Lake House Renovation Part 5|1960's Bathroom Makeover

Welker Farms

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    Now that the bathroom has been stripped to the studs its time to move the plumbing so we can get a regular floor mount toilet and a shower installed. Patching the door and window are easy but finishing the drywall takes a lot more effort. Can't wait to see this bathroom dknisbed!
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    1. Ws Sw

      Hello, i just discovered your chanel and i love it. also if you have not installed a new stove in the lake house the paint you need to use is enamel appliance paint so it will not come off when cleaning.

    2. Tom Varley


    3. Dave Schurger

      Really good jo in Kitchen and economical...Good on ya.

    4. Kristy Staats

      Your dad is a hard worker

    5. Patrick Noble

      You know the tub would make a great parts washer

    6. Olaf Schmidt

      New paint can change everything! 😊👍🏻


      This is Harlan Hodge in FL, I’m ND/Mt boy, I see your renting lake house during summer months, that’s perfect for me Because summer is brutal in FL, let me know how to go about renting Thanks Harlan or 970-301-0257

    8. Ava Whalen

      When is part 6 coming? I love this series

    9. Cheopis

      Like what you are doing with the place, but having no window in the bathroom would make me nervous. If you lose power in the middle of a shower, that room will be coffin black. Even at night a window normally provides enough light to see vague shadows. Will you be installing LED lights that activate on battery when the power goes out?

    10. Ava Whalen

      Does anyone know when the next episode is coming out? I just binged this series and am loving it

    11. Chris Darting

      3.141 bar stools

    12. Wesley Richins

      When is episode 6 coming out on the lake house?

    13. Timber Tramp

      You might want to paint thT wall with the red stuff

    14. Luke Atwell

      Why did you guys use an offset toilet flang?

    15. Luke Atwell

      You guys rock!!!

    16. Beau Yarbrough

      Do you think the house will be ready by August 2020? How will you post information about renting (Cost? Min?Max # of days? Pet friendly? Etc)

    17. George Davidson

      I have renovated an old farm house. My advise to you is to stay with copper and solder. Plastic looks easy to install but you will a have leaks down the road Maybe old school but copper is the best in my opinion

    18. thr8061

      The whole family working together on a very nice place for the family to get together to relax and such. It already looks great!

    19. Glenn Gaul

      I say blow up the toilet!

    20. Glenn Gaul

      Great! Now the lake house has an outhouse!

    21. SenoreQueso

      I hope y'all are gonna get one of those huge, deep copper farmhouse-style sinks because those are goooorgeous.

    22. Marius Cosmin Dumitru

      Super family! Respect

    23. Ryan Hogan

      Exhaust fan?

    24. Maintenance0792

      Poo gas :)

    25. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    26. Tom Jackman

      The thing you have to think about is how much it would cost if you got someone else to come in and do this whilst your busy at the Farm. Just parts right now. And maybe the odd beer if your lucky!

    27. 2cylinderfarmer

      I'm a homewrecker LMAO!!!!!

    28. Greg Bromley

      I love this series y'all are doing for this amazing lake house. Excellent work Welker's!

    29. Russ Recker

      What are we going to do when you finish the house? Sure will miss the renovation vids!

    30. houzepw

      Poo gas!

    31. Ginger

      Buy the Honecomb cellular for kids... privacy if you want.. push up type.. easy to install..

    32. Phil Hosier

      Go to granite counter guy for scrap piece of granite that fits bathroom cabinet. Beautiful and not that expensive !

    33. Phil Hosier

      Pocket doors are a pain to put in, but so worth it ! Especially in tight spaces where a door is always in the way.

    34. Oscar Roa

      Nick you and your father your brother Leg arms. It’s Amazing how good you guys are at fixing a house and how you guys work together on the Big Bud it’s nice to see that!!

    35. Doug W

      Three thumbs up.

