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    THANK YOU!!! Your generosity went above and beyond what we asked. Steppin' Out Missions is hard at work cleaning up the storm damage in Iowa. Your donations will provide them with the resources they need to keep equipment running and workers housed. Every dollar donated is towards a non profit cause so take joy in knowing your donations are making a big difference!
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    This loftness grain bagger is slick!
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    1. Gage Maggard

      What model is the john deere you wete baggin with

    2. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    3. johnrtrucker

      We are all human we are bound to make mistakes and as i always say if you own up to your mistakes they stay just that, mistakes but if one starts blaming everyone else no matter how big or small ones own part in it was, it becomes a bad habit one of my favorite podcasts by jocko wilink (navy seal) always talks about owning mistakes highly recommend that podcast!


      Going to montana in 2 weeks mule deer hunting, was out there 2 months ago, down in ekelaka not sure where you guys are but mt is nuts with fired

    5. Cory Mulholland

      Would it be cool to have a truck with a paint job like a Big Bud with white and black and the pin stripe? Just an idea

    6. Enchanted YT

      Up to you but we have a small farm and I absolutely love case but I would love to see you guys have a old international I have a 966 international best thing ever and it has 9600 hours on her

    7. Kerry Smith

      Don't put the bags to close you need to plow snow or wait a minute you don't get snow down there sorry

    8. gone rydin

      Thank You!!! from Iowa. The recent derecho storm was unprecedented and will take years to fully recover from. But there is no doubt that we will.

    9. Richboyrich26

      I’m selling a 2008 f250 tuned and deleted if you’re interested in buying!

    10. P Andersen

      Rips occur due to not paying attention and the pinches seem to just as common... seen this once from each farmer I follow (here on youtube)..

    11. Pål Frode Larsen

      The ashes travels hundres of miles, try thousands. Ashes from fires in california, colors the horizon in south Norway.

    12. Joshua Morgan

      Epic video!! Boy, what I'd do to even have the chance to get a paid internship on a farm like yours... I'm a country boy at heart but currently I'm stuck living in the suburbs. Maybe one day I'll finally get to realize my dream of operating a combine, guess we'll find out! Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of farmers around (and none that I personally know) here in south central Colorado.

    13. Marshall115

      smoke bad there, try living along mid I5 where it is...

    14. DeViL dUdE

      Can u ship to Canada if I buy ur Toyota truck

    15. Michael Hunter

      I know you're not like Minnesota and Iowa because if you're replacing a combine every two years you've got a lot more hours I guess than they do that's why I put in the acreage compared to a mile

    16. Michael Hunter

      I'm not a farmer but watching your videos I wouldn't mind checking out a farm like yours where it's not rated by acres but by Miles cuz it looks like your Fields go forever and I kind of want to see that Minnesota Iowa there more acreage not mileage

    17. Brandon Shirley

      May I ask how long are those bags and are they all different sizes I'm trying to get pros and cons for next year thinking about going to bags

    18. richardj ellis

      😁😁well done with the fundraiser 😁😁. That's a LOVELY THING you did there.😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰. Rich (UK)🥰

    19. richardj ellis

      Just imagine how much it would cost if EVERY bit of servicing had to be done at the dealership 😲😲😲🤬😲😲😲

    20. richardj ellis

      The 9370's cab Looks brand new 😮.. 😁 Well done Wiggles 🥰

    21. richardj ellis

      Hi lads. Question.. If rain DID get into the rip on the bag, how far do you think it would travel.? How much crop do you think you would loose.? Rich(UK)🥰

    22. richardj ellis

      Hi lads.. Question... If the 'bagger' tractor had auto steer, could it just be left alone, without a driver.? Rich(UK)🥰

    23. richardj ellis

      Hi lads.. Why are the rear tyres on your combine, on backwards.? It's probably something really simple, but I don't know the answer. Thanks for the vids. Rich (UK).🥰

    24. Joshua Snyder

      Nice old Moline in the background about the time you lost your hat.

    25. Neil Pence

      Thanks for doing what you do, you’re a big important part of that farm during harvest Wiggles.

    26. Hunter Bandt

      What you can do is add 2 disc up on the front axle of the bagging tractor with hydraulic cylinder. Have enough down pressure to lift the front tires off the ground keeps it nice and straight!

