bad luck about the oil leak, practice makes perfect 😎

    23. Bill 55811

      Well Altec makes the very best!!!!! Enough said!!! LOL

    24. Dan Finley

      Good to see the loader running again leg arms man you can do it all truly blessed

    25. Richard Schat

      You don’t have to drain the whole hydraulic reservoir !! Just get a old vacuüm cleaner put it on the filler cap with the cap of ofcourse and you’re good to go 😎👌🏻

    26. Macallister Sanders

      Since you’re partnered with case now maybe you can demo a new case loader? 🤷‍♀️🧐

    27. Mike Formichelli

      You guys are awesome. Like the work ethic

    28. Mike Formichelli

      It would be nice to paint the 844.

    29. Brent Torres

      i know it will be alot of work but can ya'll please do detailed videos on how to do all of these things so that people who have the same issues can do these thing themselves? it would really be appreciated

    30. Cathy DuPont

      Great video, encourages me to take another try at fixing my lawnmower!

    31. tekyrich


    32. ll KMark ll

      Saw the peas video before this one. I feel so bad.

    33. Mark M79

      Legarms that vest top is so bad man! Omg please don't wear them it is not a good look! 🤔😷

    34. Vider 83

      Thought you'd just crimp that hydrolic hose on by hand like crushing a soda can.

    35. Paul Thurman

      You do have to have a Case around to help out a Deere. I appreciate you telling about it taking 3 hours for the hoses. Experience is always good!

    36. Bowen Donaldson


    37. Roger Page

      Your ethos repair, saving cash and knowledge is spot on.

    38. Deathwarmedover 97

      Yay stuff in side

    39. Doug Devries

      Great video guy's enjoyed watching and I think it's awesome that your not afraid to honor God in your videos👍👍

    40. Mike Youngblood

      If He can't fix it IT AIN'T BROKE !!

    41. Andrew Poloni

      "Using a Case to pull a John Deere; that sounds about right, doesn't it guys?" I heard Millennial Farmer gritting his teeth from halfway across the country. :)

    42. 467jezza

      Can he fix it yes we can

    43. Scott Owen

      You going to the National Farm Machinery Show?

      1. Robert Welker

        We're looking at the World Expo in Cali for two days and the NFMS the last two (Fri & Sat).

    44. emily peterison

      wow we shrink wrap everything now we store in or outside now the farm has a lot of storage shields openside mice and pigeons love to live there bird poop not great for paint out anything too we are closing them up slowly putting a concrete floor to in the shields too with the concrete floor found we have lease mice in the buildings to with the warp on the equipment have fewer people here going throw the stuff now and the snow and rain does not get to them with the warp to we did pay for our boat to be done each year do to the birds and the people going throw it we just had one-time mice in the boat set outside we found for 500 dollars we could save it if we able to stick warp the selves we have a lot of extra stuff we had to put under a roof for storage 14 rolls of shrink wrap this year, mmm we were able to store the items in the new /damaged barn OHS was ok with that but did put all the building on a hilt after a utility company cut throw a gas and powerline and the waterline and run into the building the only idiot company would be it was phone company did let the company know that they are doing it wrong we got a what to wth them again they have the right to record us so we do the same on the call we need too and that company was one of them right now we are in count over the recording to then we are back in for the damages they did the barn will be torn down in springtime we poured the foundation in one piece th corner of the building was broken and structural damaging the rest of the building


      This is the second time that you had the cab tilted on the JD pay loader. What was wrong the first time? Keep up the videos Leg Arms & Robert. Too bad on that leak! Hello from NE Montana.

      1. Robert Welker

        First was seeing the broken parts. Second was putting in the parts.

    46. R Johnson

      The more you repair, the more you learn, the more you learn the more tricks you can apply, the more tricks you can apply the more complex things you can repair. The more complex things you attempt, the more frustrating things you run into. But, if you look back and think about what you would not have attempted to do only a few years ago that are now routine, the less frustrated you feel. Nice complex fix Leg Arms.

    47. Tom Mathews

      I'm constantly amazed at Leg Arms' knowledge and abilities! The Welker Team is formidable!

    48. Andrew Ash

      Did anyone else notice he was turning the ratchet on the cab to the beat around 16:30ish

    49. HoNk hOnK

      "I'm a big fatty, I got big arms and big legs..." The honesty.

    50. Tom Pinnef

      What farmer do - rebuild - reuse everything. My later step - Grandfather was born in late 1800's. (passed 1973) Built a 'tractor' out of a truck parts. Used to move hay and lots of small things around the farm. The family has pictures of him using horses / steam and 'modern' tractors. I learned a lot from him about reusing items. RIP Gramps.

    51. Paul C. Sachse Jr.

      Look at Legarms getting all Nietzche on us.......👍🏻

    52. nevets

      sun's out gun's out

    53. Doug Jones

      Love the mech vids.

    54. Daniel Hofer

      If you love that new trailer you have You would Really LOVE Wilson or a Timpte grain hopper trailer. Your aren't really going to haul on a 30 on way trip Without a Tarp are you?

    55. Rod Hunter

      another great video! Keep it up guys! Happy New Year!

    56. John buffalo45

      Happy New Year from Saint Johns,Mi May you have a great 2020

    57. Gzegorz Brzezinski

      Wszystkiego dobrego w nowym Roku samej miłej pracy

    58. specwar64

      Too much talk and too much fast forwarding through the actual repair work.

