We drove over 2000HP of AFS CONNECT STEIGERS!|Behind the scenes CASE IH testing grounds

Welker Farms

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    CASE IH invited us out to their testing grounds in Arizona to take the brand new AFS CONNECT Steigers for a spin! It was a riot! Only issue was the airline wouldn't let us check the 620 Quadtrac and bring it home.

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      Does the track tires do good in steering if the vehicle body aren't articulated?

    2. Jacob King

      What was that place that you stayed at

    3. Mark Arnott

      1960s farmers used 5% brain - 2020 farmer using 20% brains & can probably drive a mars rover city lad buys a Lamborghini drives around city showing off Farmer yeah but can it do this bro! 😅more buttons screens Ai tech Aussie farmer 600hp pulling a 214ft air seeder kgup.info/get/Z4itanfIdG96mos/video i dont need no fancy new tractor How much are they ?

    4. Dave Z

      When does the farmer just hit GO on the side of the machine. between auto steer, and GPS you really don't need a cab, could even have remote video to a phone or pc and the farmer could go back to fixing things, selling crop, doing business stuff VS going around and around.

    5. landtechnikvideos de

      Nice Video, hope to drive the Quadtrac AFS end of September in Germany. Just had the chance to play with the new Fendt Vario 1100 MT ;)

    6. Finbarr Mcsweeney

      what a farm .love watching..from the S.O.L..

    7. Seamus TheSeamus

      Great video, awesome that you let us viewers experience all this cool stuff with y'all and just wanna say Welker Senior makes is a real good co-host as well. Haha thanks again gents for the content and wish y'all the best!

    8. Edgardo Alvarez

      Good video. my papa bought his first tractor case in 1950...

    9. jerome gaborit

      Case est mieux que les Big Bud

    10. Sheila Mclaughlin

      What motors? I some people here that went to Deere because they could not get cat or Cummins I don’t know how they like them

    11. Kristy Staats

      Cant replace the big buds


      comeon guys admit it u should be using JD's quadtraks u like the best right?

    13. Young Farmer

      Try to put tracts on the big bud

    14. Ray Anderson

      Tug of war...Big Bud 600 vs CaseIH 620. 620 is cushy, but I'm guessing White wins...

    15. Lars Assinck

      I like that they updated the interior but i think that the outside needs to be updates very soon i mean cmon they had the same design for like 7 years so i think the quadtracks design is getting kinda boring

    16. Claudia Shook

      Love to see your dad really talking.

    17. Ronto Goldlust

      23:36 "It's always different learning a new machine. The difference is that everything is a little bit different". Ya don't say?

    18. Khaffit

      "Turns on a dime and give you nine cents change" I like that guy ^^ the others were a bit more "car salesmen" type of guys

    19. Khaffit

      those catalyty converters are massive!

    20. Cason Byers

      It’s so cool and interesting that these elder men know exactly what they’re doing. I hope to be like that when I get old.

    21. Phước tiến tv

      Đầu máy khỏe quá bạn ơi

    22. Mike Gefle

      Still noisy

    23. Tony Ackerman

      For people who are left handed (not me), can the cab equipment / console be set up on the other side / reversed? Just curious if so...

    24. Tony Ackerman

      Pretty damn cool how the GPS/Computer settings eliminate the overtillage, missed tillage, increase tractor efficiency over the way things were done when I was a kid...

    25. Zander Junge

      Me, an introvert who plays farming simulator and here's these numbers (Width, Speed, etc.): Wimpy Tractors and Implements Jeez. Me 2 seconds later realizing how good they are IRL: Oh.

    26. greg taylor

      If you got to drag shanks that big you better go get a CAT. A big one.

    27. greg taylor

      If kt aint got a Detroit it aint a Steiger..

    28. Ryno the Redneck

      Im 14 i dont need all that fancy schmancy stuff i only need to know forward backward and fold and unfold and lower and raise implement

    29. Ryan ————————

      So were the proper machine. I don’t see any green

    30. Steeldriver

      I just searched tips for starting a small garden, but I also didn't know they made farm battle cruisers.

    31. دیده بان Dideban

      Hollywood Yankees For another ten years Nothing will be left of you and farmers like you The US economy is already on the verge of collapse The corrupt agricultural multinationals can easily eat you for breakfast Captive America in the hands of the mafia is wealth and power. The future of darkness awaits you

    32. Dave Stinson

      Man i wish i had the $$ sitting n that field!!!!! Those r sweet tractors. Wouldn't mind running one for good pay. Love ur content man it's great @!!!!!!!. Crazy how far technology has came n farming

    33. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. se sont les tracteurs que je prefaire.pierre france.congratulations

    34. TJand08 DOES GAMING

      I'm not a fan of red but GREEN tho I like GREEN

    35. Demo Man

      Hears desert, south, salt *thinks* A R A Z O N A

    36. Zack Zander

      Nice machines but you can't beat Deere. JD isn't perfect but they have had this technology for years. They have a better dealer network and you know they will be in business in the future. They haven't been bought and sold and merged with other companies like CASE has.