    36. William Davis

      In someplace that’s a rental we put up concrete board all the way around a bathroom. Cuts down on damage to walls. Always seems to be the bathrooms.. don’t know why. Plus kinda water proof and mold resistant, that board you used is okay, damages easily though. Start replacing that insulation that doesn’t have a face or vapor barrier on a outside wall. Looking good. Mark on concrete with a crayon to remember not to screw or nail in copper or pvc pipes. Somehow a lot of trim carpenters, new and experienced always seem to put a trim nail into the copper. When it rusts out ... disaster flood. We put plates sold especially made for that in front of them now. Even barking them hasn’t stop some, either they don’t care or stupid. No...,you set your nails with a nail set then putty or caulk over them. Then paint. As my grandfather said if your using a drywall rasp .. your damn blade is not sharp enough.. lol. Can’t tell how many times I’ve heard that. Yet it’s true. Man you got to have a vent fan in bathroom.. that’s a no brainer. Plus your guests will love one that has a heater if your going to rent in winter. It’s but a couple cents to run them a standard use time. But you need to vent the steam badly. Some vinyl blinds will be cheaper than curtains in most rooms, we’ve learned that they last longer on use withe renters. Put the kids at the bar. Easily fit 4 there.

    37. iBelieve


    38. iBelieve


    39. iBelieve


    40. iBelieve


    41. iBelieve


    42. Loren Dommer

      Nick, Please don't forget the RV hookup, I will be needing that next summer!!

    43. Shelia Harmon

      Looking good!! Nick your Dad definitely earned the first shower!!!! LOL :)

    44. Ryan Spencer

      Nice shirt lol “cowfartt”

    45. Bond Woodworking

      Hi Nick, just an idea before the season starts again. Would you ever consider doing a tour of your local machinery dealership? I'm sure us British and European viewers would love to see what's on offer in Montana. Love the channel though 👍

    46. koolman2021

      Awesome looking good 👍👍👍👍

    47. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    48. Rebel Ragz

      I am loving this Lake House series. We are closing on our lake house next week. Yours was in much better shape than ours is (built in 1965). But it’s an adventure. The paneling and light fixtures are cracking me up. It’s hard to believe anyone ever thought they were attractive. The awesome lake view is hard to beat. I wish you many happy years in your wonderful lake house.

    49. Dawson youtube life

      hi love the videos i have watch your videos since you made the A Little Muddy...Right? video but did not have an email but now i do and i just subscribed to you. big fan

    50. Thomas Blaikner

      You’re losing weight Bob. You’re working too too much. Relax and take care of your 🐓’s 😆😆😆😆😆

    51. Jim Seem

      Looking good Don’t forget to make handicap bars in baths and showers +toilets bars 🙂

    52. Jeremy Huckleberry

      It triggers me how nick says mud 🥴

    53. Ninja Roach

      Can’t have no poo gas that’s for sure!

    54. Deutschehordenelite

      wall mounted toilets are still very much a thing in germany, not in that color tho :D also kinda baffles me that the shower heads are at a fixed height in the US, ours are basically always adjustable

    55. Murphy Hether

      Congrats on the Lake House! JUST FYI: Don't know what mic you are using but it has a very (annoying) low frequency popping, resembles wind noise, but its happening constantly here while filming indoors in the video above. Don't notice it on a computer, but it's there on our big screen surround sound setup. Sony running Android with the built-in KGup app. Trips the protection circuit if we don't lower the volume drastically. Just so you know.

    56. Payton Dhoore

      Hello, I live 50 miles east of Seattle Washington and my mom loves C10s and C20s her dad had one but sadly passed away before I got to meet my grandpa. I was wondering if you have a c10 or 20 that you could sell 3000$ is what I can work with (Me and my dad) want a truck we can work on and she wants a c so if you have a c10 of 20 laying around in decent condition please reply Thanks! Payton

    57. Jason Swift

      Why did you block off the window for? surely you need some light into the bathroom

    58. Stephen Brown

      Yes all shower heads should be set at 7 feet. LOL

    59. Justin Mills

      Looking amazing

    60. Patman Crowley

      Alright Welker family. Here's a link that you will enjoy. "Down in the River To Pray" by the Bethel College Choir in a singing in a new grain bin.

    61. Dave Sunde

      Why get rid of the wall hung toilet. They sure make it easier to clean the floor and my experience is that there are less problems with leaks if installed properly using the correct frog.

    62. Bill Sexton

      Nick , you put your dad and Legarms on a project and it will get done . The house is looking really nice . You guys will have a lot of laughs there .

    63. Michael Hill

      Looking good... can’t wait to see the finished product.

    64. KEEPER B. Jr


    65. KEEPER B. Jr

      ?? no tub for the kids ??

