BREAKDOWNS!? Bring it on - Leg Arms

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    It may seem like a lot of breakdowns but in all honestly this is a fairly normal day on the farm. Equipment is put through its paces day in and day out. Farming isn't easy on machinery and over time there will be breakdowns. Some breakdowns can be catastrophic but with a stellar man like LEG ARMS (Scott Welker) around, things keep going!

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    1. Lauri Caron

      How is legg arm doing

    2. Deign

      😄 he thought the connecting rod blew thru the block

    3. Chris Darting

      In Northern California we would call it a pole truck.

    4. Josh White

      All equipment breaks down some are just cheaper and easier to fix

    5. LowJack187

      Scott, you better hit the gym or you're gonna loose that title.

    6. Michael Mijatovich

      Where you been there your poor younger brothers been working his butt off getting those great ass in bins up .lol

    7. tuunmaster

      Dam that’s some flat ass land. Nothing like New England.

    8. Lisa Lister

      More respect for farmers!

    9. J Essary Farms

      Do y’all ever plow? Or just chem farm?

    10. Jesse Jr

      You guys should get a Milwaukee 1" impact

    11. J.B. Maxwell

      Cameras would be good on the planter to show press wheel that you can’t see from the cab in straight travel, just a thought for next years planting, I’m sure Hollywood could do that with all this remote gear you can get these days

    12. Crash productions

      18:40 bro no seatbelt?

    13. Dan Finley

      Another great video bless y’all

    14. Caleb Nord

      Awesome video!

    15. Colby Gray

      you seem so calm and stuff when things break down , us potato farmers from when our equiptment breaks down you know cause of how pissed off boss man is hahahaa

    16. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      You tire supplier is definitely in business to do business ! A good dealer

    17. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      Surprised as cheap as rear camera’s are that you don’t have them installed on the rear of you bud’s when planting ? The older you get the harder is is on your neck to be looking forward and backwards when operating and planting since those wheels hang up ? I bet you do have a good crop of rocks every year .

    18. Sherzodbek Sherzodbek

      Case maxxum 52 30 tractor yes

    19. UncleManuel

      "I hope that's not the Case." One letter can change the whole meaning... ^_^

    20. TowME trailers

      Thanks for the nickname for my son. I have been calling him “Leg Arms” for a month. He did t understand. I just showed him this video. No he gets it. Lol. You tube took you off my sub list. Again. Weird.

    21. Steve Rosenberger

      Good job Leg Arms it looks like they keep you busy with repairs. I know the feeling I worked in maintenance regular and computer maintenance.

    22. Demo Man

      Does anyone remember the days when nick was the only one filming Then leg arms got into it slowly Then their dad jumps in and records on his own It’s evolution

    23. Racing Guy

      Leg arms has a drum

    24. Isaele Pontes De Oliveira Pontes De Oliveira

      Falas em português

    25. Matthew Kelleghan

      Will there be a video on that New Holland skid steere

    26. Frank Deegan

      The Ford with the blown steer tire pretty east fix, being empty on a gravel road going slow after the turn not too bad it will get your attention. I had a steer tire blow at about 45 mph with 21,000 lbs of milk in the tank on pavement, when each of the five spokes hit the ground that cab over cab on that GMC shook and shook. YA that was not all that much fun at the time. The rim was not round anymore it turned out to be a pentagon, it sure looked funny. I have had several big rig steers blow but nothing like that milk truck.

    27. Tadeusz Wadach

      there was so much ads

    28. jason kingston

      Grease man's best FRIEND.

    29. Dennis Williams

      Bio degradable hydrolic oil? I heard Canola oil works fine. Thanks

    30. Ashley Jackson

      You should have just asked them if they could patch that tyre 😂

    31. Reginaldo Franzini

      Brasil Welker farms

    32. Spencer Sand

      Don’t put music when you’re starting up to4520

    33. M R L

      Why are you crying at the beginning

    34. Zach Grant

      I just got anti-seize all over my hands watching you replace that bearing.

    35. Kristen Klingenberg

      You have to let go to if you see the button and press it

    36. Tony Mckeage

      Great Video, Nick, Leg arms and Dad... say no more Thanks Tony

    37. Dave Vaughn

      One of your best videos I have watched so far.

    38. Uncle Deez

      Why did you take the lug nuts off before getting the tire/wheel in the air??? O_o

    39. ricky Brown

      What year red blue dump truck

    40. Jason Swift

      17:34 Always put the truck in neutral with the park brake on Scott! very sloppy/unsafe work

    41. Petar Elez

      Where is Apache sprayer?