    37. JadedIllusions

      That was pretty cool to see all that kind of stuff. But what is equally impressive is Lawnmower Plow day for different reasons lol. All the best.

    38. HU1212ICAN3

      Amazing what goes into the development of those bigger tractors! You guys should start linking the NCS music lol. What's the song @33:54?

    39. Josh Forler

      I bet mn millennial farmer so confused this entire episode or skipped watching this one haha. In his words what is that 😂😂

    40. outiSTAR

      27:50 this is what every case doing, also my little puma. i drive all the day without using my feets xD

    41. American Farm kid

      There’s one thing that case best Deere’s in. Now we just wait for deere to put an IVT in an Rx

    42. Auto Matic

      A tractor named after 420 got to be the best tractor

    43. Joe

      thats really interesting im not farmer but i like to know how things work keep up the awesome videos

    44. Matt Lincoln

      I'm a John Deere man but wow, that 620 was sweet!


      I don’t have no idea of Farming but I heard Ditch Witch are good equipments for farming.

    46. Reginaldo Franzini

      Welker farms Very good

    47. Reginaldo Franzini

      Mais algum brasileiro que acompanha este canal

    48. Duane Merifield

      Hi Nick/LegArms can u not use that deep ripper to reclaim those salt pan areas in your fields?

    49. BACrites

      That exhaust tho.. Good lord.

    50. Francis Raemdonck

      The question i have , is the investment worth it compared to the big buds who are cheap in parts if somthing breaks compared to this one? 2200 dollars wil get you nowwhere. Are they cheap as dirt to run in gasoil consumation?? or somthing i dont see more acre per hour??

      1. Chad Justice

        Big buds really aren't cheap in parts because you basically have to make everything for it. The quadtrac should be better on fuel and cover more acres per hour. The question is no payment vs a payment.

    51. Olaf Schmidt

      3 boys in a toyshop!😉👍🏻

    52. JIGA BACHI

      I bet a 620 would make a sweet daily . . . to run over all the idiots staring at their phones while driving. 🙄😒

    53. Chad Smith

      Great video. The best articulating tractors there is. Over the years you can see how everyone tries to copy the best

      1. Chad Smith

        @Chad Justice I watched it. That doesn't really prove anything either way,he is knocking deere more than anything in the video I saw. I have ran plenty of diff age and size deere and case tractors. Not a deere hater but not a fan really either. The main thing he said about case was something about throwing codes. Have not had any trouble with that, the 8360r I just got thru with this past week, it is off to 0lant.peanuts and I am in a diff 360 now but it was throwing fan speed too high, coolant level circuit fault, hydraulic filter restricted that was replaced few weeks back,my last few rounds before finishing with that tractor to take to barn and unhook it started throwing fuel pressure low, power derated or something like that which in the derated mode will still have the rpms but not the power and if you continue trying to work it will make it try to run hot on you but i brought it home and it is being seen about now hopefully.the fendt tractors I know nothing about. Think there are two dealers in my state and they are still hrs away so that anser that one right there. I wish dude would of had some videos on the quad tracks and what was wrong w them or of them being fixed but I couldn't find anything.

      2. Chad Justice

        Better watch Mike Mitchell's videos about case and there quadtracs. Almost all gone and replaced with RXs and fendts.

      3. Welker Farms

        Very true!

    54. bamagurl0307

      I’m a John Deere guy

    55. Ann J

      Hi Guys. Please tell me what is the second screen is for ? 8:44 in the right upper corner of cabine? I heard he supports ISOBUS. Probobly the soft or hardware is not efficient enough. And the second. In my opinion gear shift buttons and direction should be swapped. In this configuration arę uncomfortable. Too many goodies and the basics are forgotten. It’s the same in the new Magnum. Privately i have Magnum 4B and I’m afraid this is the last decent model. Mamy I be wrong... take care Guys.

    56. Jay Downor

      Don't tell him too much stuff John Deere will be copying it like they always do

      1. Chad Justice

        So what did Deere copy? You mean building a quadtrac? So why not talk about the deltatrac also then? Oh right that's not Deere. It's funny everyone says Deere copies this and that. So when I say everyone has been copying Deere since the 8000 series will you say yes? Deere envy and hate is hilarious.

    57. Matthew Mattholew

      Now just put a sat com unit in it and a few 360 degree cameras and you can farm from your iPad while you lay in the bed.

    58. Jarrod Morin

      John Deere is a whole lot better

    59. TheHotandshot91

      What a joke all this crap is it’s all cheap tech that will break down all the time and cost a fortune to repair

    60. Dice Blue

      her: he's probably thinking about someone else him: what transmission is best to rip up some hard ground with seven shanks in a quad track?

    61. ThatFrostyOwl

      What if you got to drive across the country in a Stieger?

    62. Gregory Harmeyer

      So Leg Arms what did Chris say is needed for HP for 21 ft. speedy tiller and how much more HP for the 31 and 41 ft. I know there is much more involved than just length, roughly though. What a awesome opportunity to demo that equipment, thanks for bringing these videos to our homes.

