Battling Rain and all for Gain!

Welker Farms

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    Our 4440 Patriot demo has finally come to an end. It has been a great opportunity to experience first hand the latest spray technology available through CASE IH. But the work isn't finished yet, we've got grain bins to erect and crop to haul! Lets get to it!

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    1. Joe Beach

      Would it be possible for you to post a picture in one of your videos that shows a airel photo of your farm, so we can see the massiveness of what you own and farm? I know you talk about 3000acres, 4000acres that, but being from the east coast mountains, I can't even picture how big that is. Be safe!

    2. Grant Larabee

      How many acres do you farm in all ?

    3. Bryan

      6:30, I learned to drive truck in one almost identical to that, just a single instead of a tandem axle.

    4. spencer Hunter

      I would love to be a farmer

    5. Darrell Dorn

      Do your pumps diaphragms go out fairly quickly with all the roundup you spray. Our boom sprayer and hose real sprayer go through rebuild kits once a year due to roundup.

    6. Martin Rodriguez

      Did I see a 55 56 or 57 Chev pu in your boneyard? would you like to get rid of it?

    7. Maxwell Bishop

      can I come and work for you guys in the summer I am 10 I can fill seed tenders for guys and stuff pls

    8. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

      1. Welker Farms


    9. Bill Hagerman

      During one of your episodes you mentioned about mosquitos addressing you. Have you tried SonicShield™as a non chemical test to block them ?

    10. Geof Wedding

      How big are the bins your building?

    11. Vax

      Why not buy a plane and crop spray with that?

    12. Olaf Schmidt

      I can hear the Brute breathing a sigh of relief...😉👍🏻

    13. 396k20

      Does the GIS on the three sprayers communicate with each other or a cloud so each one knows where the other has sprayed? Especially when two units are in the same field.

    14. TheRealKiddo

      Hope you guys are doing okay! We are ready for a new video

    15. Craig Smith

      I like to hear an appraisal of the cheap welder ya'll bought..

    16. General Draven

      I'd rather work on a farm then where I'm at

    17. Arthur Ferreira

      Nick Stop talking about how much this or that costs Obviously you guys can afford it Just buy it And please no more promos it cheapens what you guys do Which is very important

    18. Nathan Ritchie

      For international you should use tobacco stick to measure the gas

    19. Ben Pattinson

      Could you / anyone explain “Chem fallow” to me? I get that it’s land left to fallow but why Chem fallow?

      1. Robert Welker

        @Ben Pattinson I should have mentioned that we have cut our chem fallow acres 50% with recroping peas

      2. Ben Pattinson

        Robert Welker thanks for educating me on that. I thought it must be something like that. Is there any benefit to putting some sort of cover crop in the fallow land to help soil biology? Roots in the soil, keep the soil covered etc. Something deep rooting that would help the following crop draw moisture up from the deeper soil??

      3. Robert Welker

        You either till to kill the weeds or spray. Tilling was ruining our soil

    20. loren golliher

      I have a question about the Apache why do you guys not run duels or a little wider tire

      1. Robert Welker

        It's not our main sprayer. And we want narrows for in crop pulse spraying

    21. kevin kimberly

      Just bought a patriotic tee and hat! I love and appreciate everything you guys do in helping feeding the world!

      1. Welker Farms

        Awesome thank you!

    22. matthewrenshaw

      Hey Guys, loving the videos, but I feel like youre not showing the lakehouse any love. The last time we saw it, there was a tonne of renovations to do.....Now....nothing?

      1. Robert Welker

        He's going to show the update soon. Working on the outside lake path

    23. zachary arnold

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    24. Joop Terwijn

      Nice flag!

    25. Brad Taylor

      I wonder why they installed a sight glass that you can't see the product, and have electronic counters. Seems a useless item and an additional hole in the tank.