    42. Travis Parks

      spider rims too get some greenie to pull them off lol

    43. 4schitzangiggles

      So if the packer wheel bearings getting trashed it a common occurrence, why not have a spare complete assembly ready to go so you have less down time? I made all of our cultipacker sub assemblies the same so I could just plug and play and only lose an hour or so instead of half or a full day and had whomever was on shop duty could rebuild it and have it on the ready rack ready to go when the next one failed.

    44. joel mollenkopf


    45. MrMagnat007

      Anyone know what the back ground music is ??? That kicks in from the beginning ?

    46. Daniel Beirl

      You didnt get hurt so its funny that you dropped the truck 😂😂😂

    47. darkrevenger04

      What was that building you sprayed by?

    48. G Black

      Sounded like a fuel starved start.....

    49. tcrasey

      Prettygood hole! Looks like a skiff mark and hole on the sidewall as well, may have started there!

    50. Jr Klock

      Hey everyone. If yall get a second you should check out Under Cover Michigan. He is a new youtuber in southern Michigan. He has good videos!! Some nice equipment and good stuff coming for content. Give him a check

    51. Dominic Alosso


    52. Oops Oops

      @ 8:38 pause. What is that? Not sure. doesn't look like it was used much. lol

    53. Logan Hester

      Grease the berrings every other 2 days

    54. Rasmus7060

      like many others, i really like watching your videos, and follow your operation. That editing and closed caption, in sync with the music in the end, is absolutely fantastic🤩 is it possibly to get the name of the track and artist, played from 20:00? i'm by the way danish, and i was working on a farm near Savage in 2013, and i miss Montana even more, when i see your videos... keep them coming😅

    55. Subscribe Now

      A patch will work

    56. Mike Keffer

      Where can I go to buy merchandise I want hoodies and hats

    57. Dylan Hadland

      Why don’t you use the Apache

      1. Welker Farms

        We have 4 guys working, 2 big buds, big brute, and a magnum tractor rolling. That means the Apache sits and doesn't have a driver. Big brute is a better sprayer and can do more faster. Hope that helps!

    58. joni miller

      Hi a John Deere

    59. Peter Haan

      Arm chair farmer here. Guys it just blows my mind that with a little PM, preventative maintenance, the bad steer tire(s) on the blue grain truck could have been replaced prior to planting. The same goes for the hydraulic hose(s) on the sprayer. The pillow block bearing appears to not have seen a bit of grease since it was replaced the last time you all worked on it! Do you at least have a maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment that would bring them into the shop during the off season for a visual inspection, r&r and lubrication? I've watched all year now and there seems to be a lot more equipment being used than ever went through your shop this last winter, at least from what I saw on your YT channel! You all are to be commended for show casing your farm, both the good and the bad but sadly a bit of the bad seems self inflicted! You all need to step up and MF, LF and SDK the maintenance end of your operation! PS I realize it is planting time but your parts room is a disaster!

      1. Peter Haan

        @Welker Farms Any answer, even a non-answer is better than no answer... however I can read between the lines! I thank you for taking the time to read my observations.

      2. Welker Farms

        There is so much more going on here than you could ever understand without being in our shoes.

    60. Bailey Matters

      We geese out machine every time they get filled up which can be between 8-12 hours

    61. Juris Hincenbergs

      Leg arms must have been drifting through that corner with the truck hehe

    62. tobimobiv1

      I'm commenting in the beginning of the video. But it seems a lot of the spring videos this year leg arms has been like the neighbour Wilson from Tool Time.

      1. tobimobiv1

        I wrote that right after he was hidden underneath Big Brute. And the 2 minutes after there he is. Good to see you leg arms. You're awesome

    63. Tom Gluth

      A question for LegArms. During planting and harvesting seasons, how much time do you spend repairing machines,trucks,etc. in the field and garage, compared to time spent sitting in a machine doing actual farm work(seeding, harvesting)? I like Walker Farms videos, very much.

      1. Tom Gluth

        Thanks for answering me,very much appreciate it !

      2. Leg Arms

        That's a very good question... For the most part I think this year it was 50/50. But most years I feel like I'm like 70% or more in the shop or out in the field fixing something. The reason I tend to fix things is I can most of the time get things going again in a decent amount of time. But I know my dad and brother can do it as well.

    64. Mark Jay

      I skip the first minute of all welker videos

    65. dannesthlm1983

      Legarms the swissarmy knife of welkerfarms

    66. Prairie Sunset Ranch

      Been watching this channel for a while now and man its taught me a lot. Really helped me when making my farming vlog videos. Thanks guy’s & cheers 🍻 from Prairie Sunset Ranch !!

