Mud? BRING IT ON!|No More Cables & Chains

Welker Farms

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    New CV joint, new camera, and new Yankum ropes. Seems like the old eventually has to make way for the new (except BIG WHITE TRACTORS). Repairs and upgrades on the farm are essential to keep the business going.
    We are super excited to use Yankum kinetic recovery ropes. Pulling machinery with cables and chains always sends shivers up our spines as they can be dangerous. Ropes are much safer and easier to manage!
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    1. XxicomxX Boiiis


    2. Valentin Diaz

      Wow it took almost the entire video to get to the rope section....

    3. Roger Dickinson

      There should be ft lbs tq for that nut posted somewhere.

    4. that6.7guyy

      Came for the Yankum rope review, stayed for the awesome content! 😎

    5. 6th Generation Farmer SD

      I have that same exact problem, they can never make them perfect :(

    6. Daniel Johnston

      #GetTeeerrrrStuck!! Lol

    7. Olaf Schmidt

      Here in germany we say: "Frau am Steuer? Das wird teuer..." ("When a woman drives it's gonna be expensive...") Except for my wife of course! (...because she's standing right behind me with a rolling pin in her hand...) 😖👍🏻

    8. Floyd Ferguson

      Great video!

    9. Yamaha Rider

      You cannot run your vehicle without the cv axles. It preloads the wheels bearing they backup too

    10. Jürgen Thomas

      Hard to believe that such a big tractor has just one open, sharp-edged hook which is fixed in a position you can hardly reach when you really stuck in the mud out there. 🙈

    11. Ron Anderson

      Thank you for sharing!

    12. Paul Gribben

      Great video guys, I appreciate the content you Welker’s put out👍

    13. Titan_E34

      I know I’m late to the party here, and it’s maybe been mentioned, but after torquing down that CV joint nut on the hub, you should back it off 1/8-1/4 turn.

    14. Tob Raham

      you need an omnidirectional microphone, not a unidirectional. That'll be better for all around use.

    15. Carl Stevens

      For the truck doing 180,000mls it looks very tidy, clean underneath and no rust. Very good bodywork. You welker boys look after your machinery very well.

    16. myjob121

      Run without the front axles??? The wheel hub separates and the front wheels fall off without the nuts on the axles holding the hub together. Don't ask me how I know...

    17. Don Los

      For 10 minutes there I forgot the video was about cables and chains and before I realized I was reading a bunch of comments about CV Joints. Y’all need to round up the corners on that hook under the tractor or y’all be buying a lot of that rope!

    18. Chris George

      Just replaced ball joints, control arms, tie rods, tie rod ends, shocks, sway bar linkage and water pump on my 02 Denali. It was all still original, but it only had 171k. The ball joints had been hot and were a pain. Stuff that was long over due!!!

    19. charles baran III

      Just tried to watch your video. CV joint = Constant Viscosity Joint, A joint submersed in grease, There is no such thing as a CVC joint?? If so, please explain the Acronym for what you say way too much. Thank you.

    20. Kris Bower

      Or better, I can change my situation and just come over....farmin'

    21. Kris Bower

      Dude, Legarms, can you come over to Switzerland and be my work guy! :)

    22. Matt H

      Yo. Was Legarms using a chrome extension on an impact...? I too like to live dangerously

    23. Norman Harris

      Constant Velocity ... cake? ... perhaps?

    24. FreightDawg

      Those Buds are so Beautiful!!!

    25. Offroad Channel

      @Welker Farms Inc you can also try the Gopro Media Mod. It allows you to use an external mic and USB-C chargeport while it is in a (non-waterproof) case.

    26. Mason Keyser

      Yep I agree with John Smith Well I guess it depends where your from) CV Joint. Well the nice thing is ya don't have to bad of the roads coming up by the horse feed lot or coming up dump road to get home. It's a buger coming the Bronken or the Telstad Rd. and washbard roads. Another great video. Love the ropes. Thanks for sharing, God bless and keep up the good work!

    27. 2chipped

      I have a military snatch rope rated for 65k. Pulled a 10 wheel dump truck out with a 1/2 ton truck. Go about 10 mph it will stretch out, then retract.

    28. Matthew Thibodeau

      Sounds just like a iPhone battery

    29. Rik Van Esch

      Where can is find the battery handle?

