We're FINALLY moving PEAS!|Time to wake the IH 9370 EAGLE 🦅

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    As it warms up outside we try to make it a point to get the kids outside and let them play. But like always there is work to do and after getting a notice that our large grain bins may be constructed in April it became apparent we need to get the build site ready. Like always everything seems to happen at once and it was time to haul some peas! We haven't sold them all yet but hopefully next week 10,000 bushels will be hauled away!

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    1. Bobo342

      6:06 haha when I go on those swings I spin it then get on and then try to walk after

    2. Matthew Rodgers

      well im way late but just saw the episode so Happy Cake Day!!

    3. Kristy Staats

      Great job fixing the flat Mr Welker

    4. Tony Ackerman

      Belated Happy Birthday Nick!

    5. Niels Buch

      Hi Bob All guvements have leeks ...... Food one

    6. Niels Buch

      Hi All Wellers. Hope you All realice how furtun you are... Wen my son was that age I wich I coud be with as much. To Day I al a grand fad at 51 to a boy at 16 months, the Joy of my life...

    7. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Scott and your Dad are quite the mechanical engineer ‘s

    8. Chris W.

      Good thing your daughter has a dad like you, a tire shop would have probably refused to patch that being on the sidewall.

    9. Roy Scarbrough

      Happy belated birthday Hollywood

    10. Olaf Schmidt


    11. rob peters

      We call that bead blaster an "an air pig" never asked why, just do lol!

    12. Lia Edick

      And happy birthday nick

    13. Lia Edick

      I bought the merchandise shirt and cup

      1. Welker Farms

        Awesome thank you!

    14. Robbie Bowie

      Happy Birthday Nick. What a wonderful family.

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you so much!

    15. Jason Kotara

      San Antonio?

    16. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    17. John Zuck

      Same as up here in Prince Albert Sask., they call you for random loads of peas to fill off their bins when loading cars. Thanks for sharing activities.

    18. Ford Truckers

      Happy birthday

    19. David Fehr

      Happy birthday

    20. Curious Gal

      What will the peas be used for? Are they still good for human consumption or will they be used for something else. ? Would you consider doing a video about what happens to the grain when it leaves the grain elevator? I love your videos. They are always interesting and give me an understanding of how much work and effort goes into growing our food. thank you for all you do.

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    26. Mike Peters

      Happy Blessed Birthday from Ohio

    27. william gibson

      you should do a collaboration with alec steel

    28. Marine Vet

      Such a genuine and hardworking family. It’s hard not to want to see you guys succeed. I grew up on a farm on the eastern shore of Virginia and watching the videos just gives me a nostalgia moment. God bless you guys and I pray you have a plentiful crop this year and every year henceforth.

    29. Beaver Vineyards

      Nick your family is so stinking cute!

    30. Honeybadger Arse

      Happy bday nick, sorry its late mate

    31. Jason Swift

      22:40 I did not think there was a "Welker daughter"

    32. Bryan Rupple

      Late, but happy birthday

      1. Welker Farms

        Thank you!

    33. Stephen Roberts

      Hey, LegArms, that Blue Peterbilt is a 367 Heavyhaul Daycab. On the 9370, did/have you guys ever considered going to a 13 speed transmission?

    34. Glenn Gaul

      Oh my god this is cute!

    35. Glenn Gaul

      Kathleen is only slightly more awesome than you Nick

    36. Brandon Denton

      There is a international 9370 eagle on facebook marketplace.

    37. Michael Flachs

      Cold start on the 9370.. EPIC!!!! Happy birthday Nick! God bless

    38. John Lanham

      05:37 “Scott “. I will never ever get used to that ..... 😏

    39. Leland Sassman

      You should get TikTok

    40. Thomas Vorwerk

      Happy Birthday....just started watching your you tube channel, my wife of 50+ years is from Polson, MT. We have driven auto and motorcycle trips many times to your part of the country....Love Montana. P.S. You folks sound like you might be Christians?

    41. Kenny Salisbury

      OK so I'm watching ROBERT fix a tire on his daughters car, and I'm thinking of my dad just last week asking his 2 son's , my brother and I to help him split wood for his little girl .......... and this would be the time my older brother spoke up and said is this the little girl that is 52 years old with tattoos and her and her husband ride Haley Davidson motor cycles ,is that the little girl yer talking about ,well I guess who we know who the favorite is don't we brother ! 03 - 15 - 20 , SEE YA"LL

    42. Caleb Nord

      Great Video!