    27. Tim Traver

      My new favorite channel This is nothing like working on the small dairy farm I worked on in the 70's!

    28. The Auto Masters

      Wiggles Needs a Camera!

    29. Roger Goodrich

      Replace the tie rods on the 4520 and that will tighten up the steering

    30. robert gayheart

      leg arm make's better video.s

    31. Maxwell Strong

      Why are you using a bagger

    32. Chizmar Farms

      Open grain hopper doors... after years of laughing at others when it happens to them... it finally happened to me. I also blame a mysterious signal causing my trap door to open too, but mine is a mechanical door...

    33. Bobo342

      Urge to slap the bag

    34. Ethan

      I would buy the yota

    35. Mt Dog Luvr

      Did y’all give Wiggles a talent contract?

    36. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. belle video. celle- ci je comprend, car vous avez le truc pour traduire en francais. merci bien.pierre france.congratulations.

    37. onedeadindian

      Good Thoughts - Good Words - Good Deeds

    38. Dan Finley

      Another awesome video beautiful drone footage

    39. iBelieve


    40. Michael Voss

      Why are they using the bags again? Have they explained this ?

    41. Demo Man

      Can I have the pickup im in highschool but i live in Oklahoma

    42. Demo Man

      I watch this when I play farming sim

    43. Lance Blum

      The combines have the service feature also. Yours must be off if u didn’t see that before 😂

    44. Ronald Wallander

      or buy some used super used rail cars. im interest in the pickup

    45. Ronald Wallander

      get a big bins up

    46. Devilfish698

      Hi, love the channel. What is the idea of bagging the corn?

    47. Charles Doepping

      HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get a 2188 ready for harvest when it was shut off the corn head was left on and halfway up, got in started and there's no power to the A post the only thing working is the fuel and temperature guage, my header won't go up and down but it will tilt left and right and auger won't swing but i can here the solenoid working for the auger, I've bypassed the oil sending unit and jumped it and I've pulled the cab relay with the key on and the fuel pump shut-off and all fuses are good anybody else have any ideas im try to avoid driving this p.o.s to the dealership because they get vary pricey...thnxs

    48. Two Bones

      Come on Nick buy him a camera

    49. Wyatt Schmalz

      Bruh loftiness is a buissness in Minnesota I live 5 miles from cool to see it in Montana

    50. Mike Youngblood

      For Work Unnoticed … We Thank You “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden to tend and keep it. … So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, And to every beast of the field …” Genesis 2:15 & 20a From the beginning of our earth Man was commanded to tend the garden … For generations past people fed their families from their gardens and animals they raised… Many people and families have continued to work in the Agricultural field … Supplying the needs, not of an individual family, but of millions of people throughout the country. Their labor, their sweat, their long hours daily often go unnoticed and unappreciated. They give daily of themselves to raise the Animals that provide our beef, pork, and poultry needs. They work long hard hours growing the produce to supply our fruit and vegetable needs. These people are the ones responsible for the food on our tables daily, and most people never think what strenuous work has been done to provide it. We would like to say Thank You to All Who are in the Agricultural family For your commitment, your hard work, and the sacrifice You give to supply our needs … Thank You!

    51. Ryan Schneider

      Those gates can bounce open going down the road. Had it happen once’s this harvest.

    52. Justin Woldt

      Thank you for supporting us firefighters, have a safe harvest.

    53. Kyle Smart

      The phantom signal is probably from the remote for the new grain cart and that's the second time I've noticed you mention being a pilot. I've been secretly hoping you would do a flight vlog one of these days.

    54. Richard McElligott

      Wiggles cam!!! Love it, the guy is a natural!

    55. pjgrady1

      How many bags do you use before it becomes economical to install a new grain bin?

    56. Mississippi1977

      😂😂😂, Thanks for clearing that up on the tires!!! Wouldn’t want that big machine to pull so hard to the left that you hit quadzilla and that big ol grain buggy. Wouldn’t be good!!! Keep on keeping on.

    57. TheRealKiddo

      Not demanding but you should make another harvest livestream sometime!

    58. Shovel Guggelheim

      How much do those bags hold?

    59. Jim Voigt

      Bags seem like a hassle! I'd just build another silo. Because it's easy for me to spend your money!

    60. Brent Williamson

      Only an awesome grain cart would have Brent as it's name!

