Gobbling Grain

Welker Farms

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    1. Welker Farms

      Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/welkerfarms.

      1. Fadlan Ala

        Guys in Channel Info i can’t find how much acre Welkers have does anyone know?

      2. Gregory

        You can also install your own, The Honeywell Vista IP system is what I use, everything is available on eBay. Monitoring is about $12/mo thru GeoArm and others. Alarms can show up on your phone. Add some remote cameras so you can see what’s going on if you get an alarm. You can install whatever and as many sensors as you want.

      3. matt carroll

        Just ordered my my Welker farms shirt shipping to Australia !!!!! Happing farming boys 👍

      4. Hannes Ranta-Nilkku

        kgup.info/get/hqOCnIarrK5ppHc/video&ab_channel=LockPickingLawyer I wouldnt buy it.

      5. Send It

        America needs trump flags on the equipment

    2. Steve Arsenault

      Excuse yourself real Canadians existed here long before your ancestors landed here, Sorry Natives were here North American Indians!

    3. Wild Turkey

      Back in the '70's cutting a thousand acres took 10-12 days with our John Deere 95's with 20' headers. Some folks may not understand that even poor wheat is worth harvesting because it's cheaper to take the grain with a combine than to have to kill the volunteer wheat that comes up from the kernels knocked out by the hail. We normally planted between half and a full bushel of wheat so you can imagine what a field would be like when a hail storm "plants" 20 plus bushels per acre.

    4. Get Probed

      can you not spend the next couple years dumping soil on those bare areas and smoothing it out??

    5. Grace Bowen

      Thanks for all that you do and for feeding America!

    6. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    7. Aaron Mallett

      I see that shale ground as potential holding yards for hundreds of beehives lol

    8. Not You

      You boys need to get more on the baby making machines and get some more hands to help with work. That Jones guy got you out produced right now.

    9. Kenneth Hedden

      Combine had digestive issues there.

    10. Kenneth Hedden


    11. Kaleb DuBell

      do you have any tips for a kid that wants to be a farmer

    12. Ziga DeBoom

      I would like to know more about the background music you use for your videos, song name artist album?

    13. Jacob Chandler

      You boys keep a disc hooked to something to keep fire from spreading if it gets near you

    14. Philip Mason


    15. Rod Johnson

      Legarms, someone earlier had the same philosophy: "Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are" Theodore Roosevelt

    16. kitkat

      You guys rock. Good people, good family. Not to discount your efforts at all, but kudos, to your grandparents as well... i assume.

    17. UncleManuel

      "Professionals" screw up? Not if the camera isn't running... ^_^

    18. Yeg Mtb

      Oh sorry about the rocks eh cheers from Berta your northern neighbour.

    19. iBelieve


    20. Ellie Buehler

      Nick Welker, The Man, The Legend, The King Of Montages. lol

    21. David McGee

      Remember - when you always do your best, your best keeps improving!

    22. Brian Casey

      I wouldn't listen to much to the Wokers that want to tell you about how to farm, but they do know how to farm their six inch herb garden flower pot out on the balcony of their cliff dwelling condo as they gaze down at their brother Wokers running around "borrowing" merchandise from the first floor storefronts where they have their campfires going. But they do appreciate the bread they get from their "artisan bakeries" that use the wheat you harvest. Just saying! 👍

    23. Nigel Morrow

      As for you guys screwing up.......Work in progress mate you'll get there eventually, in your own time.... The same as everyone else. And remember above all else. An old Irish saying. The man who didn't make a mistake didn't make very much. Keep going.

    24. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. merci pour la video;car en plus j'ai put la transcrire en francais.je vous comprend mieux.merci pierre de france.congratulations.

    25. Jack Grover

      Leg arms we all make mistakes professional or not

    26. John Howson

      I am a x dairy farmer in the UK and the way you look after your machinery and solving problems , Keep up good work Lads.

    27. Paul Healy

      Just want to say you guys capture the most gorgeous shots awesome job

    28. Larry Kluck

      Nice video

    29. lee Vanruler

      I have noticed that you sample every load of grain. Can you address why you are doing it and the potential results of the testing. (Moisture/protein/etc.)

      1. Robert Welker

        For protein content

    30. AJ Deere T680

      17:02 That footage is stunning

    31. Josiah Matson

      good luck with simpli safe, ive had the fire dept at my house 4 times i ended up throwing the fire alarms away, and the the cops called a few times due to trash motion sensors. frig them. i ran and ran far away from that system. not to mention the garbage cameras and the signal drops every 1 minute

    32. Tobbe Andersson

      aaaaaaw😢, i miss the cannon 😂

    33. carbo2950

      Do you get any help from the CCC?

      1. Robert Welker

        For farm program

    34. trevnsarah

      Here’s a planter for ya kgup.info/get/oYdriK25dnqEqmo/video

    35. Bob Paterson

      Great video 👍 scenery shots were amazing 💪 and of course Coby on patrol duties 👍👍

    36. Natasha Majors

      I play your guys for me somewhere in 19 map

    37. Michael Burns07777

      Does simply safe require reliable internet access? Just asking. All we have on my farm is point to point. No cable Internet, no High-speed phone line internet.. i guess i am in the boonies. Only on a former provincial Highway in Northern Ontario.