    43. Shelia Harmon

      Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

    44. Johan van Zyl

      hope you did have a nice birthday

    45. Ken Clark

      Happy Birthday Nick, all the best.


      Thank God for Gov. leeks...

    47. Antoine Thouvenin

      hey guys put your seat belt wen you driving please. it can prevent so much drama

    48. nc farmer

      Clutch fix. Pump clutch 100 times or so and prop on floor. Repeat as necessary as it gets better can do less pumps. Trust me it works!!!!!

    49. 4 spd life

      I'm not a farmer but I drive for a living and I wish I could only haul 60mi round trip I run four day weeks and average 1700 miles but I have a co driver but still that many miles sucks

    50. Jay McClure

      You make it sound like you are trying to build the bins in downtown NYC .

    51. 4 spd life

      Either and a gas soaked rag on a long stick and a lighter works great

    52. tundra fan73

      Sometimes you have to enjoy the little things in life

    53. Luke Atwell

      That international is such a classic love it

    54. Jim Newell

      Why did they take the peas this time? Different batch of peas? Same peas no fungus? Other?

    55. Pentti K. Huttunen

      everybody wish right now that life returns to normal, happy birthday :) Same day when I got out from army 11.3.

    56. Frank Kottwitz

      Happy birthday Nick

    57. ClayDog

      80 down thumbs for B day? Really?

    58. Brian Houston

      Happy birthday dude your a great guy! Love the videos.

    59. Quirin M.

      How many acres do you farm?

      1. Robert Welker

        @Quirin M. but we get 9" of precip a year.

      2. Quirin M.

        @Robert Welker That's huge. I farm about 100 acres of patotoes corn and wheat with my dad and that is a lot of work already

      3. Robert Welker


    60. Deutschehordenelite

      My father had a small leak in his tire which turned out to be a huge piece of metal - 1 inch by 4-5 inches but was really flat. it punctured right through but was jammed in there and you couldn't see it from the outside, only when the tire was off!

    61. SinisterSwami 1

      Happy birthday! Love the vids!!

    62. Julie Hawken

      I sent u a letter

      1. Robert Welker

        When was it so I'll know. We get many

    63. Justin Mills

      Your father dry sense of humor. LOL

    64. Tim Larson

      What’s the pea price doing out there? We just got $6.50 for our yellow peas. SE North Dakota

      1. Tim Larson

        I believe so. Was $6.20 per bushel but picked up a $.30 protein premium. Sold to ADM I believe was going to be made into pea flour.

      2. Robert Welker

        Is that per 60# ? We sold a couple of trucks at 4.75 to get started. Would love that price

    65. thetribber

      Happy Birthday Nick!

    66. Gerald Day

      Love the swing. Good old farmer ingenuity.

    67. Kman crawl'n

      If it ain't red it stays in the shed!

    68. Straight Pipe Acres

      Well heck those peas look great. You guys need to twin pipe the Petes too lol. Let em bark hahaha

    69. Ryan Reynolds

      Wat hapind to the WA-4

      1. Robert Welker

        Still waiting it's turn at the shop

    70. Henryk Erasmus

      Hi team. Are those peas only known as 'yellow' peas or is there another name? Reason for asking is we grow 'marrofat' peas which has the same colour skin but the actual pea is yellow, so thaught they might be the same??

    71. random videos gameing

      march 11th is my birthday too

    72. Nunya Bidness

      Family...and especially kids...is what life is all about. Good mothers are an absolute. But good fathers are also critical to raising happy, well-adjusted kids. I really enjoy seeing good, young men being good fathers. It gives me hope for the future.

    73. Paul Bass

      who is "THEY" ??? : need more "FLAT" ground ??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh drive to Chester , 2X weekly 15 years !

      1. Paul Bass

        @Robert Welker when we went over to the hospital and the Dr Brothers !

      2. Robert Welker

        If you were doing that route now we'd supply your vehicle but you would have unload the truck before heading back to shelby

    74. sebastian schwarz

      nope, everybody hates you nick, but you are the sidekick of legarms soo we neet to endure you...... just kidding, we like you and your kids, so, a bit late, happy B-day

      1. Welker Farms

        😂 It's okay I feel like his sidekick at times on the farm!

    75. Luther Hitt

      After you did the patch, you rubbed your bare hand on the entire inside of the tire, looking for a nail etc. What I like to do is take a "Shop Rag" and run it around the inside. This way you are sure to snag the rag if anything is in there and you won't tear the hell out of your "Bare Hand". But that is just me and I change Motorcycle tires for a living !