    63. Liam Bendfeld

      your farm in fs19 is awesome

    64. Daniel Richards

      John Deere have literally had diagnostic from your phone for ages

    65. Burt Brooks

      Damn y’all are lucky💪 wrong color tractors but still I’d prolly drive a red on if ya gave it to me!! 🤣🤣 I’m kiddin👊

    66. Carter Farms

      Are you thinking for the future?🤔

    67. Ethan Olson

      compared to the very first Quadtrac made the new ones have so much more technology it is insane

    68. Chris Cardoza

      Would like to see them pulling scrapers to but we can't get what we want all the time...

    69. fuceye

      lot more to break....

    70. Jack Illing

      The glare of that screen tho

      1. Robert Welker

        The screen was very bright and clear.

    71. hikingtosurvive

      Millennial Farmer is secretly watching this... and taking notes! 😂

    72. Thomas Skillicorn

      I just like the good ole auto steer that Deere uses and just follow an AB line and raise and lower implement on your own

    73. Lexke81

      Question. At 1min that music, whats the name or title if you will?

    74. Christian Schmidt

      Ziemlich schmal die Laufbänder vom 420 ? Hat das einen Grund?

      1. Christian Schmidt


    75. The Skaro

      Looks like the designers at Case have got their hands on a 2013 JD R series👀

    76. Melvin Peachey

      That's just wrong. Making farm tractors have def.bullshit

      1. Robert Welker

        I agree it's a pain but it's better than having egr's and exhaust flaring. At least now the engines can be run for top hp and efficiency with out a cat.

    77. Fisha695

      The row-track versions always look the best IMO.

    78. Burn Dog Australia

      are you lot not practising Social Distancing? That rep may have bought the virus to your farm. now you're in the cab with him ?

      1. Burn Dog Australia

        @ZboC5 Ok thanks . stay isolated mate

      2. ZboC5

        This was filmed quite a while ago now...

    79. Burge Pastoral Farming

      It's a shame they are red and not blue. Check out my channel for blue tractors (cause they are the go)

    80. Miền Tây TiVi


    81. Moe Whitfield

      nick, what OS is that running? is it a linux kernel or is it windows based? I have no idea if you would even know.

      1. Robert Welker

        Good question. Might be now android

    82. Zeeshan Ahmad

      I believe Cummins electronic diesel engines are powered these all series of Case Agri. Tractors respectively 😎

      1. Chad Justice

        Nope new Holland has decided to use their own engines which suck

    83. iTz GwN Thomas

      Pity that they didn't redesign the rear fenders, and that exhaust is extremely big !! Thx to JD for the corner display

    84. Buck Russell

      Unreal nice tractors

    85. Koby Grimsrud

      Hey we rent a kayline plow and I use my 435 Steiger tractor

    86. Jürgen Thomas

      But is there a tiny little place for your dog out there on the Quadtrac?

      1. Robert Welker

        It's so automatic the dog can drive it himself now

    87. Pete Busch

      Case, Steiger, International, pick a name for Christ sake.

      1. Chad Justice

        Well all three a actually out of business and your only seeing a red painted new Holland

    88. Paulman50

      If a Bud breaks you can fix it. If one of those breaks you'd just have to dig a big hole for it. The tractors I bought were the simplest as possible.

    89. Night Dragon360

      What About Guy's Like Me That Don't Wan't To Use That GPS And Auto Steer ?

      1. Night Dragon360

        @Robert Welker Sweet!!!

      2. Robert Welker

        You can still be a matcho man and self steer ...... like me? 🤪

    90. TheHusky193

      No offence but I like johndeere better

      1. Robert Welker

        Glad finally someone does. I was getting concerned 😁👍

    91. Seth Atwood

      there is no other old man on KGup i can listen to and enjoy. I love your dad.

      1. Robert Welker

        You're too kind and honest........about the man being old 😁. Blessings youngster 👍

    92. Michael M

      Made in Australia is ‘Drop Bear’ proof!!

    93. John Doe

      Just a half a step away from autonomous operation..... Run the tractor from your pickup/house....oh, observe...have two tractors and planters going and your job would be keeping seed/fertilizer in the planter (example). Any operation that didn't need you present for supply/support, start tractor in morning, grease implement and fuel tractor and send it on its way. Boom

    94. N Booker

      This a little different than my 69 ford 4000 lol

    95. Green Acre Birds

      Great video keep up the great content

    96. Green Acre Birds

      Great video keep up the great content

    97. george mcpherson

      Great video. Enjoyed it. Even if it's RED.

    98. Kevin Ganje

      Paradise ! Arizona ? Have you been there in April-September?

      1. Welker Farms

        😂 But would you rather have Montana - 35 with 40 mph wind?

    99. Stephen Smith

      Hey Welkers... What's your thoughts on this?? www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/192163993/1975-big-bud-hn350?gtmlt=1&_ga=2.59339693.1053667000.1585667693-1657329244.1585667689

      1. Robert Welker

        That is cheap now. Don't know drivetrain solidness though. But would need at least 30k to start with upgrading tires, hydraulics, etc.

      2. Stephen Smith

        Seems kinda cheap so far... 2020 winter project 🤗

    100. K.D. Pearce

      And to think I was tickled pink with a IH 706 with a power shift and a ROPS with a roof.