      1. Robert Welker

        Doesn't if you don't want alert to authorities or remote notifying

    38. Beeroquois County

      Nick, you just let everybody know the secret to farming. Now everyone with OCD is looking for a patch of dirt to call their own. Great vidya Gents. Cheers God Bless.

    39. Robert Damron

      How about a tour of your fuel storage, holding capacity, type of diesel off-road 1 or 2. Pumps etc. Thanks. Been a subscriber for about a year.

      1. Robert Welker

        Could do that. Try to remember

    40. Cris Arthur

      hey, just curious...what is with the wall of names in the lounge area?

      1. Cris Arthur

        @Robert Welker ok! cool idea.

      2. Robert Welker

        Patreon subscribers

    41. Kenneth Friedrichsen

      Don't buy gravel for whatever you need. Mine that shale it make s an excellent base for roads and buildings.


      are you guys Christian or catholic

      1. Hondo Lane

        @KRSS83VLOGS /GAMING It's not really a whatever sort of matter. They're the original Christians, but whatever.


        @Hondo Lane whatever

      3. Hondo Lane

        @KRSS83VLOGS /GAMING they believe in Jesus Christ= Christian


        @Hondo Lane no accually there not

      5. Hondo Lane

        Are you on crack they're the same thing!!!

    43. William Moes

      Hey Nick........Canada or not, you see what the glaciers left behind here after shaping the valleys. Helping my son farm in BC. By the way, great video. Really appreciate what you do and the great detail in explaining the intricacies of your farm operation. Thank you for what you and your family do!

    44. salty 101

      love seeing Bob and Cody too.

    45. OO


    46. Andrew Roy

      Doesn't your Mom have family in the Lake Charles area? How did they weather hurricane Laura?

      1. Andrew Roy

        @Robert Welker By the way, thank you for taking the time to reply.

      2. Andrew Roy

        @Robert Welker Glad to hear they are good. I drove through DeQuincy and surrounding area right after the storm. I have never seen that much destruction.

      3. Robert Welker

        Yes, north 40 miles. Had trees blown over and power loss for a week

    47. robert gearey

      Love the welker hats but can’t justify paying more for shipping than what the hat costs ☹️

      1. robert gearey

        Robert Welker that’s international shipping tho 👍

      2. Robert Welker

        I know, it's expensive

    48. Farming Hunting an Fishin

      What is the auger on the top of the header used for?

      1. Robert Welker

        I try and read all. Thanks for following 👍

      2. Farming Hunting an Fishin

        @Robert Welker thank you sir! I'm a big fan I cant believe you actually responded

      3. Robert Welker

        Helping pull fluffy crop to the middle

    49. Chip Chap

      I purchased a simplisafe alarm system through your link they are having the 20% off and free camera until tomorrow. I liked how easy it looks to set up.

    50. Eric Balbiani

      Great video guys. What is the tank on the side of the grain cart?

      1. Robert Welker

        Fire fighting

    51. DJM R

      Do a soil analysis on those spots, just for shits and giggles

      1. DJM R

        @Robert Welker aha, so it is like a beach.

      2. Robert Welker

        This is different. No organic content

      3. DJM R

        @Robert Welker hey , back in Holland we grow tulips in that stuff.

      4. Robert Welker

        100 % old sea floor clay

    52. João Vitor Soares Dias

      The timelapse at 16:53 is so wonderful ... congratulations on your work ... success! João Vitor/ Brasil

    53. Paul Bass

      ship the rocks here ! We can make stupid $$$ for landscaping ! think of it Glacier rock landscapers !

    54. Jeff Mcinnis

      We serve a very forgiving God for sure

    55. Roger Horton

      The drone shot from straight above was to short, and what would that look like at night? Good job.

    56. Michael Nuber

      For after work, dude kgup.info/get/aGR5ZpnFi2l7jG4/video

    57. Kaleb DuBell

      how did you start farming

      1. Robert Welker

        Grandfather homesteaded here in 1912. Nick, Scott are 4th gen

    58. Andrea Weiss

      I have farming simulator 19

    59. K R

      most of you have probably eaten grasshopper parts

    60. Geez E

      Love your videos, it’s great seeing how you do things in the US compared to here in Scotland. Respect from 🇺🇸👉🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🏼

    61. john shumate


    62. Dan Stocks

      Lol....loved it when you gave the enviro Nazis a serve....👍🌾

    63. Mr. TRW

      Wondering if he scooped up some dirt with the header. I've done that a few times myself when you have to cut low with it

    64. Michael Broxterman

      Lovely cinematography!

    65. Mike Moore

      Watching your harvest videos makes you proud to be an American!

    66. Second hand farm hand

      Good video.. your OCD on matching combines is spot on. No one hears the phone convoy of you three kings asking each other; what field next? Idk what do you think is ready? Idk. What do you think? Idk etc.

