Plant Harvest & Till in Same Day? - Virtual Farm Progress Show #1

Welker Farms

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    CASE IH sent us to Iowa for the Virtual Farm Progress Show where we had the opportunity to plant, harvest, and till corn. It was a great time and we got to play with some great machines. Part 1
    P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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    1. Welker Farms

      Leg Arms (Scott) is doing well, he can walk around and do everything with his left hand like he used too... Which isn't much. We will have a video next Wednesday with his accident and explaining what happened. Thank you all for your amazing support!

      1. Hamza Amir

        Why the stupid face diaper?

      2. MIchael Olenick

        Tell him, we are praying for a speedly recover.

      3. Will Hartgrave

        I feel his pain on that I think the only reason I have a left arm is a counter balance to keep me from going in cyrcles lol

      4. JDS Weather First, Brewer, Maine News & Events

        Nick glad to hear Leg Arms is doing better

      5. Vinny Pinatelli

        Glad to hear it man thanks for letting us know and cant wait till the next video

    2. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    3. Glenn Gaul

      Wearing a mask and driving a tractor That sucks!

    4. Lord Inter

      its leg arm now not leg arms yeah?

    5. Lord Inter

      why such large fields and lack of green vegetation to absorb and hold moisture? Trees and large bushes act like a sponge and wind break, this would be helpful right?

    6. Tru Scape Art

      You guys should see if Case will give you a factory tour! That would be an awesome video!!!

    7. iBelieve


    8. Wayne Kaltenbaugh

      Scott get well buddy. God has you in his hands.

    9. Geoffrey Mwangi

      Yeh good for mask the tractor may emit corona virus so protect yourself.But Africa is a dark continent.

      1. Hamza Amir

        Mask don't work

    10. Marshall Weber

      Awesome Video and Much Love From Kentucky!!!!

    11. Brayden Jany

      I love running the combine in the fall #harvest2020

    12. Dan Finley

      Wow now that’s a sight seeing all the combines

    13. Jason Swift

      This was filmed before Scott's accident obviously.

      1. Agricoss farmer Hindi

      2. Agricoss farmer Hindi

        Please watch my video

      3. Robert Welker


    14. Quantrell Britt

      Case needs to make tracke tractor like the JD RT with the classic IH nose

    15. Neal Hadley

      WOW,that guy wasn't to talkative, trying to explain and sell the product.yep,yup,yep,yup.

    16. Kelli Lance

      Ive been watching your video's for a while now and just realized you are in Mt. , so am I , Butte for me, love watching you guys!!!

      1. Robert Welker

        Cool neighbor. Loved the downtown underground tour. Blessings

    17. Rick Anderson

      When does Scott get out of the hospital?

      1. Robert Welker

        He spent one night in there. All looks ok to send him home.

    18. Brad Olsen

      Looks like you were having a lot of fun

    19. Luke Hansen

      How’s the ride on that row trac magnum compared to the tired tractors?

      1. Robert Welker

        I didn't get to run it, good question. I'll ask nick

    20. Stanley Banks

      Make an update video on scott

    21. Scott Morr

    22. Patrick Johnson

      Welker Farms, I hope Leg Arms is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with him. Also could you watch Larson Farms video from today, their Quad has an unusual break down. Sorry i dont know how to share the video. Thanks

    23. Bernie Crowder

      Is legere and fact are still going good

    24. Deni Keiderling

      Couldn,t they make a camera mount in the cast

    25. Logan YouTube

      4:00 that fan looks like it could take a cat with no damage...maybe you guys should upgrade and become cat proof lol

    26. Vinny Pinatelli

      That was awesome man great video

    27. Dan Wortmann

      GET WELL LEG ARMS !!! You inspire so many young people I meet 1 # solid to the core dude!!!!! # Best wishes!!!

    28. Christopher Jones

      Hi I'm Chris from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 UK 🇬🇧 just to wish leg arms a speedy recovery and get that arm pumping again. Superb channel you have. All the best to all of you.