    67. Blake Barfield

      What are you spraying

    68. Bob A. Bong

      When Legarms showed the hole in the tire I jokenly said "Heck you can plug That" LOL Stay safe guys

    69. 379insk

      On a JD 1820 the tolerance is so tight quite often you have to cut perfectly good packers off to get at a middle packer. Brutal design! Always thought of running it with the nuts off to see if the gang would loosen

    70. Robert Pappa

      Running air seeder in ND. JD power/seeder/cart. We run cart behind, most all do in this area. It is felt that it allows a much better view of the seeder units. Appears that cart between does have a major weakness in that regard.

    71. Karen

      In New York City if you dig a hole and drop a couple of seeds in the ground, farm machinery fixes itself.

    72. richardj ellis

      Love the landing drip shot. Looked like little sparks flying across the ground.

    73. Yur Gonna Laugh


    74. brittfarms2018

      Awesome editing at the always great job..thanx for what yall do

    75. Drake Falkner

      You need an ag cam for next year to see what’s behind them tanks

    76. insertnamehere

      Not that I would want this to happen, but I would love to see a program where "feminists" are sent to farms to work for a summer. It would be the most entertaining show to ever grace television. They would no longer think that men and women are biologically or anatomically equal.

    77. Debbie L

      Awesome job leg arms 👍👍😉 and nick 💕

    78. mikemerrill175

      Truck farm I worked at as a teen had 2 full time mechanics 3/4 of the rear doing just what just what Scott is doing

    79. mikemerrill175

      Most important tool in the shop is the Kurig machine

    80. Mark Stadelman

      I feel your pain scott .its never happens at a good time. Small towns are awesome. Othello where I live is the same way.

    81. TheDieselbutterfly

      Down with Monsanto

    82. Dustin Kraus

      The editing on this channel is phenomenal! I love watching it.

    83. Stephen Smith

      Scott, where did you pick up your mechanical skills ? Self taught trial and error , school's. I have been a mechanic for a long time and I am impressed by your knowledge. Love all of your explanations!,

      1. Leg Arms

        Well thank you but I half to say it's because my parents gave me much freedom to explore things. Everything I've learned has been mostly been self taught. Living on a farm that runs older equipment gives one much to work on.

    84. Lewis Lindsey

      Great video! "I have got an idea, let's try it" - that is America!

    85. Steven Merkel

      Does the front-mounted water cannon still around? thank you for this interesting for me, but work for you videos!

    86. Clinton Emmert

      Duck tape will fix it lol

    87. Ottie Otter

      Honestly Legarms whether the other front tire is good or not you should just get a set of new front tires

    88. Clinton Emmert

      Legarms that little cup of joe would have made Brian Farming mad lol

    89. dieselbass oh yah

      Widow makers glad I don't have to play with those any more.

      1. Welker Farms

        Good reason they are slowly going extinct!

    90. Matt Klein

      How many Acer's do u a actually farm ?

      1. Matt Klein

        @Robert Welker thats a nice chunk. I'm from Saskatchewan n we farm 17;000

      2. Robert Welker


    91. Grassy Lake Farm

      I liked how Leg Arms put the tire back on. Although he didn't explain the type of time it was and the process. You can see that he placed a hammer near the tire to check the balance of it. Very well done

    92. MrNezzy7

      How does one go about buying one of them minty hats

      1. Robert Welker

        Check at welkerfarmsinc web then merchandise

    93. Cedric Broussard

      That's the beauty of farming!!!

    94. Clint Hochrein

      Good thing the tire on ol Blue didn't blow at a higher speed.

      1. Robert Welker


    95. James McMahon II

      Is it ok?

      1. James McMahon II

        @Robert Welker did you poke it with a stick off camera?

      2. Robert Welker

        Is now

    96. J Miller

      Ag Leader camera system would give you visibility of the back of your planter!

    97. Luke Jackson

      Hey if u want some more farming content go check me out of mixer at logantehepic896

    98. Kevin Christiansen

      Great video Welkers

    99. Joel On Grid

      That digger derrick has to be one of your most versatile tools. Love it.

      1. Robert Welker

        Use it more than we thought


      the fixing comment -- Yes it is all about preventitive maintenance as much as possible to prevent breakdowns to minimum..I am old and wish had shop and equipment to swap firetruck and graintruck cabs like these guys -and smart mechanically!!!.. NO!! Really have no idea what I am doing! Who wants to help????? Gotta be done this summer,, had here 4 years....