Our 40 Year Old Tractor Drives ITSELF!!

Welker Farms

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    Our tractor turns itself! CASE IH set our tractor up with the latest in auto guidance technology. Things are running smoothly! Acres are being knocked out and the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine. Let's keep going!

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    1. MrJohnisthename

      wow thats a big farm,

    2. Kohan Bhugwana


    3. wlazyb

      Nice to see these old Dinosaurs resurrected from the past by someone. The Wagner, Rite, Big Bud days are long gone, now that 500hp tractors are everywhere. The difference in operating these basic old tractors from today's, is like flying Coach vs 1st Class.

    4. Get Probed

      i like that you all grow so much more than just corn and soybeans...

    5. Get Probed

      is that gluten free wheat

    6. Ruby Ramsamugh

      I like the bug bud

    7. Steven Plaskett

      Your doing it right the hell with john deer garbage. My uncle has farmed for 40 years in Saskatchewan and only buys case none of that green deer garbage

    8. Bill W

      I am amazed that you don`t add cameras to the back of the cart. They work very well. These must KTA`s in them. That is a very good engine we have one in a 79 International 4300 can tell because the cab sits higher.

    9. stephen Reynolds

      Hi guys just subscribed to your channel great video keep up the good work.

    10. a red-necking Diesel tractor n’ truck loving boy

      Have you heard of a 1994 John Deere 5200 4wd cab tractor with a strong front loader?

    11. Mark Lipps

      That Minneapolis Moline on your auger is gorgeous. They don't make em like that anymore.


      How did y'all start y'all's farm

    13. JOSHUAK71

      “A little bit of water, a little bit of Love and throw it in the ground” yes it is truly amazing how life goes on...

    14. Pieter Scott

      Wy don't jou plant with the 620 quatrack?

    15. the robo famy 2.0

      What gives you the motivation to do what you do

    16. Daveinet

      When you talk about all the things you watch behind you, I'm surprised you don't setup a camera system. Backup camera systems are only a little over a 100 bucks for 4 cameras. Would be pretty easy to do.

    17. haj811

      standing between joint of an articulating tractor that"s running (6:29) can get you KILLED instantly. This comes from first hand experience. I pulled my friends dead body out after the tractor snapped shut like a mousetrap and killed him. Please use caution around farm equipment!

    18. Lisa Scott

      En France in 19 installed in the map right now in the game love channel sub and you liked on this

    19. Braxton Ritter

      Holy moly when the vid started I thought he was talking about a tractor that he barely caught. That made me freak out not gonna lie.

    20. Paul Letchworth

      Big Bud is amazing , got to be fun to plow fields with that

    21. Kody Greer

      Why don’t the big buds have 3 point hitches on the back?

    22. Lacey Sisson

      I love you nick and leg arms


      Nice to see Big Buds still being used

    24. needles are in white vans

      Spraying is bad for the environment

      1. Welker Farms

        So is flatulence

    25. shawn the farmer

      i love watching big bud videos. but im also glad my farm is only 20 acres.

      1. shawn the farmer

        thanx for the recognition friend.bout this time every year, i tell myself i aint doing this again next year. but i say that every year. its just what we do. hard work, very little money and lots of fresh veggies. PEACE YALL.

    26. Mark Arnott

      Straya ---🌳--------------------------------------🚜------------------------------------------🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾_______________🦘____________________________🌳_| e Mate!~ cheers👍

    27. Dianne Coleson

      melinanal is better

    28. Alex Veldhuis

      Is that morning or mouring dove?

    29. Aberdeen Belfry

      Legarms for president

    30. Rob Mosher

      I saw a large number of subscribers and tuned in. Unfortunately it was a video of taking and not farming. But something is drawing the crowd so I’ll look at some more.

    31. Mike Cornett

      I'm curious to know your thoughts on automation and farming. What are the pros and cons that you can see short term versus long term? Thank you ever so much for your time and consideration!

    32. Wild Forge

      How much are you harvesting form 1 acre for example?

    33. Michael Broadhead

      Hey guys, I have a couple of questions for you. First why wouldn't the fertilizer plant sell you any fertilizer when you need it? Second, do you allow hunting on your land? Good video as always. I like the Sweetgrass Hills in the distant background.

    34. William Graham

      How many hours on the mighty big buds?

    35. Caden Russell

      you should get a camera on the middle cart so you can see everything

    36. allan paulett

      What is a ball park figure for the cost of that auto steering by Case?

    37. buetang

      Insanely cool tractors, insanely cool dog :)

    38. SoullessMeatVehicle

      Needs MRBs

    39. Pierre LESTRADE

      bonjour. bon ensemble de tracteur etde semoir a engrais et cultivateur. j' adore ses grosses machines agricole. pierre de france. congratulations.