    29. delinquentdesign

      It’s like a freakin car show of combines!

    30. Doge 5600

      You guys didn't put the markers down There'ye the sticks on the side of the corn planter.

      1. Ian Towers

        Doge 5600 why do you need markers when your running gps??? It does it all for you dude in cab,even will make the headland turns without touching steering wheel,lift machine in and out at press of a button!!!👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧🤘🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻

    31. Paul Strehlow

      I just watched a video of the 747 working back in big sandy... it sounds like the beast is gonna be retired again as the Williams brothers don’t need it it due to a predominantly no-till situation. You all need to find a way to get ahold of it before it goes back into a museum for good.

      1. Doge 5600

        They might still use it. The future is a funky time.

    32. Broke Wrench

      Have you guys ever considered building your own combine chaser/dump bed/whatever else you can think to have it do vehicle? Needs a PTO for sure, in case you want to pull something powered too. I was thinking articulated with an extra long rear half to mount a removable auger bin. Maybe even spring for a halftrack type of setup. I would love to see another big brute style build Edit: After thinking about this a bit more maybe repurposing an old articulated dump truck would be more than halfway there. Biggest could name it BIG BIN!

      1. Robert Welker

        Have thought about doing a self propelled cart.

    33. Trevor Kasas

      Hey nick,leg arms, and Robert my name is Trevor I am from Saskatchewan, I have been watching your videos from the start of your channel I just subscribed today. I really enjoy your videos like seeing what you guys are up day to day. I am Involved in a average size farm here in west central area of sask. I hope Scott is doing better I learned of his accident from Brian over on Brian’s farming videos.

    34. chiefgecko

      Big Bud 16V-747 ...

    35. Justin Dionne

      Does NH still hold the record for the most bushels per acer?

    36. Sandra Derby

      How's your brother doing? Prayers continue.

      1. Robert Welker

        He's using less pain meds, so far doing well

    37. J. Salmi

      That is very nice using of masks......

    38. Michael Freehling

      Papa You who are most holy. Jesus said we would have troubles in this world, but to rejoice because He had overcome the world, and in Jesus, Scott will overcome and rejoice in his healing. In this we praise you Father. Hallelujah

    39. Joe Carlson

      Leg Arms so sorry to hear of your serious accident. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    40. Pavlo Karmazyn

      The case will break down I already know

      1. Pavlo Karmazyn

        @Robert Welker ok ok you got me I like both to be honest

      2. Robert Welker

        After green breaks first. 😁

    41. Marcus Koone

      Speedy recovery leg arms(scott) this community love and respect you guys so much!!

    42. Aiden Link

      Can u boys try to plant winter wheat beens and corn for your round of harvest 2021

      1. Aiden Link

        I wish to visit montana I wonder how nice it is up there

      2. Aiden Link


      3. Robert Welker

        And too dry and short season for beans

      4. Doge 5600

        Corn doesnt grow well in montana.

    43. Nico Wiens

      Nice case ih combine just the mask on in that combine or in that tractor looks really bad

      1. Doge 5600

        Well we just need to quarantine and wait for a vaccine. Although since farms can't really quarantine too much there could be some issues but being on a big farm in montana is pretty much quarantine.

      2. Robert Welker

        Will be remedied if we elect the "right" president candidate who push to fully reopen our way of life.😊

    44. Vax

      Why do people keeps playing with their masks? Touching them is what will spread viruses, put in on and leave it alone. Then dispose and or wash it.

      1. Robert Welker

        We had to to be apart of the show. Agree that the safety for the non risk group doesn't make sense.

    45. Roger Treakle

      Nice video, last time I saw that many combines in a field was when neighbors came together to help a farmer that had a heart attack , help out his family while he recovered

    46. Harts Fire

      you the Welker's need to try and work something out to get the 747 on your farm and back working dirt were she belongs and not sitting in a box collecting dust.. maybe see how big of a air drill it will pull.