    59. Stumpjumper

      Happy New Years Welkers. I actually have done some electrical work in Shelby in the 80"s. We did a lighting project on the Airport and did the electrical on a new church that was being built. What I remember about the church was the ceiling lights were installed above some ceiling fans, it had a bit of a strobe effect so we moved some of the ceiling lights. Have a great 2020.

    60. Sam klien

      I think you and leg arms should definitely kind of have your own shows(own the same channel of coarse), maybe different days of the week? Not always though I love them together to I was sjust thinking when or if you guys have to do different jobs. I also love any input form you father he is a wide man. I didn't have a dad ever( not looking for sympathy) it just make sme happy seeing how great he is and how great you to kids are as well it honestly makes me happy and so joyful seeing kids have what I didn't. It gives me quite a bit of hope for this county and lifts my sports everytime. I was lucky enough to have the most amazing grandfather to fill the the gap still not quitete the same, but wouldn't have changed it for the world.sobwoth that being said I absolutely love your dad's Bob Chanel's he reminds me so much of my grandfather and his jokes and the hidden wisdom in them. You have of the best channels imo because you have the American dream with the true American family. I have a very small farm myself just enough for some draft hores and some beef cattle for our family, my dream is to have a hay and crop farm with just a small amount for head so I never get to bored in MN winters. I watch your family's channels and MN farmers and a few others like northern. Farmer I like his wisdom to. And white a few small ones to many to list.

    61. panteret

      he man, i have the course to make the hoses. but i have not seen the machine you are using. It would be nice to learn that.

    62. Kirt Hedquist

      You leave the keys in your vehicles? Aren't you worried about Millenials hoping in and driving?

    63. chris alward

      I would help but I'm all the way up in Canada great job guys in getting that unit in

    64. SparkysGarage

      14:40 amen brother. 👍🏻👍🏻

    65. igor malek

      happy New Year

    66. Jackson Folwarski

      So do you know what your going to do with the Wagner W4?

      1. Robert Welker

        We'll restore her but haven't had the time.

    67. Backwoods Nomad

      I raised my hand to help but it’s too late sorry guys, maybe next time

    68. Michael Langlie

      Had I seen this in time I would have drove out.....still would be on my way if I had.

    69. Stefan Deichsel

      Smart work! I like it! For me these videos are like an inspiration.

    70. Michgundog

      That leg arms can fix anything!

    71. Ronald Wallander

      Awesome fix

    72. SCS Sarge

      God bless you welker farms and seasonal greetings 2020 from Australia.

    73. Steven Horne

      There's a very special metal that only Welker Farms Inc. has. It's Stainless Steel Aluminum. Very Very Rare. As far as I know, Welker is the only place on earth where it exists. I think they got it from a crashed alien space ship or something. :)

    74. Wendy Deiss

      You should take a tour of all your neighbours farms

    75. J

      Your going to drive on interstate loaded with no tarp?

    76. S Richey

      You guys are awesome, inspirational, and good people! Love your vids and management decisions. Keep it up, have an awesome 2020!

    77. Kevin

      Congrats getting the old girl going again 👍

    78. JC Stek

      Just an Observation , The 59 thumbs down , why ? , These guys aren't afraid to get they're hands dirty , save money and learn , Most people live in the throw away age , want NEW, NEW , NEW ! Machinery can last for Years if taken care of , YES they break , yes they cost Money to fix , But the money they save to get the job done Does not compare, to what it would cost to have someone do it , to Rent or otherwise ! Just wondering why the thumbs down ?

    79. justin schmicker

      We have a 8940 sitting in our shop right now getting a rebuilt motor but it's still a good looking tractor

    80. Robert Whitehead

      YES HE CAN !!!

    81. John Greene

      that was my thought the key

    82. Frank Kottwitz

      Another outstanding job using your knowledge and God given talents to repair your equipment. Just love that you share it with us God Bless.

    83. Cragified

      I did say Leg Arms loved that loader too much not to fix it.

    84. K R

      leg arms such a capable guy.

    85. Spencer kirking


    86. Spencer kirking

      hopefully we don't have to watch a video about fixing the hydraulics on the loader

    87. Traverse Gamache

      Happy new year 🥳

    88. Steve Milam

      Heck of a mechanic !! Nice job.

    89. Drew Blankenship

      Put the hydraulic tank on a vacuum, that way you won't have to drain it.

    90. GLOOBY

      Franchement vous gérez bien les gars... bravo 👏👏

    91. B & W Agri Videos

      New tractor run video up on my channel if anyone wouldn’t mind giving it a look , thanks 👍🏻🚜🚜🚜

    92. Tanner DeWitt

      Some very true words of wisdom there from Leg Arms after he spent 3 hours trying to get those fittings on. It's nice to see that you guys use your platform of influence to spread positivity into this world. I really appreciate it and I would bet that others do too. Keep up the great work guys!

    93. josh33025

      Ice outside.... goes out in a tank top....leg arms logic....

    94. Harris Aiken

      Your not just a big fatty your so much more you are good with your hands and can fix lots of things

    95. Jayden Weber

      Can I fly out there and drive one of the big buds that is one of my ultimate lifetime goal to do

    96. Sam H

      Great job leg arms. Great content

    97. S. Pursell

      Nice to see the farming videos again. Thought I somehow got subscribed to a framing channel. Lol.

    98. Bounty6Gulf

      Mighty fine Case skidsteer yall have there!

    99. Jerry Fife

      I love your attitudes and your faith, You guys are awesome, God Bless

    100. Rockport1911

      Sadly there is not that much room in there. I was thinking about putting a cage or some other safety around the driveshaft, so if it breaks loose again it wont fly around that much...