      1. MT CelticHarper

        It will be in the downstairs bathroom.

    66. Tommy Boy

      Nice job!!!

    67. Dale Rogers

      I would have used concrete board instead of green dry wall, the project is looking awesome though!

    68. Jarrett Fullerton

      Your wife is so pretty , nick. Well done!

    69. Bricky1952

      From the look of the wall your mudding and taping could use some work. I believe they will show.

    70. Mitchell Carr

      Does the intercom system still work throughout the house?

      1. MT CelticHarper


    71. Randy Allen

      Hot wife dude!

    72. Jeff Kuipers

      i just love the copper kitchen

      1. MT CelticHarper

        Me too! I'm actually at the lake house right now, and it blows me away. The copper accents on white is stunning.

    73. Joesph Best

      4 Stools

    74. Warren Beers

      You all are amazing and awesome...great video and great work...well done!! I'm very envious...wish I had those skills and energy...

    75. AcousticTheory

      Be careful with the swing-out TV. A friend of mine had his nicely installed with screws into the studs, but the screws couldn't support the weight, so the TV took an expensive tumble. You really need to make that mounting plate super-solid. When the TV is away from the wall, it has a huge lever-arm to act upon that will try to pull the screws out.

    76. Jeffrey Vink

      Why did you remove the window? now the hot shower damps cant go anywhere

    77. Matthew Link

      Having had dealings with copper drain pipes, I recommend getting rid of any copper drain lines that are not vertical. Given the age of the house, that copper can be thin and I’ve seen copper leak from wear.

    78. stan sheldon

      rumor has it Nick was sleeping while Dad and Leg Arms are doing all the work.

    79. Steve Stahl

      Walker Farms and Home Remodeling, Inc.

    80. Israel Engel

      you need an exhaust fan in the bathroom

    81. Toby and James Goldsmith

      3 bar stools

    82. john keets

      Looking great

    83. T Mac

      Nick! Your dad and Leg Arms are spending way to much time together. The bad joke out of them are getting out of control, lol!!!!!

    84. Jeremy Gray

      Your dad is a beast at demo work and an awesome guy it's always great to see him in the videos

    85. Jeffrey Kielwasser

      You can't poke fun at your wife and not expect her to take you seriously, lol

    86. 4020 john deere

      Thank you

    87. casy casy

      you should have 24 inches per chair.10 to 12 inch overhang

    88. John Olver

      Where’s the snow?? Lol

    89. snapon9

      like your videos. love to see family work together.

    90. Maine Man

      This would be nice in the bathroom, and sold from Lowe's: Hy-Lite Design Vinyl New Construction Acrylic Block Window (Rough Opening: 26.5-in x 26.5-in; Actual: 26-in x 26-in)

    91. casy casy

      you took the window out now you need a fan in that bathroom

    92. casy casy

      its pets not plex

    93. Mephisto

      The old guy's head is bleeding

    94. adrian nicholson

      its a shower mixer and the shiter is p pipe or s pipe

    95. Mike Deviny

      Check the local building code on bathroom ventilation. By removing the window you have eliminated all ventilation to the outdoors. This might be in violation of the local code. If you have a permit you will not pass inspection without the proper ventilation.

    96. Zephyr Old

      Hi, Now that you have closed the window in the bathroom, I would install some electric ventilation maby connected to the the light, othervise nice job.

    97. Jenny Danielsson

      Wall mounted toilet are extremely popular in Europe. Most new houses in Sweden have only wall mounted toilets. Much easier to clean the floor.

    98. Andrej Trpeski


    99. Levi Kleinsasser

      How many of you liked the video before even watching it ??

    100. Andrey Kuznetsov

      Definitely need curtains for the main room, but make sure the TV pull out can get the TV out far enough past the curtains. 3 bar stools. What are those metal grills in each bedroom on the walls, intercom, heater-something? I like the round ceiling diffuse LED light in the bedroom, better than those shadow casting sphere bombs. That flooring is going to get destroyed FAST in the bathroom if water is left to sit on it!!! Which guests are likely to do, and the floor joints will puff up and the top laminate will peel starting from the joints and you'll have to tear up the whole floor and cabinets and toilet, etc. Linoleum is probably the best bathroom flooring materials, it's waterproof, is not cold like tile/ceramic, does not have grooves or seams and is easy to clean up on, dry or wet.