    40. Subaru Lightining

      That bird was vibing tho

    41. GAT Jaynes

      you are the best

    42. Doug Corbett

      Sorry screen

    43. Doug Corbett

      Havre You thought off putting a camera on Back off thé tank and a strean in thé cab

    44. John Rustad

      Aren't those tractors way overpowered for this drill? I mean we ran a 5000 series tbh 3850 with 400 horse

    45. Sickmann Duane

      What kind gesture with what was found in the shop ... Really appreciate people “that care” and want to teach about nature is an added bonus. As a suggestion only you should check out Ted Andrews book “Animal Speak Pocket Guide” where he gives first a one or two word descriptor what birds animals ... represent shamanically and then a longer sentence or two or three expanded description. Of course the one word for Dove is peace. Great video about Montana farming ... I’ll bet a few staying home appreciate the great expanse of Montana farming “Welker Style”. Great family operation that gets it done ... what the rest of America should be about! Appreciate all the effort it takes to record and edit all of this material. Thank You

    46. Nebraskan Assassin

      You guys should use gyro cup holders. They will keep your drinks fizzy and cooler

    47. Daniel Johnston

      Even this families dog is cool! Lol

    48. That one farmer kid Aka Jaxon


    49. Jeff Banks

      wont be too long until all farm machinery is fully automated and gps integrated. it will farm by itself

    50. Rockets trains n hotrods

      My grandpa had an old Moline just like yalls miss that tractor

    51. George Andreou

      Hi from Australia boys Do you think you will eventually start running green machines????👌👌

    52. Sickø x

      Welker farms if you respond to this comment you get 5 years good luck if you don't, you get 10 years bad luck...

    53. Mr. GeforcerFX

      Greetings from the other side of the divide :D, my dad used to work on the Big Buds when he was in high school in Havre.

    54. Garrett Schick

      What video editing program do you guys use

    55. Dyana Mullican

      that dog just loves to be with you.

    56. flexi coil 3450

      A disc drill will plug to we have a Amity and it plugs worse then our flexi coil

    57. Graeme Walter Goodwin

      Bud has a good cab. Not too much direct sunlight can get to you !

    58. Jon Geddes

      Leg Arms kinda looks like Owen Wilson. How have I never noticed this before?

    59. Spartakus01

      How many acre do you have at the Welker Farm and which Seeds do you plant there?

    60. Gannon Plambeck


    61. samuel barker

      What kind of sound system you got in the BUDS? Or is it for CB radios? also can we get a blooper reel one day? Such a great show to watch. My kids enjoy all the equipment.

    62. Farms Hoffman

      Great awesome video, how many acres do u farm in Montana . I’m a farmer in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

    63. Konrad Zuse

      I like this big farm!!

    64. VolatileTemper93

      Wish my rig still blew some black smoke like that. But she's been choked by federally mandated emissions that only make the diesel particulate finer and easier for your lungs to absorb.

    65. Havey Farms

      How many acres will guys plant in all

    66. Dennis Williams

      Dead man switch?

    67. Brad Hoff

      I really liked Leg Arms comment about how a dead seed can go from a bin to the ground and spring new life with just some water, some nurting and love. It's that way with our lives too! You can be dead inside and needing some water of life and then can sprout a new life again and grow fruit. God sent Jesus to die for all of us so we can spiritually die and be reborn and live a better life. Never give up, keep praying, keep having faith and hope and be kind and love one another! Thank you farmers for keeping the circle of life going!

    68. David Phelps

      Nothing beats a good farm dog.

    69. Luke Miller

      We also grow chick peas for hinrichs. We are the only people in our county to do it for the last 5 years. How often do you see Phil or Kyle over there?? Why aren't you guys speakers at their speakers for them at some farm meetings???

      1. Luke Miller

        They are awesome!!!

    70. Extra Mental

      Was there always this many jump cuts? Idkif I'm only just noticing it now or it's always been like this but it's a little bit jarring, I prefer the behind the scenes style editing cause it's more emersive

    71. Joe Fredette

      Did you notice a difference in yield last year between the case disc drill and the flexicoil hoe drills?

    72. Clinton Emmert

      Bod how short on rain are y’all?

    73. Clinton Emmert

      Nick do they still produce the Big Bud today?

    74. Mike Hunt

      Its not a Detroit if it's not spitting oil everywhere.

    75. Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

      Time for you guys to refurbish that grain trucks lmao.

    76. logan gingerich

      You should put a camera behind the seedcart so you can see the entire drill

    77. AKA Piet

      Hi welker farms I LOVE jour farm video's.