    61. Hessel Annema

      Add a horn to the hopper bottum. so you hear when there is a fake signal. Or wire it the other way around. so th fake signal closes the lid instead of opens

    62. Brody Ty

      Great video I love them alot one day I plan to be a tractor macinic and have my own business and farm I really do think farming is awesome this stuff really interest me just thought I tell you that

    63. Leo Osborne

      Nice flag on the back of the 8230s. Just as a suggestion, you could get a combination fire fighter memorial and police memorial flag. it has a blue stripe below the red one.

    64. Jacob Carstensen

      Can you explain why you get all the new grain bins and then you bag your stuff instead ?

    65. dave renken

      Where do you get your flag mount on the combine???

    66. Jason Swift

      Goodyear makes the tyre for the combine/ag machinery Titan tyres is the Distributor of the tyres.

    67. Jasper Larimer


    68. Harvey Stephens

      Rain and 34 there🥶 yikes. Gotta be miserable cold. 9/8 am Enjoy the channel

    69. Nick Bayer

      Good episode Welkers 👍👍

    70. Karl’s O-rings

      I suggest when bagging, start uphill. Work down hill. Moister has less of a chance makin it’s way in.

    71. Jay Remington

      Love you guys, wish I could work for you

    72. Brenden Honebrink

      To keep the tractor going straight on the bagger cut some 2x4's and wedge between the frame and the tie rod end. Works for us every year on our Deere 4440

    73. bjkerp

      Nice one wiggles!! You're a natural in front of the camera. How do you empty the grain bags? Just use a grain vac or something else?

    74. Nic Frieler

      What year and make are the Trucks sitting by the bins. I'm a fan of old trucks.

    75. Chip

      California dusters work great for dirty combine windows. I brush mine off every night when I quit and never have to wash the windows in season.

    76. Wendy Bowers

      the 747 big bud came threw my home town going back to Montana

    77. CurrentChoices

    78. Kirt Hedquist

      Up North Plastics, I did service work at that place. Pretty cool ho they make them. They make them vertically by melting the plastic pellets blowing it vertically with air. Cottage Grove MN

    79. Trevor Nolting

      Big bud 675 on that cart would be insane

    80. Adam Kracl

      Why is the tread on the steer tires backwards on the combine?

    81. Connor Mckinnon

      Unloading that second bag is going to be interesting. We have had a bag split right down the middle the whole length of the bag when unloading because we stretched it too much.

    82. Von R

      Why are you using bags when you got those large bins (3)?

    83. Guy Fishbourne

      Good to see the clear up I thank you for all the videos you do. In this crazy world that we live in we all need to help each other from uk

    84. Shamina Hossain

      The man, the legend, the soul... John barosa

    85. Tim Sleeth

      Think if I had the bin room there is no way I would bag it

    86. Mark O'Connor

      How do you empty those grain bags

    87. Jack

      @welker farms can i ask why you used grain bags when you had those 90,000bu (combined) new storage put in?

    88. Johnny Chrome

      Hey Nick!!!! Ya need to get some big boy sizes in y'all's Merch. I've been wanting some shirts. But y'all don't carry rarrrrrrr size🥺

    89. J. Rey

      What do they sow there? And what state are they in? Your machinery is very good ... !! Cheers ...

    90. Mad Man


    91. Mathias Claessens

      Gif the other combine big tyre's that will be cool

    92. juztyn00

      Protip, White Gorilla tape won't be noticeable.

    93. Kris Kohut

      Put a couple knots in the bungee on bagger to add some extra tension, and every now and then pull the bungee up to keep max tension on the lower corners of tunnel as it will help keep grain from seeping in behind causing the pinch.

    94. Thomas Hulett

      What is the tank for on the left front of the grain cart?

    95. ginggur17

      Those bags have a knack by the look of things. We all live and learn as they say.

    96. Farming Tv

      I would suggest getting a crew cab powerstroke.

    97. Josh Gaines

      Thanks for supporting Firefighters Welkers, means alot!

    98. Nickolas Burger

      Did u ever come up with a nickname for the other part time helper/driver?

    99. Titus Pullo

      If Legarms would have the time to fix the draw bar on the 600 Big Bud it would be interesting to compare which tractor has more pulling power.Although for now harvest definitely is more important.

    100. Drentse Redneck

      We bag grain with gps on the tractor.