      1. Cragified

        I honestly suspect that someone just forgot to the put the float in it during assembly. And given the digital readouts and calibrated loads they do to calibrate the monitors no one noticed. Or it's stuck down at the bend which also happens from time to time.

    26. Gunga Dinn

      Nick, put on some gloves when connecting and disconnecting the chemical line from the sprayer. You are dealing with highly concentrated product that is readily asorbable through the skin. Is there a possibility to install float tires on the sprayer like the Bud has? It will lower the ground contact pressure lessening the damage to the field and your crop? Rain is a good thing in moderation. You guys don't have a lot of rain, farmers in the Carolina's and Virginia are receiving record amounts of rain causing flooding of fields and washing away the recent planting. Even after the waters recede, the damage has been done. Anyhow, enjoy your Independence Day with family and friends.

    27. spliceon charlie

      Happy Fourth Welker Farms. Love your channel. Thank you guys for the content.

    28. Robert Reznik

      We finished wheat still to take 2500 bushels to elevator and put part in the seed bin. The last day was a bugger! Never a day like this in 60 years. We has the alternator quit in the combine...getting to it is not so simple. We had a tire go bad going 18 miles to elevator that was still taking wheat before closing early for 4th of July. I got ready to dump 300 bu and found the grain tank empty. After looking for a while, found the grain auger pan under the sieve fell off. Took a while to find it under the straw. It fell off on the end of the pass before the last dump. We bought this combine used and someone didn't tighten the 5 bolts holding the pan on. Hope your last day of harvest will go better. On Our first day the engine drive damper stripped out..the engine had to be taken out.

      1. Robert Welker

        That would be a day worth calling it over. 🙉

    29. Kurtis Miller

      Here is hoping you and yours have an awesome weekend and a great 4th of July, Nick, Scott and Bob.

      1. Robert Welker


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    37. Bob Paterson

      After his 6 mins in the Patriot Legarms obviously needed a holiday 🤔😂

    38. swarm yt

      After harvest take some wheat and get the wife's to try and make bread for lunch in the field

    39. Two Coast

      Put a float ball in the sight glass dude.

    40. Jack Willie

      Robert I'm bet the ride in the sprayer is a lot more comfortable then the old 1956 international pickup sprayer you used when you were a youngster

      1. Robert Welker

        You're right! Amazing to look back and see how much we have progressed. 👍

    41. 10k subscribers challenge !?

      I’m sorry my brother said that pls forgive me I’m about to kill him 🤦😅

      1. Robert Welker


    42. 10k subscribers challenge !?

      STOP doing so many cinematics god

    43. Your mum

      Got ur farming sim 17 and farimg sim 19 map mod

    44. Edipo Quemello

      Eu sou apaixonado pela agricultura e amo trabalhar no campo e amo trabalhar com uniporte.

    45. EhFishin

      Oh man, we get like 7" of rain up here in Vancouver BC Canada in a day.. our average rainfall here is over 50" of rain a year... We have had times where we get 10" of rain in a few days. I'll send you some, it's currently raining hard here.

    46. Todd Hauschildt

      Yes $100K is a lot but it comes down to cost per acre. Tell the people what seed cost and rent are then they'll have their mind blown. Enjoy your posts!

    47. Andy Knox

      great video on good sprayer case did good job,what is chem fallow thks

      1. Robert Welker

        It's a replacement for tilling the ground to kill weeds. In our area the soil improves if you don't till.

    48. 9856CB

      Nick if I had the money I’d buy that case I H. And yes I always give glory to the Lord.

    49. Dan Wortmann

      Happy 4th of July to Welker Farms !! Hope you guys get to the Lake house! # God Bless the Welkers Patriot hearts!!!

      1. Robert Welker


    50. James Wilson

      We had 3 inches of rain the other night. Now waiting to spray corn but it’s about to get to tall and canopy the rows

    51. Mark Downie

      Mentioned the dew on crop when spraying the best way been told to test it is get the wetter or adjuvant using and spray it with a hand bottle and watch to see if it makes the dew run off creating a rain event in the crop canopy, If dew doesn’t run off like rain go get her done

    52. Tim Stevens

      More cannon fire for the 4th???