    47. Boogie Boie88

      X9 is way more advanced

    48. thomas leonard

      How is Scott doing! Good thoughts!

      1. Robert Welker

        At home but still some pain.

    49. Honeybadger Arse

      Tht claas will kick everyones arse

    50. LKSimbalvr

      wouldn't take long to do your harvest with that many machines running

    51. MAX Invincible

      Nice video to see how bad John deer is

    52. Verlyn Nygaard


    53. Verlyn Nygaard


    54. Verlyn Nygaard


      1. Robert Welker

        BC LegArm's.

    55. Robert Tryon heavy haul

      they will destroy this economy if people keep complying with this stupidity, your chances of dying form this virus are almost zero, inform yourself and quit listening to the fear mongering

      1. Murray Hall

        Just have a look at the figures for your country my friend. Trust me this ain't no scare mongering!!

    56. Robert Tryon heavy haul

      The mask wearing bullshit is unnecessary , if some one tells me i have to wear a mask I just walk away, i dont participate in stupidity

      1. Robert Welker

        I tend to agree with you about how effective they are for those who aren't in the risky age group. But we had no choice if we were going to be at the show.

    57. Farm Boy

      Hi Leg Arms!!! Has Nick tried to tell you that "cleaning the shop" is good therapy to rehabilitate your arm?!?!

    58. Nathan Jones

      What was the black combine near the end?

      1. Robert Welker


    59. RetiaryWorm471

      I never understood these events whose land is this that they are using

      1. Robert Welker

        The Farm Progress Show rotates every year between their show grounds: one at Boone Iowa and the other Decatur IL. They own or long term lease the land.

    60. Adrian Smith

      1:58 I quit my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    61. Dale Rogers

      If in the Omaha Metro area give me a heads up!

    62. gsxr drama

      Come on guys. Get rid of the masks. You're farm boys. You're tougher than a cold lol

      1. gsxr drama

        @Robert Welker i love watching yalls videos. My great great grandfather was a farmer in S Illinois, he passed when i was 7. But hearing stories from my grandma about the farm, i watch yalls videos and dream about hanging out with the man. He got me started when i was a kid collecting ertil tractor collectibles. Still collecting tractor models to this day.

      2. Robert Welker

        I know and agree. But we had to yield to the regs of the show or not be there.

    63. Steve Rosenberger

      How is Legarm's wrist doing? Also what happened to it?

      1. Robert Welker

        LA's is fine but his two lower right arm bones were completely broken. The 580 lb drawbar dropped 8" on to his arm.

    64. Tim Hood

      Praying for you Scott, hang in there Buddy!

    65. Family Vlogs

      Was Gleaner there’d?

      1. Robert Welker

        I don't believe so.

    66. Alan Stant

      Wow i didnt realize that you guys had that much land. You guys definitely have your hands full there. Its any wonder you guys always have a lot to do there. I appreciate everything you guys do here on your channel. Im always excited watching the content.

      1. Robert Welker


    67. Donald Shinn

      Prayers for Scott and full recovery from Pa

    68. Sandra Couch

      Wut happened to the 435 big bud

      1. Robert Welker

        It's resting in the shed.

    69. Kelly Giesbrecht

      If I'm not mistaken, that corn planter is made here in Saskatoon now, the old flexi-coil plant is making the corn planters now

    70. S B

      you have to stop tilling

    71. Grant DuBridge

      Isn't it amazing how the old guy isn't afraid to not wear his mask. Only the youngsters are afraid.

      1. Grant DuBridge

        @Vax I mean, quit being a pansy. The virus well be here forever and all well have a sample of it within us. Don't live in fear.

      2. Vax

        Stupid you mean, he keeps touching it spreading any viruses it caught in it!