      1. Robert Welker

        Thought about that but trying to look macho. Didn't help much 😎

    76. Gumby Meyer

      LMA😂 Just watched Meredith's live stream vid from Commodity Classic !! GREAT to see all of U together, laughing 'n enjoying the show. Born 'n raised on family farm in Eastern SoDak. My son Cody, 'n grandson Henry (named after my Dad) are Big Bud fanatics. Have 'em hooked on your vids !! Henry (2 yrs old) has a kids farming story book with Big Buds in it, he sleeps with it !!! 😊 Tell Pops 'n Leg Arms "Hi" from Minnesota. Yes, I watch Zach's vids. That is how I found Welker Farms. My niece 'n her husband farm near Jackson, Mn, where Zach's Dad started farming before he moved back to northern Mn. Keep on, keeping on !!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Love the story. Glad you found us. 👍Blessings

    77. Brian Gay

      I've only recently started watching your videos and I'm hooked! First Happy Birthday! I'm glad the peas were accepted, I can't imagine hauling a load and being told they are crap. Your Dad's how to with the tire was spot on! I am in school for auto mechanic and that is exactly how we learned to patch a tire. You guys are awesome and keep up the great videos!

      1. Robert Welker

        Glad you found us 👍. We would be doing this if it wasn't for you all. Thanks and Blessings

    78. Hans Hardt

      Ya know if you look at when nick drives by legarms it looks like nick truck changes color first it looks blue till he drives by then it looks right

    79. Kris Bower

      Welker Farms boys going full educational! Good stuff men (and ladies)!!! Keep it up and God bless!!!!

    80. aTrippyFarmer

      Very PEAceful to watch

    81. m peters

      I’m an engineer for the railroad and usually our grain trains weigh in at about 16,000 tons with about 116 cars 👍🏻

    82. Kris Bower

      Happy belated birthday, Nick!!! Wachting now late, on the 13th...sorry!

    83. kman 4443

      Seat belts save lives gentlemen, your families will thank you

    84. adrian nicholson

      What it's your birthday have a good one and buy the way YOU SUCK lol

    85. H S

      Happy B-day........🥳🥳🎂

    86. Martin Øren Skålvik

      Happy late bday :)

    87. Brian Pelletier

      Another great video! ...keep up the good work.

    88. Jared Stice

      I want to be a farmer love your videos

    89. John Deere farms

      Seen the nail at 24:00 you put your hand over it mr welker

    90. Ryan Edwardson

      Happy birthday not LegArms! (Love you too Nick) Philisophy time with LegArms now has some pretty stiff competition. Kid times with Nick! Just my two cents on bin placement... I think I'd consider a different place for the bins so you can still have the nice big flat space for ground storage. It would be a problem (a good problem, granted!) to fill the old and new bins and still need more storage but not have it.

    91. Darryl Ackimenko

      Happy Birthday Nick!! hope you had a great day!

    92. Daniel Wurz

      Atta boy Montana way to go...

    93. Joey Snyder

      The Peter built is a 356 i think

    94. tom alberts

      Great video covering many things. Happy Birthday Nick, Your gift for Christmas, birthdays, Easter baskets and every day is the driver = your wife. What about bob- how are the fish doing? getting closer to them going back to their home after winter vacation. All the ag shows filled in winter but took away from projects I like to see and sure others do also. Our family farm did major repairs in the cold of winter between milking's to be ready for spring.

      1. Robert Welker

        Was looking at getting them back into the pond but the weather turned into winter. Yes the lake house took a lot of time this winter.

    95. Brock Lemer

      Happy birthday Nick, thanks for producing great KGup videos.

    96. wallace miller

      I really enjoy all of your videos and the way you explain what your doing on the farm. I'm in a town called Ypsilanti Michigan

    97. Troy Magnus

      Happy birthday how young are you

    98. Isaac Sinn

      Do you think we could see those old trucks you guys have on the farm. I saw them when you guys were moving things. I'm a truck freak and I couldn't help but notice😂 anyway I love you guys and thanks for the awesome videos I love watching them. God bless👍

    99. Mark Dent

      Happy Birthday

    100. Nathan James

      Happy birthday man leg arms I'm going to get you an entire case of nothing but berries and nuts the bars just for you

      1. Nathan James

        Hey man I just a little fun LOL I'm just a lonely truck driver man

      2. Leg Arms

        You monster!! Lol