    53. Kris Bower

      If you have to stop talking to us all the time in order to get the sprayin' done, just do it. We're GONNA watch anyway, even without dialogue!!! ;-)

    54. Kris Bower

      Just staring at that green machine was enough to get Zack's goat over there in MN!!! :)

      1. Kris Bower

        ...SORRY, ZACH!!! Darn K.

    55. Western Kansas Family Farm

      dont forget application cost. we are 5.50 here. 7500 acres = 41k savings too

    56. Western Kansas Family Farm

      for the price tag and simplicity.............. id take my 1010 apache any and every day (ive ran the new case and we have 2 new deeres at work). apache is a BADASS sprayer

    57. Tom Pinnef

      Sorry to see the 4440 go. You looked good in it and it seemed to do a great job. Enjoyed the video as always. Take care - be safe and God Bless the family and you. 'Spin'

      1. Robert Welker


    58. Alan Stant

      If you didnt get stuck it wouldnt be fun to try and get out guys lol.

    59. pork chop

      A farmer is a man outstanding in his field

    60. Randy Benne

      I wonder if food grade coloring could be used in the patriot to solve the gauge reading problem?

      1. Robert Welker

        A bobber would work but not our machine

    61. cowboy742

      Thank you guys. Appreciate all you do for us.

      1. Robert Welker


    62. Tyler Nelson

      You’re lucky you get celebrate 4th of July. They canceled all fireworks within a 100 mi radius from me

      1. Daniel Johnston

        Do it anyway as a protest! Seems to be fitting!

    63. Jacob Bishop

      Wait you all get vacations and farm

    64. Verlyn Nygaard


    65. Verlyn Nygaard


      1. Robert Welker

        Hard to wear new caps in dirty conditions. And I did choose not to drive the Patriot. Gave the boys more time.

    66. Verlyn Nygaard


    67. Verlyn Nygaard


      1. Robert Welker


    68. Rye Carlson

      buckwheat instead of chem fallow?

      1. Rye Carlson

        @Robert Welker it chokes out weeds and matures quick. spraying those weeds over and over will create resistance

      2. Rye Carlson

        @Robert Welker not enough rain?

      3. Robert Welker

        Very few grow buckwheat here

    69. Conor Mac

      What price is a case 4440 from new?

      1. Robert Welker

        Over 400k ?

    70. Darren Stokes

      So nick or Zach you guys ever tried to do corn up there? Does it just not perform well for a yield or what? I live down here in Iowa and our corn is about 5-6 ft tall already. Just kinda wondering if the season isn’t long enough up there for growth or what..??

      1. Robert Welker

        No the season is short, cooler, dryer. Corn is a warm weather crop

    71. T.A.M.T The All Mighty Texan

      Thank you for showing me a way to torment my buddy with his new sprayer its the same model

    72. ACE Lawn

      wow nice! Sprays 140 acres an hour, the new case.

    73. Nick Kercheval

      I too have had many times when I’ve been happy and somewhat frustrated at the same time. Goes with the territory. BTW, I knew you were getting rain as I look at the radar here in the eastern panhandle of WV and then across the country for Brian, Zach and you. Happy for you!

    74. Glenn Gaul

      Believe me, .8in of rain is a big deal in Iowa as well

    75. jan Frankena

      And will the 4440 Patriot return to the Welker Farms? We will see this may by in one of the next episodes! lol I wish that you guys will have a really nice harvester this year!