    72. Sandman

      Hey Leg Arms, things you got to do get Nick to give you time off and make Nick clean up the workshop. Thoughts with you mate, rest up and get well soon. Hope to see back up on your feet soon and giving everyone a hard time.

    73. Bill Charlebois

      as you were plowing i could see the top soil up in the air with the wind blowing it into the neighbourhood i have herd of no til farming ! i don’t know what you think about that or if it is possible for what you are doing but im sure that you are well aware of no til farming • anyway it’s your top soil !

      1. Robert Welker

        We are 100 % no til since 1997, except for a few necessary times

    74. Kevin Erickson Outdoors

      Hope all is well with Scott!!! Praying for a fast and FULL recovery for planting season.

    75. the Chill

      I hope leg iron arms it ok and has a full recovery

    76. Dale Rogers

      Boone Iowa?

      1. Robert Welker

        Yes. Next year it's back at Decatur

    77. Dudeanater&Hope

      Hopefully Scotts right arm heals up ASAP

    78. Anderson Bagents

      Good to see Scott doing so well 👍🏽

    79. Darren K

      I'm sorry to see the Welkers were conned into wearing face diapers. I'm sure that was the doing of the event coordinators trying to go along with this NWO agenda of submission and control. What a bunch of . . . Know that we have a Constitution and that they, or anyone else, cannot legally enforce this stupidity.

      1. Darren K

        It will be fun! It's definitely all about the election, and they've been planning this for years. We are at the pinnacle of the war this month, and the living God has some amazing things in store.

      2. Robert Welker

        I agree. Mostly it's because this being a political year. Can't wait for 4th of November

    80. David Beckwith

      Nice Ending ...well done..!

    81. mynameisray

      Get well, Leg Arms, those LSW tires aren't going to move themselves.

    82. Phillip Kuhn

      Hope Scott is doing good ! Also john deere invented that planter design but rhe patent expired... so now its red lol great planter !

    83. Icenbryse

      You don't need to shut the engine off for a kill stall, its awfully hard on the components. Instead just throttle down and hit the switch. Or just know how to run your combine without plugging on purpose lol. Still really cool to see where it all sits though.

    84. Luz Hernaez

      Thank you for wearing your mask.

    85. Brian Payne

      Rowtrac Magnums are so beast. I heard they pull so hard on the rear tracks that you can pretty much disengage the front wheel assist when in heavy tillage and stuff and you won't lose traction.

    86. Mike L

      Praying for Scott. Heal up soon big guy.

    87. Nico Pena

      That is good that is leg arms is okay

    88. Tony Mckeage

      Great Vlog, The IH gear is very impressive especially the rotary threshing in the big combines, The progress in autosteer headland management is amazing

    89. Mark Arnott

      🦜au - Hope leg arms (scott) recovers ok - Cheers welker farms . 🦘yah i know Some them old injuries keep naggin at you when your older .

    90. Steve Nicoson

      Was an interesting video. Enjoyed seeing all the new equipment and hearing how it works. Technology now days is amazing. Was a good video. See what is new out there. Thanks. Iowa farm boy from years ago.

    91. Rich206L

      So glad Scott is doing well. Looking forward to learning what the heck happened. You guys have never been hurt seriously in the several years I've been watching and you do a lot of crazy stuff! Get well soon, Scott!

    92. Joshef francis

      1:50 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    93. Camsmith808 Smith

      Hope your arm is getting better

    94. Bam MasterJ813

      We’ve been having a lot of 2020s rolling thru.. beautiful machinery! The in user adjustability is awesome!

    95. Boston carpenter

      Get well Legarms make Nick clean the shop! Cool video!!

    96. Terry Turner

      Prayers LegArms

    97. Not You

      I've installed new chain link fence around my house to keep the moskitos out. I see you got the same idea about that virus.

    98. EJ Harrop

      Thank you and I was worried about legarms

    99. Mary Lewis

      How is Leg Arms? Praying he is ok!

    100. Cedric Broussard

      That was freaking awesome!!