    67. Sam Hanson

      Hi, I like your hat Nick! I grew up on a dairy and beef farm in West Central Minnesota, and we operated with H’s, ,M’s, and a 560 and a 1066! Sincerely, Sam Hanson 👍😎🇺🇸

    68. Old Tireman

      Just started watching tonight. Bring me up to speed: how many bushel is the grain cart? Is any of your “merchandise” available in tall sizes? At 6’5”, tired to tears of shirts that subject me (and anyone else who might be around me) to plumbers butt every time I bend over to tie my shoes.

      1. Robert Welker

        2000 bus. Not sure how long body the shirts are.

    69. Wyatt DeAth

      If you drag a chain of the back axle or if u have a hitch for head carts it will help reduce static electricity so it will reduce chances of fire

    70. Ben Jose


      1. Robert Welker

        Welcome 👍

    71. Tony Ackerman

      If cochia, thistles and cheat grass won't grow on it, it's scab land. Its good for rock pile and junk iron storage

    72. Tony Ackerman

      Legarms, improvisation is the essence of farming, the essence of many areas of any industry where you don't have all the tools and resources available to do the repairs "the right way". You men do great work!

    73. Tony Ackerman

      I'll be very interested to see how the grain bags hold up over winter. They look like a great idea and alternative to grain tarps. Any sense of how rodent and bird proof they will be? Keep rockin' Welkers!

      1. Tony Ackerman

        @Robert Welker thank you

      2. Robert Welker

        Not deer proof but dogs take care of that

    74. Ben Hornback

      what about if the power goes out dose it still work lol

    75. Brady Brunk

      Can you guys make a quad zilla shirt

      1. Brady Brunk

        @Robert Welker ok

      2. Robert Welker

        Would have to make sure no copyright or trademark problems

    76. Dan Finley

      Now those are some beautiful shots drone footage is awesome

    77. Raul Oropeza

      You are the best Welker Farm

    78. Don S

      Mr. Welker , you are answering alot of the comments, just wanted to say what an awesome family you have , good luck with harvest and may God continue to bles you all

      1. Robert Welker

        Thanks Don. We really appreciate all who follow us. It's been great to meet so many new friends

    79. Brody The Beast

      You guys ever think about buying QaudZilla and the Unverferth Graincat???

      1. Brody The Beast

        Could Plz check those out if you want to find them go to my Playlist Real Life Farming.

      2. Brody The Beast

        Dont blame you i have videos of me cutting Wheat in Central Kansas with terrible Grass on my KGup channel i understand.

      3. Robert Welker

        Would love too but $5 wheat doesn't work

    80. Kenneth Ketterer

      I have a question for u on big brut cant u use the spray booms to help put it out

      1. Robert Welker

        Wouldn't do much. Just a small mist

    81. Paul McGrogan

      let’s get to going! love it. tx.

    82. Twentypdr Parrott

      For all you Case fans 150HP traction engine fitted out with 36JD bottom plows kgup.info/get/qYyTl6jJqnxofKE/video

    83. Dave Smith

      All that work, so I can have a piece of toast, in the morning.......thanks..

    84. Matt Coy

      The farmer has always been the king of cobb job

    85. Michael Springer

      Please put CC every video

      1. Robert Welker

        I'll mention it again

    86. carbo2950

      Go Welker Farms!

    87. Shovel Guggelheim

      Anyone that reckons that they never made a mistake probably never did anything. The definition of experience: Being able to recognise a mistake as you are making it again :)

    88. Ricky Carter

      Thank a farmer. So saying my thank you for the day. And another for each day after. 👍

    89. Erlend Ristesund

      Just wondered where you got your bachelor in drone filming😂

    90. White Eagle Trans

      I was thinking it used less fuel. Hope it goes well on the rest of harvest like watching you guys having fun.

    91. Bappies ___

      I say it again the best channel on KGup keep it up Welker Farms....

    92. logpile13

      Waitin for that Trump flag on beastbine🇺🇸

    93. Mark Haakansson

      @welker farms - If you really wanted to invest in it, couldnt you (somehow) Bulldoze or alike, some of that shale ground away, and have some proper good working soil throw in there instead? I know its a large area and would be a pretty costy project, but couldnt it be done?

      1. Mark Haakansson

        @Robert Welker Touché. It'd have to be driven Cross country from somewhere else or something.. Maybe even imported.. It was just a thought!

      2. Robert Welker

        The problem is where are you going to get the top soil to cover the clay. We only have a foot thick across the farm. Would love to be able to do that

    94. Russell Petrie

      1440 dreamin of bunnies

    95. Russell Petrie

      1250 kind of curious would you clean an area like that take it to the scrap area of the farm maybe utulise it in projects

    96. mwnciboo

      Best Farming channel out there.

    97. Jobi Leathermon

      What part of MT are you from ??

      1. Robert Welker

        Northern Montana, 90 north of Great Falls.

    98. gummibamse

      im wondering is it not worth your time to bale the straw from the wheat?

      1. Robert Welker

        We don't want to remove the residue. Need it to help with soil build up.

    99. Michael Stark

      That’s a great opening shot with the cart and quad.

    100. ginggur17

      The thing I like the most is that all you guys are down to Earth. Very humble. Keep it up guys. 👍👍🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