      1. Robert Welker


    76. Luke Celmer

      You guys should check out the Mix Mate system for filling your sprayer here is a link to there website

    77. Corning Custom Farm Toys

      What are you going to do with the other miniapalis moline u

      1. Corning Custom Farm Toys

        What are some pieces of old equipment that you don't use anymore that you would love to see run again

      2. Corning Custom Farm Toys

        Ok. I love the older tractors and farm equipment. I am planning on starting a small farm with old farm equipment and would love to have a m m u

      3. Robert Welker

        Try to restore later

    78. Robert G.

      Here IN the East, 8/10th is a misting for us. In one cloud burst that can last only 20 minutes will drop 1-4" of rain. But you get to see better lightning storms because of your view.

    79. offroaderdays

      Welker's I just came across this I wanted to share with you. Im sure your probably aware of this since it is in your neck of the woods but if not here it is... Big Bud For sale Here is another one

    80. Dan Dannels

      Love the flags

    81. Karsch Miller

      I am from PA and 8 10ths isnt going to stop us from doing much of anything. Might set us back for a good part of the day but usually wont stop us from getting into the fields. I love how you really truly appriciate the little amounts that you do get and how you farm with it also. Seeing the different pracrices you do vs us is truly amazing. Thank you for all you do Welker Farms. I really enjoy the content so keep it coming.

    82. Erlend Spence

      am i the only one from the uk waching this

    83. Rockport1911

      2:50 Shouldnte be too complicated to stick a red float in that tube to be able to see the level better

    84. zachary arnold

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    85. Henk Coetsee

      Case can't make good sprayers you should trade all ur equipment in for deere and the patriot tried to copy the superior R4045

      1. Robert Welker

        The patriot was made before JD ever built a SP sprayer. Casih bought them over 15 years ago.

    86. truckie138

      brute needs the blue sprayer lights from larson lights

    87. Steven Start

      I think that everyone else in the world calls it 20 mm of rainfall. Just you guys still using that system I think. At least you got some though.

      1. Abe Penner

        Up here in Canada, most of us think in inches.

    88. LKSimbalvr

      8/10s or about 20mm is a good rain here in South Australia. love the vids, keep up the good work

    89. matthew halliburton

      Hi, Nick Welker, you think that summer is in America it is summer here in Australia but the summer is at the top end of Australia broom and Darwin the Temperature there is 33-34 degrease C or 33-34 degrease feaernhight very hot in the north end of Australia

    90. prfxshnst

      1000 acres of spring wheat, 400 acres of chickpeas, 3100 acres of chemwhat?

      1. prfxshnst

        @Robert Welker appreciate your time for replying to my question. Now the next question is, chem fallow vs crop rotation? In the Philippines, we usually do crop rotation.

      2. Robert Welker

        That's what's left to spray. The chemfallow is land we would have tilled many years ago

    91. Farm Boy

      Around 11:21 when Nick was checking the damage to the Spring wheat plants in the tire tracks,.....was anybody else thinking of what Zach Johnson "Millennial Farmer" would say?!?! Are you okay? Are you okay?

      1. Robert Welker

        Someone must have ran over me at a young age 😁

    92. GMdieselman

      I enjoy rain, but we got a little too much recently.......we received over 11" in 12 hours. That's not a typo, we got eleven inches in twelve hours. Major flooding going on in our area, lots of roads have given out.

      1. Robert Welker

        That's hard to visualize. That's more than our entire years worth


      Sell the hitachi and get the patriot 4440

    94. Varrig's Channel

      It is pretty amazing what that Patriot will allow one person to do. I can't really tell which end has the higher technology now. Planting or Harvesting? Take care and God Bless!

    95. bwtupper

      WOW $100,000 in Chemical cost!

    96. Mj J

      Thank you for providing us with food! Crazy, $100k in chemicals in one week.

    97. Ben Nugent

      We got 1/10 of an inch of rain the entire month of June here in mi

      1. Robert Welker

        That's dry for you

    98. Steven Weich

      Offset the rear axle wide and keep the front narrow. Each tire in its own path gives very little damage to the crop.

    99. Ben Hawken

      Very lonely

    100. Ben Hawken

      They do