    30. Josh Earle

      Hate to say it but I’m actually looking forward to seeing you guys get stick now...... btw the kinetic recovery ropes are amazing! Been using a bubba rope for years now and never looked back!

    31. ray wyngarden

      What did you use for battery charger for go pro and the foam housing?

    32. Alec Wilson

      Check out Matt's Off-road Towing and Recovery on KGup. He's sponsored by Yankem Ropes and is based in southern Utah.

    33. joel mollenkopf


    34. Will1972Akron.O

      I’m new here! Is this guy related to Mike Rowe in anyway sure has some of mikes similarities! I’m talking about the one with the red rope

    35. hksjoshua

      Had to skip thru most of the vid

    36. Nicholas Barber

      You're killing me with the CVC. lol It's CV Joint, CV Axle, or CVD (Constant Velocity Drive/shaft). ;)

      1. Nicholas Barber

        @Welker Farms Excellent save!!! :D lol

      2. Welker Farms

        Constant velocity coolness!!

    37. Daniel Marshall

      Hole e sheeet that had not occured to me regarding the cables and being aware which way they are spun. Good good vid thank you.

    38. Сергій Кубряк Для всіх земляків

    39. the pizza devil

      waiting to see some mud now xD

    40. august

      Have you tried a DSLR camera with a battery grip for the main vlogging camers. (Deboss garage)

    41. Bob Paterson

      Love those Kinetic Ropes💪💪👍

    42. coolivato

      14:30 "With the big dead cat on it" Lol!

    43. John Powers

      Love your vids

    44. Kris Kohut

      Always use a d-ring, and build a latch on the tow hook of the bud that will prevent the d-ring from slipping off.

    45. Kris Kohut

      Did you tighten top of struts Legarms?

    46. Bly thkd

      You know that "kinetic energy" rope sounds a lot like nylon. Of course Yankum doesn't share anything about their materials. It's obviously a special weave that allows a lot of stretch. I'm sure most are aware of the dangers of a rope that stretches then pulls something out with its kinetic energy. You always need to hook to something SOLID, never anything that can snap off and become a projectile. This includes clevises and anything else used to couple up. Smaller scale, but I know a guy that took a 2" hitch ball to the eye socket when a nylon rope snapped the ball off the pickup bumper. Some guys mentioned throwing a tarp or a jacket or something over the rope to help control it in the event of a break. Although I have no experience with the subject rope, it seems like it would need a big top circus tent thrown over it to even start to control it. This is major league stuff. Everyone be careful!

    47. Scott Hawkins

      It looked like the tow hook you welded on has sharp square corners that may possibly cut into the new rope ? You may want to knock the edges down to help not cut it

    48. TheAB416

      Looks like you hurt your one finger

    49. Craig the farmer

      You cant run the truck without front axles the wheel bearings fail immediately (made the mistake on my gmc sierra had an fail on the road thought I could make it home was wrong)

    50. SuperGoldnut

      Mike says anyone can be a farmer. It's easy

    51. hikingtosurvive

      Some don't know what a CVC is: Constant Velocity Connector -

    52. Scooter 2kool

      Remanufactured for the guy who loves doing a job twice!

    53. Joe Silva Sr

      I think that the PERFECT farm blogging camera designer is the guy that you see in the mirror each morning.

    54. Rick Christianson

      Looks like as talented as LegArms is, you should ease that sharp proud edge on those tow hooks that Bud puts on. Cut out that part of tension. Good Luck You guys are getting very good at this movie stuff.

    55. Noah Murphy

      That’s a good investment. There is a lot of risk using chains because they can break and it the windshield that can cause a fatal accident

    56. Jason Wells

      About how much did that tow rope cost and rating?

    57. Lawrence Rayborn

      The corners on your pull points need to be softened or the rope will be cut. Best to use a shackle to make the connection.

    58. Dale Booth

      Those work great to get stuck buds out. Had one on a place in Havre that I worked at and got a big bug stuck.

    59. DibsRibs

      I have a question about tightening lug nuts, i have been told to cross tighten them but also in a clockwise motion. Which one would you perfer?

    60. Craig Sneed

      It works like a giant rubber band

    61. Tim Sleeth

      CV not CVC

    62. mchnbldr

      Here you go hollywood!!