      1. Robert Welker


    78. Dixie Farmboy

      im not the only one who'd love to have the green truck right?

    79. Dixie Farmboy

      the big six is truly a large friend. she cant really hold herself anymore but she cant help it.

      1. Dixie Farmboy

        @Robert Welker who wouldn't

      2. Robert Welker

        Love that 1150 cubes

    80. Aaron Chubb

      How many hours does the welker's family spend out in the fields on the farm

      1. Robert Welker

        8 to 10 at night

    81. Richard Johnson

      Thank you for all of hard work. N.C.

      1. Robert Welker


    82. Dixie Farmboy

      Big Bud really was innovative and no one gives them credit for it, they put steps on their tractors just for your dog

      1. Robert Welker


    83. JSin

      I love the videos

      1. Robert Welker

        Thank you 👍

    84. Charlie

      A couple more years the operator will be sitting in an office trying to stay a wake watching the tractor do the work on a monitor. Leg Arms holding a dove and licking his lips, thinking about how it would taste with Mayo!

    85. country boy logging

      How many pounds that diesel holding for oil pressure

      1. country boy logging

        Nice that what my buddy 6.2 diesel holds for oil pressure

      2. Robert Welker


    86. mike underwood

      Might be a good time to shop for updated trucks the truck market is completely depressed now. Ever considered updating the drivetrain on the Buds? newer tech would give you a considerable fuel savings 20% should be easy to gain, just a thought.

      1. Welker Farms

        Definitely true on the trucks, we are looking into options. As for the tractors, they have some of the most efficient drivetrain systems out there. Two of our buds use standard transmissions which mean nearly zero energy lost in clutch packs and torque converters and our other has a mining grade transmission that locks up and delivers efficient power to the wheels. Our old engines burn 20-30% less fuel than new because they are not bogged down with emission systems. We burn 200-250 gallons a day and an equivalent new tractor would burn 300-350 gal a day. It's crazy to think 40 years old and they are this efficient but it is true.

    87. Therealife Farmer

      I half to say John Deere has the best auto steer

      1. Therealife Farmer

        Welker Farms Inc ya it is just very simple setup

      2. Welker Farms

        I've been told it is a very good system

    88. Therealife Farmer

      Zach: I don’t half to steer for a hundred acres Nick: I want to have that to Case: hold my beer

    89. PAB

      Have you considered installing cameras behind the carts? Make sure you straw choppers are in good shape, Maybe after market knives. Should help trash flow through.

      1. Welker Farms

        We have but just haven't done it, it's dusty back there and you would need to repeatedly clean the lenses throughout the day to see anything.

    90. Paul Walker

      How long do the shoes last on the drill.

      1. Welker Farms

        3-4 seasons on our farm

    91. Kim and Tony Holtmann

      just a beautiful farm dog great videos

    92. Traktorists Jenotc

      Song at 20:15? 😀

      1. Welker Farms

        I don't know the name sorry 😏

    93. kyle gibbs

      The only class 8 trucks that do not have the key next to the door are internationals. Freightshakers, and paccar have them by the door

      1. Welker Farms

        It is such a nice feature!

    94. Scott Sorby

      Nick when you said you have a blind spot because of the aircart why dont you hook up a rear view camera on it (like RV's and trucks etc use) and just have a monitor at the top of your rear window? That way you would be able to see the whole air drill width and know if there was anything wrong and you don't need to wait till a turn,,

      1. Robert Welker


    95. TheGratis13

      Epic fail by @caseih marketing for not showcasing their products this spring.

      1. Robert Welker

        We would have loved to see a precision drill

    96. Saunis

      What's your average wheat yeald per acre?

      1. Saunis

        @Robert Welker Even if your yealds are smaller than what we have here in Finland, your profit could be ok. Last year my average was only 41... And Is was disaster. I can barely cover the costs. 😅 (and reason for that is our differences in farming. I did plowing, cultivating before seeding. And after harvest, I had to put grains into dryer.)

      2. Robert Welker

        Spring wheat is 33

    97. Liam Moore

      Leg arms the gentle giant

    98. Dans diecast car Reviews

      Is there sound deadening in the bud cabs?

      1. Robert Welker

        No. It's not very loud, about like some cars

    99. jan Frankena

      Loving it to see you guys making progress! Thanks for the info Nick, Robert and legarms💪. Really intersting!

      1. jan Frankena

        @Robert Welker a little late (was at see for a while) bud maybe this is interesting how we build up the farmland in the Netherlands. The history of the water management here, kgup.info/get/m4xog6GvlKh5qJk/video

      2. Robert Welker


    100. TheRealKiddo

      I just played the Walker Farms fs19 map..... utter shock