    63. Youtube Medical Officer

      Shouldn't you have probably hidden your car's plate number so you don't have people harass you? O.o

    64. Seth Hilt

      I love the case cardboard over the John deere made me laugh for a minute

    65. Cornelius Farms

      Big bud tug of war?

    66. robert wright

      I’m from SanAntonio, hope you enjoy your time that you’re here. Whole lot different weather here!

    67. Black hammer

      I'm from Australia. And i love your videos welker farms

    68. iBelieve


    69. iBelieve


    70. iBelieve


    71. iBelieve


    72. Challenger Hitchman

      This guy uses Yankum ropes with an XJ to pull everything out. Diesels with campers in sand no problem.

    73. Racing Slippers

      A little tip for changing out the cv axel..remove the sway bar end link and the same side sway bar mounting bracket. I'm a mechanic for my township and I change at least 10 every year

    74. Matthias Mohr

      Whats your opinion about planting Barley for the 2020 season?

    75. Matt Sinnott

      Been watching for probably a month. Old videos and such. Blew my mind when my big bud mod in farm sim 17 had your logo. So cool. Also any chance those case hats would be printed again ?

    76. Matthew Krohn

      Came for the big bud. Stayed for the GMC Yukon

    77. matthew x2

      we are having the same promblem with are 03 yukon. we balanced the tires and it was a waste of money!

    78. Chad AKA Coldest1

      cvc?? this is driving me crazy!!!!!

    79. nh 6080


    80. Cole Larson

      Axle nuts are supposed to be torqued so there is the right amount of pre load on the wheel bearing and if it’s to tight it will wreck the wheel bearing

    81. Wanda Helmer

      Minnesotans listen up the house last night passed HF8 Hf9 gun grabbing bills call your senators and tell them to oppose these gun grabbing bills......

    82. Brad Johnson

      Nick, search BKXC in you tube. He is a mountain biker that built a Hero 7 in a similar way. Might be some ideas there.

    83. umekbabic

      Where's the link for power bank?

    84. Morgan Adair

      1800 acres and where is that wonder rope, oh thirty minutes round trip and then where is hollywood, he put it away or it worked but it pulled the rear end out of the truck.... always something in my world. Its like how can we mess with him this time... Oh you set up tow stations in problem area. I think having a drone with you at all times working is a plus... super camera 101 is now 299 and will be 357 soon.

    85. Thomas Blaikner

      Trade it in and get her something nice. Now hurry up.😆

    86. Oz Guy

      Those ropes don't like any sharp edges. Spend some time with a grinder or use shackles. Also, try to keep them out of sloppy mud as much as possible. The dirt and grime can also cause abrasions to the rope damaging over time.

    87. Kendall Collins

      Is that a Diesel cause it looks like a heater plug in the front

    88. Deutschehordenelite

      "Fix problems before more serious problems arise" - and that is why universal healthcare is cheaper in total :)

      1. Scooter 2kool

        Deutschehordenelite. What your commie agenda has to do with a CV axle change no clue.

    89. No Body

      What is a "CVC"??? LOL

    90. David White

      15:00 Where can I get that Black thing you get in the left hand ????

    91. ih1206

      I like the look got hem tow ropes. Dad had an old school rope like that, the one loop bit the dust a few years ago and we’ve been kinda keeping an eye out for a new one. I’ll be checking these Yankum fellas out.

    92. Sean Sengpiel

      Isn’t that just like marine ropes for some huge huge ships

    93. Roboticus Prime

      Tow ropes/straps are far better in my experience. They have some give, and will absorb the shock when you pull the slack out.

    94. Shaman Credible

      Try rotating tires front to back. Even if it balances out, the wheel could be warped or bent. I know from experience. If you rotate the tires and the vibration leaves the front end and goes to the rear, one or more of your wheels are in some way causing vibration. You must thoroughly test every component that could cause the issue until you find the faulty component.

    95. Spark in the DaRK

    96. Savvas Greasidis

      Is the coronavirus already there in Montana

      1. Robert Welker

        Not yet

    97. Green’s grading and contracting LLC

    98. John Colvin

      Ford Super Duty 4x4 have solid front axles. No CV joints!

    99. highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl

      Excellent quality work here guys.

    100. Matt Pukall

      I know we pulled out a 40,000 lbs rig out of a snow filled ditch with a 3/4 ton truck with those ropes. Just be confident in your attachment points or you will have a 20lb cannonball coming at you.